Hyper Jae: Stroke! Pt. 02


Sarkopheros Says:

The messy conclusion to Stroke! Part 1 is here! If you read part 2, you know what to expect! If not … well, I’m not sure why you’re starting with part 2 but there’s no reason you can’t. Especially given that Part 1 didn’t have much in the way of sex. Part 2 is basically one long gay orgy with hyper cocks, cum inflation, and hentai physics.

Go forth and fap!


On shore, Jae’s cock had shrunk to a somewhat more manageable fifteen feet—still over twice as long as he was tall and a yard across. His feet settled into the sand. It was only now that Jae wondered where the shell had gone. It had been stuck to the bottom of his cock, but he wasn’t— Oh. He could see it bobbing towards them.

It had taken the duration of the second round of racing, but his load was finally come to an end. The last few shots blasted from his erection.

Of course, his cock kept leaking bucketfuls of spunk. And it was only then that he realized he was going down on his team. Literally.

Jae grinned as he realized what had happened. He was now at the bottom of an eight-foot-deep pool almost thirty feet from end to end and about half that in width. It connected to a long trench roughly the shape of a half-cylinder with a rounded end.

This pool was the imprint created by the impact and force of his formerly-forty-foot cock and the accompanying titanically-bloated nutsack. Every time he’d shot a wad, his balls and cock had been forced deeper into the sand, compressing and pushing it until it formed a phallic reservoir. He could actually see the grooves carved up the sides of the pool from his veins.

“What were you saying about a pool?” he yelled up at Vernon. His teammates gathered around the edges of the cock-pond. Jae stepped backwards, putting his nuts in front of him. He wrapped his arms around his cock in a bear hug and laid back against the side of the pool while pushing with his feet. It was awkward, but he managed to scoot himself up the side of the pool.

His cock wobbled in the air, jutting out above and behind him, still gushing fluid. It poured precum all over his team as he dragged his balls behind him and out of the depression. Then he managed to stand rather awkwardly while balancing his cock straight up in the air. Jae stepped over his balls and let his cock fall. WHOOM! The sand jumped. And he was now situated with his balls behind him and his cock pointing ahead with its head over the depression.

His teammates gathered in front of him. Jae grinned. “Now who wants to swim in jizz?”

They all began to jump up and down. Vernon clapped. “Mmmhh! How do we do it? Do we stroke you off?”

Jae nodded, brushing his soaked, dark hair out of his face. “That sounds like a good start.”

“Wait, I just thought of something,” said Vernon. “The Las Tijeras City Bucket Aficionados usually do their victory dance on this beach.” He walked toward the edge of the beach where sand met trees.

Meanwhile, the boys began slipping out of their shorts, exposing their lithe bodies to the sun. Jae grinned as they practically threw themselves at his cock, moaning and rubbing themselves against its sides. Of course, there was too much cock for them to adequately cover. Still, they tried. And it felt glorious. Jae relaxed against his balls as they rumbled with life, sperm multiplying once more as his five-yard erection was stroked by seven eager rowers.

“Hah!” cried Vernon. He was returning with a large stack of colorful buckets.

“Um. What we supposed to do with a bunch of buckets…?” asked Martin.

Alonzo eyed them. “Yeah, is a beetle-man going to take a bucket of sperm to a giant grub?”

“For the precum,” said Vernon. He grabbed a bucket and walked to Jae’s tip, putting it under the maw of the monster where it drooled gallons of slimy, viscous, steamy-hot precum into the pool. The bucket was overflowing within seconds. Vernon grinned and began pouring it over the behemoth’s glans. Then he moaned and draped himself over it, sliding back and forth, body making lewd squishing noises. “Oh, wow, this feels sooo good! Mm-hmmmh!” Squilsch. Squilsch.

The rest of the team followed his example, much to Jae’s enjoyment. He grinned and let out a pleased purring noise, lying back against the four-foot-wide nuts behind him. Combined, they were about as wide as a full-sized sofa and came up to above his waist.


Jae looked up. A new boat was approaching. It had a huge subwoofer in the back that was causing the water to bounce. The team was blasting heavy electronic music with an aggressive beat.

They rowed the shell right up onto the beach, before cutting the music and jumping out. The girls began wading—

Wait, I’ve seen them before. Those were no girls. They were the Trap Traps of Martin Beach.

They waded ashore before dragging their shell halfway onto the sand and approaching. İstanbul Escort For the most part, they were shorter and wider-hipped than the Southblade Pastry Club. They also had more makeup on. Of course, judging by the streaking, wearing makeup during a boat race wasn’t a great idea.

