I was Straight Blacken Gay


I was Straight Blacken GayHis long hard cock slapped against my cheek. It was humiliating, degrading and embarrassing. I loved it. I have always had a submissive side and being cuckolded by my beautiful wife was an incredible turn on.His rod was over 8 inches long and proportionately thick. It glistened with the juices from my wife’s just fucked pussy and a stream of precum flowed steadily from the thick cut head.Despite the excitement of a humiliating taboo situation I was conflicted. I was straight. I had never imagined touching another man’s dick much less kneeling at his feet as he rubbed it across my lips but the entire scene was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced.”I think he likes it baby,” Deanna said to her well hung lover. She laughed as he smeared precum across my mouth. My wife was clearly the dominant person in our manage a trois. She had cum three times while her well endowed lover fucked her in every position imaginable as I watched.I fought the urge to lick the salty cream from my lips. I wanted to taste it. I had tasted my own cum previously out of curiosity and I wondered if his juice would taste the same as mine.”Open wide baby,” Deanna said playfully. She had started cheating after she learned of my long term affair with a woman ten years my junior and she wasn’t discrete about it. My affair was with one person but Deanna used my desire to save our marriage as leverage to fuck a string of younger men. As time passed she flaunted her infidelity more and more. She would come home with her hair, clothes and makeup a mess and tell me about her trysts with men she had just met. She fucked strangers in our bed while I took our k**s to the movies. We rarely had sex and when we did she would have me lick her pussy until she climaxed and make me jerk off as she made fun of my thin 5 inch cock.Daryl was merely the latest of her lovers but she was planning on keeping him around because he had a nice big dick and she loved the way he fucked. She had become a size queen and Daryl’s monster member hit spots I could only dream off.I shook my head ‘no’ and looked pleadingly at her. I begged her to stop the torturous humiliation but it was an act. I wanted it and sadly, she knew it.”Quit being a little bitch,” she demanded. “Open your mouth illegal bahis siteleri and suck his cock. If you do maybe I will let you cum.” It had been nearly two months since we had fucked and I was desperate.I hesitantly parted my lips as I looked at my sexy wife. Deanna was totally naked. Her 36c tits sagged only slightly despite the fact that she was a year past 40. She was thick in the hips, which balanced perfectly with her big round tits and she had the slightest pooch of a belly above her shaved pussy.Daryl pushed his dick into my mouth as my wife moaned loudly.I could smell and taste her juices on his big dick. It was like an aphrodisiac and I sucked hard on his big throbbing cock.Daryl held my head and pushed his giant cock deeper. I could feel the thick veins as they slid across my lips and I moaned softly at the hedonistic decadence of the situation.”I heard that,” Deanna teased. “Queer.” She laughed as her lover forced his giant cock deeper.I closed my eyes and surrendered to the primal urges I had never imagined existed. Daryl’s cock touched the back of my throat and I fought hard not to gag. Tears streamed down my cheeks as over 6 inches of hard throbbing meat filled my throat.”He takes it deeper than you do,” Daryl said playfully to my wife. “Are you sure he hasn’t sucked dick before?”I hadn’t. I had never even thought about it and before meeting Daryl my wife would not have wanted me to. She had been fucking him for a few weeks when he told her that he was bisexual.”You mean you suck dick?” She had asked him. “Because that’s kinda hot.””No, no. I’m a top,” Daryl had replied. He explained that his college roommate had been gay and one night after a party he had sucked Daryl’s cock. After that he had been with a few other guys but had never reciprocated and he had no desire to do so.That exchange got my wife thinking and fantasizing about watching Daryl and another guy and the easiest guy to get was me.Daryl held my head and fucked my mouth. His big hard cock slid down my throat as my own skinny dick grew achingly hard. I surrendered to urges I had never known. My hands ran up his muscular legs as his cock pumped into my mouth like it was my wife’s warm wet cunt. I grabbed his strong ass with both hands and forced his perabet güvenilir mi dick as deep inside me as I could. I could feel Daryl’s pubes touch my nose as I