Hubby’s Susprise at the Christmas Party


Hubby’s Susprise at the Christmas PartyBecky and I have been married 22 years. Becky is a college educated housewife, with maid service! Her normal schedule was to be up early, coffee and a power bar, dress in her running outfit then out the door for an hour or so run. Then she would come home take a shower, get dressed, go to the club maybe do the nine holes or a round of tennis, a shower at the club, lunch with the girls at the club, head home and change for the evening.My name Paul I’m a graduate of the US Naval Academy, ex Seal and I finally retired from the Navy as a Naval Intelligence officer. After leaving the Navy I opened a personal protection, with private investigations firm. Becky like me is 54 years old, we are both in excellent shape and as far as I knew madly in love sence the first day we had met. We have one son Jayson the is presently attending the Academy. Becky is walking sex at 5’4” long red hair, green eyes, beautiful lips great breast with big aerolas and nipples, wonderful ass and legs, she is so beautiful and was a very loving wife. A year ago, when my son left for the Academy Becky became very depressed, him moving out was very hard on her. I suggested she maybe go to see someone, she would just hug me and say it would be ok. I tried taking her out for dinners, weekend trips, sending her to spas, but nothing seamed to work at first, of course we had no sex. Then suddenly after three months, she started to come around cheer up was livelier, and happy but still no sex, although she great with everyone else she was cold towards me, and that was depressing me. I tried romantic get always and more nights out but still nothing. I got home one day, and Becky was not there, her car was there but she was not. An hour later she came in dressed in her running clothes looking rather disheveled and said sorry she had decided to take an afternoon run and lost track of time. She said she was going up to take a shower, I said I’ll order a pizza and start a fire and we can cuddle and share the pizza, she says whatever. When she came down from her shower, I had the fire going two glasses of champagne poured sitting on the hearth, the pizza on a big plate and I was sitting on the floor, she walked over grabbed a slice then went and sat in her chair turned on the tv and ate the pizza. I asked her what was going on, she said she was tird. The next morning, I was in my office and my assistant called into my office and said Dave our newest operator wanted to see me I asked what about she said he said it was personal, I said ok send him in. Dave came in and said sorry about this boss, but he said he was assigned to handle the case of a wife who wanted her husband followed because she suspected he was cheating on her. He told me that the wife’s request he place hidden cameras and mikes in the house, tapped the phone, and computer and her husband’s cell. I said sounds like a lot of effort for a devorce case, he said the wife wanted a mountain of evidence a lot of money is involved, and she wanted to see all he had left was his the underware he is wearing. I say so what did you find is he cheating? Oh yes and has been for months with the same woman, Dave says he has hours of film and recording of them fucking. I said so write up your report turn over the evidence and close the case, good job. He said there is a problem I said whats that. He said the man is black, his lover is white, every morning she jogs to his house they spend an hour fucking then they get cleaned up, she jogs back home, and he goes to work. Yesterday she jogged in spent the whole day together fucking he never went to work and in the afternoon they fell asleep. It was getting late I knew his wife would be home soon. So I called his wife and warned her, so she called her husband woke him up to tell him she was on her way home but running a little late. They striped the bed and remade it got dressed and his lover was going out the back door as the wife was coming in the front door. I said wow, he said he followed the woman home. She went into her home and a bit later a pizza was delivered to her house. I felt the blood drain out of my face Dave slides a box that included the client file all the evidence and folded piece of paper to me and says this has the name and address of the husband’s lover and that he would wait to proceed, I thanked him, and he left the office. I knew the name and address on the paper, but I opened it just to be sure. There it is in black and white my wife’s name and address. When I opened the paper and saw my wife’s name and address, I thought my life had come to and kaçak bahis end, it hurt so bad. I had given her everything she ever wanted including years of fateful marrage. It was more than I could handle. I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. I called in Harry our in-house counsel. Harry had been with me from the start he had set up all the corporate aspects of the company and assured me she had no right to any part of the company. The house was purchased and owned by the company as well as the cars and furniture. He had set up my personal finances in off-shore account’s, so she couldn’t get to them. Our Credit card was a company card and with one call her right to use the card would be removed. Harry then said she in not going to just go away broke, so your going to offer her a 100K settlement to take her personal items and clothes to go away. I say I don’t want to give that cheating slut a dime. Harry says your not because your going to sue her lover for 250K for loss of affection and you will win. I say what if her lover’s wife joins with us, he says that could be interesting I would have to see her finances but that could be fun let me know. It was 11:00am I called the client Mrs. Tina Johnson, when she answered, I said hello my name is Paul Parker, I’m the owner of STI LLC. Would you be available to meet for lunch to discus your case? She said of course do you have information for me I said unfortunately lot’s, she said that BASTARD, I asked her not to not to say anything to anyone until after we met as her husband’s lovers, husband is also a client. I told her I