hpt. 5 “Inter-Relationship Training Meeting&


hpt. 5 “Inter-Relationship Training Meeting&”Hey Tom! While we’re just sitting here waiting on those otherguys to turn out their lights, now that we’ve finally found out about the`real you,’ why don’t you tell us how you and Bob met. That’ll give us allsomething to do, while we just sit here and wait on those other three toturn out their lights, so we can all hit the hay and teach me some morestuff?” Jay suggested, since the four were now waiting for the lights inthe other cabin to be turned off, —just as a security, —so that none ofthe other three men would happen to come wondering in, just as the sexaction got all started up and going strong again.Stan and Darrell agreed that would be a good move, since all ofthem were getting rather anxious for getting things started again, and thejust sitting, and trying to think of things to talk about, was gettingkinda of rough.”Well, nothing real exciting, I guess, but do gotta admit it waskinda different than the way most guys meet!” Tom replied to Jay’srequest. “I was still at State and one night I was on my way back to myapartment, and I noticed somebody was following me, or so I thought! I waswalking, and every few steps, I’d stop, turn around and some guy, —Bob,would stop and try to act as if he wasn’t there. After about the thirdtime, I finally walked back toward him and asked, “Hey what up?””Nothing man, nothing””Well, what’s going on then? You been following me for the lastfive minutes or so, and every time I stop, so do you, —and then you tryto act as if nothing was going on. What’s up?””Hey man, don’t be mad at me, OK? I didn’t mean anything. I’msorry!””Yea, but what you up to? What’s going on?””Uh, uh. Hey, I saw you coming out of that bar, and I think I knowwhat that bar is. It’s a gay bar right?””Yea, yea, it’s a gay bar. Yea, I’m a gay guy! So what’s the bigdeal? I don’t understand yet what in the hell is going on!””Hey man, please don’t be pissed at me, please! I’ve never beenwith a guy before, and man, when I saw you, I just had to see if there wasany way I could maybe meet you. Please don’t be mad!””Hey what in the hell are you talking about man! Why in the hellwould I wanna be mad at you? Look at you! You are one hot fucking stud!Why in the hell would that make me mad? Hey man, just talking to some guy,that don’t mean you’re gonna `be with me”. There’s no harm in talking tosome guy, even if he is gay! Just cause I’m gay, that don’t mean it’si*****l to talk to me, or that you’ve done anything wrong! Come on, let’swalk. I’m Tom Schroder!” Tom stated as he stepped one or two steps closerto the man of muscle that he had just “happened to meet,” in a ratherunusual and a very awkward way, so that he could extend his hand out for ahand shake.”Thanks man, I’m Bob Woodward. Thanks man!” Bob expressed as heaccepted Bob’s hand shake offer.”Hey Bob, let’s walk some here and let you calm down some, OK?””Yea, thanks man, thanks!””So Bob! Never been with a guy, right?””Yea! Right!””I rather guess maybe,-you are—ah —–maybe wanting to—–Iassume?””Oh man, oh man! I don’t know, I don’t know! Tom, I really justdon’t know!””Wait a minute man, wait a minute! How long and how often you beenhanging out, outside of the Rod Bar? Obviously you’ve been kinda keepingan eye open there, right?””No, no. Well, yea and no! Oh Tom, I’m feeling so confused. Iam! Tom, I knew that was a gay bar, but I really didn’t just hang outthere watching guys, but I just happened to be going down the street on theother side when I saw you come out, and all of a sudden, I got this realfunny rushing feeling. All of a sudden, I wanted to be with you! I feltlike I had to talk to you and maybe get to touch you. I feel like you’rekind of part of me that I lost someplace. Oh shit man, shit! I know thissounds so fucking stupid. I’m so sorry, I really am! Maybe I just need togo and leave you alone!””Don’t you dare Bob, don’t you dare! Don’t you dare turn aroundand walk away! If you really wanna see me get pissed, that would do it!Believe me man, believe me!””But Bob, this is way too weird, way too weird!””What’s too weird, what? What in the hell are you talking about?””Me, —following you like some little puppy wanting petted! Tom,you’re a guy, I’m a guy! I shouldn’t be trying to follow you like that!That was wrong, but at the time, I really couldn’t think about doinganything else. May I touch your arm, —please? Just kind of lay my handon you for a minute?””Hell yes you can! Please do! I wanna feel your arm too! OK?””Oh yea, oh yea! Oh yea man, that would be nice, really nice!””Hey Bob, you are one fucking hunk! You got muscles all over youin places I’m not even sure we all have! Feeling you is a hell of a lotbetter