How to Stop Smoking Ch. 04

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Friday, the 8th

Mai Ling was just removing the last of the needles as I woke up. Tai Soo was not in the room this time.

When I mentioned her absence, Mai Ling told me that Tai Soo was not allowed to watch.

The treatment was an ancient oriental secret and she was not permitted to teach it to anyone until their time came.

Mai Ling adjusted the table as she had before. My knees were slightly up with feet wide apart.

Then she began. She placed a stool between my legs again and sat on it. Reaching forward, she took my cock into her mouth and began to suck it.

As my cock got harder and harder, she began to make low moaning sounds. The vibration from her moans further excited me. My cock got hard in no time.

I figured there would be no way my cock could get hard after the workout I had, but here it was. Raring to go.

After getting my cock hard, Mai Ling picked up a needle and inserted it through the base of my cock. She inserted it from east to west. It was pointing from the left hip toward the right. So far, everyone was right. I felt nothing.

Then, taking another needle, she inserted it slightly above the first. This one was inserted from north to south.

Satisfied they were in position, she reached out and thumped one.

I could feel it vibrate against the other and the effect was indescribable. My cock was hard and continued to get harder.

She inserted another needle about halfway toward the tip of my cock from the first two. This one, too, she placed from east to west.

Then, taking a fourth needle, she positioned it as she had the second one – slightly above the third and running from north to south.

As she did before, she thumped it slightly. Then she thumped one of the first two.

My cock started vibrating and I thought that I was going to cum. With a slight smile, as though reading my mind, Mai Ling assured me that I would not.

Then, she positioned two more needles as she had the previous pair except she inserted them just behind the crown of my cock.

Again, she went through the thumping procedure. Thumping the pair she had just inserted, then the second pair, then the first.

I wasn’t sure if it was agony or ecstasy, but it felt good. Taking a single needle this time, Mai Ling inserted it through the length of my cock, starting at the crown and running to the base.

It felt as if all seven of the needles were connected to each other. I was sure they were when she reached out and thumped the last one and the other six began to vibrate.

My poor cock has been through so much today and it wanted to come. Mai Ling said it was not to be.

She then started the second part of the treatment. One needle went into my right ear lobe and one in the left.

Another one found a home in my lower lip. Then she placed the last one through my cheeks. The needle was started through the outside my right cheek, through my mouth and came out through the left.

It was at this point that I began to get drowsy again. Mai Ling told me to relax and that I would probable sleep for a couple of hours and she would be back. I didn’t hear her because I dozed off.

I was just beginning to come around as Mai Ling was removing the last needle from my cock. It was hard as a rock.

Mai Ling told me that I had slept 2 hours. Apparently, my cock had been hard the entire time.

She then went into the bathroom and returned with a washbasin full of warm water and proceeded to wash me. The treatment might not work, but I’d have the cleanest cock in town.

While she was washing me, Mai Ling told me what I could expect in future sexual performance.

She said I could expect to get an erection much easier and quicker than I did in the past. She also told me I would probably experience several “false comes” before actually ejaculating. How many, she did not know. It varied with the individual and there was no way of predicting how many.

As she was finishing, Tai Soo returned to the room. When she caught sight of my cock, she licked her lips and smiled. “Now?”, she asked, and Mai Ling nodded yes.

Tai Soo took off her dress and climbed onto the table. Mai Ling had already lowered it, keeping my legs spread wide.

As Tai Soo reached for my cock, she lowered her pussy directly to my waiting mouth. I noticed that Tai Soo had a shaved pussy also and I began to wonder if she had undergone acupuncture too.

I began to sip the wine. The aroma of her pussy was heavenly. The taste was delicious. She wasn’t wasting any time. She was working my cock over like it was her last meal.

Mai Ling began bareback studios porno applying some strawberry jell to my asshole, slipping in a finger and twirling it around to loosen it up.

