I dream of jeanie


I dream of jeanieI Dream of JeanieI have been happily married for 13 years now. My wife and I, like most other couples have had our ups and downs over the years. It just so happens we are on one of our downs now. I am not really sure how it all got started but the end result was me getting thrown out. I don’t resent her for it, sometimes some time apart is good to regroup then rekindle your love. But during my time away I began a new chapter in my life. I only hope she can accept it and go along with it.So our fight started about a week ago and within two days she told me not to come home. I was not sure what to do. I couldn’t really afford a hotel, or another apartment. I just happened to be in a common area at work when my wife had called and told me not to come home. My friend Mitch just happened to see my face and ask what was wrong. I explained the fight and how I had been thrown out. He didn’t even blink an eye, just offered me to stay at his house with him and his wife Jeanie. I asked if he was sure it would be ok with Jeanie, or did he want to check with her before I just came home with him. He agreed that it would be prudent to check. About an hour later Mitch found me and said he had cleared it with his wife for me to stay. They are older than I am; their k**s are grown and gone. So they are always having parties and inviting people over, I think it is so Jeanie can ignore the empty nest. After work I drove over to Mitch’s house and waited a few minutes for him to arrive before I got out of the truck. “Why didn’t you go in?” Mitch asked. I replied that I didn’t think that it was right that I be here when he wasn’t. “Well you better get over it; I will be on second shift starting on Thursday” he stated. I guess I was just being silly. We went in the house to find Jeanie waiting. She hugged and kissed Mitch, and to my surprise and shock she then came and hugged me then kissed me right on the lips. I didn’t say anything, I just kind of shook it off and we went about our evening. Now I think I should take a moment to describe my hosts. Mitch is 48; about five foot eight inches tall, medium build, and Chinese/American. Jeanie is 46 about five foot two inches tall and kind of thick, with great curves. She is fairly attractive and has a sweet motherly demeanor. I believe she is of French heritage. It was a fairly uneventful evening, we had a great dinner Jeanie had prepared, and when they sat down to watch television, I went and called home. No need to go in to details but it ended with a shouting match. I returned to the living room to try to calm down. Mitch was in his recliner, and Jeanie was on a small love seat. They didn’t have any other furniture, so I sat on the love seat. It was just a little cozy. Around ten I decided I was tired, and asked where I would be sleeping. “Oh, I forgot to show you.” Jeanie said. She jumped up off the love seat, and grabbed my hand, like a school girl, and I could barely say good night to Mitch before I was dragged up the stairs to the guest room. I could tell she had made up the bed and had done a warp speed cleaning of the room as it smelled of cleaners. Jeanie went immediately to the window and opened it. “There is usually a good breeze from the bay at night.” she said. I thanked her again for here hospitality. She said to think nothing of it. Then again she shocked me. “You should take your clothes off so I can wash them for morning. I will be back to get them in a minute.” She walked out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom. I stood there awkwardly not sure what to do, as I had no other clothes or pajamas. In an instant she was back. “Why haven’t you taken you clothes off?” she asked. I squirmed uncomfortably not sure what to say. “I have seen it all before, I am the mother of grown son’s you know.” she said. Very politely I replied, “Yes ma’am, but I am not one of them.” She didn’t skip a beat, “I will turn away, and just hand them to me as you take them off.” She turned away, and I began removing my clothes. I handed here everything except the underwear and began moving to the bed. “What about the underwear?” she asked. I wasn’t sure how to reply, so I reluctantly took them off and dashed for the bed and under the covers. Jeanie walked to the door and turned back with a smile. “Good night.” she said. In the brief instant before she shut the door I made a couple of observations. Her cheeks were red, her smile was coy, her nipples were rock hard, and I can’t be sure but there seemed to be a small wet spot in the crotch of here gray yoga pants. Of course I could have imagined all that, except for one thing I just realized. On the dresser against the wall she was facing whilst I had undressed was an enormous mirror. Oops. I guess I have to be more observant. I also told myself I had to go home for cloths and toiletries tomorrow. I fell asleep quickly with the breeze in from the window. It was a restless sleep plagued with