was having a prepaid cell phone be sent to her and to leave her cell in her office. We agreed to meet at noon at the Hilton’s Garden Restaurant. I have six of my guys to insure nether she or I are being followed, our booth was pre-swept to insure the area was not bugged. We also put up two drones to be sure we were not being followed. I was getting constant up dates thru my ear wig as I sat down in the booth, I got a notice she was on her way up. The hostess brought her over to our table I stood up and said Tina I’m Paul it’s a pleasure to meet you, then I slid her chair out as she sat down. God this was the most beautiful woman I had ever met in my life. I asked her if it was ok if I called her Tina, she said of course, then I handed her a check, she asked what’s this I said it’s a check for all the funds you have paid to date. She said why are you returning my money I say because I feel somewhat responsible for her husband being unfatefull, she asks how you can possibly be anyway responsible, I say because his lover is my wife! She says oh my god a white woman, she asks how long I have known my wife was cheating I said about three hours, never had a clue until my investigator for your case came in and told me your husband’s lover was my wife! She reached across the table took my hand and said this must really hurt, I say it does, but I don’t have to tell you. So, are you giving me back my money, so you can bury the evidence and protect your wife? I said quite the opposite I want you to join with me one legal team two clients, and two divorces! The first thing we need is to get you in have our team go over your finances get you set up, so you come out of this well off. Tina says I want to come out of this with everything, she says I want him sleeping a box in an alley! Then she said you know what I think you are one very handsome man do you find me attractive, let’s get a room, I say you look like a model your beautiful and you take my breath away your built like a brick shit house, but I have never cheated on any thing or body in my life, I’m a Naval Academy, graduate and an ex-Navy Seal I could kill them both in a heartbeat but never be unfatefull during my marrage, but as soon as we are both divorced I’ll make you wish you never invited me into a bed with you and you know what I’ll even get us the penthouse here for a week, she says honey we won’t need a week, I say you will it to recover after a night with me! She says bullshit, I say baby I’m a Seal, she says you were a Seal, you’re on the first one that can’t go on loses. I say what the wager she says it depends on how good you are, you ever done a black woman, she asks, I say no, she laughs and says you know how they say once you go black you never go back I say yes, she says they were referring black women not men just something to think about. Now are you going to feed me I’m about to starve to death! The next morning at 9:00am Tina is in my office I ask her how you would like to join the country club, she said we already tipobet güvenilir mi belong, I say the Christmas party is in a week how about we serve them there! I know her whole family will be there, she says so will my guys. I say I can tap into the video wall and put up one of the tape of them together, Tina says your down right evil, I love it! Tina spends three hours with the team we work her funds are all tied up so that Friday afternoon when everyone is home getting ready to go to the Country Club Christmas Party all the funds and possessions for both families will be tied to Tina and I only. Our spouses will be penniless. Friday morning of the party I tell Becky I will be home at noon I ask her what her plans are, she says she has to go to the club and finish decorations, I say I have to go right by there why don’t I drop you off there and pick you up at noon on my way back. She says no she will just take her car goes out in the garage to leave and comes back cursing, I ask whats wrong she says she has a flat, I say I’m leaving she asks if she I can give her a ride to the Club I say of course, she says she has to run to the bathroom first, can I wait I say sure. As soon as she gets in the bathroom my phone is buzzing, I had cloned her phone, so I get all her messages live she sends a message to her lover:Becky: Greg are you thereGreg: yesBecky: I can’t come by this AM car had a flat Paul taking me to the ClubGreg: I’m really hornyBecky: Me TOO! But we will just have wait till this evening I have the key to the health room so we can sneak away there and I can give you my Christmas Present I’m wearing a green open toped corset with garters built in green thigh high nylons, and green spiked heels no pantys and a green velvet cocktail dress and honey you can have me bare back tonight, I think I am safe right now! Greg: Damn now you got me hard can’t wait to unwrap my present tonight!Becky: ok gota run tonight then. I hear her flush the toilet, she comes out and says ok I’m ready. We get in the car as we are driving, I ask her whats going on, she says what do you mean, I say with us, she says what do you mean nothing is going on with us, I say precisely, and nothing has gone on with us for over a year! She says her life is complicated, getting frustrated I say what the fuck can be complicated with your life you have everything given to you on a silver platter, you don’t clean, cook or even have to make the bed hell you haven’t even kissed me in over a year. Is sex what you want ok when we get home tonight after the party you can eat me and if you do a good job maybe I’ll let you fuck me. I drop her off at the club, when I get to work, I tell my tech team that I need audio and visual surveillance in the health room and tie it in to my cell so I can put it up on the big video screen in the ball room. It’s six thirty we are getting ready to walk out the door to go to the party Becky is dressed in a little green cocktail dress exposing lots of her ample cleavage, I say wait reach into my pocket pull out a jewelry case opens it inside is a huge single diamond neckless, I say this will complete your outfit. Becky’s eyes get big she says put it on, I do she looks in the mirror and says damn that does look good