I Hope He Didn’t See Me Ch. 02

Big Dicks

As I stared at the floor, still flustered and too embarrassed to look my brother in the eyes, he stepped away from me and walked to the other side of the kitchen.

“Hey man, I came over to borrow that door hole drill set you have. I’m going to hang the doors at my new house today and it would sure come in handy,” he finally spoke.

As he made no mention of knowing it was me that sucked his cock at the adult book store glory hole just a couple of minutes ago, I mentally relaxed a little, praying that he hadn’t seen me earlier in the parking lot as he drove off.

Maybe he hadn’t seen me. Maybe he didn’t know that it was me on the other side of the wall, kneeling like a faggot and satisfying his fat 9 inch cock in my mouth. Maybe my perverted immoral sexual act was still a secret. Maybe this was just a coincidence that he was now at my house now.

I had to believe my secret was still safe. I refused to believe anything else. I just couldn’t face the truth of him knowing this side of me. Praying secretly to God that he didn’t know that it was me that had just swallowed his incestuous load of cum down my throat, I made an effort to respond casually.

“Yea, sure man. Its in the garage. Let me get it for you so you can get on your way and get to your work,” I responded quickly, trying to get him to leave and brushing past him without making eye contact.

“Hey little brother, you’re acting kind of weird, are you okay?” he said in a tone that might have reflected some secret knowledge of our sexual tryst earlier.

The way he said it, had me guessing immediately if he was fishing for some kind of a response from me. It sounded like he was almost asking me to confess that I had just sucked his cock, rather than him admitting he knew it was me.

Maybe it was just my imagination running wild, but with the taste of his cum still in my mouth, I was extremely paranoid. I was embarrassingly suspicious that he was going to state as a public fact between us, that he knew it was me that he had just face fucked. He definitely had me “over a barrel”, even in our silence.

Even though he participated in the blow job, he surely had the upper hand here. I mean, it was me that had sucked his cock. It was me that had swallowed his cum. He wasn’t exactly innocent here, letting some stranger suck his cock , but I definitely felt like I committed the worst of the sins. Getting a blow job from a guy was one thing, but giving a blow job to a guy was way worse, especially to your own brother.

Maybe he didn’t know it was me that had just blown him, I hoped, as I studied his face and gave him the hole drill blades in the garage. Maybe he did know and was just as embarrassed as me. Maybe he did know and decided the best thing to do was never to bring it up again. In a way, we had both made a mistake. I didn’t really notice any other comments that added to my paranoia. We had just a smattering bit more of small talk, as he took the drill hole blades and left. I had opened the garage door, hoping he would leave before my wife got back home.

As I watched him drive away from my house in his blue SUV, the first thought after he disappeared from my view was to rush to the privacy of our bathroom, lock the door and jack off to the images of his 9 inch cock in my mouth. Right then, I realized how depraved I really was. All of my previous conflicts of guilt, public exposure and immoral sins melted away, as my only thought was of reliving the images of his cock in my mouth as I jerked my cock to climax.

I grabbed a picture off our fireplace mantle of him and me in bathing suits, taken from a long ago summer vacation. As I rushed into the bathroom and locked the door behind me, I starred at his stomach, his waist and his crotch in the photo. I beat my cock furiously until I sprayed a heavy load onto the counter top. After cleaning up my mess, I went into the living room and fell fast asleep in my lazy boy until I heard my wife arrive thirty minutes later.

The nap had done me good, helping me kind of forget about the day’s events. After my wife served me dinner, we sat and watched television until the phone rang. My wife answered it and began a conversation with someone. I didn’t really pay attention to her dialogue until I heard my name mentioned.

“No, we’re just watching television and relaxing. I’ll send him right over, he can help you, God knows you’ve done enough for us. Okay, bye,” she finished and hung up.

“Who was that and what did you just volunteer me for?” I asked her.

Oh, that was your brother, he needs some help with some holes in his doors, or something like that,” she replied. “I knew you wouldn’t mind, I told him you would be right over. He said you were pretty good at those holes.”

That comment made my face flush red. If he was making some kind of a bad joke to my wife about me being good at a hole, I wondered if he was being serious about my carpentry skills or making innuendos about me kneeling in front of a glory hole sucking Mecidiyeköy Escort his cock. Either way, I didn’t want to see him alone right now, it made me really uncomfortable.