strange dreams. I awoke with a start. It was very dark; I turned and looked at the clock. Midnight. It was then that I noticed my bladder was full, I got out of bed and again was confronted with the fact I was totally bear assed. I didn’t turn the light on and quietly inched the door open. All the lights were out except for a night light in the outlet by the bathroom door at the end of the hall. I stealthily made my way down the hall on high alert. I did notice that the door to the left was ajar about 4 inches and I could see a small light on in side. I continued to the bathroom and relieved myself. I was on my way back to my room, just passing the slightly open door, when I heard a soft moan then heavy breathing. I couldn’t stop myself but gazed in. The sight I saw was unexpected. Mitch was on his back naked and Jeanie was riding him in reverse cow girl position. It was pretty hot, I guess I was watching longer than expected, because I was hard as a rock and I looked back and realized Jeanie was gazing at me with a smile and then let out a moan and said ” Oh god, I’m Cumming! ” I quickly sunk in to the shadows and made my way to the guest room.I had a hard time getting back to sleep. I was dreading having to face them in the morning. How was I going to explain my way out of this? Sleep eventually came, and only too soon I awoke to a light knock on the door. Jeanie came in. She walked over with a coffee in one hand and my clothes all cleaned, dried and folded in the other. “Good morning sleepy head.” she said with a smile. “Good morning.” I said with a little apprehension. “I left you a bar of soap, shampoo, and a tooth brush on the counter of the bathroom.” She said still smiling. “Thanks.” I said awkwardly. She then moved to the door, and before she left she turned, with a little pink color on her cheeks. “Be careful of the stairs at night when you sleep walk.” she said. With a wink she was gone. I got up and scurried to the bathroom with my clothes. I did my bathroom routine in record time, and was surprised to find a full breakfast set out on the table when I got down stairs. I nervously sat down. But in a few moments I realized Jeanie had not told Mitch about what I viewed last night. “You slept like a rock last night,” Mitch said. “you were snoring like crazy before I went to bed.” “I was afraid you would rattle the place down. “He said with a chuckle. My day was uneventful. I went home after and got clothes and toiletries. We tried to talk but it ended as expected, with yelling and me leaving. I went back to Mitch and Jeanie’s house. Things were normal and the next two days went without anything to report. Thursday Mitch started working second shift. I was a little apprehensive about being alone with Jeanie. But it seemed fine. We talked and watched television. I went to bed and slept well. After work on Friday I went and purchase some groceries and was scolded for doing so by Jeanie. But I knew by her smile that it was ok. I was able to call home and we were able to talk almost civilized. I hoped to talk this out and be home by early next week. When I was done I went in and sat to watch television. Jeanie suggested a movie and we began watching it. I was shocked at her selection as it was a guy movie with lots of “tits and ass.” I can’t lie; I was getting a little horny. We were mostly through the movie when Jeanie asked, “do you want some ice cream?” “Sure” I said. She hit pause on the movie and jumped up to get it. I began to stand, but she said to sit. As I waited I observed that it was ten and Mitch would be home just after eleven thirty. Jeanie returned with two bowls and handed me one. “Enjoy” she said. I was just like Cold Stone Creamery; she had mixed in all the toppings. türkçe bahis It was delicious, and before long I had made a pig of myself, as I had eaten it so fast. Jeanie smiled, and we continued to watch the movie. It seemed only a short while later I was dozing off and Jeanie suggested I go to bed. It was then I realized how horny I was. My cock was rock hard. In order to not embarrass myself I swiftly moved to the kitchen to put my bowl in the sink and called goodnight as I went up the stairs. I had a hard time staying awake as I got undressed, and decided to sleep naked as my cock was still hard as hell and the underwear was being constrictive. It seemed I was u*********s the minute my head hit the pillow. I regained some consciousness but was still out of it. I was looking at the clock and a candle burning. It was eleven twenty. I was confused. My bed was moving. It felt hard to move, but I turned my head and being so groggy I was shocked to see Jeanie naked furiously riding my hard cock. I had to be dreaming. As if on cue, she said “It’s just a good dream, be still.” She had amazingly large tits that were swinging wildly. With the added visual stimulation it wasn’t long before I felt the sensation deep in my balls just before I came. It felt like I filled her with buckets of