I’m Dating Our Mailgirl Ch. 10

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This story is a continuation of I’m Dating Our Mailgirl. The 1st 9 chapters of that story should be read first for context. All characters are 18 or older and are completely fictitious as is Seahawk Industries. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.


9 and I awoke around 8:00. We were both dying to wander around just to get an assessment of where everyone was, and where they had been all night. By everyone, of course, I mean Mama and Jill. We felt like a couple of teenagers trying to figure who was and who had been making out with whom at the school dance. But as mischievous as we both felt in that activity, I think we both respected Mama’s and Jill’s privacy. We would learn soon enough, if they wanted us to learn.

We showered. had a morning gush call, and licked each other’s face clean. We didn’t think we would be interrupted by Mama and Jill since they probably had better things to do than come bother us. I put on a pair of loose fitting gym shorts. I was emboldened to come downstairs topless, I’m not sure why, but it just felt like a natural thing to do in view of all the activities of last night and the entire week. Mama had only seen my exposed breast a couple of times when 9 and I were in bed. 9 came downstairs with me naked.

Mama, Jill and Bubba were sitting at the breakfast table drinking coffee. There was no food nor was anything being prepared. Mama addressed us in a mock tone of admonition, “Well, it’s about time you two sleepy heads got up. We’ve been sitting her starving to death while we waited for you so we could go get some breakfast.” Mama and Bubba were dressed casually ready for breakfast, or technically brunch. Jill had on her clothes from last night.

I set the mood for a conversation of fun banter and mock ignorance by noting, “Why, Jill, I hope you didn’t have to sleep in those clothes all night.” Bubba snicked and nearly spit out his coffee through his nose.

Mama grabbed Jill’s hand and Jill replied. “Why, no. Margaret graciously lent me one of her nightgowns, which I wore to bed in the guest bedroom.” She said it in such a way that it was being put out there as the party line everyone was going to stick to even though everyone knew it wasn’t the truth. Bubba snickered again.

9 and I decided to play along, “Well, we’re both so glad.”

Mama announced, “Gillian, . . . .”

I interrupted, “Oh, were’re being formal now. So it’s Gillian.”

“Yes, and you show some manners young lady and don’t interrupt your mother.” 9 led the snickering this time. “Gillian has to be at the airport at 2:30. That’s perfect timing for you and 9’s departure. We’re going to have brunch at the Peach & The Porkchop. You ladies can go ahead and pack your bags. . .” Bubba got in on the fun, “all 4 suitcases.” We’ll drop by Gillian’s apartment and she’ll pack her bags and then we’re off.”

9 decided to get in on the fun. “My, that’s an awful lot of planning. How many trips between your bedroom and the guest bedroom did that take to work out all the details?” My turn to snicker. Jill, or Gillian as she had been rechristened, was smiling the widest grin during this whole series of banter. She early on grabbed Mama’s hand.

I tried some mock ignorance. “Well, doesn’t she need to shower?”

Mama answered, “She already did this morning.”

“Why, Gillian, I want to commend you. You were as quiet as a church mouse since I never heard the water running in the guest bathroom right next to my bedroom.”

Her turn to get in on the banter. “One of the first things a stewardess learns is how to shower quietly in a strange bathroom. We never know what unexpected bathroom we may encounter.”

“It’s a good thing Mama always keeps a new toothbrush in the guest bathroom.” Mama and Jill looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Jill said, “So I didn’t have to use your toothbrush, after all.”

Mama leaned over and kissed her. “Well, you’ve had enough of my saliva in your mouth in the past 12 hours, I’m sure it was no imposition.”

9 was emboldened by the banter and the bonding she had done all week with the whole family to interject, “Is the saliva the only foreign secretion she’s had introduced into her mouth?”

Mama smiled broadly, “Now don’t you be impertinent Miss 9. You may be a guest in my house, but you’re not too big for me to take you across my knee and give you a good ole Georgia fanny tanning.”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry.”

“Now you apologize to Ms. Gillian.”

The big smiles and laughter all around, including on Jill’s face, told us all this was still a part of the kidding and love we were all sharing for one another. 9 took it and ran with a non-apology apology. “I’m sorry Ms. Jill about that crude remark I made about you having some of Margaret’s pussy juice in your mouth.” Jill leaned over and kissed her to indicate the apology was accepted.

