How I fck my stepmother


How I fck my stepmotherBefore we start with anything let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Mark. I’m 18 years old, 6’2” with short brown hair and a toned body. I was never really into athletics but I work out occasionally so my body is in good shape. I also have a 9 inch dick that I was always proud of and that always kept my girlfriends happy. There’s one person though that I always wanted but I could never have. Or so I thought…The woman I am talking about here is my step mom, Lauren. My dad was so lucky to have married her because she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, if not the most. Let me describe her to you. She’s 5’2” with 34 C’s (I know because I saw her bra when doing the laundry) and long, silky brown hair. She has such a tight body and ass because she works out and keeps herself in great shape. Although she is 39, she has the body of a 18 year old. She is also one of the most intelligent people I know, she has the face of an angel and I just wish I could have her all to myself. She is the most amazing woman ever.It all started like this. I had just woken up and I was doing my usual morning routine when I had walked into the kitchen and I had heard my dad arguing with my step mom. She was sort of pissed off because she was supposed to go with him to a high school reunion tonight that was being held at her friend’s (Janice’s) house who lived close by. The thing was, my dad (George) couldn’t go because he had a surgery (my dad is a surgeon) for that night and he would be away for all of today and the next day. “Listen, I don’t have a choice in this Lauren, I have to go and I have to go now or I‘ll be late.” he yelled impatiently “I’m really sorry. I love you and I will see you guys tomorrow night.” He turned and left. I was kinda pissed at my dad for leaving my step mom in this state but I was also excited and happy that I would have her to myself for a day. Well, she was looking noticeably bummed at the fact she wasn’t able to go to her party with my dad and since I had absolutely nothing going on last night I decided to cheer her up. “I’m sorry that my dad couldn’t go with you Lauren but if you would like, I’ll go to that party with you.” With that she spun around to face me with a grin from ear to ear. “Oh my god! Thank you so much Mark! You have no idea what this means to me! I really didn’t want to go to this party alone tonight.” “Anytime Lauren. We will have a fun time tonight. Plus I really want to meet some of your college friends.” I said. She turned around to leave into the den but stopped like she forgot to do something and turned back and said “You’re father can be such a dick sometimes” she joked. We both laughed and went our separate ways in the house.We did our things that we had to do that day and when the time came, we got ready for the party and drove to Janice’s house. When we walked into the house, everyone was happy to see Lauren. She introduced me to everyone seemed to like me. The party was great! Everyone was merry and eating and drinking beer, especially Lauren (which was weird for me because I had never seen Lauren drink so much before. I eventually found out later from one of her college friends that in college, she was a tank and could out drink any man or woman on campus. But, it seemed her days away from college and being married took a toll on her drinking abilites because she was starting to get a little tipsy). By the end of the party, Lauren was extremely buzzed afyon escort and I had to take her home. We said our goodbyes, I grabbed the car keys, I helped Lauren in the car and we took off to go home. That’s when night started to get way better than I could have ever imagined.As I was driving her back to the house because she was in no shape to drive, I noticed something unusual had happened. She had fallen asleep (or passed out) in her chair but her hand was on my thigh. I hadn’t noticed because she has such a delicate touch. I thought it was by accident so I thought nothing off it. It wasn’t until a few seconds later that I noticed she was rubbing my thigh. I guess in her drunken state she thought I was my dad This was beginning to give me a major hard on and my dick was slowly growing to where her hand was rubbing me. It eventually reached where her hand was and when it did she immediately stopped. I didn’t want her to stop but I couldn’t tell her to keep going out of fear she would realize it was me. After a few moment of wondering what was going to happen next, she said quietly “Mark, do you love me?” “Of course I do. You’re the best” I said “No. I mean do you really, really love me?” she slurred a bit. I paused for