cum. She just moaned as I did it. She slowed her ride to a stop and waited until I stopped spewing. She eased herself off my still rock hard dick, which had no intention of wilting, and moved quickly to straddle my face. “You have a mess to clean up, now start licking.” she said. It seemed as though I was not in control of my body, because I just began to lick. It was a salty musky taste, but not bad. She began pushing and before I knew it my mouth was filled with a mixture of cum and here fluids. I had to swallow or I would suffocate. It was not very long before she began to moan loudly and then came about two cups of fluid that I also swallowed. She moved here hips to rub her pussy all over my face. She then eased off my face, down my torso and back on to my still raging hard on. “Now we will make a nice cream pie for Mitch to eat when he gets home.” That’s just what she did. She road me furiously again until I felt that sensation in my balls, then I filled here with cum again. She slowed her ride until she finally just climbed off. She held a hand to her crotch as she stood, then she quietly bent over me and whispered; “This is just a good sex dream, it didn’t really happen, sleep well lover.” With that she blew out the candle and before she had closed the door I was u*********s.I awoke very groggy in the morning, or should I say afternoon. I came down at about noon and was greeted with a round of smiles and a hearty “good afternoon.” I just smiled impishly but said nothing. Jeanie arose and asked it I wanted a sandwich? I nodded my head and just sat there in a daze. I had had very vivid sexual dreams about her last night. I only hope I could act normal. Jeanie returned with a cup of coffee and a ham sandwich. She reached out and lovingly ran her hand down the side of my face and she said, “is there anything else you want, sweetheart?” I was taken aback but regained my composure rapidly and looked her in the eyes. There seemed to be something there, it was affection, maybe even love. It only last a moment, as she turned and began cleaning the kitchen. After I ate I excused myself for a shower and then I left to go home and get my son. We spent a great day fishing together. We caught lots of fish, but like always we threw them back. When I brought him home I was able to sit down with my wife and talk. We made good progress, but she said she needed a few more days to calm down. I was ok with that. I kissed my boy goodbye, and even got a reserved kiss from my wife before I left. When I returned to Mitch and Jeanie’s house I found them out on the patio. It looked as though they had been playing tennis. Mitch had shorts and a polo shirt on, and Jeanie was wearing a tennis skirt, shoes, and a V neck sweater with white under shirt. She looked very attractive. She was laid out with here shapely legs crossed on a chaise lounge. They both greeted me and offered me a seat. I sat down across from them. I felt as though I owed them a nice dinner for there hospitality. So I suggested that we go out so I could show them my appreciation. They agreed and suggested the local beach club. With that settled I began to rise, as did they. It was then, being a man I glanced at her legs again as she spread them, and was astonished to see her bald pussy. I glanced up to see her smile coyly at me and sit for a moment longer than necessary to ensure I got a good look before she got up. Mitch oblivious, walked past into the house. I stood slightly red faced as Jeanie walked past and again stroked my face saying, “Why are you so flustered?” With that hanging in the air, she went in the house with me following. I think she was having fun making me squirm. No sooner did I get in the house. I had to stop short because she had bent over at the waist to pick up the dogs water dish. she remained that way just a few moments too long to ensure I had a good view of her shapely ass and pussy. When she moved I swiftly moved past with a smile and up to take a quick shower so I didn’t smell like an old fish. I was in the middle of my shower when I heard the bathroom door open. “I brought you some nice clothes to wear.” Jeanie said. “How did things go with your wife?” I was feeling a little uncomfortable as they have unfrosted glass doors on the shower. I stood facing the wall and replied, ” I think we are making progress, I hope to not be intruding on your hospitality by early next week.” “Your not any trouble at all, we have enjoyed having you here.” she said as she was doing her makeup in the mirror. I was beginning to think she really liked to see me naked as she was always there in the most awkward moments when I was nude. On the other hand I believe she likes this game of she sees me and I see her. I know I should not have but I just resumed my normal shower to afford her a good view. I could tell she had a good view by the twin points of her tits standing straight out. I finished up and without hesitation got out, unbashful, and said, “can you