for me, than you feeling me, I’m sure! You are one fucking hot man,fucking hot! God man, your skin is so fucking tight and so solid! Bob,you’ve had other guys feel you haven’t you? Other guys have rubbed theirhands up and down your arms or back or someplace, haven’t they?””No. No Tom, no! I guess I’ve always wanted `em to, but nobodyever has. I guess they were afraid it would piss me off or something, andyea, I’ve wanted someone to do that for a long time! Oh, I love feelingyour skin! I mean it man, —I like this! Thanks for letting me do this!”As Bob and Tom stood there on the sidewalk, in the shade of a largetree blocking the direct light from the street light, they each slid theirhands up and back down the length of each other’s upper arms. Tom didadmit that he had more muscles to feel and worship, than Bob had availableto feel.”My God man, your arms are enormous, fucking enormous!” Tomemphatically stated as he forced himself from leaning over and licking thetop of, the bottom of and the pits of both of Bob’s massive, muscular arms.Slowly removing his hands from Bob’s arms and his biceps, Tomlooked at Bob, and asked. “You married? You got a wife?””No, no! No wife, got a girl friend, but not a wife!””So you and your girlfriend, pretty close?””Man, I don’t know. I just don’t know.””Well, wait a minute here man, why not? You gotta know if you’reclose with her or not, don’t you?””I don’t know man, I just don’t know. I used to think we wereclose, but I just don’t know anymore. She’s fun to be with, but I guessI’m the one that’s kind of cooling it some. I know she keep wondering whyI’m kind of, as she calls it,-so distant,-and I’m not sure why, but it’sjust not the same as when we were younger and fooling around all the time.It’s just different!””So Bob, how old are you?””I’m twenty three. She’s twenty.””So how long you two been together?””Uh, like about four years, I guess. Yea, I think I was likeeighteen or nineteen when we met. It was fun back then, but now, it’s justnot so much fun, and it’s not like I’m going with some other chick, it’sjust different. Being with her ain’t nothing like what I’m feeling rightnow, and that’s what’s so weird. This is weird, but man, I took one lookat you coming out of that bar, and I wanted to just cry, I’m serious man, Iknow that is stupid, but man, I wanted my whole life to be what it wasright then. I could have canlı bahis siteleri gotten myself shot or beaten up or something forfollowing you like that, but man, I really didn’t care right them, Ididn’t. Thanks for understanding man, I really appreciate it! I know it’sweird, real weird!”Taking Bob buy the upper arm, which he wanted to feel again anyway,Tom turned him toward himself, looked him straight in the face and stated,”Bob, —stop the talk about weird! It is not weird! Different than whatyou are used to, but not weird! Tonight you just happened to be in theright place at the right time to finally get a chance to talk to someonethat you just internally knew you could talk to! Do not say weird, onemore time! Understand?””Yea I do! Yea! I’m sorry, I am! Hey, I think maybe I’ve kind ofgoofed up enough of your night already! I think maybe I’ll just let you goand head home. I’m sorry I screwed up your night with this crap! Thanksman, I appreciate you, I really do!”With his hand still firmly placed on Bob’s bicep, Tom strongly andemphatically stated, in no uncertain terms, “You are not going anywhereman, nowhere! Understand? There are special days in our lives when weneed somebody around us, and tonight is the night that you need me! You’renot going anywhere, understand?””Yea, but man, I’ve already messed up your night, and I don’t wannabe any more bother to you!””Stop it, end it, that’s it! You are not a bother! Bob, what youaren’t taking into consideration here is, —–if I had seen you someplace,I’m the one that would be doing whatever necessary to get a chance to talkto you! So all that’s happened is, —you saved me the trouble of tryingto figure out some cool way of getting you to notice me so I could talk toyou!”Without saying a word, Bob quit hanging his head, as he had beendoing , looked up directly at Tom, and broke a slight, smile.”There! That’s better, a lot better! Now I assume you werewalking, or have you got a car someplace?””No, I was walking. I was feeling kind of shitty and just decidedto go out and be by myself and go for a walk.””Where you live?” Tom asked wondering just how far Bob had walked.”Oh, over by Fourth and Simpson Lane.””Fourth and Simpson Lane!? Tom very emphatically asked. “Bob,that is probably three miles from here! Just out walking, just walking?Is that right?””Yea, I didn’t wanna be home, so I just started and ended up here.””OK man, just