I met a couple..


I met a couple..A few years ago I was a prevalent user of xhamster. I never ever thought anything would come of it but I was chatting to a few women and couples for a while and talking about having some fun. After a couple of months I swapped numbers with a married sexy blonde nurse.I was 22 at the time and she was mid 30s. Her husband would let her have free reign to play with guys who he approves of and I luckily fit that criteria. After a while of chatting and swapping pics we agreed to meet. This is the story of that day.I awoke excited and nervous. This gorgeous blond had a lovely curvy body with a nice fat ass and a pretty face to op it off. Her experience also worried me, would I be upto standard?! With nerves rattling around me I started to get ready, sending a text to her to check we were all still on. She replied that yes we were and she was very excited. Proceeding to tell me they would pick me up from the station, and she’d ensure she’d have no knickers on so I could play with her pussy on the drive home. The thought gave me my first hard on of bahis firmaları the day.Ready to go I jumped on the train and travelled up to where the couple lives. Excitedly stepping off the train I scoured the road to see if she was here. A nice big saloon car pulled up and th back doors opened. There she was. Nervously I jusmoed in the back with her, her husband driving, and introductions were made. After all the big talk you could tell we were both nervous, but her husband kept us chatting until we were both at ease.On arrival at the house, I followed behind her as we entered, watching her gorgeous curves wiggle as she climbed the entrance steps. My cock was throbbing with excitement. We sat down in the lounge, the husband handed me a beer, took his seat and she sat opposite me. Opening her legs teasingly I caught the first glimpse of her gorgeous, neatly trimmed cunt. I was salivating. I was still slightly nervous until the husband turned and said ‘are we getting on with this then’. With him still watching I crossed the room, got on my news, kaçak iddaa pushed her legs in the air and delved my tongue into her sweet pussy, she was soaking and it tasted like honey. Teasing her clit with my tongue, I took two fingers and slid deep inside her, feeling her walls tighten around them and hearing her moans of pleasure. The thought of this while her husband sat next to us almost had me exploding there and then.after I had creamed her pussy up and she was ready she led me upstairs to the bedroom, her husband staying downstairs. Entering the room I saw a camera, and the bed was full of condoms and sex toys, anal beads, plugs and dildos. I knew I was in for the time of my life.After a short division we decided against the conforms, she laid on the bed, spread her legs and enticed me into her. I teased her pussy with my huge helmet then slipped straight inside of her, the warm wet glow of her push nearly made me cum straight away. I held on, her pussy felt amazing and I wasn’t going to give it up yet. Her screams of pleasure were so loud kaçak bahis the whole neighbourhood must have heard, I wanted to hear her come. Pushing deep inside her I brought her to the edge but I was too close so pulled out and went back to working her pussy with my tongue and fingers bringing her to an incredible pulsating orgasm. She now tells me she wants to feel me cum, I left her legs high and wide and slide back into her pussy with her shouts of ‘fill me up’ ing ing in my ear I couldn’t contain it anymore and I blasted a hot young creamy load deep in her guts, her moans of pleasure confirming I’d hit the spot.we continued fucking for a good couple of hours, her husband in and out checking on her and knowing I was ruining another mans wife was the greatest turn on.Unfortabetly being lesser experienced I never used the toys or anything and it’s a huge regret. However she came multiple times and I left two hot loads inside her so I couldn’t not be happy.we cleaned up and they dropped me at the station, we left on the promise to meet again but alas life took over and it never happened.this whole meet was filmed and posted on here but I had them remove it as I got into a relationship but it’s proof that xhamster dating can be real and can be a lot of fun. (The couple are still here)

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