i like to lick


i like to licki like to use my tongue to lick a guy’s face. its not lapping someones face like a cat. it is more like my face close to his, moving slow, wanting the moment to last, just breathing him in. i like the way that some people smell- just their natural scent. maybe even more so than how they look! sweat doesn’t smell bad with some people, it heightens the sense for me. you were the first person i noticed that about. you always smelled good, whether you were sweaty or not. kırşehir escort i’m not talking about cologne or deodorant, just your natural scent. but anyway, my face next to his, i can am breathing him in through my nose and i open my mouth to take more of him in. and i just have to have more, so i just naturally want to taste him too. i have found that i really like to taste, lick, suck, have things in my mouth. not that i don’t like to use my hands, but there escort kırşehir is something more sensual and more personal about touching someone with my mouth. feeling them, tasting them, being that close to them- i just like it. at times i just have to have something in my mouth- fingers, earlobe, nape of the neck, you get the idea. so having my face close to his face, my mouth slowly opens, and i lightly touch my tongue to the side of his face by his cheekbone. its kırşehir escort bayan salty, stubbly, slightly wet from sweat. he doesnt care and actually likes that i am comfortable doing anything that i want with him. so i take his ear lobe in my mouth, also slowly touching it with the tip of my tongue. then wrapping my lips about it and slightly sucking. i open my mouth and slightly lick behind his ear. tasting the salt and still feeling the stubble of his beard on my chin. i move down his neck, sucking, tasting, feeling, breathing on him while taking in his scent. my hands begin to explore him. first feeling the back of his neck letting his hair run between my finger, then moving down to his shoulders, muscular, strong, square…

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