I want to be a girl – Part 3

Alex Harper

I want to be a girl – Part 3Somehow we end up sleeping the entire night on the couch. I wake to you kissing my shoulder & squeezing my butt with both hands.  I kiss you softly as I realize where I’m at. We both stand up & I see your cock soft for the first time ever, it’s still beautiful & big. I kick my heels off & you pull me close. We are both naked except for my thigh highs. You put on your underwear & hand me your button down to wear. For the next hour we kiss & talk & hold each other. You then fix me breakfast as we continue to talk. After we clean up I ask if I can shower. I have no clothes but can’t resist the urge to be in your shower. You warm it up for me and help me out of your shirt & my thigh highs. I step in as you stand & watch. After 2 minutes I motion for you to join me. As you do I can’t help but notice that you are ready to go again. I smile & stroke your cock but tell you that I am too illegal bahis sore to fuck. That doesn’t stop me from getting on my knees nearly instantly under the showerhead & slowly start sucking you. You grab my wet hair & hold my head as I give you another lengthy blowjob. The water runs over you & helps your cock go in & out of my mouth easier. I tease it, stroke it & lick your balls. You can’t believe how much sex we have had in the last 12 hours & how hard you are & how much you want to cum again. You love that I can deepthroat you so easily & do it so frequently. You pull me up & kiss me hard, the warmth of your cock on my lips. You beg to fuck me again & gently start playing with my pussy. I want to very badly but I am beyond sore from the fucking you have given me! I’m getting wet but can’t do it so you drop to your knees, put one of my legs over your shoulder and ever so gently start licking illegal bahis siteleri my pussy. You tongue the length of my lips. You suck hard on the clit. You flick your tongue rapidly over my clit. In a couple of minutes I’m cumming again.  I pull you up & kiss you,  tasting me on your lips. As we kiss hard & long I start stroking your cock again. I position myself under the shower, turn away from you & stick out my ass.  You immediately try to put your cock in me but I grab it, move it up a little & place the head against my asshole. You waste no time pushing the head inside my ass. You stop for a few seconds & allow me to get used to it. It’s huge & it hurts but you slowly keep pushing. After a minu0te or two you hit bottom & I know you have every inch inside me. I look back & smile my permission. You start fucking me hard & pulling my hair. The water keeps everything wet & you moan as I tighten canlı bahis siteleri my ass around your cock. You can’t believe you have now had me every way possible in under 24 hours. You get even harder at the thought of it.   I stop you for a second & pull away from you. I turn & suck your cock for just a minute. I then grab it & lead you to the bed. We are wet but you don’t care. You grab some lube as I jump on the bed & put my ass in the air. You are instantly back inside my ass & fucking me hard! You pull my wet, red hair as you watch your cock disappear in me over & over. You push my head into the pillow & thrust even harder in my ass. You pull out, flip me over & put my legs on your shoulders. You quickly enter me again & I watch the pleasure on your face as you fuck my tight ass. You get caught up in the moment & without asking you pull out & start cumming all over me. It hits my tits,  my face, my hair & you bend forward & shove it into my mouth as the last drops shoot out. I eagerly swallow your cum & clean your dick. You smile & collapse as I wipe your cum from my face. You apologize but I just smile & tell you how much I loved it.

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