a second and said “Yeah” “Good” she said. The rest of the drive home was complete silence but she never took her hand off my leg.When we got home I practically had to drag her into the house because she couldn’t stand up on her own. I got her to her room and I got her into bed. Once she was in bed, I kissed her good night but I was a little feeling a little bold from the few beers I drank so I kissed her on the lips. I lingered as long as I could without seeming suspicious and then I stopped and I noticed she was smiling. I didn’t think to much of it because I had a raging hard on and I needed to masturbate. I left her room, went into my room, grabbed some toilet paper from my drawer and got ready to masturbate to the images of my step mom in my head. I laid down on my bed, closed my eyes and started stroking my rock hard dick. I was going at it for about 2 minutes when something felt unusual, like there was someone watching. I stopped and opened my eyes and there was Lauren in a black bra and black panties in leaning against the door frame, an image that will stayed in my head to this day. I froze not really fully understanding what was going on. When I realized my dick was hanging out I tried to cover it up with a pillow. “Oh baby. You’re dick is so hard. Maybe I should help you with that” she said the most seductive voice ever. She started to stroll over to my bed, swaying her hips as she did. Was this really happening? Was what I have been wanting for so long going to happen or is this a cruel dream?Lauren came over to the side of the bed and took the pillow I was holding. She put it on the floor next to the bed and knelt onto it. She then proceeded to grab my cock. Her touch instantly sent shivers throughout my body. “Wow Mark. You father isn’t even close to as big as you are. You don’t know how badly I want you right now.” Still dumbstruck by the whole situation, I just let her take over which she gladly did. She started to jack me off which felt amazing. Every single stroke of her hands felt like a mini orgasm coursing throughout my body. “You don’t know how badly I wanted you Mark. I’ve seen you watching me and know you feel the same way I do”. Finally I was able to say “Oh Lauren! I’ve wanted this for escort afyon so long. I’ve always been jealous that my dad always got to have you for himself” With that, she suddenly let go. I had feared I said something wrong and that this was all over until all of a sudden she stuck my whole cock down her throat. The suddenness of it caused me to see stars. She held it there for a second and then pulled up. She started to lick the head of my cock with her talented tongue and then plunged down again. It felt so amazing. Eventually she stopped the licking of the head and just proceeded to bob up and down on my cock gently sucking it. I watched her amazed as how she could get my whole dick down her throat without gagging being that fully erect it had to be at least 11 inches long. “Ohhhhhhhhh Lauren” was all I could muster to say because the pleasure of it all had seized my ability to speak. After only a couple minutes of this I was about to cum. I think she realized this because she slowed down and when I cooled off she started going faster again. I couldn’t bare this teasing anymore and I decided to do some teasing of my own. I stopped her from blowing me in order to pick her up from the floor and lay her on the bed. “Oh Mark…” I straddled her on the bed and I leaned over to kiss her passionately on the lips and to unclasp her bra. I broke our kiss in order to see her boobs. They were the most perfect boobs I think I have ever seen. They were round and perky and she had small areolas with tits that were as hard as pencil erasers. I greedily groped her boobs and sucked each one alternately. She moaned as I sucked hard on them.Once I had her going, I stopped sucking her tits and I knelt on the floor. I grabbed her ass and pulled her in towards me. I pulled off her panties and she was dripping wet. I kissed her inner thigh and worked my way up to her mound. The smell was intoxicating. I licked around her pussy but not quite the pussy itself “Mark! Stop teasing me like that. I need it so bad. Please!” But I ignored her pleas and kept licking around her pussy. When she was twitching furiously and I realized she couldn’t take it anymore, I plunged my tongue into her and she screamed “OOOOO MARK THAT FEELS SO AMAZING” as an orgasm ripped through her. She tasted so sweet and I never wanted to stop. I continued to lick her love tunnel as I played with her clit. This caused her to jerk around immensely in pleasure. Her juices flooded out of her and I greedily licked it up as if it were like