When she felt that my asshole was well lubricated and stretched she stopped. Raising an attachment from beneath the table, Mai Ling placed the tip against my asshole and inserted it.

Then, I felt the table begin to tilt. My legs were being lowered and my head was raised, shifting my weight toward my feet.

The attachment to the table was a dildo-like affair. It began to slip into my ass until I was impelled upon it.

The feeling was one of being full. In this position, with the force of gravity, I couldn’t move.

After another few minutes of sucking my cock, Tai Soo managed to get it twitching.

My cock jerked and jerked and tried to explode, but it didn’t. It was just like Mai Ling described. A “false come.”

When I mentioned it, Mai Ling asked me to tell her each time I got one. She wanted to record the information for later comparison.

Tai Soo then positioned herself above my cock and proceeded to insert it in her pussy. This was when I noticed that my cock looked larger.

Tai Soo sat down and began to give it a ride. After a few minutes, she began to shake. Her eyes rolled back in her head and I knew she was coming.

At this point my cock began jerking also. Again, I didn’t come. This was the second one.

Soon Tai Soo stopped moving and rested. When she decided to get off my cock, Mai Ling had to help her.

Tai Soo reached the floor and her knees were so weak she couldn’t stand. While Tai Soo was getting off me, I glanced at my cock. It was bigger than before.

Mai Ling then said it was her turn. Before climbing on the table, she reached beneath it and flipped on a switch.

The dildo in my ass came alive It started to massage my prostrate gland. My cock was getting stiffer.

Mai Ling removed her dress and assumed the same position that Tai Soo had. My cock in her mouth and her pussy lips covering my mouth.

I couldn’t believe it. Mai Ling didn’t have any pussy hair either. Her pussy was bald. I began to lick and nibble at her pussy lips and clit as her wriggling ass told me that I had reached the spot.

She had better control than Tai Soo did, though. Mai Ling managed to bring me to two “false comes.”

Finally, she succumbed to the desire to have my hard cock buried deep inside her. She moved to the end of the table and positioned herself over my cock.

It was huge. I didn’t know it would be this large. Inserting the crown of my cock into her pussy, she leaned forward placing her right breast in my mouth.

As I sucked on her stiffening nipple she slid back and forth, forcing more and more of my massive cock meat into her pussy.

Finally, she had it all inside and she froze. I thought for a moment that she would pass out.

Instead, she held on and began to ride the wild pony. Forcing my cock in and out, she rode it like there was no tomorrow.

When she raised up, I could see her pussy lips were stretched. As she plunged down, the tightness forced her pussy lips inside. It looked like her belly-button was going to follow.

After a few minutes of this frantic fucking, she stiffened and began to shake. She was coming. About the time she was finished, my cock began to twitch and jerk and I got “false come” number 5.

I asked Mai Ling how much of this my poor cock could take and she replied that it could take more than they could. She said that she was tired and ready to call it quits.

However, she needed for me to cum so she could take measurements. She needed to compare them with my previous ones.

At this point, she called Ann and asked if she would mind coming to the treatment room. Ann must have said that she’d be there in a minute because Mai Ling told Tai Soo that they should get dressed.

Soon, there was a knock on the door. When Mai Ling opened the door, Ann was standing there.

I saw the look on her face as she spotted my cock. I could only guess at the size. It looked to be about 11″ long and about 2″ in diameter. The crown looked to be about 1″ bigger in diameter than the shaft of my cock. It was monstrous.

Mai Ling explained to Ann that they were wearing out trying to make me to cum. Measurements were needed for the size comparison and she asked Ann if she would help them out.

Ann didn’t even reply. She just closed the door and started taking off her uniform. She was dressed as she was last week with her uniform over her panty hose czech amatör porno and nothing else.

After she undressed, Ann moved into position on the stool in front of my cock. Taking my hard cock in her hands, she placed the crown in her mouth. It was all she could do to get the crown and a couple of inches in her hot mouth.

