I love my Hmong Roomates #2


I love my Hmong Roomates #2One day after one of my exams, I came home and was dead tired. I ate some of the food that Choua made the night before. Then I went to my room are started to study. That night when Choua and Nou came home we had a roommate chill time and just talked about how our semester was going. All was well, then Choua said she was going to spend the night at Pong’s place. When Choua left, Nou follower her so she could lock the doors. Nou locked the door and turned towards me. “Do you know what it means with Choua gone for the night?” I laughed and walked towards her. I pushed her against the door and got really close to her. I then whispered in her ears, “It means I get pussy tonight?” and kissed her. She grabbed my waist as I had her pinned to the door and started to stick her tongue in my mouth. I grabbed her legs and raised it up as I got even closer. We started making out and my cock got really hard. I was so horny, last time we fucked was a week ago. She released my belt and stuck her hand in my pants. The touch of her hand made my body numb and I got excited. She turned and push me against the door. “Fuck me you horny bastard!” She walked tuzla escort to my room and I followed her. She laid on my bed and started to take off her pants. I rushed to help her. I got down on my knees and started to eat her pussy. I wanted to tease Nou, I knew she was super horny since we only fucked once last week. She reached for my face and bagged for me to just start fucking her. I moved her hand and continued to tease her yummy pussy. She has been shaving for me. I ate her for about 5 mins, but my cock was getting so hard. I wanted to just fuck too. So I got on top of her and slowly stuck the tip on my cock in her. She burst out yelling “YES FUCK ME!” and I slowly pushed my shaft into her. She bagged, “HARDER BABE HARDER!!” But I kept at my own pace to make her want me more. After a few minutes I didn’t care anymore, I started to fuck her hard. We fucked until I came in her pussy. I took my cock out and looked at her. My cock was still hard, so I bravely stuck it back in. The feel was AMAZING!! It felt too good and got me numb all over. I couldn’t handle the pleasure so I pulled my dick out and she got up. “You aren’t going anywhere!” She pushed me to my bed tuzla escort bayan and started to ride me. “NOU STOP IT FEELS TOO GOOD” She didn’t care for my health. All she wanted was my dick and she kept riding me. When she got done we just laid there and fell asleep. The next day was a lazy Saturday. Choua didn’t come home until later that night. Nou left for work and I just rested at home. Choua picked up Nou from work that night and came home. They asked if I wanted to go drink at Choua’s cousin’s place. Nou got really messed up that night and as we were coming home Pong wanted Choua to sleep at his place again. She said she wanted to come home and watch Nou. Pong said the I could watch Nou and Chou can just go to his place. What an ass, he wanted me to babysit. They argued and Pong finals gave up, he was a little mad but he seemed to understand. We got home and Choua helped Nou to bed I just went to my room. After about half an hour, Choua came to me and asked for me to keep my ears on Nou while she showered. I got up and looked at Nou, she was sound asleep. I didn’t change my covers yet so I just slept in the living room. Choua must of thought I was in my escort tuzla room because when she came out of the showers she was only in a towel. She walked to the kitchen to grab a drink. She turned the lights on and I sat up to look at her. As she started to drink her water, her towel fell. Shit she had a great body. Why is Pong the lucky guy? She turned around to grab her towel and saw me. She quickly wrapped her towel on and walked towards me with angue. Why are you in the living room? I lied and said that my bed didn’t feel comfortable. My dick was hard and you can see it trying to get out of my shorts. Choua laughed and called me a pervert. She took of her towel and started teasing me. I got horny and grabbed her and said, “you are the naked one, PERVERT!!” she looked into my eyes and said, “you wouldn’t dare”“Wanna bet?” I pulled out my cock and she grabbed me and started stroking it. She pushed me on the couch and stared to suck my dick. Choua was better than Nou, must of been from all the practice. “You dick is bigger than Pong’s you know? I can barely keep it in my mouth.” I grabbed her head and stoved my dick deeper into her throat. She blew me until I came. She swallowed all my cum and looked at me. “This is our secret, maybe next time you can fuck me.” she grabbed her towel and went to her room. I was lost and trying to figure out if that was real or just a dream.

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