pass me that towel.” She became very red in the face, but recovered, and passed me the towel. I began drying my hair, to afford her a good view which she took before she turned to leave. I was able to glimpse the small trickle of wetness running down her inner thigh before she closed the door. I had won that round.Mitch drove us to the beach club. It was a nice place. I sat across from them at the table. We ate well, having sea food, and white wine. Actually we had a lot of wine. I was feeling a bit tipsy. I dropped my dessert spoon on the floor, and when I bent down to retrieve it from under the table I instinctively looked up and sure enough Jeanie had her legs parted and was still not wearing panties. Throwing caution to the wind I reached over and rubbed her clit up and down with my thumb until she was free flowing down her thighs. I then came back up to a seated position with my spoon. Jeanie was staring at me with a look of shock and desire. It was then that the waitress came with the check. I gave here my credit card. She was back in a flash and I signed for the check. Mitch stood and said he had to break a fifty to leave the tip, and made his way to the bar. I turned to look Jeanie in the eyes. “You are a naughty man.” she said in low tones. “I will make you pay for that.” When we got home, we all collapsed in the living room to watch television. Per usual Mitch was in his recliner, and I had to share the love seat. It wasn’t long before Jeanie arose and said “I’m going to get ice cream, you guys want any?” Mitch just nodded, and Jeanie looked at me and said matter of factly, “You will have some too!” She whisked away and after a few moments she came back with a bowl for each of us. I ate slower this time. But just like before I began to become drowsy shortly after I ate. I was in and out but I was sure she had d**gged me. To my shock they began talking aloud, “Did you do it to him again?” “Yes, she replied, It seems one Ambien and one Viagra will make him do anything.” “Do you think he suspects what is going on?” Mitch asked. “I think he suspects about last night, and he has been returning my flirts all evening.” “He also rubbed my clit under the table at the restaurant.” “No he didn’t!” Mitch exclaimed. She nodded. “Dirty fucker, he is going pay for that! Mitch said, “Lets get him upstairs.”With that I lost consciousness again. When I sort of woke, bahis siteleri my clothes were being stripped off me. My room was dark again, except for a few candles and the digital clock light. I turned my head down to a sight I didn’t expect. I was naked again, hard as a rock, and to my shock, Mitch was stroking my penis. Just then Jeanie straddled my face, facing the wall and said, “It’s just a dream, now eat.” I began licking and playing with her clit. She moaned loudly. That’s when I felt the change, Mitch was sucking my dick. I have to take a side bar at this moment to say I have never thought of my self as gay, bi-curious maybe, but not gay. But it felt great. It was mere moments before I filled his belly with cum. Jeanie climbed off my face in time for me to vaguely see Mitch get up and wipe some cum from his chin and back in his mouth. “Wow, that’s a lot of cum.” Mitch said. Jeanie moved to straddle my crotch and as she had slipped me a Viagra, my cock was still throbbing hard. She then slowly impaled herself with my dick. She started out slow, then began to ride me wildly with her head back and a moan of ecstasy emanating from her lips. Mitch, not to be left out, crawled up to my chest and began to rub his semi hard cock on my lips. He had a large dick for an Asian, it was uncut and a fat eight inches long. I tried to resist, but I submitted and took him in my mouth. He tasted musky and I could feel him swell as I began to suck and run my tongue along the base of his cock. It wasn’t long before he was at full erection with his head almost completely beyond the foreskin. I could taste his precum. I became so aroused, I really got into it and even though my body was feeling the affects of the Ambien, I reached up and began to stroke him and fondle his balls as I sucked. Jeanie meanwhile, was having multiple orgasms whilst she was riding my dick. I could feel her pussy in a constant state of quiver, and unmistakably clench just before I would feel her hot wet juices splash down my thighs. I knew I wasn’t going to hold out long with all the stimulation. Mitch as well was moaning, and before I was aware what was happening, his cock became very ridged and swelled. Then he blasted off in my mouth. I attempted to pull him out but he pushed in deeper and I could feel his forceful shots of cum hitting the back of my throat. All I could do was swallow. He was hot and salty and had a sweet almost pineapple taste. At that moment I began to cum as well. Jeanie let out a loud moan. Mitch was just finishing his orgasm and beginning to wilt in my mouth. He slid out and for good measure he slapped me on my cheek with his