Mama said, “Well, I’m not sure about how much of an apology casino şirketleri that was, but we’ll take it.” Mama and 9 exchanged kisses to end the subject.

9 and I went upstairs and packed our bags and got dressed. We brought the suitcase and my carry on bag downstairs. Mama went into the kitchen and came back and said, “Monica and 9, I’ve got a little going away present for both of you, so you can remember your visit.” She brought out two cans of pineapple slices and gave one to each of us. There was another round of boisterous laughter.

“Thank you, Margaret. I’m sure we’ll each put these to very good use.”


The brunch was menu style rather than a buffet. Jill had Cajun style eggs benedict, Bubba had a breakfast sandwich, Mama had Belgian waffles and I had the biscuits and sawmill gravy with chicken tenders. Then 9 shocked us all by announcing, “I’ll have the Shrimp and grits.”

Mama started the laughter, “What! Monica, I didn’t approve of your choice of a lover, but now you can keep her!” She indicated her approval by kissing 9. “We’re going to make a Southerner out of you yet!”

There was so much good feeling all around the table. Maybe I should have backed off but I kept coming back to some very oblique references to what may or may not have happened last night. Finally, Mama indicated she had had enough. “Alright, let’s put an end to all this idle speculation and gossip right now.” She took Jill’s hand. “Gillian, a proper Southern lady never kisses and tells, but do I have your permission to quiet all the dramabelles?” Jill nodded her assent. “My Mama, your granny Deborah, always used to tell me, Maggie, the truth is never as dramatic as what the gossipers are going to imagine.”

“Gillian and I slept together last night. I had given her one of my nightgowns and I was wearing the sexiest one I have, which means it was suitable for a woman in her late 40’s rather than her 60’s like all my other ones. I told Gillian I wanted to feel the comforting touch of a loving and caring human being. She held me tight, we caressed and we kissed. As she ran her hands over my wrinkled old body, she said she could be more attentive to my needs if we removed our nightgowns. We did. She was very, very caring of my feelings. She knew I was nervous about, you know, sleeping with a woman. She kept asking my permission as we explored each new part of our bodies. Finally, she asked me if, you know, we wanted to dine at the Y, to eat the oysters. I told her I wasn’t ready for seafood so early in the morning.” The hand holding lovers smiled at each other and looked longingly into each other’s eyes. “She said if I wanted, she could be the pitcher and I could be the catcher.”

I had to burst out laughing at this. This clumsy narration was just so very touching and tender. “Jill, if nothing else you’ve greatly expanded Mama’s vocabulary.”

Mama resumed her narration, “Something just didn’t feel fight. We had drunk a lot, it was our first date. It wasn’t that she was a woman, or that I’m 13 years older than her. I really think it was just because it was our 1st date. I want to make sure there will be a second date, and a third date.” She looked into Jill’s eyes, “I’m sorry, but I’m not just old, I’m old fashioned. Monica, do you remember what I told you before you went out on your 1st date?”

I answered, “I certainly do. It was very good advice then and I guess what you are saying is it’s still good advice now. You told me, ‘Monica, don’t be pressured into having sex with someone. You have plenty of time to make sure it is with the right person. It was six years more before I had my first sex, and even then I didn’t get it right.”

Jill broke the somber air of this whole maudlin discussion by crying out, “Good grief, I hope we don’t have to wait 6 years.” There was laughter all around the table.

Mama looked into her eyes, “Don’t worry, we won’t have to.” They kissed one another passionately.

The meal continued, the laughter picked up again. 9 announced she actually liked the shrimp and grits. Bubba grabbed some of my sausage and sawmill gravy off my plate and fed 9 a fork-full.

We were getting ready to wind up the meal, the waiter had brought Mama the check as she insisted when Jill started talking. “Margaret has made a couple of references to our age difference. I hope no one else is bothered by that. I’ve never dated anyone 13 years older than me. I don’t think Margaret has dated anyone 13 years younger than her. In 12 short hours, Margaret has taught me if you have found your soul mate,” she corrected herself for being too premature, “if you are in the process of finding your soul mate, age doesn’t matter.” She was glancing all around the table as she was talking, but as she said that last thing, we was looking straight at me. Her stare pierced into my soul. “One of the nice things about having made a life-style choice that makes an unconventional gender choice irrelevant, then a lot of other things become irrelevant casino firmaları also. Margaret is so young at heart. That’s the only thing that matters.”

