I Fucked Thugs in Valdosta 2


I Fucked Thugs in Valdosta 2My first experiance having sex with the thug changed me. I really had no desire to fuck white men. I wanted to call my thug lover the next daybut held back. A few days later he called me. I was so happy to hear his voice. He asked me if we could meet this afternoon. He asked me if itwas okay if he brought a friend. I paused and said okay but I was not promising anything for his friend. He said that was cool.Driving over that afternoon, I thought about my mom and how I knew she would be so hurt if she found out I was a slut. And if she knew I was having sex with someblack guy I met up town, a thug!, she’d really be upset. I then remembered how it felt when his dick went inside me. How could it feel that good? Whyhadn’t the white guys dick felt that good inside me? Yes there were a different in the sizes of their dicks but was that really it? My pussy was nowfeeling hot. I really could feel the urge inside me, wanting to feel him inside me again. I focused on that and forgot about mom.When pendik escort I walked in my thug lover was already nude. I really looked at his dick this time. It was big. I hadn’t really thought about the first time we fucked, butwow, it was big. And so black. It was more black than the rest of his skinny body. Soon I was on my back, my legs spread, that hot feeling of his dick goinginside me, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of my pussy being filled and opened up. Wow, it was so good. So good I didn’t even care how sweaty he smelled, or how his breath was dank.His kisses deep, his dick moving so nice, so deep too. My orgasms were strong and I really needed them I let my thug have his way with me. He came in me on top of me, he came in me doggy style too. We both just collapsed and layed together. I was so content, my pussy still pulsating from my strong orgasms. We both then rested, I lay my hand on his chest and held his dick. I thought about my best friend Nicole. What if she saw me here, escort pendik now. She would be so shocked. I wish i could tell her, but having sex with a thug, a thug with no job, would be gross to her and she would tell me not to do it again. I know this is gross and slutty, but isn’t my happiness important? I think so. I have a nice body and I want to enjoy it. I thought it best no one ever know. My secret. Just then his friend walked in and he immediately sees me naked and looks at my body. He asks my thug if he can fuck me and my thug looks at me. I didn’t really want todo it because I was feeling slutty already with one thug, but I could tell he really wanted me to fuck his friend. I asked him if he wanted me to do it and he said yes.I relunctantly said okay. His friend had me stand and began kissing me. His mouth tasted like liquor and smoke, his tongue was all in my mouth, his hands gripped my ass, he then played with mypussy and got me hot again. He laid down and had me suck his dick. He fingered pendik escort bayan my pussy while I sucked his hard dick. He kept trying to finger my butt, but I pushed hishand away. He told me to ride his dick. I got on top with my butt facing him and eased his dick in my ready pussy. I slid my pussy down his stank dick. I loved the feelingof my pussy being filled with dick, his hands on my ass guiding me up and down. My thug was filming this but I didn’t even care it felt so good. I soon felt myfirst orgasm pulse through my body. I collapsed back on top of my second thug lover. My pussy pulsating. I had no cares in the moment, where i was at or what I was doing.Fucking black thugs in a house in the black neighborhood. He then got on top of me and fucked me hard. He emptied a third load of thug cum in my precious white pussy. Hethen pulled out and my thug was still videoing. He was now videoing cum streaming from my pussy.I dressed and left. As I drove home I could feel my pussy still leaking into my panties. The feelings of guilt started again. The guilt and shame of fucking now twoblack thugs in some old wood house in Valdosta, Georgia. The sex was so good but I felt so ashamed and slutty especially letting them cum inside me, three times!

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