She began a slow sucking motion as she pumped my cock with one hand and massaged my balls with the other. Soon, I reached “false come” number 6. When would it spurt? At this point, it was a guessing game.

Then Ann climbed on the table. Placing the crown of my cock inside her swollen pussy lips and she lowered herself on it.

Since I hadn’t sucked her pussy, I was afraid that she wouldn’t be lubricated. Her pussy began to quiver as it engulfed my rigid cock. The sight of my hard cock combined with the sucking and stroking had made her pussy wet.

Though my rigid cock had stretched her pussy lips wide, Ann had no problem taking the whole length inside her steaming pussy.

It didn’t take long for her to cum. I knew she had stamina and could continue through at least one more orgasm.

She kept moving, rotating her hot pussy around my cock. That ass sure could work.

Soon, before she could reach another orgasm, I felt my cock begin to throb and twitch. “False come” number 7 arrived. This was getting to be too much.

Meanwhile, Mai Ling had rolled the ejaculator machine into the room again.

Some minutes later Ann started moaning and shaking and I knew that orgasm number 2 for her was on its way.

I still hadn’t cum. Ann kept up the motion. I could see that she was tiring. Her eyes were glassy and she had jerky motions to her movement, but she hung in there.

Pretty soon, I felt my balls tighten and I knew I was about to come.

When I told Mai Ling, she quickly got Ann off me. Mai Ling measured the length and diameter of my cock.

Then she forced my swollen cock into the nozzle of the ejaculator machine. When Mai Ling turned on the machine, she had to hold the nozzle in place.

My cock was so large the crown would barely fit in the nozzle even if it was stretchable.

Pretty soon, the cum began rising from my swollen balls through my cock and I came.

I watched as the little glass bulb on the machine began to fill. Mai Ling’s eyes widened. Tai Soo just stared at it and Ann licked her lips. They were obviously thinking about all that juicy cum going to waste.

Finally, I was spent. No more juice to give. I felt as though I could sleep for a week, but first, I had to know. Just how big did my cock get before coming?

Mai Ling told me to rest for awhile. She said we were through with the treatment, but she wanted me to rest an hour and we would talk later.

With that, she inserted her celebrated sleeping needles in my ear lobes and lower lip again and I zonked out.

When I awoke this time, my cock was soft. That is, as soft as it was ever going to be. I looked at it and it was still huge.

Mai Ling had just removed the last of the needles. She picked up the tape to measure my cock and noticed I was watching. “Huge, isn’t it?”, she asked, nodding her head in the direction of my cock.

I had to admit, it was. Mai Ling measured my cock and gave me the news. In it’s flaccid state, my cock was 7-1/2″ long and 1-1/2″ in diameter. It was about the same size soft as it used to be when it was rock hard. Only now it was soft. She told me that it would probably never be any smaller than that.

Mai Ling handed me my clothes and we talked as I was dressing. After the treatment, my cock had grown to 12-3/8″ long and 2-1/4″ in diameter. The number of “false comes” I had bothered her. She said that this could become a handicap.

It could mean that no one woman could keep up with me. She said she wasn’t too surprised by the size of my cock but further treatments usually didn’t increase the size appreciably.

Only one person, of those she treated, didn’t experience a decrease in “false comes” after stopping the treatments.

I had a decision to make. If she continued the treatment, they might trigger a further increase in the size of my cock.

If that happened, the number of “false comes” could increase also. If this did happen, there was always a chance of reversal.

By applying a couple of needles, Mai Ling said she could reverse the “false comes.” In doing this, the needles also may reverse the stop smoking or drinking treatment.

Now, I really had a tough decision to make. I thought the first decision was tough. Piece of cake compared to this one.

Armed czech bitch porno with that information, I thanked Dr. Mai Ling for the treatment and said that I would have to sleep on it. She laughed and said she and Tai Soo should be thanking me.