“Please don’t volunteer me for anything with anybody in the future without asking me,” I whined to her.

“You better get up and go help him, you know he gave up a lot of weekends for us when we remodeled our kitchen last year,” she snapped back.

No doubt she was right about that. As I went to the garage to get my tool belt I began to get a little nervous about seeing my brother. On the drive to his house, I even broke into a little sweat and had to turn on the air conditioner to compose myself. It was dusk outside when I pulled up to his house and I couldn’t even see an inside light on as I made my way up his driveway to his front door. The front door was cracked open as I entered his house and searched for him in the semi dark house.

“Hey brother, I’m in the master bathroom, come on in, I really need some of your help,” I heard him holler from upstairs.

Making my way up the semi dark stairs, I entered his bedroom and walked towards his bathroom door. The door was shut and he was on the inside of the bathroom while I stood in front of the closed door. He had already pre drilled the door knob hole and I guess he was waiting for some help.

“Hey is that you?” he asked from the other side of the shut door.

“Yea, its me. Why is it so dark in here?” I finally spoke.

“Oh, I just flipped the breaker off cause I was working on some 110’s in the bathroom,” he replied. “Do me a favor and kneel down there and help me with this knob of mine.”

That comment freaked me out. It was so loaded with sexual overtones that my cock started hardening in my pants just thinking about what had happened just hours ago at the video arcade. As I knelt and looked through the door knob hole, I was shocked as I saw my brother jacking off his fat 9 inch cock. I just stared at his beautiful hard cock for at least a minute, not speaking, as my own cock totally stiffened in my jeans.

“You gonna help me with this or not?” he finally spoke. “Come on man, I need some help.”

I know knew for sure that I was busted. He knew it was me earlier that had sucked his cock. No doubt about it now. He knew it was his little brother that had swallowed his load of cum earlier. He knew it was me, that had knelt like a starving little faggot and sucked his engorged cock until I had consumed his incestuous seed. He knew all along and was just setting me up so he could get pleasured again.

My lust for cock completely took over my common sense and morality. Totally ashamed of myself, I pressed my lips to the small hole inviting him to push his cock through. I should have gotten up right then and walked away, but I couldn’t overcome my horny desires. It was too late to deny anything now, he knew it was me earlier and I couldn’t help myself. I knew our relationship was about to change forever, but I couldn’t help myself as I smashed my lips against the hole and flicked my tongue seductively for my brother’s hard cock.

Like a bad dream, I now exposed a part of my life that I had secretly hidden from my friends, family and wife. I wanted that fat cock on my lips and I wanted it badly. As a flush of shame came over my face, I waited for him to give me what I needed. My mouth watered and my cock strained in my jeans as I impatiently knelt at the door hole craving his cock in my mouth.

My brother’s cock had me mesmerized. I didn’t care anymore. All I wanted was to hold that virile piece of flesh in my mouth. Even though I knew it was wrong, I didn’t care. As his cock came through the hole, I opened my mouth and softly enveloped his beautiful endowment.

The two thoughts that went through my mind were how horribly wrong it was to suck my brother’s cock and how his cock was so much larger than mine. We had the same mother and father, so how come his cock was 9 inches and very fat, while mine was only 5 inches and very thin. Within seconds, the size thoughts disappeared as I now just feasted on that thick piece of meat sticking through the hole. I closed my eyes and reveled over his cock in my mouth, never forgetting the taboos I was breaking by sucking my brother’s cock.

Not taking my mouth off his cock, I squirmed out of my shoes, jeans and underwear, dying to stroke my hard cock. I slobbered and sucked on his vein filled cock, slowly engulfing more and more, while savoring his masculinity. Like a hungry baby nursing it’s mother’s nipple, I greedily sucked his cock like it was a nourishing meal.

He was rock hard and the girth of his cock nearly filled the large hole. Pushed all the way to his groin, his entire cock protruded through the hole like some kind of magnificent unreal developed muscle.

I slurped on the tip with wild abandonment as he let me have my way with his cock. His cock’s shaft was so stiff and hard, while the head was tight and spongy Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan on my tongue. I labored over the tip, polishing it back and forth with my tongue and lips.