semi flaccid dick. He turned to watch Jeanie as she was slowly grinding the last few moments of our combined orgasm. Slowly she eased off my cock and again cupped her pussy. But this time she pushed Mitch down on the bed and before he could object she sat on his face. He needed no prompting and went immediately to work cleaning her up. He seemed to enjoy eating all my cum from her. She saw I was gazing at her, and smiled. “Just remember, this is just a good sex dream, it didn’t really happen.” she said in a moan as she was cumming again. After she had recovered from her last orgasm she and Mitch stood. Mitch walked out and she began to caress my face and even gave me French kiss. Mitch returned a moment later and the next thing I knew She was washing my face and my privates with a hot wash cloth. As she finished she leaned in and whispered “sleep well, lover, it’s just a good dream.” With that I began to fade out. It was eleven in the morning when I woke. Last nights events felt like a dream, perhaps they were. Everything was still foggy. I made my way down to the kitchen to find Mitch and Jeanie having coffee. “Good morning,” I said as I sat down. They both replied accordingly. Jeanie arose and came back with coffee. She sat it in front of me, and she caressed my face. I looked up to her loving smile, and realized I was getting used to her touching me. She turned and began making us food. “How did you sleep?” Mitch asked. I waited a moment and decided on this answer; “I was a little restless in the beginning, with wild dreams, but then I slept like a baby.” They both seemed to have a ridged, uncomfortable moment, but then shifted gears. “Maybe we should spend the day out on the boat,” Mitch stated. I was amazed at the size of the boat. It was a 31 foot cabin cruiser, with twin eight cylinder inboard motors. It must have cost them a pretty penny for it. Mitch eased it out of the dock and navigated us out of the marina. Once we were in the channel he put on more speed. “Here, take the wheel and keep us in the channel while I get us some fishing polls and bait.” Mitch told me. I was only happy to, I love to drive boats. “This boat is amazing,” I exclaimed with a smile. Mitch just grinned at me and continued to pull out gear. As Mitch was coming up from below, Jeanie began to go down to the cabin and called out to no one in particular “I am going to change so I can work on my tan.” With that she was gone out of sight. Mitch finished setting up, and to my surprise sat in the passenger seat. I looked over questioningly, but he just nodded that I was doing fine. The water started to get a bit choppier as we got to the end of the channel. “Turn to port on a heading of one two zero, and put on some more speed.” Mitch ordered. “Aye aye, captain!” I replied with a laugh. I observed that the farther we went the less other boats there were. Just then Jeanie came up from below. My breath caught for a second. She had on a tiny two piece bikini in powder blue. She is absolutely stunning. She walked around me and up on the side to make her way forward. God damn, I thought, the fucking thing is a “G” string too. She made herself a nice comfortable spot on the fore deck and laid back to get some sun. I turned my head to Mitch and found him looking at me with a grin. I instantly became embarrassed. “She is quite exquisite isn’t she?” he asked. “Yes, she is, sorry for staring.” I said. “Don’t be, I have a hard time not gazing at her all the time.” he said. We both laughed. In a short time I realized that we were truly alone on the water. I gazed out over the front of the boat to open ocean. It was beautiful. But not as beautiful as Jeanie, who was on her back sucking up the sun right in front of me. Every time we hit a wave and the boat shuddered, He breasts just jiggled around with the bikini straining to hold their mass in place. I had to break my reverie, and pay attention to where we were going. I looked up at the GPS and we were about six miles off shore. “Are there any boats on RADAR?” Mitch asked. I looked up and there was nothing for at least five miles. “Nope, not for five miles.” I said. He smiled, “slow us to five knots,” he ordered. I complied with a nod. Mitch began to bait up the poles and set them out to troll behind us. I turned back to look forward and Jeanie had totally removed her bikini. She was so beautiful; she had the perfect voluptuous body. I guess I know how she has such an even tan. “Wow!” I said very quietly. “I agree.” Mitch said as I turned with a start to find him right next to me gazing at Jeanie. “I could do this all day.” He stated as he turned to look at me. “She is like a flame and I am a moth.” he said with a laugh. “Don’t get burned!” he said. I shook my head and said, “Let’s go fishing.” “Right” he said as he took over the wheel and slowed us then cut the engine. We were just rocking back and forth at the mercy of the sea. I glanced at Mitch and he was transfixed on Jeanie. I turned to