I was Straight White Guy Turned by BBC


I was Straight White Guy Turned by BBCThis is the story of how it all started. How I, a straight white guy, turned into a fuck doll for a hung black man. I wish this was a movie; you could have it freeze frame with my eyes and mouth wide open while you see Malcolm pushing his big dick in me from behind! But this is the origin story. Basically I’m in a relationship with the most perfect girl, her name is Amanda. She’s got the body of a girl that used to be a soccer star in high school, but she’s just a little bit less trained now, like Kaley Cuoco instead of an athlete, but blonde and with DD’s. I’m the same, lots of sports when younger, but now just the lean, work out occasionally type, about 6 foot.If you checked out the last story I posted you know that we went from very vanilla to her pounding me with a big, black strap on regularly now! So I guess you could say we were getting kinkier…and I was getting a little more comfortable with the idea that I kept picturing a real black guy behind me! Eventually, after she fucked me harder than ever, she laid down behind me, spooning me and pushing that big bulge into my ass and lower back and told me how hot it would be for us to have a threesome with this big, black guy I know at work. I took a little convincing, but eventually agreed it could be hot, even though I didn’t want to do anything with him which she was fine with.So the next day at work I found Malcolm. Now I’m not gonna lie, I’d been checking him out since he got hired a couple months backs. I mean, god damn, who wouldn’t? He was 6’4”, probably like 230 lbs and all thick muscle, not like a giant vein…but just thick from his former college football days. But what always got me were his huge legs, chest, and hands, his hands were big and tough looking and even though I knew that don’t really have a correlation to dick size, it was pretty hot imagining those hands gripping my hips while Amanda pounded me!Finally I built up the courage and caught him out back just the two of us.”Hey Malcolm man, I’ve got to ask you something?””What’s up man?” he asked showing off his big white teeth with that smile. “So my gf and I were talking, Amanda, you’ve met her right?””Oh yeah, she’s the one with the big ol’ titties!” He said with a deep booming laugh.”Haha yeah, and we were wondering…” I kind of trailed off a little losing my confidence.”You two were wondering if I’d come over for a threesome.” He finished for me.”Well…yeah. How’d you know?” I said as my face flushed red.”Shit, she checks me out like crazy, you’ve been weird all day and you are most definitely not the first white couple to ask me! How about this Saturday?” “Ha, well I guess I should have expected that! I said. “Sure Saturday works great! Come over at 8 and we’ll see you then!” I’m not gonna lie, it was hot imagining a night of debauchery, but mostly I couldn’t stop thinking about him naked the rest of the day!Amanda and I spent Saturday chilling, went for a hike, then got back and showered and hung out on the couch taking a few shots of whiskey and smoking a bowl before we heard a knock on the door.”Oh fuck, he’s here!” Amanda said with excitement peppering her words. “I’ve got a surprise, I’m gonna go change, you let him in!”Amanda scurried off to the bedroom and I opened the door, I was just in my boxers. Malcolm came in stomping the snow off his boots and then dropping his scarf, hat, and gloves on the counter.”Damn man you almost naked! I guess I should strip down too. Where’s your girl?” He asked as he stripped all the way down to his boxers too. Fuck I couldn’t lie and say I was a little turned on by his dark skin covered in thick muscle, and I could definitely see his soft cock flopping around under his boxers and I knew we picked a good one!”Amanda’s changing real quick, come hit this bowl with me.” I said and we sat down and smoked kaçak iddaa a bit.”Ready boys?” We heard from around the corner and then bam!Amanda walked out right in front of us in the living room in just a hot red lace bra and matching thong, with red strappy heels on too!”Fuck, I’ma need me some of that!” Malcolm exclaimed. “Then why don’t you come get it?” Amanda said smirking at him.Malcolm stood and walked over, putting his big hands on her hips and looking down at her all over while she looked up at him expectantly. “Damn girl…” He whispered before he brought his lips down and next thing I knew they were making out very sensually; he had such a commanding presence and actions! I could see his tongue deep in her mouth as his hands drifted to her ass.I saw Amanda’s hands roam around his body, his thick back, bulging abs, thick chest and up and down his arms and shoulders. “Can I see it?” She asked innocently like a little school girl, I knew to turn him on.”Drop my shorts baby girl and see what’s up.” He responded.I watched her hands drop to his hips and play with the waistband a little before tugging them down around his big glutes and then pulling them out…out…out to get over his cock before dropping them to the floor.”Holy fucking shit!” Amanda and I exclaimed at once as Malcolm let out a little chuckle. His cock was glorious, I mean 