a last meal. “Oh Mark your so good at this!” “Lauren you taste so sweet! I want you so badly.” “Mark don’t stop don’t stop don….” was all she could get out before an earth shattering orgasm swept through her body. She clamped her legs around my head and pushed my head into her pussy as her juices flooded into my mouth. She was writing in sheer pleasure. When her orgasm subsided and she finally let go of the grip she had on my head, she pulled my head up by my chin and said “I need to fuck you right now”. I was happy to oblige. I laid down on the bed and I was hard as a rock with my dick pointing straight up. She got on top of me and put my dick near the entrance of her pussy. She looked at me deeply in into my eyes and said “Baby, I love you and I want to be with you always”. I said “I love you too Lauren” and with that she plunged my dick all the way into her. The feeling was incredible, she was so tight. “Oh my god Mark you’re so big! I’ve never felt so full afyon escort bayan in my entire life.” Her pussy muscles gripped my cock trying to get used to the size of me. When she finally did, she started to bounce up and down on me, slowly at first but quickly picking up speed. “Why did I wait so long to do this?! You feel so incredible inside of me. All that wasted time. But I’m going to make up for it right now” She kept going faster and faster and I was starting to meet her thrusts with my own. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. “Lauren I’m going to cum! Do you want me to pull out?!” I was afraid she would say no but my dreams came true when she said “No! Don’t worry. I need you to cum in me. Cum in mommy right now!” That statement just put me way over the edge. She slammed down on my dick to the hilt and I shot my load deep, deep into her pussy which made us both orgasm simultaneously. It was the most heavenly bliss I have ever felt. Her pussy milked my cock for all it was worth as she screamed from the multiple orgasms she was experiencing. After what felt like hours, I stopped cumming inside of her and she collapsed on top of me. We both laid there for a few minutes bathing in the afterglow with my cum dripping out of her until finally she said “Mark…I have never felt anything like that in my life. I can tell now that I am probably going to become addicted to that feeling and I am going to need to feel it constantly. No matter where we are, what time it is or what we are doing, if I need it, you’re going to have to give it to me. Ok? Please say you will because I don‘t think I will be able to live without it” “Of course Lauren. I love you so much and I would do anything for you. But we are going to have to keep this a secret from my dad or things could become disastrous for everyone involved” “Oh baby thank you so much” she said. “I would like you to fuck me now if you are up to it” she said so innocently and hot that it made my cock grow inside of her. This caused her to spaz for a moment and grin. It seemed she still wasn’t used to having something that big inside of her but she still loved it. She moved under me and I moved on top of her. I started to move in and out of her and I kept pushing deeper into her with every thrust. “Faster! Faster! Fuck me harder! Don’t ever stop!” she moaned “You are so fucking beautiful and tight. I want to have you every night I possibly can!” I yelled. “You can have me whenever you want. That feels so good! FASTER!”. I did what she told me to do and I fucked her for all I was worth. “YES YES! RAM YOUR FUCK POLE INTO ME! HARDER! IT FEELS SO AMAZING! IM GOING TO CUM! YOUR COCK IS SO BIG” she screamed “ME TOO!” I screamed. We climaxed at the same time again with this orgasm just as incredible if not more than the last as my cum flooded her. Absolutely nothing could have felt better than that moment. This time I collapsed next to her, both of us breathing heavily and staring at each other. The last thing I remember was holding her and her beautiful face before I drifted off to sleep.I woke up the next morning thinking that last night was probably a dream and its not possible that any of that could have happened. I thought that until I realized the warmth that was gripping my cock. I opened my eyes to see Lauren staring at me smiling. “Good morning lover” she said. I smiled as I looked into her eyes. I was remembering our magnificent night together. “We have the whole day ahead of us before dad gets home. What do you wanna do babe?” “I could think of a few things” she said giggling. “If your good, maybe I’ll let you try the other end…” Like I said, the most amazing woman ever.deletedThanks for reading. (C)PornApocalypse

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