The coxswain bounced toward them, grinning. “Hi there! We’re the Trap Traps and you boys look like you need some help!” He was a perky little cutie with smooth thighs, a frilly black two-piece, a short bob, and smeared Gothy makeup. It looked more like he was crying and drooling black stuff than anything.

“You’re welcome to join,” rumbled Jae. “I got more than enough cock for everyone.”

The coxswain approached Jae while the other eight traps joined the Twinkie’s crew and picked up their own buckets. It wasn’t long before seventeen luscious boys were upending buckets full of his own fresh, syrupy precum all over his epic erection. Fluid heat rolled over the meaty gargantua in thick sheets, covering it over like a clear glaze. Its honey-tan skin glistened in the sunlight, the liquid highlighting every vein and contour. The excess dripped into the sand below, staining it dark.

Jae was loving that sensation. But what he loved even more was when they began to throw their bodies up against his cock. Seventeen cuties panting and moaning as they rubbed their smooth stomachs and chests up against his epic fifteen-footer, grinding their own erections into its surface. They licked up mouthfuls of his precum, rubbed their arms over its surface. A few of them clambered to the top, though the slickness gave them some difficulty. They laid spread-eagle upon it, wrapping their thighs about its girth as best they could while sliding up and down it.

The coxswain looked at them and then back to Jae. “I want to get between your ass and balls. You’re not the only stud around here.” Then he flicked his tongue at the air, showing off a metal stud. “I’m Darin, by the way.”

Jae chuckled. “Alright, then.” He leaned forward, lying atop his own cock, his solidly-toned cheeks in the air. The Gothy coxswain climbed up onto his sack, rolling onto his back. When Jae leaned back up, he was sitting on the trap’s face. His head would now be trapped between Jae’s powerful ass and the flesh of his nutsack, Jae reached back and grabbed the boy’s legs, bending them forward to serve as armrests, his back smushing against his cock.

GLLLLORRRMMBBLH. His balls emitted a low-pitched rumble that outclassed even the traps’ sound system.

“Wow, listen to that bass,” complimented the closest one, a caramel-complected boy wearing a long sarong. His coal-black hair was swept across his face, covering one eye, bright orange highlights dyed into it.

Like the pastry club, most of the traps were now dispensing of their clothing, and all around them, their shed outfits littered the sand. Darkness spread around his cock as the precum soaked into the ground. Some of the boys were rubbing and worshipping his organ while others brought buckets of pre to pour over it and their teammates.

Martin humped his cock just behind the glans while one of the traps poured a bucket of steaming, clear syrup over his brown body. Underneath him, Darin’s tongue was beginning to thrash. It slipped into Jae’s ass, the metal stud rubbing against the metal stud’s sensitive tunnel. Jae groaned, grinding down into the poor boy’s face, using his smooth, soft thighs to support his arms. He could feel the lovely slurping and licking, and the dripping of the boy’s precum down his spine.

Behind him, his balls kept expanding, rising up, up, and up like fleshy, musky dough. Each was approaching a good five feet in height, spreading across the sand, making a constant crushing-sliding noise as they consumed more land. Klrrrrssch.

He let out a growl in his throat. The boys were really eager with his cock, seventeen bodies humping and slipping and sliding. Gallons upon gallons of precum filled buckets in seconds, excess gushing down into the depression.

Jae wasn’t the only one expanding, though. He noticed that the sarong-boy’s sarong was rising up, up, and away from his body. It was really quite impressive. The trap’s erection had to be a good yard in length, and Jae had no idea how he’d managed to hide it under there.

“Damn, you might be the biggest trap of all,” he said.

The boy smiled cutely up at him. “I’m Lyndon.”

Jae grinned. “Take that sarong off,” he rumbled.

Lyndon smiled up at him. “Wow, you actually know what it’s called!”

Jae shook his head. “Why wouldn’t I?”

Lyndon shrugged. The bright sarong slipped away, colorful cloth fluttering to the ground around his feet. He hefted an immense yard-long erection as thick as his thigh, accompanied by two cantaloupe-sized balls. All were every bit as brown as the rest of his skin, and he didn’t have any hint of pubic hair.

Jae squinted. İstanbul Escort Bayan “God damn. Seriously, how did you stuff all that in there?”

Lyndon smiled and shrugged. He slapped his enormous erection against Jae’s cock and groaned, humping its skin.

Jae grinned “I know where you should stuff that next.”

Lyndon looked up. “Yeah? Where’s that?”

Jae pointed to the end of his cock. “Ever fucked a cock before?”