Was it my imagination, or was 9 saddened by these words. I grabbed her hand, squeezed it, kissed her and as I was backing away I whispered, “YOU are the only thing that matters.”

Mama announced, “Alright kids, it’s been great fun but all good things must come to an end. Let’s get everyone to the airport.” Bubba was driving and 9 sat up front. I was in the back seat with Jill and Mama.


As we approached the airport, I heard Jill tell Mama, “I get in Thursday night at about 9:00. I have an early flight out Saturday morning. I can catch a shuttle to the Marriott Gateway and meet you in the lobby. We can leave from there.”

I couldn’t help but butt in. “So you’re going to take her home from the airport?” Mama nodded assent. “Well, my question is, are you going to have a 1/4 tank of gas to take her to her apartment in Peachtree City, or are you going to have a full tank of gas to take her all 40 miles to Roswell?”

“Have you ever know me to make a trip without having a full tank of gas.” We smiled knowingly that Jill would be spending two days with Mama.

We dropped Jill off at her airline ticketing area. She and Mama embraced once more and she was gone. Bubba dropped us off at our airline area and took the car to park in short term parking.

As we walked through the terminal, we passed a book store. “Wait a minute, 9 and I may need some reading material for the flight.” Mama spotted it first. She picked out a book in the children’s section and paid for it at the cashier.

The clerk put it in a bag and Mama handed it to me. “9 may want to read it, too.” I pulled out “Heather Has Two Mommies”. This was the classic children’s book that helped explain lesbian relationship involving a single mother to a child. I laughed, but at the same time I was fighting back tears. 9 hugged me.

Mama, 9 and I went as far as we could before we had to leave Mama beyond the TSA checkpoint. We sat waiting for Bubba. “Mama, only one thing about this whole crazy week is puzzling me. Up until you caught 9 and me in bed, you always referred to me and Sissy and Bubba as Bubba. After that, it was as if a switch was thrown. I became Monica and Bubba became Kyle. Why?”

“Monica, that was the moment I realized you were no longer Sissy, my little child. You were a mature woman well on her way down the path of adulthood. And Kyle’s little talking that he gave me, he was just so mature, much more mature than me. He had become the man of the family.” We embraced and I fought back the tears again.

“Mama, I love you so very much.” Bubba, excuse me, Kyle had caught up with us by now. We all exchanged embraces and kisses as if I was never going to see each other again. But we knew we were going to continue to grow much closer, despite the 1,500 miles between us.

We were seated on the plane which was nearly full. We had to take two seats in a row of 3 in the middle of the cabin. The aisle seat was occupied by a distinguished looking gentleman who read his business magazines the whole trip. Once we were airborne, the stewardess came through with the drink service.

“I hate to be a pain, and I know you are busy, but a little birdie told me at this time of the year you sometimes have cranberry juice.”

“I’ll check to see if we have any.”

“I was also told on all flights to Atlanta you have Southern Comfort.”

“Oh, I see where you’re going with this. Let me see what I can do.” She finished the drink service and sure enough came back with two Southern Comfort miniatures and a can of cranberry juice. “You’re living under a lucky star. The last two miniatures and the last can of juice. I hope you’re not planning on getting sloshed with Scarlett O’hara’s are you?”

“We’re tapering off.” I tipped the stewardess a $20 bill, but she refused to take it.

The stewardess had a chance to talk with us briefly. “Do you know a cute little stewardess named Jill? She lives in Atlanta and flies in and out of there.” She thought, “Oh, yes, Jill, cute, short blond hair, maybe a little older than the rest of us.” She paused, “I don’t want to say anything more.”

I tried to set her mind at ease that she had not outed her to us. “You mean her, uh, lifestyle orientation?”

The stewardess chuckled, “Yes, nicely put.”

I added, “We set her up with my mother. It really was quite by happenstance. My mother was widowed a few years back and hadn’t been looking for anyone.”

“Oh, how long has your mother realized she was gay?”

9 and I looked at each other and laughed. “Since her NEXT date with Jill.” The stewardess looked puzzled but had to answer a call button and so she moved away not knowing what we meant by that.

9 was just finishing her drink when she said, “Monica, you know this was the greatest vacation I have ever had. Thank you so very much for including güvenilir casino me. Your family is fabulous, but I’ve really got to tell you, this past week was “Gone With the Wind” on mescaline. We laughed and got ready for the landing.