out walking! When you left the house, did you knowwhere you were headed? You knew the Rod Bar was a gay bar, right? Thinkmaybe, kinda —u*********sly, you actually wanted to, —maybe —justhappen, to be walking by? Think that’s possible?”Looking at Tom, Bob grinned a slight grin, and admitted, “You knowman, you might be right. I really don’t know! Once I was there, lookingat it from across the street, I did wonder if I had automatically headedthis way, not really knowing why, but u*********sly, I was hoping to findsomeone I could talk to. I know man, I really did want to just get achance to feel some guy, and let that guy feel me back, just like we did!Oh yea, I know I wanted that! I wondered about it, if I kinda headed herewithout really knowing it, and now of course I’m wondering why. I reallydon’t know, I just don’t! I know, I really did not know I was headed hereon purpose, though!””Ok we don’t know, and maybe we’re not supposed to know, but atleast the walk didn’t turn out to be a bust. You met me, and I met you!And in my mind, that’s pretty damn good! You have Saturdays off, or do youhave to go to work tomorrow morning?””No, I have it off. I’m a salesman for lumber company, so I haveSaturdays and Sundays off. I have to travel a lot, but this week and nextweek I’m in the office, so I don’t have to travel. Why?””Why!? Why!? The why, is because since you are about three orfour miles from home, I want you to stay at my place so we can do some moretalking, and then you can go home when the busses are running. I don’thave a car, so I can’t offer you a ride.””Oh shit man, I can’t do that! Thanks, but I can’t do that!””Why not? Afraid of me or something?”Looking over at Tom with a very strong quizzed expression on hisface, he answered, “No! No, why should I be afraid of you? No, it’s justthat I’ve already screwed up your night enough! I’ll call a cab and get aride home!””Sir, you did not walk for like three or four miles just to finallytell some guy that, —now you need to go home. For the last time,-you arenot messing up my night at all. In fact, the reason I was at the bar wasboredom, and nothing exciting to do, so having you with me now isdefinitely an upper! I am totally serious man, I do want you to stay at myplace so we can talk some more! Gotta admit, I’m a university student,limited bucks, so I have a studio apartment that,-yes-only has one bed init, but I can be a good boy for one night, and promise you I will not doanything to you,——-unless you want me to, that is! OK? Understand?Please don’t give me anymore of this shit about bothering me! Hell man,until we met, this was the night of total boredom, and now it’s fun andexciting!””Tom, I still feel funny, -oh shit man, —-yea,—yea —I’llstay! I like you, you’re nice to me and yea, I really don’t want to be bymyself tonight, so yea, I’ll stay but I don’t want to imply that I wanna dosome funny stuff, OK? I mean man, I like you, but if you want me to stayjust cause you think maybe I’ll so some of your type of stuff, ——–.””Hey guy, my type of stuff is eating something, drinking something,watching something goofy on the ole TV and some good talking. That’s whatmy type of stuff is, OK?””Ok, Ok! Tom, thanks man, thanks! I gotta admit, I’m kinda gladyou’re kinda forcing me to stay. I want to, I really do! I just needed tolet you know I knew I was intruding, and in a real big way!””Hey big deal! Big deal! We’ll take a left turn up here at thecorner, and then one short block, and we’re home! Hell of a lot closerthan walking to your place, right?”Tom and Bob continued their conversation on a slightly brighterlevel now that Bob finally conceded to spend the night, and as they walkedthey each discovered more and more detail about the other guy. Bob did askand found out that Tom was two years younger than himself, and that hewould be graduating in May with a degree from computer science.”Hey man, leave `em! Just put `em on the counter and I’ll clean`em up in the morning! Come on man, time to put the ole bodies to bed! Ohmy God man, –look at the time! Shit man, it’s almost two thirty! I hadno idea we sat and talked that long! My God man, we’ve been home for what,four hours? Bob, I thought it was probably only about midnight! Shit man,this has been fun!””Tom, I gotta tell you, I’m thanking the heavens above, for youwalking out of that bar right when you did! Seriously man, I hadn’t beenjust standing over there across the street watching the bar. I was reallyjust walking by, and you came out! What timing!””Let me tell you something! We gotta thank little ole Jack Osbornefor me walking out when I did. If he had shown up when he was perabet supposed to,I would have been sitting in there drinking instead of coming out. Henever