How I finally fucked my cousin Letty. Part 1


How I finally fucked my cousin Letty. Part 1For pretty much all my life, I’ve always tried one way or another to fuck my cousin Letty. It all started when I was about 14 she was around 11/12. After school her and her siblings. Would come over to my house, their mom (my aunt Gloria) worked till evening. So they would hang out our house till their mom picked them up. My mom “watched” over us. It was me, my older brother (who was rarely home after school due to sports), and my younger sister. Plus Letty, and her 2 younger brothers. Letty would always be the first one home since her school got out first. I had the task of picking up my lil sis and younger cousins from elementary and walking them home. Once home my lil cousins would go straight to the PS2 and çankırı escort be glued there till their mom came. Letty and my sis would watch tv. After a few weeks I started to notice how developed my cousin Letty was. She already had really big boobs. I would occasionally play wrestle (big wwe fans) with my cousin Letty, younger sister and cousins. It would always be boys vs girls. It was during this time when I would take advantage of the situation and touch my cousin boob, ass and lil bit of her pussy. I would do the same with my sister but she wasn’t as fully developed as Letty. One day it was just me and Letty wrestling. I went and bear hugged her from behind and told her “I wouldn’t let go until she said I quit” . She was trying to wiggle her çankırı escort bayan way out but all that moving was just getting my dick hard. At one point she tried to reach back and tickle me. But she did not go high enough and ended up grabbing my dick. I quicky let her go. She turned around and noticed me trying to hide it. She literally asked me “why is that hard?”. Even though Letty had pretty much a grown woman body. She was still unfamiliar with sex and how the penis worked. I told her when it gets hard it’s cuz it fills up and I need to drain it. She said “well go pee then”. I told her that it’s not filled with pee but with sperm. She didn’t know what that really was. She asked how do I get the sperm out. I told her “having sex or jacking escort çankırı off”. I could tell by her face that she still had no idea what I was talking about. I ended up telling her that I could show her how sperm comes out but she had to promise to keep it a secret. She agreed, so we snuck down to the basement. Down there I put on a porno i had got from a friend. We watched an entire scene without saying anything, not until the guy cummed all over the girls Pussy. That’s when I said. “That’s sperm” .. I could tell she was amazed by what she was seeing… During the next scene, I told her.. “Now it’s my turn to drain my sperm” . I grabbed a blanket and covered myself while I jacked off. She asked me what I was doing under there. Told her “jacking off so my sperm comes out, wanna see?” And without warning I took the blanket off, exposing myself to her. Few strokes later I was cumming in front of her… She just watched she didnt say much other than I made a funny face when my sperm was Coming out..

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