Pulling my mouth off for just a brief second, I paused to look and marvel at this magnificent specimen of manhood. I grabbed his thick shaft at the base with my hand and stroked his cock a few times, throughly enjoying a leisurely close up view of his hardness. As a dollop of his semen oozed from the tip of his cock, I stuck out my tongue and flicked at it softly. When I pulled back to taste it, a thin strand of his seed clung like a string between my tongue and his cock head. Like the little cock sucker I am, I greedily gobbled it up into my mouth, savoring the slipperiness and taste of it.

I went crazy then, shoving my mouth down hard on his cock now, as my lust now took over. He groaned on the other side of the wall as I swallowed him to the root in one quick swift motion. Pulling back I jammed my throat down again, over and over in rhythmic strokes I fucked my face onto my brother’s cock.

As I gagged and choked on his thick cock in my throat, it somehow eased my conscience of this guilty sin by punishing my throat. I would make my throat pay penance for my immoral deeds. What I was doing was wrong and somebody or something had to pay. I decided it would be my throat, as my eyes poured out tears and my gullet choked and strained on his fat cock, I decided this would be my punishment.

I was fully prepared to face fuck my brother’s cock until he blasted his seed down my throat again, when he abruptly jerked his cock from the hole. Bewildered and crazy for more of his cock, I leaned forward against the door into the hole for a look, when suddenly, the door swung open causing me to fall forward with my hard cock still in my hand.

“God damn little brother, you really know how to suck a cock don’t you?” my brother said as I now knelt on the floor in total shame in front of him.

As he looked at me sprawled on the floor with my cock in my hand and my pants on the floor, I couldn’t degrade myself enough to answer his question. Even though I was completely humiliated at this point my cock never weaned as I just knelt there and stared at his fat 9 inches in front of my face.

Completely nude in front of me, I was in awe of his gorgeous body. His strong masculine arms and thick furry chest looked perfect with that flat ripped stomach of his. His cock made him the total package though. I now realized how he had so many beautiful women lovers that fawned all over him, as he was not what I would consider the handsomest man in the world. But who could resist that body, especially that cock, not many I bet.

“I just asked you a question. If you want some more of this cock you little faggot of a brother, and I know that you do, you had better answer me. Now, once again, you really know how to suck a cock don’t you little brother?” he said again.

Completely ashamed, I diverted my eyes to the floor and very meekly answered a simple, “Yes.”

“Yes, isn’t the word for it. You’re a cock whore if I ever saw one,” he taunted me. “I bet you even love it up the ass don’t you?”

I had never done that before. I had never had a man in my ass before. I had used a dildo that I had bought for my wife before, but it wasn’t really that great for me. Once or twice in the privacy of my house, I had masturbated with the tiny vibrator in my ass, but it was nothing special for me. It was just too mechanical, I mean having to use my own hand and my own predictable strokes into my ass, it was too unrealistic to enjoy. It was something I had tried but it was just too impersonal to really turn me on.

I had fantasized about a real man’s cock before. A real piece of muscle that moved on its own will. A real piece of muscle that I didn’t have to operate. The thought of a real man behind me, with a hard hot piece of flesh pleasuring himself with my ass was a fantasy of mine.

“Get up you little faggot, get in here,” he said motioning me to join him in the bathroom.

Standing up and hanging my head in shame, I entered the bathroom and stood sheepishly by my brother. As I stood there waiting for his direction, he grabbed my bare hips and spun me around facing the sink. He placed one hand in the center of my back and pressed me forward until I bent at the waist. I grabbed the edge of the counter as he kicked my feet apart bringing my smooth soft ass level with his still straining cock.

He pushed my t-shirt up to around my neck and roughly pulled it off, leaving me bent over at the waist in just my white socks. I felt his hard cock press into my ass hole and attempt to penetrate me. My ass resisted his entry from the combination of the dryness and the size of his cock, but he kept poking and stabbing at my hole.

“Loosen up bitch, you know you want this big cock up your faggot ass. After all, you’re obviously the family faggot aren’t you?” he growled Escort Mecidiyeköy at me.

Seemingly irritated, he grabbed a can of WD-40 off the counter and sprayed my ass hole generously with it. I felt the cold slippery aerosol oil run down the side of one leg as he pressed into me again. This time his cock abruptly poked into my ass hole a few inches as I jumped at his intrusion.