She said she would see me at 9 A.M. next Friday if I wanted to continue the treatment. Otherwise, she would appreciate my calling to cancel my appointment. I told her that I would be in touch and left.

When I got to the reception area, Ann wasn’t around. Thinking I had done something to offend her, I scribbled a quick note of apology.

If she had no objections, I wanted to see her tomorrow night. I also wrote down my phone number so she wouldn’t have to get it from the files.

With that done, I walked out of the office and started toward my car. There, leaning against the fender was Ann.

She was wearing a big smile and glowing all over. As I approached the car, she said, “Come with me. you’re tired and need some rest and pampering. Besides, I love the feel of your new cock.”

I told her about leaving the note. She laughed and said to leave it. She’d get it Monday. Saturday was her day off and she was going home with me.

Asking for my keys, she opened the door and slid behind the wheel. I got in, buckled up and settled down for a peaceful ride. Giving Ann my address, I settled back in the seat and relaxed.

Before long, she was shaking my shoulder. I didn’t think I could wake up long enough to make it into the house, but I stumbled in. Ann had already opened the door. If she hadn’t, I would have run right into it.

We entered the living room and I headed straight for the bar. After a day like I had, I needed a good stiff drink. I asked Ann if she wanted a drink and she said she’d have one of what I was having.

I filled a couple of Old Fashion glassed with ice and a good measure of Scotch. Handing one to Ann, we toasted each other.

After the treatment, the drink didn’t taste very good.

We sat down on the couch and leaned back to relax. God that felt good. It was almost 6 P.M., about 8 hours of the treatment. Longer than I thought, with the sleeping between sessions of sex.

I wasn’t sure if the treatment was the needles or the sex. Ann and I talked for a while. After we finished the drinks, Ann ordered in pizza while I poured us another.

The pizza arrived just about the time we finished our drinks. I opened a couple of dark beers. Then we sat down and pigged-out.

That pizza sure tasted good after a steady diet of pussy all day. I was thankful that I had breakfast before the treatment. Still, I was hungry.

I told Ann that we would eat out tomorrow night and asked if she had any special food in mind.

She mentioned that she had a hankering for a big piece of meat and it wasn’t steak either. Knowing the condition I was in, she said she’d let me get a little rest before she decided to chow down.

After we polished off the pizza, Ann cleaned up while I relaxed with a cup of coffee. I offered to help, but she wouldn’t have any part of it. Besides, I needed to recover some energy.

It didn’t take her more than a few minutes and she came bouncing into the living room. Damn, to have that much energy. I had a feeling that I was not going to get much rest.

Ann got me another cup of coffee and we sat and made small talk while I savored the quiet. She knew when to talk and when not to, giving a man the space he needs.

We sat for a while, and then decided it was time to go to bed. It wasn’t even 9:30, but I was bushed. With the drinks and the pizza topped off with beer, I was beginning to nod off.

We both went into the bedroom and began to undress. When I took off my shorts, Ann’s eyes were wide in surprise.

She hadn’t known what she was letting herself in for. When she saw the size of my cock, her mouth formed a little “O.” She didn’t dream that it would be that large. I quickly told her “NO.” I’ve had enough sex for one day.

We went into the bathroom and Ann was amazed at the size of it.

In one corner was a shower. I had it built for company. Four people could take a shower and not bump butts with anyone doing it.

Showerheads were installed in the overhead. Others were installed in rows along the walls about chest high and waist high. You could wash anything short of a Cadillac in there.

Ann and I soaped each other. Not a sexy soaping this time, rather an “I’m tired and just want to go to bed and sleep” soaping.

She couldn’t resist soaping up my huge cock. After the workout I had today, it wasn’t likely that she was going to get it hard.

After a long soaping, we rinsed off and got out of the shower. Toweling each other off, we were careful not to linger on each other’s erogenous zones too long.

Then, we headed for the bedroom to sleep. As we slid between the sheets, Ann slid over to my side to snuggle. It felt good.

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