His eyes lit up, and he bounced, making his erection fling marble-sized globs of precum. “Oh, no, I’ve only ever had it done to me! That’s a great idea!” He bounced past bobbing boy-butts rubbing their pre-slick bodies over his monstrous cock. They kept passing the buckets down the line, splashing gallons and gallons of slimy, slick pre over his cock.

Jae laid back, grinding his ass down into Darin’s sweet little face, the smaller male’s fingertips digging into his hips and scratching at his skin as his slick tongue thrashed deep inside. Hot breath washed over his taint, the nose’s rubbery tip pushing against it. Darin kissed it.

He couldn’t feel what Darin felt, but he knew roughly what the boy was going through. His whole head would be plunged into a dank pit of flesh and heat. Muscular ass-cheeks gripped his face’s cheeks. Thick, fleshy layers of scrotal flesh, pulled back as it was, would wrap around his head, pressing against his ears, preventing him from hearing much of anything. His air would be replaced by the hot, virile musk of the Korean metalhead. And he’d hear the results of his work—the deep rumbling of Jae’s nuts, the constant heat of the flesh engulfing half his body.

Cupfuls of precum were drooling from Lyndon’s tip, leaving a dark trail through the sand which undulated as his cock swung. The Pastry Club’s members looked up.

“Wow,” he heard Alonzo say. “Guess he’s a different kind of trap.”

Martin shook his head. “Up until now, I would have been blown away by that.”

Lyndon reached the tip of his cock, grinning goofily. He looked at Jae, who smiled back. Lyndon said something that Jae couldn’t hear—his cock was simply that long. Plus, there was all the chatter from the crowd of worshipful rowers.

The twink positioned his dripping tip against Jae’s, pushing the organ into the gushing maw of the phallic titan. He looked at Jae. Jae nodded. Lyndon leaned forward and moaned. Jae let out a low growl in his throat, kneading handfuls of his own nutsack and grinding his ass down into Darin’s face as he felt the yard-long fuck-rod entering the maw of his monster. Of course, at Jae’s size, his cock didn’t have to stretch much.

Lyndon leaned forward, planting his hands on Jae’s hot organ. With how slick the glans was, his grip slipped and he toppled forward, slamming face-first into Jae’s crown. But he recovered quickly, pushing himself back to his feet, now covered in slickness. Lyndon reached out and gripped the rear edge of Jae’s crown as best he could. He moaned as he pushed forward.

Bucketfuls of precum were gushing out around the boy’s cock, drenching his balls and legs, saturating the sand he stood in so that his feet sunk into it. He pushed and pushed, biting his lower lip in an adorable way. Jae leaned his head back, abs rolling he ground down. Darin kept kissing and lapping at his taint in a lovely way, his cock grinding between Jae’s shoulder blades. On both flanks of his organ, eight boys were moaning, sliding their slimy, slippery bodies to and fro against him.

Lyndon pounded the silky throat of Jae’s monster, panting, tongue lolling out as he bucked wildly. Marble-sized droplets of pre sprayed out around his cock with every thrust. Of course, that gushing fluid had to go somewhere! Lyndon looked down. Jae grinned.

Jae knew what was happening. Gallons of precum were being forced into the boy’s cock, swelling his balls every second. Lyndon moaned and draped himself over the cockhead, shoving the entire thing deep into the cock’s throat, his increasingly heavy balls slapping up under the organ’s “chin”.

More of the rowers began climbing up atop his cock, draping their bodies over its broad, slick dorsal surface. Veins as thick as their legs pulsed around them, and the boys weren’t shy about licking them. In fact, a few were humping the hot vessels. The entire beach was a slick, slippery mess. The sun was heating up all the already-hot fluid. Deliciously virile fuck-miasma radiated outward, carried over the whitening lake by the wind.

In the depression, the precum was already knee-deep. As he leaned back, Jae felt something hot. He looked down. Each foot had a boy lapping at it. Alonzo was on the right foot, looking over at one of the traps on the left. This trap was of a creamy paleness, incongruous given the outdoor nature of the current sport. His hips were wide, his stomach and chest silky-smooth, his eyes big and golden, almost catlike. The trap Escort İstanbul grinned, then turned to Jae. “Hello, Jae. I’m Naoki. ”

Jae grinned. “Sup, dude? Having fun?”

“Oh, you bet those balls I am. But what’s more fun?” He took Jae’s foot and dipped it into a bucket of Jae’s thick, syrupy pre before raising it and licking his lips. He moaned, holding Jae’s foot almost reverently with both hands as his cute little tongue rolled up its sole. “Mmmh!”

