I Sold my Ass for 100 Bucks Gay


I Sold my Ass for 100 Bucks GayI was home one Saturday morning when I got a call from an old high school friend that I had seen only once in the last ten years. Chris asked if I was still collecting comic books since he was going to sell some of the better books in his collection. I told him I was, but hadn’t done much collecting in a while, and money was kind of tight for the wife and me. Chris told me to come over to his parents place (he was just in town for the weekend) and take a look at the books. Maybe we could work something out.I hadn’t been to Chris’ house in a long time, and barely remembered the way. It turns out he had some very valuable comics, but I just couldn’t afford them. He asked me what I could give him and I told Chris I only could pay about $100 bucks (the books he wanted to sell were easily worth ten times that).Chris said “Dan, I can’t let you have them for that little. Is there anything you can think of that would make me sell the books that cheap?”I thought about it and said “Sorry, do you have something in mind?”Chris said if I would give him a blowjob, he would give me another $100 worth of books and if I let him fuck me, he would throw in another $100 worth.I replied “What are you talking about? I came over to look at some comics. I’m kinda insulted, and I’m not even gay. What is this all about?”Chris answered “I know you’re not gay Dan. It wouldn’t be fun if you were. I just think you really want these books, and I really want a blowjob from you. I want to have our high school valedictorian on his knees worshipping my big cock. Besides, I think you wouldn’t mind experimenting. Look at yourself, you’re dick’s getting hard just having me suggest it.”I looked down and noticed I was getting a hard-on. I had often masturbated to the thought of Chris using me for his own pleasure. I wasn’t gay, but had jacked off to many gay thoughts in the past. Chris used to keep a large porno collection when we were in high school, and I guess I must have just gotten lost in the thought of Chris, of all people, sexually controlling me. I didn’t know what to do or say. I just mumbled “Are you serious”Chris replied “Dan, I’m as serious as a car crash. Strip out of your clothes and kneel before me.”I was in shock. My fantasy was becoming a reality, and I wasn’t sure how to react. “No one will be here?” I asked.“That’s my little cocksucker. Come over here and earn your comic books. No one will know.” Chris replied.Again, I was torn. There is no going back if I take that step. However, I really did want to know, and I don’t know how illegal bahis Chris thought I would be interested. It must have been fate, and who was I to go against fate. I slowly took off my clothes down to my underwear and approached Chris with a raging hard on.“All the way, Dan. I like my bitches naked when they are blowing me.”I stripped out of my underwear and knelt before Chris. He told me to undo his pants. As I opened his pants and belt, Chris pulled his shirt off. As I lowered his pants, Chris stepped completely out of them and ordered me to rub his big cock through his underwear. In all of my fantasies, Chris had an above average cock, but I wasn’t ready for what I experienced. Chris was extremely well endowed, with a tool that had to have exceeded ten inches. I was scared, but staring in awe.When I was told to remove his underwear, I slowly pulled at the waistband, and as I lowered his shorts, his cock lowered right onto my face. Chris laughed “My cock looks good against your face. Show me what that bitch mouth can do Mr. Valedictorian. Or should I say Miss Valedictorian. I’m gonna turn you into a cock loving girl.”When he was completely naked, I reached for Chris’ cock, and was in shock when the head stuck out with both of my hands on it. He was huge and I was feeling like a girl. I dove right into his cock without a second thought. It tasted incredible. All those years of jacking off to a fantasy of cock sucking, not really knowing what I was fantasizing about. It was better than I imagined, and I was in a horny daze like nothing I could have expected.Chris started giving me orders, and I did my best to please him. He told me to lick the length of his long shaft, and I did it. He told me to deep throat him, and I did the best I could. All that was mattering was pleasing him. I was so wound up, that I couldn’t hear anything but Chris’ orders, his moans of pleasure and the trash talking he was giving me.