showed up, and so I decided to just leave, since I was kinda gettinga little provoked that he never showed up.””So what were you guys gonna do? Just do some drinking?””No! If you’re gonna ask,-we were gonna do some fucking! He lovesfor me to fuck his ass, and of course, as tight as it is, I love to do it,so that’s what we were planning, but then he never showed, so –what can Isay?””So Tom, can I ask you some questions about you and other guyshaving sex together?””Yea, hell yea man! Of course!””So you were gonna fuck him, right?””Yea, he might have fucked me before the session was over, but yea,I definitely was gonna fuck him.””So, do you usually do the fucking, or –well-I guess what happens?I know stupid question, but I’ve never talked to some guy about him havingsex with some other guy. You don’t mind do you?””No, hell no I don’t mind! I was kind of hoping maybe we’d getinto this conversations earlier, but I guess the eating and the TV kindadictated our conversation, so no, I sure don’t mind. I’ve got a big dick,and some guys love to feel it up in their asses, but some guys look at itand they get too scared to stick that much up in there, I guess it’s kindajust who am I with!””You got a big dick? Hey, can I see it? I noticed you didn’t takeyour briefs off, so, —course now that’s made me wonder just what you’rehiding. Can I see it? You mind? I don’t wanna do anything with it, Ijust wanna see it, OK?””Hell yea you can see it, and I wanna see yours too. I didn’t takemy briefs off cause you didn’t either! I was waiting for you to strip downall the way, but then when you didn’t, I thought maybe I shouldn’t. Ididn’t want you thinking I was gonna try anything with you especially sinceI promised you earlier that I could be good for one night! I like you as afrined, and I don’t wanna scare you off any. I’m gonna open these curtainsa little so we’ve got some light in here if were’ gonna compare sticks,OK?”Tom got up and slightly opened the curtains just enough to get somelight into the dark room, and as he was up, he took his briefs off. He wasnow supporting a partial, and growing, hard-on! The talk about looking ateach other’s dicks had gotten him a little started. Regardless of, —ifit was gonna be a big dick, or a small dick, Tom was always on the ready toinspect some other guy’s dick!As he turned to get back in bed, Bob saw his rod and stated, “Ohshit man, you do have a big rod, don’t you?”Just as he stated that, Tom then saw what Bob had uncovered bystripping off his briefs and he emphatically and shockingly stated, “My Godman! Don’t make comments about mine! —–Look at that fucking log you’vegot! Oh Bob, you’ve got an unbelievable cock! Oh my God man, you’reuncut! Oh man, I love uncut dicks! Hey man, I gotta feel that one! Ohman, let me lick it, —please! Oh man, I wanna lick your foreskin! Iwanna stick my tongue under your foreskin! Can I chew on that skin? Ohshit man, what a fucking boner! My God man, you’ve got just about thebiggest cock I’ve ever seen and I can tell it ain’t even totally hard yet,is it? Oh shit, look at this skin stretch! Oh yea, I like this!”As Tom was in shock and awe, and was getting more and more excitedabout what Bob was now showing, it was getting longer and stiffer as hereached out to touch it.”Oh Tom, —Tom, no guy’s ever touched it before! You gonna touchit? Oh man, it’s getting so fucking hard! Oh man, oh Tom, this is reallysomething different for me!”Tom reached forward, took ahold of Bob’s oversized rod, first slidhis tongue and then his finger up and under the foreskin, and then foundout he couldn’t close his hand around the shaft. “Oh my God Bob, thisthing is enormous! It is fucking enormous!”Just as he finished his statement of how thick it was, Tom made noeffort to ask if he could put it in his mouth. All of a sudden, he bentover, opened his mouth, as widely as he possibly could, and threw his mouthonto Bob’s hard rod. He slid his tongue up and under the forskin and ranit around the entire circumference of Bob’s dick!”Oh my God man, oh my God! You’re putting my dick in your mouth!Oh man, oh man, —oh I’ve never had that done before! Oh Tom, you sureyou wanna suck on my dick? Oh man, oh shit man, I can’t believe this! Ohman, I can’t believe you’ve got your mouth on my dick! Oh this is soweird! On Tom, that’s feeling good, yea, that’s feeling good to me! OhTom, yea I like that, I like that! Oh man, you’ve got my dick in yourmouth and you’re sucking on it! Oh I never thought that I’d ever have thathappen! Oh man, I like this!”Without even answering Bob’s question about did Tom really want tosuck on his dick, Tom forced as much dick down, into his throat, as hepossibly could. He started sucking on the part of that dick that he