“I’m getting complete service today,” muttered Jae.

Alonzo tilted his head and nodded. Then he repeated the trick on the other foot, dipping it in. “A good idea’s a good idea.” His slick tongue slipped between Jae’s toes, his hands at his ankle.

Cock, ass, feet … most of Jae’s body was being served. Martin climbed up on his erection, straddling it, facing Jae and running his tongue along his sculpted abs. Behind him, a deep rumbling passed through the ground. GLLOORRRRMBBBLLH. The cock-fucking and worshipping, the foot-licking and the rimming were definitely having an effect.

Hot pleasure rolled in, buzzing back along his organ, entering his balls to stimulate the sperm multiplication there. They were growing quite visibly, eating up more and more of the beach each moment, both now taller than Jae himself was. They gave off so much heat that it was noticeably warmer near them. His new teammates were all sweating.

SQUILSCH-SQUILSCH-SQUILSCH! Lyndon thrust so eagerly that Jae could hear the lurid, slick sounds even from his position five yards away. And the cutie’s balls had gotten so big that Jae could see them peeking around the sides of the glans.

He rubbed his hands along Martin’s braids, eyes unfocused, staring up at the sky as he was served. Jae noticed a drone flying overhead, and he flashed it the metal horns. The tongues slipped between his toes, another slipped in between his ass cheeks, and still another rolled over his muscles, making them glisten. Martin was moaning, rubbing his hands up Jae’s lats.

“Mmph, you’re so firm,” he moaned. “No wonder Marlon couldn’t resist this cock!”

“Maybe I should fuck you after Lyndon’s done,” chuckled Jae. “I mean, your brother got some, it’s not too fair…”

Martin grinned brightly. “Well I don’t have to race again till tomorrow anyway.”

“I don’t think it’ll be long,” grunted Jae. His balls kept growing, each a good eight feet in height and growing.

His toes dug into the wet sand, and as he closed his eyes, he could smell the hot aroma of the epic mess. More minutes passed as he relaxed. The tongues at his feet moved up, Naoki and Alonzo now licking his powerful thighs. The ground was vibrating in a constant tremor as his balls swelled, each now big enough to contain a panel van … even if it was standing on its rear end. More and more mass pressed against the insides. Quadrillions of new sperm raged for their freedom. And when he opened his eyes again, Jae knew it was time.

He grunted, his balls beginning to tighten. GGGRRRMMBBBLLH. The ground rumbled.

“It’s a ballquake!” cried Vernon.

CHRRRMMBBBLLLLHHH. SCHLOOOOOOOORRRRSCH. Everyone could hear it. The gushing torrents of jizz, a barely-contained seminal tsunami.

The underbelly of Jae’s cock bloated, causing it to thicken, its length shifting, lifting the boys atop it even higher. Lyndon’s eye went as wide as saucers. Jae saw him mouth “Oh shit.”

GLOOOOOOOOOOORCH! A white explosion like a tidal wave. Untold gallons of pearly spunk blasted all over Lyndon, his body deflecting it upward and to the sides, causing a massive, semicircular cascade.

Lyndon howled, though it was barely audible. “Haaaiiigggh!”

Jae panted, rubbing his hands over his cock. Martin slid his tongue into the metalhead’s mouth.

The cock kept firing for several seconds, much of the spunk spraying to the sides. Most of the cock-worshipers ran to the front in order to be caught by the eruption. Its splattering sounded like rain. Only a little of it made it into the pool behind Lyndon.

Lyndon’s fingers were digging into the flesh of Jae’s cock as he held on for dear life. Once the wad died down, Jae opened his eyes, looking past Martin’s face at the boy. His tongue lolled out of his mouth and his eyes stared at some point a thousand miles away. He was now sitting atop a pair of balls almost four feet across each. He collapsed atop Jae’s organ.

GLOOOOOOOOOOORCH! It fired again. Martin broke the kiss and let out a loud moan. “I can feel the power under me!” His legs clutched tightly.

Lyndon shrieked again, but this time, he couldn’t hold on. BLOMP! His balls exploded in size. He went flying backward into the pool. His balls rolled over him repeatedly as he tumbled across its width. BLORM! He bounced up and over the far side.

A river of jizz feet across blasted into the pool, hitting the far side, rapidly filling it in. Jae let out a long groan. He felt slapping at his thigh. He leaned forward to let Darin up. The Goth cutie’s makeup was absolutely everywhere. He looked like a bedraggled zebra.

“Haaaugh!” he gasped. “Sorry!” He clambered over Jae and Martin and walked along the end of the cock. “I needed air!”

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