“You cock sucking slut. I should invite a couple of my friends over here to use you. Would you like that?”I think I moaned a yes as I had a mouth full of cock. I was sucking and stroking that monster for all I was worth. Chris then pulled back and sat down on the floor with his legs spread. He told me to crawl over to him and continue. As I once again dove into his crotch, my ass was now facing the sky as I was on all fours. As I was licking Chris’ balls, I felt a finger enter my ass, and just thought that Chris was getting me more worked up. My cock had never been so hard, and no one was even touching it. I continued to suck Chris’ illegal bahis siteleri cock as he pushed my head down on his massive member, and I was being finger fucked by what I thought was Chris.After about five minutes of this (and what I think was three fingers), Chris told me to turn around so that he could fuck me. I slowly raised my head from his cock, licking it as I turned around. When I finished turning around, I looked up and was staring at another naked man with a hard-on in my face.Chris said, “Dan, you remember my brother Eric. He bet me that I couldn’t turn you into a cock sucker. Obviously he lost. Do me a favor and suck him off while I fuck you. I think you’ll enjoy it, and I know Eric will. You give incredible head.” Chris then placed his huge member against my finger stretched hole and pour lube on his cock and my hungry ass and pushed just the head in. My ass might have given way, but I wasn’t ready. Pain flowed through me for 20 seconds or so, and then the freakiness kicked in. I was so horny that I pushed back on Chris cock in my ass and reached out for Eric’s cock, and started sucking.This was my real fantasy. Not just being talked into sucking cock, but being the guy in the middle of two cocks. Ever since I first saw it in a porno movie, I fantasized about being one of those women that was being used my multiple guys. How did Chris know I would want this?I had my face sucking Eric’s tool while Chris fucked me for at least ten minutes. I was getting incredibly tired, but was still so turned on, that I must have been running on adrenaline. Chris was grabbing my hips and thrusting hard while Eric was getting the blowjob of his life.Then Eric told Chris he wanted to fuck me like the woman I was. Chris told him to be his guest. “This bitch needs my cock. Who am I to get in your way bro?”Eric had me lay on my back and lubed up as he pressed his cock against my now swollen hole. He then put his hands on the ground on either side of me and started pumping. I reached out and grabbed his sides and held on for all I was worth. I wanted to be fucked hard and Eric was going to fuck me like the woman I was becoming.Eric yelled “Tell me you’re a bitch. Tell me what a whore you are.”I screamed back “I am a cock slut. When I came here today, I thought I was a man, but you showed me that I am a bitch who needs real men. I have fantasized about Chris owning me like this for years, and now I am being treated like the slut I have wanted to be.”Chris looked at me amazed. “You have fantasized about me owning you?”I looked canlı bahis siteleri back “Certainly you must have known. Why else would you have asked me over?”Chris said, “I just thought I’d have a little fun with you. I was actually surprised when you agreed to the blowjob, but I had no idea. We’ll have to make sure that all your fantasies can be realized.” Chris then left the room while Eric continued to pound my ass. Chris came back with a video camera and started filming us. After a few minutes, he placed the camera on a tripod and stuck his big dick in my face. Since I hadn’t stimulated him for awhile, Chris was not hard, but in this semi hard state, it was beautiful. His dick was bigger than mine has ever been. He was the real man and I was simply his fuck toy.I quickly grabbed his cock and started sucking again for all that I was worth. Chris took his cock out of my mouth and placed his huge balls on my face. I started licking and sucking like a woman possessed. Chris started telling me what a good slut I am and how much all his friends are going to enjoy watching my performance.After five minutes of this, Chris and Eric had me get on my knees and I was stroking and sucking both cocks at the same time. I was such a slut. Chris told me to repeat my admission to the camera, and I said “I am a bitch for big cocks. Chris owns me and I will do whatever he wants. Hopefully his wishes involve more cock sucking and ass stretching. I am a cucksucker, and Chris and Eric have shown me my true calling.” I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth, and certainly Chris and Eric were even more surprised.This must have turned them on cause both guys grabbed their cocks and stroked them to climax, right in my face and awaiting mouth. They told me to clean the cum off my face and use some of it to get myself off. I quickly came, and lick up every drop of your own cum. I told Chris and Eric that I really am not gay and that I was in some kind of trance and didn’t really mean the things I was saying. I pleaded that they not tell anyone about this, especially my wife. They started laughing and Chris went over and collected the video camera. “You may have been in a trance, but the words that came from your lips were all your own. I am looking forward to the next time I have some comics to sell. By the way, you still owe me $100.”As I put my clothes back on and gave Chris my $100, I asked him which comics he was going to give me.Chris replied “The $100 will be used for the video tapes we need to purchase. We have a lot of future shows to put on. I’ll be going home tomorrow, but I’ll be back in a couple of weeks. In the mean time, Eric still lives in town, and he has several friends that would like to meet you. I have a feeling you won’t have much time to be reading comics before I get return.”

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