When we arrived, I drove us back to my apartment. 9 shed her clothes and went onto the balcony. Ted saw her there and we yelled up to him to join us for a recap of the events of the week. He and Jennifer soon knocked on our door.

9 was still bubbling over with details. Starting with meeting Jill on the flight out meeting my brother and mother. She was effusive in describing Mama. She said my Mama was the greatest Mama in the world. I interrupted her only to tell how she conned my mother into actually encouraging her nudity. She slowed down a bit when she described how Mama learned that her little daughter was a lesbian.

She told them about how Aunt Amber had actually joined her in removing her clothes for the Thanksgiving dinner. She sadly told the story of the visit to Stone Mountain. She omitted the part about revealing her name. I did not fill in that part. Then she told them about Mama and Jill, about how Mama found a new best friend.

Ted could only react by saying, “My word, was there anything that didn’t happen?” We acknowledged there was very little.

Nine and I returned to my apartment. I told her I would take her to work in the morning. Nine had not shaved since the Friday evening shower in the fishbowl before the Tuesday meal at Joyce’s. Her pubic and leg fuzz was growing in. I didn’t like the leg hair, but I was much to polite to say anything to her, but the soft strawberry blonde pubic hard really excited me. Once more I marveled at how soft and unpubic like it was. Each night in Atlanta and now back home I just buried my face into it more and more as it grew out. I told her I wanted to come to the fishbowl Monday morning “to bid it adieu.” I told her I would position myself in front of the shower head closest to the door she would enter by so she could put on a show just for me as she shaved. She laughed and allowed me to play with it with my mouth and tongue into the night.

I arose at 5:00 to dress. 9 followed me up at 6:00 and we had no trouble making it to work in time. She went to work naked as she would have no trouble going from my car in the parking garage to the locker room. I told her I would keep her clothes until Wednesday evening when we agreed on a mid-week trip to the Loading Dock. I told her to come to my office after the evening shower and she could dress. I told her Joyce and I were going to the symphony Tuesday night. She accepted that although she was not thrilled.

Both Rose and Olivia were in the fishbowl Monday morning. I decided to hold my nose and siddle up to them. Rose seemed to be more familiar with my travel information. I take it that was because of her office being next to Joyce and just some polite interoffice chit chat last week. She asked me how my trip home had gone. I was able to escape with just a curt non descriptive. “It was nice.”

When 9 came in, accompanied by both 5 and 7, one holding each hand, Olivia said, “I guess her friends missed 9.” 9 started shaving her leg and then her pussy. Olivia couldn’t help by comment, “She looks like a gorilla. Don’t they sell razors in Atlanta?”

Rose, as if to exacerbate my trouble in juggling relationships with 9 and Joyce, asked when I was next seeing Joyce. She asked this as if she hadn’t gotten that information from Joyce as they chatted around the HR communal coffee pot. I told her Tuesday was symphony night. 5 and 7 both inspected 9’s pussy with their tongues after it was shaved clean. They broke off their inspection as they inserted their tongues into each other’s mouths. Rose asked me if I wanted to come up to her office after the show this morning. I pointedly declined. “I got all the sexual release I needed last week.” I didn’t like dropping that hint of Rose;s and my past exploits with her dildos in front of Olivia, but the satisfaction of rubbing in my being satiated from a week with 9 made up for it.

Around 4:30 I got a call from Melissa Rivera, “Ms. Parker would like to meet with you in her office.” I don’t know why she couldn’t have called me or even come down to my office. There was always a sense of impending doom whenever she chose to communicate this way. I went up to her office right away. There were no embraces, no polite “how was your trip home”‘s, no “it’s nice to see you again”, just the business-like head of HR. “Are you all ready for tomorrow night?”

I told her I was looking forward to the symphony which was actually true. “Bring you dress for the evening to work tomorrow. Come up here at 4:30. You can shower in my private shower and dress here. I’ll have Jaime waiting for us at 5:00. He’ll take us to a restaurant and then for an evening of fun.” Her cold recitation of the plans suddenly turned warm, no, red hot, as she smiled as the said “fun”. “I so hate having to make all these plans for us. I’ll be so glad when you can take over that responsibility.” She came over to where I was seated, “I’ll see you at 4:30 tomorrow. I’ll look forward to it.” She kissed my gently to indicate the meeting was over. I returned to my office.

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