I Swear, We’re Not Gay – Part 2


I Swear, We’re Not Gay – Part 2I re-ran the events of that night in my mind for days, trying to figure out just how I felt about jerking off with my older brother. I wished my cock was as big and strong looking as his. I really wanted to ask him if he had ever taken part in one of those circle jerks he talked about and I wondered if and when I’d ever see his dick again. As it turns out it was the very next time that we were home alone together. Ricky called me down to the family room and before I got there I knew what was up. I just knew. As I entered the room, Ricky, wearing only a bathrobe held up a video tape. ‘Best Butts, Vol. II! You up for it b*o?’ ‘Um, yeah Ok.’ I was determined to be more mature about it this time. I need some relief anyway. ‘I hear that, pal. Trish has been away for a week and I haven’t gotten any in a while.’ He flicked off the light switch and immediately slipped off his robe. He tossed the tape over to me and said, ‘pop it in!’I glanced down at Ricky’s cock. It was already hard. Trying to appear casual, I tried not to react to the sight of my brother standing beside me stark naked and obviously excited. I started the tape. Ricky had the remote at the ready. I turned and pulled my pants down as I sat on the couch. ‘Take ’em off, man. It’s easier that way anyway.’ So I kicked off my shoes and took my jeans and underwear completely off. I wasn’t hard, and my cock looked so small and weak next to his big strong pole. ‘Looks like you got some work to do Ricky said jokingly. I smirked in embarrassment and started playing with my dick. Ricky hadn’t even touched his yet, and it was hard as a rock. He searched for a suitable scene and found one soon enough: A solo scene featuring a hot short-haired girl and a vibrator. This was actually one of my biggest turn-ons, watching a woman play with herself. Soon my dick was fully hard. We went at it. After that scene, we found another involving ass-fucking. Ricky really responded to this one, and surprised me by pulling a small bottle of baby oil out from the couch cushions and squirting some onto his dick. He spread it all over his long cock and said, ‘Ahhh yeah. That’s the stuff. You want to try it?’ ‘No man. I’m.… But it looked so slippery on his cock; made bahis siteleri it look so…… Yeah, OK, I think I will. I reached over to grab the bottle, but Ricky had other ideas. He squirted some more into his other hand, reached over and grabbed my cock! My entire body went rigid with utter shock. I was paralyzed as he slathered oil up and down my erection. God, the stuff felt really fucking good but, my cock had never been touched by another man. “How’s that?” he asked while gently pumping my pecker.I raised my hand to stop him, but then I waited. Um, Ricky, what the fuck.… Oh, don’t worry, dude. You can return the favor in a bit, if you want. He stared down into my lap lovingly as he lubed my cock. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with curiosity. I had to ask. Are you gay, man? It just came out, and I regretted it as soon as I had said it. Thankfully, Ricky was too focused on stroking my hard-on to be offended. Chuckling, he said, ‘What? No way, man! I’m no homo. Dude I’m just helping you out, OK?’ He continued stroking, watching my face to see if I were going to stop him. ‘Is that what’s been worrying you?’ He laughed. ‘Robbie, ask Trish if I’m gay.’ Suddenly I felt very stupid. Of course he wasn’t gay. He actually had a well-established reputation as a ladies man. God, I found myself hoping desperately that he wouldn’t be mad at me…’I’m sorry man, I just never had a guy touch my.… touch me before.His face looked up into mine, just inches away. He slipped his hand down over my scrotum, cupping my balls. Rob, you’re white as a sheet. You want me to stop? I’ll stop, Robbie. His hand felt superb on my balls; the oil, his big, warm hand…I should like this. I will like it. I DO like it. No. Ahhh keep going. I spread my legs wider, our thighs touching. This must just be something I don’t completely understand, I thought. Ricky knows what’s up; I’ll follow his lead and learn something. That’s what I’ve done all my life. Expertly jerking my hard cock, Ricky spoke softly. ‘Check out the movie, Rob. He’s got his dick in her ass. Look good? Shit, oh he’s fucking her, fucking her ass. Like that, b*o? His hand squeezed and stroked my slippery cock. It felt fantastic. I nodded my head, responding weakly. Yeah awesome, it really did bahis siteleri feel good, excellent in fact; and the shock and thrill