9” of hard black cock, with big veins stretching around his shaft, his balls were big globes, heavy and hung low, and his cock head was enormous, not a bad feat since his shaft had to be as thick as a beer bottle!”We made a really good choice babe!” Amanda said in disbelief as her small white hands wrapped around his shaft and she started to play with his cock and balls.I stood up and dropped my boxers too, coming up to them and Amanda started to kiss me and jerk both of us off. Not going to lie, my cock was like about half of his, in length and girth so I wasn’t surprised that Amanda had to focus most of her attention on his cock!”Sit down boys!” She said and we sat down, her hand still on my cock, but she slid right between his knees and took his big black head in her little mouth, stretching her lips out.I watched as she tried to deep throat him and failed cause of his girth in his throat, eventually just jerking and sucking his head all over. I reached over and undid her bra, letting it fall around her arms and revealing her big tits. Malcolm had his big hands in her hair guiding her mouth and throat around his dick.”Time to fuck that pussy girl you got me wet enough.” He said in a low voice.Amanda stood up and dropped her thong to the ground and straddled his hips, kissing him deeply as his big hands gripped her ass and hips. I watched as he guided his shaft right into her dripping wet pussy.”Fuck…fuck…fuck you’re so fucking big!” She exclaimed and I watched her eyes and mouth go wide as she helped lower herself down on him.Eventually she took it all the way to the balls, resting for a minute before starting to ride him. Her small hands on his big chest and shoulders while she moaned like crazy. I’d never heard her like this before! It only took a couple minutes before her legs started to shake.”Oh god that dick is gonna make me cum! Holy shit fuck me Daddy!” She called out and I couldn’t believe it, she never came during sex!But believe it or not, I watched her legs start spasming and her let out a loud moan gushed all over his cock and balls!”That’s it white bitch, cum all over my big, black cock!” he growled at her before started to take control and drive his cock up into her. Her ass jiggling and her moaning continuously while he pounded her pussy.I watched as she came again, then we moved to the bedroom where I stroked myself on the bed, knowing that this was the main event and he fucked her missionary with her ass off the bed. Then he flipped tipobet her onto her stomach and I watched as he fucked her from behind. She came again from that position and finally I watched him lean over and start whispering in her ear. I couldn’t hear what he was saying but next thing I knew his muscles were tensing up and I knew he was giving her a creampie!”Fuck I love me a white slut!” Malcolm said straightening up, his big heavy dick still drooping low and now covered in her juices. I had come back and had a couple glasses of water and was sitting in a chair next to the bed. I gave one to him since Amanda had her eyes half lidded and looked passed out in ecstasy on the bed. He walked right in front of me and sat on the edge of the bed looking into my eyes. I couldn’t help but let my eyes drift down to his thick, impressive cock. “I bet you want to taste it don’t you?” He asked startling me.”What? No way, I was just lost in my thoughts!” I said trying to act offended.”It’s ok, I saw you checking me out, and I know you were watching me fuck and not your girl. And look at your cock, you’re rock hard just looking at my dick!” He said pointing.I couldn’t deny it at that point.”Come on, just taste it, it’s just sex who cares?” He said in that calm, powerful voice and next thing I knew I was saying ok and drifting to my knees between his legs.”That’s it…” he spoke encouraging me.I looked at his cock from eye level now and it was even more massive and he was still only half mast! I reached out my hands and gripped his shaft, lifting it and stroking him a little. I had some practice with Amanda’s big strap on so I wasn’t a true neophyte to suck a cock, but this was my first real one! I stuck my tongue out and run it along the underside of his shaft, mixing my saliva with Amanda’s cum from earlier. I felt him grow harder and that encouraged me to lick more and more of him, cleaning up his whole cock, his shaft now slick with my saliva.”Damn baby I love it!” I heard and glanced up seeing Amanda peeking over Malcolm’s shoulder. I felt my face turn red but I was horny as fuck for his cock now and just dove in! My lips clamping down over his head and thick shaft, hearing him moan got me diamond hard and I tried even harder to get him to moan more and more. I could tell he was loving it! I felt his sexy hands wrap around my head and his hips buck a little and I opened my throat and let him fuck my face lightly for a minute. Then I gasped for air as I came off his cock finally and stroked his cock, lifting it while I went down and slobbered all over his big balls. They were gleaming when I felt him lift my face up and lean down to me.”You want all of my cum in those balls don’t you?” He growled.”Yes!” I responded, enthused now!”You gotta