I Fucked Starfire Once…

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I Fucked Starfire Once…No seriously! I once force fucked Wonder Woman till the walls of Thymiscara shook with the cries of her orgasm. Watched the fight leave her eyes as my hand wrapped around her throat in final submission. I stood there rocking my hips as the building crumbled around me while Black Canary’s cries of pleasure tore the place apart. I once came down Black Widows throat while she was tied up in another dimension I had created to break her mind. I looked on and came as I watched poison ivy get her pussy savaged by her many plants. Listened to her cries of pleasure… for hours. I watched in awe as I came inside Harley Quinn as she road my dick while sucking the cum from catwomans dripping cunt.*sigh*Those were the days..I used to write and roleplay illegal bahis back in the days of insta and kik as many super heroes. What people DIDNT know was just how fucking horny all these rpers were for a fantasy version of a sex role play with their favorite super. Personally I played Billy Batson. The boy that with a word turned into SHAZAM, an all powerful being with the powers of 7 gods… They honestly liked the fact that i played a boy wrapped up in all the hero stuff as they led me by the cock to their hideouts. Begged me to say the words. And teach their drenched pussys about magic. And horny sluts lined up to send me pussy pick after pussy pick of how wet I would make them when I drove my cock inside Black Canary’s puckered ass, came all over Power illegal bahis siteleri Girls heaving jugs, and controlled the mind of Super Girl while she giddily road my cock. My inbox would be filled with pressed cleavage and ass picks from usernames like HarleyQuinnX.X ,CuteKara52, ThecatsMeow when they were all married women in their 40’s looking for someone to dirty talk to them. Some would even send pics touching themselves next to their husband or boyfriend in bed.Sorry where was I going with this… Oh yeah, So i want to take my talents here… For too long I’ve gone without writing smut, and damnit I’m tired. I wanna watch Robin go down on Batgirl on a rooftop. Watch Blue Beetle and Booster Gold timidly fuck each others assholes. I want to tell you canlı bahis siteleri all how wet Harley gets as the Joker smacks her around. I want you to know that Power Girl is a black cock slut that revels in the fact she can’t get pregnant by humans. I want you to know what Zatanna summons behind closed doors to feed the hole between her legs. Listen to her speak in tongues as they pour gallons of semen inside of her. I want to know if you guys wanna hear about the Batman and Robin double teaming Catwoman. I wanna know if you want to see Superman high off his ass on Red Kryptonite force fucking Wonder Woman. Green lantern using his ring to wrap green tentacles around Starfires orange breasts. Aquaman shoving the end of his trident into Mera’s asshole. Cyborg brainwashing Raven into submitting to his cyborg cock. YOU NAME IT! I WANNA WRITE IT.So please let me know below who you would like to see more of. And please… We all wanna see Harley gangbanged by whoever I KNOW. Just be a little more original. -Billy

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