look and understood why. As we rocked from port to starboard and vice a versa, her huge breasts would just roll with the boat. It was mesmerizing. I shook my self back in to reality and tapped Mitch on the shoulder. He just turned and we walked to the stern to fish.We caught a few striped bass and two huge fluke. We flayed them right there and put them on ice. I got to drive the boat back in, and he even let me dock the boat. When we were on the way back up the landing, he turned and said “you’re a good First Mate. We have to do this again.” I nodded in agreement. We grilled up the fish for dinner and along with some corn on the cob and a few bottles of wine it was a great evening. We finally settled down to watch some television. “Anyone want ice cream?” Jeanie asked. “I am going to pass,” I said. “I think that is what is causing my strange dreams, and my grogginess.” “I have to work in the morning and want to be alert.” “Well, How about some lemonade?” she asked. I nodded. She got up and went to the kitchen. She youwin returned shortly with a glass of homemade lemonade. “Enjoy,” she said as she went back to the kitchen. She came back with ice cream for Mitch and herself. As we watched the sitcom I sipped my drink. I was thankful I wasn’t getting tired. Although I did notice my dick was getting hard. I knew it; she slipped me a Viagra again. This woman has a ravenous appetite for sex. I began to excuse myself to bed when she said, “Finish your lemonade.” I downed the glass and quickly made my way to put my glass in the sink. I said “Good night” as I made my way upstairs. I did my normal night time routine of tooth brushing and toilet use. Once in my room my cock was just begging for release. It was huge and the purple head was just bulbous. I shut the lights out, and just waited. It was not long when I heard the stairs creek as Jeanie and Mitch came up. I heard them whispering “are you sure we should do this? When you slipped him the sleeping pill he could justify it as a dream.” Mitch said. “It will be fine.” said Jeanie. “But he may not want to play the way we do.” Mitch said almost sad sounding. “Don’t worry, he is a good little bottom bitch. Jeanie said, now let’s go get ready.” With that it got quiet, only some bumps and bangs from there room. It wasn’t long before I heard them in the hall, and the door handle as it was turned. I feigned sleep. I heard the lighter click a few times, and I knew they were lighting candles. I then felt the covers gently removed to expose my naked body. “My god, look how big his cock is tonight.” Jeanie said, “I think the ambien was fighting the Viagra.” With that she knelt down and kissed my ear. “I know you are not asleep” she whispered in my ear, “Its time for fun!” I opened my eyes as she stood. Mitch was naked and looked as though Jeanie had slipped him a pill as well. Jeanie looked like a goddess. She had on white corset with quarter cups to make her huge tits stick out straight. She had a matching set of garters and white thigh high stockings with what looked like six inch high heels. I almost came just looking at her. She didn’t say anything, just moved and straddled my face, mashing her wet pussy on my mouth. She then took my dick to the hilt down her throat. I ate for a few moments as she sucked. Then she stopped and I heard, “what are you doing? Get down here and suck his cock.” I felt the difference as Mitch took me in his mouth; he had more of a gag reflex, and dragged his teeth on occasion. It felt great as they shared my cock. I kept eating the sweet pussy that was still presented for me. But before I could make her cum, she rolled me over so I was on top and she underneath. She stopped sucking me but she pulled her legs up and wrapped them around my chest. This presented her pussy nicely to me as my arms were holding her legs up. She then reached up and began rubbing my ass cheeks. It was then I felt it. I felt the KY Jelly put on my ass hole. I began to object by squirming when she squeezed her legs in a scissor hold around my chest. “It’s ok, you will enjoy this.” Jeanie said as she held me in place and spread my ass cheeks. I was unable to move. I felt Mitch spread my feet and climb between my legs. I knew what was coming as I felt him rubbing his cock up and down my ass crack. Then he rested the head against my little rosebud of an ass hole. I felt the pressure as he tried to get in. “Just push out a little like you’re trying to poop,” Jeanie said. I hesitated and contemplated just forcing my way free. But I owed them for letting me stay there. I just resigned myself that this was happening and put my head down and resumed eating Jeanie’s sweet pussy. I pushed out lightly and felt him slide the head half way in before I clenched again. “That’s good, now again,” Jeanie coaxed. I pushed out again and felt the rest of the head slide in. I stopped eating her pussy and moaned out “Oh God, it’s too big!” “No, you’re doing fine, now keep going.” Jeanie