“Now relax and take my cock up that ass,” he grunted as he shoved hard and deeper into me.

The bathroom suddenly brightened a bit as he turned the dimmer light switch up just a little. With my face laying on the sink counter, turned towards the mirror I looked at myself in shame, as I realized I was letting my older brother fuck me up the ass. As he grunted and ground in my ass, each time going a little deeper, I eagerly accepted my brother’s fat cock. I now began to grunt as the little bit of pain was disappearing and a warm full feeling took over. My ass was welcoming his still somewhat shallow thrusts as I spread my legs and openly moaned on his cock.

“Turn your face away from the mirror and smile for the camera faggot,” he said as he grabbed a fistful of my hair and turned my head to the other side.

Startled I turned my head and saw the fucking bastard had a camera mounted on a tripod in the corner of the bathroom and the red “record” light was definitely on. His strong hands held my hips tightly as he punched his dick still deeper in my bowels.

I quickly turned my face from the camera and looked back into the mirror as he slowly and gently fucked me. The good feelings were really strong and I couldn’t stop myself from moaning again.

While it felt really good a couple of minutes ago, he had now gotten to the point where it hurt when he totally bottomed out. Every time he jabbed in all the way, I would flinch and yelp as a sharp pain from deep penetration hurt a little. He seemed to enjoy torturing my ass deeply and seemingly on purpose as he stabbed harder into me.

I tried to move away from his deep stroke by scooting forward on the counter. After a few minutes, my crotch was now pressed into the cabinets and side of the counter allowing me no more room to move forward. Pressing my stomach tight against the sink counter with his hand on the center of my back, my hard cock was pointing down the side of the cabinet, as he now jabbed into my ass as hard as he could. He knew he was hurting me, he was doing this on purpose.

“No my little faggot brother, look back into the camera. I want you to stare directly into the lens. Don’t you dare turn your face away from it,” he commanded me.

Sensing my reluctance to put on a show for his video, my brother began thrusting as deep into my ass hole as he could. The deep thrusts really hurt, as he purposely punched hard into my ass cavity. Sensing he would slow down on this torture if I followed his orders, I turned and stared into the camera as he directed me. As I figured, once I looked at the camera he slowed down again and didn’t go near as deep.

My brother settled down into a slow gentle fucking pace and my ass felt so good and full. Shame washed over me as the camera captured my ecstatic face grimacing from his gentle fucking. My ass twitched and bucked back to meet his thrusts as we got into a rhythm. My ass humped shamelessly on his fat cock as I stared into the camera lens.

“I bet mom and dad would be real proud of you now. Tell dad how much you like my cock in your faggot ass. Tell mom how much you need a cock in your ass. Talk to the camera bitch,” my brother chuckled.

I didn’t respond, that request was too much to ask. He couldn’t force me to say that. I wasn’t going to confess and let that be captured on tape. Growing angry quickly, my brother started thrusting deep and hard again. I had no where to move now that he had forced my waist tight up against the counter.

His slamming as deep as he could into my ass while his strong hands pressed into my back had me in a panic now. I flinched and squirmed to no avail as he purposely tortured my ass to make me speak into the camera. The pain became unbearable as his blunt cock head stabbed into the bottom of my anal cavity.

“Okay, I love your cock in my ass. I need your cock in my ass. Dad, I love my ass fucked by my brother. Mom, I need a cock in my faggot ass,” I whined with tears in my eyes.

Seemingly placated, my brother slowed down his deep thrust and allowed me to relax again. Satisfied I had bared my soul on video, he now placed his hands on my hip and quit punching to the final depths of my anal cavity. Within seconds, my ass was going crazy on his cock again. I met him thrust for thrust and he slowly fucked my ass.

My grunts became groans again as I felt something twitching inside my ass. I knew I was getting ready to cum as my brother expertly manipulated my hungry ass hole. He knew he had me and he showed no mercy now. His thrusts became faster and faster as he pounded me hard now.

“Talk to them, talk to mom and dad. Tell them my dick is getting ready to make your faggot ass cum. Tell them now,” he hollered at me.

To encourage me to speak quickly, he made a couple of painful deep thrust and I spoke up immediately. I knew he would pound me painfully if I didn’t talk and I broke down quickly this time.

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