couldget into his mouth, for two reasons! One, he loved what he was doing andthe enormous oversized, big, thick, dick that he was doing it to, andnumber two, he wanted this to be the greatest feeling that Bob had everhad, so that Bob would be begging him, to keep it up, and not stop!Bob threw himself back onto the bed and thrust the midsection ofhis body up toward Tom, not realizing that he was actually begging for thisother man, to take as much of his dick down into his mouth, as he possiblycould! He was flipping his head back and forth, uttering, “Yea man, yea!Oh yea, oh yea, that feels so good, yea man I like that! Yea, suck me man,suck me, I like that!!!”Totally unaware of it, he reacted as any man does when he isgetting a great blow job! As he was almost out of the mental consciousstate of being, enjoying the unbelievable feeling of what was happening tohim at that moment, —he grabbed a hold of each side of Tom’s head andtried to pull him on even farther!He was getting his very first feeling of how great a hot mouth canfeel on a hot dick, and he was almost “out of it” mentally celebratinginternally about his great new feelings of being used by another man, andat the same time, offering himself to that other man!As Tom used every force possible, to get just as much of that big,thick, dick down into his throat, and so totally, his thrill and joy of thestruggle of forcing more and more of it in, Bob was twisting and turning,flipping and jumping, on his back, all a normal, out of self controlreaction, to the feelings that Tom was giving to not only his dick, but histotal being. Bob was u*********s to all and everything, except to what washappening to him, his body, his dick, his emotions, and his total existenceof being in bed, and under the total control of this hunk of a man, andletting that hunk of a man, suck on him, and use parts of himself, for anunbelievable sexual experience! An unbelievable sexual experience, forboth of the men!”Suck me man, suck me! Oh Tom, Tom suck me! Oh my God it is sofucking stiff and hard! I’ve never had a hard-on like this! Oh man, suckon my dick!”All of a sudden, Tom pulled off of, —what he had been thinkingof, perabet giriş and mentally calling a telephone pole, and he begged, “Oh Bob, please,please fuck me with that! Bob I need to feel that up in my ass! Bob, guysare always telling me how good my dick feels up in their butts, but I neverget fucked with a big dick like that! Oh Bob, please, please, —-will youplease fuck me!? Please!”Trying to rather snap out of his mental state of almost unconcisousbliss, and realize that Tom was talking to him, Bob responded, “Hey man, ifyou really want it, I guess so, but I gotta tell you, I’ve never fuckedsome guy’s ass before, so you may have to tell me what to do! Seriouslyman, I’ve never done this, but if you wannna, I’ll try!””Oh God yes man, oh God yes! Oh Bob, I’ve got to take that up inmy butt! I’ve got to feel that up inside of me. Hey man, all you gotta dois find my ass hole and push it up in me! OK? Please? Please tell meyou’ll fuck me, man, please say yes!””Yea, yea I’d do it. Tell me what to do. What do I do?”Tom grabbed the tube of KY jelly from in the night stand, squirteda good glob up in his ass and wiped his hand on Bob’s rod, and told Bob,”Hey man, I’m gonna just lay down here on my gut, you get on my butt andlet your fucking big pole find my ass hole and then just start pushing itin. Go kind of slow getting in at first. Let it get my ole hole opened upsome, and then after you’ve got it in, I want all of it and I’ll want itfast! Oh Bob, I can’t believe this! Oh man, I want that dick up in me andI want all of it! I want you to spread my ass far enough to make me takeall of it! Oh Bob fuck me, man, fuck me! Oh God I can’t believe this!Man I want you up in me, and then I want you to shoot off in me! I wantyou in me! Yea man, find my hole! Yea, yea! Oh go slow,-oh go slow! Ohshit man, that feels like a fucking watermelon going up against me man, itis so fucking big! Oh yea, just go slow for a minute! Real slow! Let metry and relax my ass so you can go up in there! Yea, slow, yea real slow!Oh Bob, yea, it’s going in, it’s going in! Oh yea, oh yea! Yea! Oh yeaman! Oh God it’s in me man, it’s in me! Push! Yea push! Yea go on inme, bury that dick in me man, —yea, do it, do it! Oh Bob, oh man my assis getting so full! Oh this is great! How you doing man, how you doing?You OK?””Oh fuck shit yea man, hell yes! Oh man I never thought fuckingsome guy’s ass could feel like this! Oh shit man, your ass is so fuckingtight, it is so fucking tight! Can I push some more? Can I push in somemore? Oh man, your ass is hot man, hot! Oh God man, —you OK? You OK?I’m not hurting you any, am I? You