thanks and walks into the garage to get in the car to leave. At the Johnson house Tina and Greg are getting ready to leave Tina says wait opens a drawer takes out a box that says Rolex, Greg opens the box and inside is a gold Rolex watch he puts it on and says thank you baby and gives her a hug. Of course, the neckless and the Rolex are both fake but contain tracking devices a program on my cell phone has a diagram of the club and allows me to track both of them, so I know when they are together. It’s nine the party is in full swing lots of fairly drunk people women are dancing with Santa, I can see on my phone Becky and Greg they are both still in the ballroom, then I see my wife move towards the bathrooms and Greg behind her a bit. I look around and see Tina she looks at me I shake my head and we move together, I see them move past the bath rooms and down the hall and around the corner towards the health room. I say show time, the big screen is playing the movie White Christmas, then the screen goes blank there is a high pitch noise and the inside of the health room comes into view, the door opens Becky and Greg come in close and lock the door, she throws her arms around his neck you can see his huge hand sliding up her leg exposing her bare ass, everyone in the ball room are turned and looking at the big screen, you could hear tipobet giriş a pin drop, as the couple on the screen continue their passionate kiss. To ensure the lovers are not disturbed I have two men posted on each end of the hall leading to the health room. On screen Greg is sliding the zipper down on the back of her dress, and pulls it over her head, she walks back towards the bed and you get first good look at her face, I hear from some where in the room Becky’s Mom say OH MY GOD THAT’S OUR BECKY, on screen Becky says come get your Christmas present Greg we don’t have much time as she seductively spreads her legs. Greg strips off his clothes walks towards the bed Becky sits up grabs his cock and sucks it till it good and hard as she fingers her pussy, Greg says that’s enough and goes to suck her pussy but she stops him and says you can’t go back out there with your face smelling like my pussy come on big boy fuck me hard it’s been two days sence we have been together I need to feel you inside me. Everyone in the ball room is glued to the screen and watch as Greg’s cock disappear in Becky’s pussy and she moans, you see her little white body covered by Greg’s big black frame with her legs wrapped around his thighs he is pounding her like a jack hammer. Then she starts to cum and yells out OH GREG I LOVE YOU! He is breathing faster and faster and yells YES BABY I LOVE YOU TOO OHHHHHHHH as he dumps his cum in her pussy, they lay in each other’s arms kissing and loving each other. Becky says we need to go baby we will have more time Monday baby, as he gets up off her she says hand me a wet wash cloth please and you see her spread her legs, and wash off the outside of her pussy, than pulls a pair of panty’s and a panty liner out of her purse and says I’m going to have Paul eat me out tonight so I want Paul to eat your cum, he thinks he is going to get to fuck me but susprise your going to fuck him by proxy! She says we need to separate as soon as we get back out there! Becky fixes her makeup and they walk out.When they walk out Becky is looking in her purse her Mother walks up to her slaps her face and says you slut, we didn’t raise you that way don’t think we are going to take you in and she marches off. Becky stands there stunted, looks up and realizes her encounter with Greg is being looped on the big screen, and everyone in the ballroom is staring at them she grabs Greg’s arm. Two process servers approach them the first says Becky Parker, Becky says yes, the process server says you are here by served Devorce Papers, then the process server turns to Greg and says Gregory Johnson, he says yes, the server says you are hereby served with a suit for loss of affection. The second process server walks up to Greg and says Greg Johnson he says yes, the server says you are hereby served Devorce Papers, then turns to Becky and says Becky Parker she says yes you are hereby served with a suit for lose of affection. I walk up to Becky and give her an envelope and say there is a hundred-dollar bill and a key card for a room at the local Motel paid up for one night, there is a taxi outside for you and I don’t do sloppy seconds. Greg says you bastard you caused all of this, Becky says no Greg but it’s too late he swings at me I easily duck his swing and give him one blow to the jaw breaking it, then knee him in the balls driving them up into his abdomen. Becky bends down to him then looks up at me and says I’ll have you arested, the police chief walks up and asks me if I want to press charges against Greg for assault he did swing first! I say no but he is going to need an ambulance! July fifth Tina rolls over and looks at me and says those were some fireworks last night, damn I’m a bit sore in the best way but I kept up with you. I said ok let’s call it a draw, I get out of bed lift her up in my arms and say god your beautiful, she says I’m available! I say I know put her down kneel in front of her and say over the past few months I have come to know how wonderful a person you are and how much I love you, I open up the ring box and say the court house opens in an hour, I have two tickets for the US Virgen Islands and reservations for a villa on the ocean for the next few weeks. Tina you mean the world to me will you spend the rest of your life with me as my wife. Tina looks down at me and says of course I’ll marry you put my ring on, I slide the ring on her finger. She says I can’t get married like this pick me up take me to the shower, so I can wash my husband! I pick her up carry her to the shower and say I’m not yours yet, she gives me a big hot kiss and says baby you have been mine sence the day we first met in the restaurant. Sixteen hours later we are sitting on the beach nude in each other’s arms watching the sun go down. Tina says how beautiful I say yes you are Mrs. Parker now let’s consummate our marrage again!

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