call me Daddy.” He said calmly as one of his hands lightly tapped my cheek.”Yes Daddy!” I responded.”Well if you want Daddy’s cum, Daddy is gonna fuck your white ass, but I bet you’re gonna beg for that too…” He said and my cock twitched. I almost wanted to cum just hearing him say that!”Yes Daddy…”He smiled that big smile down at me and then he stood up, helping me to my fee. He pulled me in and we kissed deeply, his big cock pressing against mine and my stomach, his hands drifting down my back and grabbing my ass. He put a finger down my crack and felt my hole while I moaned into his mouth.”God baby this is so fucking hot!” Amanda said from the bed.Malcolm spun me around quickly making me gasp, and then gave each of my ass cheeks a smack.”Bend over that bed slut!” he said and I got on all fours quickly.I felt some cool lube worked down my ass and then tow of his fingers stretching me out. Then the weight on the bed shifted as he climbed on behind me and I knew what was next! Luckily I had been trained a little by Amanda’s strap on so it wasn’t too scary.I felt him tipobet giriş drag his tip along my crack and then spank me with his heavy cock. Next thing I knew, it was back at my hole and he was teasing me with it, circling my hole, up and down, side to side before I couldn’t help myself!”God, fuck me with that big black cock!” I called out. I heard him chuckle and then…pop! His head slid right into me.”Oh fuck me Daddy!” I answered as he slowly fed me the rest of his cock.”Holy shit baby I taught you so well!” Amanda exclaimed as she watched his dick disappear into me.Finally, after what felt like a mile of his thick dick, I felt his balls resting against mine and I moaned in ecstasy.”Yeah, now I’m gonna fuck you just like her, you both my white bitches now!” He said as he started to grind his hips in me.Then he started to slowly drag his dick out and back in, over and over again, long dicking me into oblivion. I gripped the sheets as he stretched me out, smacking my ass which I’m sure was red by now, and then started picking up the tempo. I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head as he fucked me, his big hands gripping my hips, reaching down to grab my ankles, smacking my ass, rubbing my lower back, and grabbing my shoulders as his big black cock drove into me relentlessly! I couldn’t believe my luck and next thing I knew I was mumbling that he was going to make me cum! Fucking hands free! “Yeah bitch, I knew you were a white slut that loved black cock!” He taunted me.I couldn’t even answer because next thing I knew my cock was flopping up against my stomach from his deep thrust and then start to shoot cum like crazy!”Oh my god baby you are such a slut!” Amanda taunted me too, but all I could do was moan as he fucked as orgasm right out of me!My cock was still dripping cum as I felt it soften and he wrapped his arms around my waist and chest, lifting me with his strength and then he fucked me in the air! He held my body up and pistoned his cock into me over and over while my cock flopped around. I’d never felt more out of control, but turned on at the same time! We went at it like this for a few minutes then he laid me down on my back, pinned my arms above his head, and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he fucked me.He leaned down close to my ear and started whispering everything, but loud enough for Amanda to hear. He made me say that I loved his big black cock, that my white ass was his whenever he wanted, that I wanted his cum in me, and that he’s my Daddy that owns my ass. I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth, but all I knew was that I was horny and my cock was hard and ready to cum again! “Shit slut I’m gonna cum soon too and I’m gonna cum deep in your ass, just like I came in your girl, I’m gonna impregnate you too slut!” Malcolm moaned in my ear.That was all I needed to hear to feel my cock spurt out all the rest of the cum I had in my balls as I looked down and watched his hot body fuck me like crazy. His muscles gleamed with sweat as I felt his heavy balls slap against my ass and his shaft expand before he growled he was cumming and he kept fucking me as his cock showered my insides. Seriously the man could fill like a gallon jug with his cumshots! He slow fucked me and I gripped his shaft with my ass til he went to a semi and finally pulled out. He leaned down and kissed me, tapping my ass with his strong hands like he owned it…which he did!”Now that’s a good slut, taking it all! You two are my favorites!” he said as he fell onto his back and kissed Amanda too.We crawled up and wound up on either side of his chest before we all passed out in orgasmic bliss covered in cum. I feel asleep knowing that this was the change that I needed and I didn’t feel bad about it at all! In fact, I was excited, because I knew that when I woke up, that hot, big, black cock would be back in my mouth.Which it was, a hot black man shouldn’t ever wake up without a hot mouth around his cock! Amanda and I practiced our tandem blowjob skills before he came right in my mouth! Of course, he made Amanda and I share his load.

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