definitely added to the sensation. ‘Chicks don’t know how to do it right…they try, but they don’t have dicks, right? There’s nothing like a pussy, for sure, but only guys know how to really stroke a dick, you know?’I guess he was right. My cock felt fucking good in his hand. My ex-girlfriend Kathy had given me a hand-job or two, but they were clumsy; sometimes even painful; they definitely didn’t feel like this. I watched the butt-fuck scene continue on the TV as Ricky jerked me off. I looked away from the screen and over at my brother’s massive cock, bouncing in his lap. Could I return the favor? Could I jerk his giant dick off? Would I be good at it? Suddenly I felt my cum rising. An orgasm approached. Ricky could tell I was close. ‘Here it comes, dude. You’re close. But let’s switch up. Stroke mine for a little while?’ As I rapidly approached orgasm, I found that I wanted to feel his cock in my hand more than anything; to my shock and surprise I wanted to make him cum badly. Then he stopped cold, waiting for my reply. I sat beside him panting, losing the ability to think clearly…’Yeah. Alright…Fair is fair, right?’ I reached over his lap and grabbed the lube. He splayed himself out across his side of the couch and his dick sprang almost straight up at the ceiling. ‘Good deal’, he said excitedly. I sprayed the oil onto his monster cock. I had never touched another guy’s cock before; I hesitated a bit. ‘Won’t bite, man! Go for it.’ I reached over and grasped it at the base. Man, it was thick. Ricky folded his hands behind his head and sighed heavily. I got comfortable beside him and started moving my fist up and down his member. The oil in my hand made slick, smacking noises as I stroked. I felt every vein and bump on his long hard dick, his soft brown pubic hair tickled my wrist. ‘That OK?’ I asked sheepishly.’”OK”? Feels fucking great. Hmmm…You’re good, dude. Must be all that practice…’ I looked at him mock-angrily; he shot back, ‘k**ding! Oh, man…Ahhh…That’s good, Rob. Real good.’ He watched the action on the screen as I played with his cock. I couldn’t tear my gaze from Ricky’s penis. It felt like a big, tight flexed muscle, hard as steel and yet soft in my hand. Its big round knob was showing the first drops of pre-cum at its tip. I tried the move he had done with me and moved down to gently grab his hairy nuts; he seemed to love it. ‘Oh, Yeah…Good, good…’ Ricky slipped his hand down to stroke my back, it sent an electric shock through my body. It didn’t linger there, though; it soon found its way into my lap and began stroking my still-hard prick. ‘Yeah. Like that. Dude, this is fucking great.’ I was really getting into this. It felt so…right, this huge hard penis in my hand…making my brother feel so good…Neither one of us was watching the movie any more. Our eyes alternated between being closed, each other’s cocks, and fleeting glimpses into each other’s eyes as we rapidly approached sexual bliss. Our hips and thighs were rubbing together; both of us were grunting and groaning loudly. Ricky’s cock seemed to grow even bigger in my hand, and his hand worked feverishly on my own prick. I was close again, but Ricky was closer. His face contorted tightly as he threw his head back and came. Sperm flew from the head of his cock and ran down onto my hand. It was hot and thick. I kept on stroking, not wanting to stop, and Ricky’s entire body convulsed next to mine. My hand and his fat dick were soon a hot sticky mess. He stopped jerking me off as he came and let out a big sigh.’Robbie…awesome job, Rob. That was fucking great. Let me finish you off b*o.’ He gently pushed me back onto the couch and grabbed my dick. I was mere seconds away; I looked at my hand and the sight of my big brother’s cum on my hand and wrist; the sight of his spent penis oozing sperm onto his thigh; the sight of his fist pumping my dick to orgasm pushed me over the limit. I came.Ricky knew I was coming. He pulled my prick a little harder, a little tighter, and I spewed jizz all over my stomach. My ass was almost completely off the couch during the throes of my climax. Ricky’s hand milked the remaining sperm from my cock. I lay panting beside him, almost falling off the couch during the end. ‘Shit, Ricky. That was something else…Jesus…’ The hot cum on my belly felt good.’You know it, b*o. Let’s get this cleaned up. We’re a mess!’ He laughed. We cleaned up and small talked a little, made plans to go to a keg party that weekend, and headed off separately to sleep.To Be Continued………

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