OK?””Hey man, push it all in! Give me all of it! Let me taste it upin my mouth! Let me have it! Oh man, what a great feeling! Oh Bob, Ilove this! I am OK man, I am OK! This is heaven man, true heaven!”As Bob was pushing onto Tom’s ass as strongly and as firmly as hecould, he told Tom, “That’s it man, that’s it! That’s all I got! I’m inas far as I can go! You like it? You like me and my big black, thick,stiff, dick up in that ass? This feel good to you? You like that? Youfeel it up in there, man?””Oh hell yes man, hell yes! It feels good and hell yes, shit yes,I like having that big black cock of yours up in there! My ass reallyneeds that up in there! It feels good, damn good! Fuck me man, fuck me!Oh thank God Jack didn’t show up tonight! Oh hell man, —I’d sure neverhad this dick up in me, if that little peter had showed up! Oh man Ithought I was pissed at him for standing me up, and oh God, am I glad now!Bob, ram me! Slam my ass! You’ve got me all good and opened and you’ve gotit all the way up in me, so now fuck the hell out of me! Let me know I’vegot me a man, a real man, up in me, back there! Fuck me like you’repunching your ole punching bag! Slam my ass good and hard! Yea, yea! Ohyea! Do it!! Do it!!! Yea keep it up, –keep it up, –keep it up!!! Ohman, I love it, –I love it! Do me, fuck me like a fucking wild pig! Fuckmy ass! Oh Bob, this is the best I’ve ever had man, it’s the best! Youlike it, you like fucking this little black ass? You like it?”Almost to the point of exhaustion, Bob did manage to utter back,”Oh hell yea man, hell yea! Your little black ass is making my big blackdick hotter than hell man, hotter than hell! I’m getting real close tocummmin man, I’m getting real close! You want me to keep fucking you tillI cum? You want me to shoot my stuff in you?””Oh hell yes man, hell yes! You keep it up until you totallycollapse that hot sweaty muscle body on me and can’t move! I wanna feelall those muscles laying on me and sweating on me! Fuck the hell out of meuntil you can’t move anymore! Drill me, pump me, slam me, drive it in meman, drive it in me! Make me think I’ve got a fucking water tower pushedup in my ass, and it’s just about to break open. Yea-Oh yea——ohyea——-oh yea I feel it man! I feel it!! Pump me man, pump me, pumpme!! Flood me, flood me!! Give me your cum man, —give me your cum! OhBob, ——-oh Bob!!! Oh man, lay down on me, lay down! Yea just laythere, yea lay there! Yea, I wanna feel you and all your muscles laying onme, —lay there and keep pushing it in! Oh thank God! Oh man, oh! OhBob, this is fucking heaven, you OK? You OK?””Oh hell yea man, hell yea, —I’m OK! Tom, I think I’m more thanOK! Oh shit man, —that was great! Fucking great! Oh Tom, from the waythat felt to me, I can’t even imagine what in the hell it feels like, to bethe one getting fucked! Oh Tom, will you fuck me now? Oh man, I loved itwhen you kept begging for me to get rougher and rougher on you! Oh please,I wanna see what it feels like to have your big dick up in my ass! Oh Tom,thank God man, —you came out of that bar when you did! Oh Tom, I thinkthis has changed my life forever, —-I really do!””And guys, it did! For him and me both! It took Bob about six orseven months of doing the girl thing and the “me thing”, all at the sametime, but then he finally leveled with her, and after he came running overto my place to tell me what he did, we fucked each other for the entirenight and the entire next day too, —and have been doing that ever since!””Fucking shit man, fucking shit!” Stan firmly and enthusiasticallystated as Tom finished telling them about the first fucks that he and Bobhad together. “Come on guys, come on! My God, after listening to Tomtelling us about his first night with Bob, I’m so fucking horny now that Idon’t really care if somebody walks in on us or not, I need dick! Whos’gonna fuck me? Come on men, I need a dick, and I need a dick now!!!”Grinning broadly, Darrell stood up, rubbed his now obvious hard-on,and said, “I’m game man, I’m game! Shit after that, I’m ready for fuck allof you guys! God Tom, you have got me so fucking hot and horny, I’m aboutready to bust a nut standing here right now!””Shut the lights down guys!” Jay stated, as he too stood up,grabbed his now showing, through the pants, hard-on, and continued, “It’stime we all hit the hay and see who can fuck the longest and the hardest!Tom, you’re my fucker to get started! I want you on top of me and in me!I need that dick of yours, just like you needed that dick of Bob’s! I needfucked, and I need fucked good and strong! Tom listening to you tell howyou and Bob first did it, it has got me all worked up! God, I’m horny men,I’m fucking horny!”

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