deep throated his huge cock. I was no longer straight.I gagged on Daryl’s big dick as tears streamed down my cheeks.”I’m getting close baby,” Daryl said softly to my wife.”Cum in his mouth,” Deanna ordered.My cock twitched as her words echoed in my head. I wanted it. I was not only her bitch. I was his.I backed off his long shaft and noisily slurped on his big cock head as Daryl stroked his meat.”Here it comes queer,” Daryl warned as his cock started to spit into my mouth. He had fucked my wife and my mouth for nearly an hour but he had not yet cum. His climax was overwhelming. I gulped his copious cream as it filled my mouth and ran down my chin. I wrapped my fist around my dick and pumped it as my wife’s lover, our lover, groaned and came in my mouth.Deanna pushed me onto my back on the hard floor and straddled my cum glazed face. She lowered her soaking wet pussy onto my mouth. My tongue flicked out and strummed my wife’s hard clit as I jerked my small dick.Deanna came hard on my face and I moaned into her grotto while cum spewed from my dick.My wife climbed off my face and smiled. “Take Daryl into the bathroom and clean him up,” Deanna ordered. “We’re going out for dinner.”I led Daryl into the master bathroom and knelt on the cold tile floor. I had already cum and I was no longer lust and cock crazed but I did what I was ordered to do.Deanna climbed into the hot shower behind me as I licked Daryl’s flaccid dick. He had cum hard and despite his youth his dick wasn’t getting hard as I licked and sucked on his cock and balls.”Fuck it,” Daryl said as a huge smile spread across his face. “Drink up queer.”My mouth filled with salty pee as my wife’s lover unleashed a torrent of piss from his thick fire hose cock. I was shocked as his pee filled my mouth. Not just because he had taken me by surprise but also because the taste was not totally unpleasant. In fact it was not revolting, it was hot!My cock grew hard as Daryl’s warm piss filled my mouth and cascaded down my naked body. I swallowed his yellow stream and sucked hard on his dick until it was hard and ready.I wanted tipobet him inside me. I had never in my life imagined being penetrated but at that moment I needed to feel his huge cock filling my ass.”Fuck me,” I panted.”What,” Daryl queried.”I need you inside me,” I stated clearly. “Please fuck my ass. Make me your bitch.”Daryl smiled. He walked into the bedroom and returned with a gold foil lubricated condom and small bottle lube. “I’ve only tried this once and my gay college roommate couldn’t take my big dick. But you’re such a submissive bitch you’ll probably like the pain.” Daryl rolled a XL magnum sized rubber over his giant cock as I knelt doggy style in front of him.I felt the cool lube cover my asshole and I moaned softly. I was trembling with excitement as Daryl rubbed the slick head of his latex covered cock across my asshole. He grabbed my hips and I relaxed my sphincter.Daryl pushed his granite rod into my virgin ass. I groaned as he split my ass.Pain ripped through my ass. Pleasure consumed me. Inch after excruciating inch sank slowly inside me. I gritted my teeth as Daryl filled my ass with eight inches of hard throbbing man meat.He buried his entire dick inside my ass as my wife watched. I could feel his big balls touch mine. It was electric.”Holy shit baby. My husband is a queer.” Deanna laughed.Daryl slowly fucked my ass as his magnificent cock stretched me wide. He sped up and my eyes rolled back in my head. His hips slapped against my ass. His balls bounced off mine. He fucked me hard and fast. It hit me like a freight train and it was unlike anything I had ever felt. My body shook. My knees went weak. My cock spasmed and pumped cum onto the cold tile floor.”I’m getting close,” he moaned as sweat dropped from his brow onto the small of my back.”Don’t waste it,” I panted. “Let me drink it.”Daryl pulled his dick from my gaping asshole and tore the condom off his hard rod as I turned around.My ass burned as I wrapped my lips around his cock and stroked his shaft.Daryl moaned as he started to cum. He shot two huge gobs of thick delicious cream into my mouth before pulling out and covering my face with hot cum.I collapsed on the cold floor exhausted. Daryl took a quick shower while my wife finished getting ready to go out. I slowly crawled to the bed as they dressed.”Don’t wait up sissy bitch,” Deanna laughed as they walked downstairs.I laid in bed thinking about my life. I knew I would never be the same. I wanted more. More of Daryl’s huge cock. Deanna wasn’t the only size queen in the family.

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