I come Home a Day Early Blacken


I come Home a Day Early Blacken
I was lucky enough to get back a day early from a business trip and I was happy to be home. The house was empty but that was no surprise, as Marie had not expected me. I got a scotch as I sat down to go through the mountain of mail that awaited me. I quickly sorted through it tossing bills in one pile, personal into another and junk into the trash. I picked up a manila envelope with no return address on it and as my curiosity got the best of me, I opened it first. Inside was an unmarked DVD, guessing the easiest way to find out what it was about was to watch it, I walked to the TV and slipped it in.

The disc opened on a tall muscular black man standing alone naked, he had the largest cock I’d ever seen hanging down his thigh. Suddenly a pair of dainty white hands takes hold of his cock and lovingly they began to caress it. Although it is obvious that the hands are not of a young woman, the contrast of the white skin on the ebony penis is highly arousing to me and then I notice the wedding ring on her left hand. This is one of my most secret fantasies and already I have my dick out and it is as hard as it’s ever been. I have no idea where it came from but the fantasy of my wife making it with a black has turned me on for a while. Marie is so prim and proper I know it could never happen but that doesn’t stop my fantasy.

Now the shot is of the back of the woman’s head as she begins to mouth the monster cock. The hair is the same color as Marie’s, which makes it just that much more exciting to me. Now as the camera comes around to face the woman I can’t wait to türkçe bahis see her mouth stretched around the behemoth cock. That is when I finally see that the woman is my wife, Marie and in that instant I cum all over the floor.

I sat there in shock, that just couldn’t be right, Marie will barely touch my dick let alone put it in her mouth. This must be trick photography or something but then I remembered that wedding ring, and realized it was Marie’s ring. I turned off the disk and went back to the envelope it came in, that is when I noticed it was addressed to my wife not me. This was almost too much for me to take and the only thing I could think about was that disc. I went back and turned it on again and there was Marie trying her best to take all of the huge cock down her throat. She was looking into the man’s eyes with a look I could only describe as devotion. The man grabbed a handful of her hair and began to force himself further down her throat, he kept slamming his cock into her mouth, and then he stopped and pulled out. I could almost see her whimper as he denied her that which she wanted most. He jacked-off as she leaned in and started licking his balls while she held them in her hands.

Once again, he put his massive tool deep down her throat and she pressed her face against him in trying to take him all but there was no way it would fit. He pulled out and she held him and affectionaly rubbed him against her cheek before stuffing him down her throat. She bobbed her head faster and faster as she held his balls, then I saw him stiffen and could tell he was erupting in her güvenilir bahis siteleri mouth. Marie pulled the big cock from her mouth and then cleaned him with her tongue she then kissed the tip. With a smile, she wiped a drop off her chin and licked it off her finger. She had the most satisfied look on her face, a look I’d never seen after we had made love. Still in her work clothes, she hadn’t even undressed and yet this man had made her happy.

I watched it again from the start as I tried to sort out my feelings. Here was evidence of my wife not only cheating on me but with a big black buck. I should be angry but instead my heart ached with the fear that I was losing my Marie. How could I not be mad after seeing her debase herself to him almost begging for him to put his cock down her throat but the only emotion I could muster was lust as my dick was yet again throbbing from what I was witnessing.

I heard Marie’s key in the door and wondered if she had just been with him. When she walked in, I handed her the disc and told her I had inadvertently opened her mail.

“I’m sorry John that wasn’t meant for you to see. Reggie has been filming us and he always sends me a copy.”

“You mean you have more like this?”

She blushed, “Yeah a few,” she said cavalierly, “I am sorry John I don’t how this all got started, I mean I didn’t plan it or anything.”

She went on to explain that Reggie worked in the warehouse and how he kept teasing her when she was out there. He called her a sexy MILF and she was sure it was just meant to make her feel good. One day when she had a desk, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri she wanted brought home he volunteered to deliver it and she accepted without a second thought. Once in the house he pursued her relentlessly and just to shut him up she kissed him. The kiss took her breath away and before she knew it, she was naked with him on top of her. Marie said his giant size opened up feelings inside her that she didn’t know existed. She had never came when we made love unless I licked her to orgasm beforehand but Reggie could make her come just by sticking his cock deep inside her. She obviously had no remorse for this and never said anything about not being with him again.

“Marie, tell me the truth, are you going to leave me for him?”

“What, no, that’s not going to happen; besides he wouldn’t have me, I’m just an old lady he’s having fun with.

I admitted to her that the disc turned me on so much that I masturbated while watching. She laughed and said that Reggie told her I would but she didn’t believe him.

“Would you care to go upstairs and watch the other discs I have?”

We spent the rest of the evening watching her treasures while we fucked and I ate her or while she played with me as she teased me about how much bigger Reggie was then I.

It is so ironic that my fantasy of becoming a cuckold by a black stud had finally become a reality. Reggie has already made plans the next time I’m on another business trip for an all black gangbang with 3 of his friends. I have no doubt that Marie would jump at the chance to be with another black stud but just how often does that opportunity come to a middle-aged woman. Our marriage has survived and maybe be stronger now than ever as we are now more honest with each other. Our sex life has never been better, well at least for me but I think my added attention to Marie has made it better for her as well.

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