commanded. I didn’t want to but I pushed out again. Mitch was anticipating this and pushed four inches more in. “Oh fuck!” I wailed. “That’s so fucking hot!” Jeanie exclaimed. With her words of encouragement I pushed again. I felt his balls slap against my as he buried his cock in me. I felt so full. Mitch just stayed in for a few minutes to let my ass get used to his presence. I lowered my head to eat her sweet and now really wet pussy. Mitch pulled half way out and slowly pushed it back in. He kept this up slow and before long he had a nice rhythm. It actually didn’t feel so bad. Then Mitch shifted his position up so his thrusts had a downward motion and longer strokes. I could feel every inch of him as he ran back and forth across my prostate. It felt so good, and about twenty strokes in, I felt a tingling deep in my balls. I couldn’t believe it; I was going to cum without touching my dick. Sure enough, five strokes later I felt it. My dick exploded it to Jeanie’s waiting mouth. On every stoke, another spurt; I have never felt anything like it. When it subsided, and after Jeanie swallowed, she asked, “How was that?” All I could do was moan as Mitch had not stopped and I knew it was only a matter of time before it happened again. “That was a prostate orgasm.” Jeanie cooed slightly out of breath. I began to furiously eat her pussy; I even forced my tongue inside her. “Holy fucking shit, I’m Cumming!” she screamed with a long moan. Her pussy was quivering wildly; then just sprayed my entire face with he cum. I looked back over my shoulder to see Mitch grinning as he pumped my ass. “You look like a glazed donut, he said. Soon to be cream filled.” I put my head back down and began furiously eating again. I wanted us to all cum together. I was starting to feel my cum rising in my balls again. Jeanie and Mitch were both breathing heavy. A few moments later it happened, I felt Mitch’s cock swell, and then he began spurting deep in my ass. The sensation was overwhelming; I just started spewing cum again. Jeanie took me in her mouth and began swallowing, and began to violently shake, then began spaying fluid all over the place. When the orgasms subsided, we all collapsed in a heap on the bed.After we recovered, Jeanie with her insatiable appetite for sex arose and observed Mitch and I still hard due to the Viagra. “I knew those pills were awesome,” she said. “I want to get fucked now.” She pushed Mitch over and climbed up on me. She unceremoniously just impaled herself on my cock and bounced a little. Looking back at Mitch she leaned forward squashing those amazing tits to my chest, “put it in my butt, Mitch!” she said. He wasted no time lubing her up and easing in. It was an amazing sensation for me as well, as the skin is so thin between a women’s ass and pussy. I could fell his cock rubbing mine on every stroke. But Jeanie was really getting the most pleasure. She had thrown her head back and was just emanating this very a****listic moan. I took this opportunity to suck on her perfect tits. They are so soft and, with not much sag for her age. They reminded me of large balls of bread dough. Her areolas were as big as silver dollars, and I nibbled on her nipples. This sent her over the edge, she began cumming, and it didn’t stop. It was just wave after wave of orgasm for her. Before long Mitch and I couldn’t hold out any longer, we just began pumping both of her holes full of cum. It felt like I had pumped about a gallon in her before it subsided. We all just rolled to the left and passed out on the bed still deep in Jeanie.When I awoke the next morning I realized I had over slept. Jeanie and Mitch were still fast asleep next to me. I got up quietly and ran to the bathroom. I shower in record time, and then returned to the guest room to dress. They looked so peaceful sleeping there on the bed. I dressed quietly and was able to write a note excusing myself and thanking them for the wonderful night. I then left for work. I had a lot to think about over the day. Guilt about cheating on my wife also set in. I knew it would be over if she found out. Needless to say, it was a long day. I got back to Mitch and Jeanie’s house around four o’clock. I walked in to find Jeanie sitting at the kitchen table. She is a very perceptive woman, because as soon as she looked at me she knew I had a case of guilt. “I’m sorry you are feeling so guilty, she said, but I fixed everything for you.” “What?” I said. “I called your wife and she wants you to come home tonight.” she said. I was able to crack a small smile, but it was short lived. “Don’t be so sad. It will be all better next Friday if you can not look so guilty this week!” she said. I didn’t understand. Jeanie explained how she had talked with my wife and set up a dinner date on Friday for both of us to come over. She smiled as she told me. “You know how this works, dinner, wine, dessert, and people get real sleepy after that!”

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