How I Became a Hotwife Pt2


Following on from my night of unbridled sex.There was so much going through my mind as I drove home. If I was being honest, I was probably too distracted to drive safely. My daze was broken by the phone ringing; it was Dave.I sheepishly answered, not really knowing what to say, or how Dave would react. My fears were immediately eased as he just asked, “How is my little hotwife?” I could feel myself welling up with tears as I told him I didn’t think he’d want anything to do with me after what I had done. He just laughed and said, “Don’t be silly. Let’s talk when you get home; I’ll have dinner ready.” The rest of the drive home flew by.After we had eaten, Dave got me a glass of wine and we sat in the lounge. He asked me to tell him everything from the beginning. As I spoke, I noticed his eyes never left mine, not even for one second. He was transfixed by my every word. I also couldn’t help but notice an ever-increasing bulge in his trousers.After I had finished, he put his hand on my leg. When I flinched, he looked shocked and asked what was wrong. I told him that I was really sore, and he’d have to be very gentle if he wanted sex. I could see the disappointment as he told me it was ok, but also the relief on his face when I asked if he could just hold me tonight, and that’s how we fell asleep.I awoke the next morning to find Dave gone. When I went through to the kitchen, he was sitting reading his iPad at the island with a very mischievous grin on his face. When I asked what he was up to, he just told me I’d find out soon.I turned and said that I needed a shower, asking Dave to make me a coffee.When I came back down, Dave had a coffee waiting for me but with a grin still on his face like a Cheshire Cat. The look on my face must have said everything.“Well, I’ve arranged for Mark and Helen to come around for a meal the next Saturday,” he mused, and then added that they would stay the night. They have been friends of ours for years. Dave has always teased how Mark fancies and flirts with me all the time, and how I lapped it up!“Come on, what have you been planning?” I asked.He just said, “Simple. We both know he fancies the arse off you, so lots of alcohol and see what happens.”I replied, “You know full well that Helen is a bit of a prude, so there’s no way on this earth anything will happen.”He just smiled saying, “Leave that to me, she likes a drink. I’m going to get her so drunk she will be passed out and in bed by eleven.”“So, where does that leave you then, I’m pretty sure he will not try anything with you there.”“Oh, Helen’s drinks will be very stiff. Mine, however, will be very weak indeed, but I will start acting very drunk like Helen.”“Then what?”“You will help me to bed and Mark will help Helen. Then you will be left to your own devices.”“And what do you want from it, Dave.”“Simple. Leave the serving hatch slightly open, then once I feel it’s safe, I will creep into the kitchen and watch.”The thought of that alone made me tingle. “You really do have it all worked out don’t you, you perv,” I giggled.“But what if he doesn’t flirt and nothing happens,” I asked.“Text him tomorrow. Something like, ‘looking forward to seeing you next week.’”Mmm, I thought to myself, has covered every angle, “Ok, I will.”The following morning as I was getting ready for work, I started thinking about how I would open the conversation. Getting ready, I never thought about what I was picking out to wear, but I instinctively chose hold-ups and a nice bra/thong set. I then slipped on a navy skirt suit with a fairly sensible pair of courts.As we left for work, Dave grinned saying, “Have fun.”I sat in the car when I got to work and sent a quick text to Mark, “Hiya, looking forward to catching up next weekend, it’s been a while.”Within a minute, which shocked me, I had back a reply, “Really looking forward to seeing you too.”Straightaway I noticed he had said ‘you,’ not ‘you two,’ or ‘you guys’.Before I had a chance to reply, I received another, “Helen wants to get all dressed up, is it that sort of meal? Dave didn’t say.”“I’ve no idea. Dave never really mentioned it. But if Helen wants to glam up, I will drop her a txt. N I’m all for it. I’m sure us girls will look fab,” adding a winking emoji on the end.I started to get on with some work when I heard my phone buzz again. It was nearly lunchtime before I got a chance to look.He had replied, “You always look good though.”I replied a quick, “Awww thank you, that’s sweet.”Once again, he replied almost immediately, “Trust me, the thoughts were not sweet,” with a wink.That put a smile on my face. Feeling a little braver, I replied, “Oh really, do tell, you’ve got me wondering.”I didn’t get a reply until just before I was about to leave work.“Sorry about the delay. I’ve been plucking up the courage. You are fit as fuck, and I dare not say half the things I’d love to do to you.”I sat staring at the screen thinking, ‘OMG.’ All I could reply was, “Really?The reply was quick again, “Yes x.”OMG, I thought again. I didn’t know what to say to that. I thought about it the entire drive home. I sat on the drive and replied, “Talk tomorrow, ta ta.”As soon as I got in, I started preparing dinner. When Dave arrived home, his first words were, “Well, did you text?” I laughed and told him to look for himself pointing to my phone. As he stood there reading, his grin got wider and wider. He put my phone down walked up behind me and kissed my neck and said, “I’ve always thought it, but I definitely think Mark wants to fuck my wife now.”I felt my skirt unzip and fall to the floor, then felt Dave pulling my thong down. He then stood and pushed my legs open with his feet. He suddenly pushed me forwards onto the island. It was as he slipped straight into me that I realised just how wet I was.“Fuck,” I moaned and grabbed the worktop to steady myself as he started fucking me. There was no love or tenderness, he just started to fuck me. As he pounded my pussy, I swear I had never felt his cock so hard or so big in our entire marriage.I felt his grip get tighter on my hips and he said, “Tell me what you want.”“Just fuck me,” I gasped.I felt a sharp slap to my arse cheek as he said again, “Tell me slut.”“I want him.”Another slap, “You want him to do what.”I was so close to cumming as I moaned, “I want him to fuck me.”“What do you want him to do to your married slut body?” He slapped my arse again.That pushed me over the edge and my legs began to shake. As my orgasm overtook me, I screamed, “Anything he wants.” Immediately I felt stream after stream of his cum shooting deep inside me. He then pulled out and I felt him bend behind me pulling my cheeks apart and thrusting his tongue straight into my arse.OMG, my legs just gave way.After we had calmed down, I told Dave, “That was amazing; you’ve never done anything like that before.” He kissed me again saying that he was enjoying exploring the new me.Once I had regained my composure, I carried on getting dinner ready. I should have cleaned up, but I loved the feeling of his cum slowly dribbling from me onto my holdups. After dinner, I dragged Dave to bed and pretty much demanded he fuck me again, which he happily obliged.The next day at work, I had just sat down at my desk when my phone went. It was Mark. “I hope I didn’t offend you yesterday, I may have pushed things a bit far.”“Not at all, I like the way you think, Mark.”“Really? I hope it’s not too awkward on Saturday; you usually look so hot.”“Awww, thank you. I’m going shopping tomorrow for a new outfit.”Again, I got stuck in work and it wasn’t until lunchtime that I saw his reply. It was a page full of smiley emojis. I just sent a quick kiss back as it was a Friday and things are always chaotic.When I got home, Dave straightaway asked how my day had been. I teased him with a, “Very busy,” before showing him my phone. When he had finished, he smiled saying, “I guess we are going shopping then.”“Nope,” I replied, “I am going on my own. You won’t see my outfit until next Saturday either.”“Not fair,” he giggled.It was Saturday morning, and as I was getting ready, I thought about my normal weekend shopping wear. Jeans and a T-shirt. But no, I thought, it was a lovely day, and I walked out of the house in a white strappy dress, finished with some three-inch peep-toe heels.Dave looked jealous as he said, “Still not fair,” as I left. I just blew him a kiss and went.Walking round town I felt so much more confident about myself. I even noticed some admiring looks. I lost count of how many dresses I tried on, but I knew it as soon as I saw it, a totally backless, white, halter-neck dress, very plunging at the front and flared to just below mid-thigh. The material was thin, so there was no hiding my nipples either. It made me feel so, so good as soon as I put it on.I picked out a pair of sheer natural holdups to go with it. But as I was walking to the till, I saw some white fishnets with really deep lace tops. I picked them up as well, thinking to myself I’ll see how brave I feel next week.The weekend flew by with lots of naughty comments from Dave, teasing me about the next weekend. I shut him up though. In bed that night when he got all amorous, I said no. The next cock to have my pussy will be Mark’s. I want you gagging for it as soon as I come to bed. You’re to reclaim me. This sort of backfired, because I was gagging myself. But before I knew it Monday was here again.There was lots more flirting and begging from both Dave and Mark trying to find out about my outfit. I loved it, and yes, I had found out that I was sub. But I also liked being in control sometimes as well.Friday soon came around; I had booked a half-day. I had an appointment with the beautician. Legs and pussy waxed again. My pussy had never looked so good since I started waxing. I turned and bent over; I loved it. My lips and arse were so smooth. Slipping my thong into my handbag, I booked my next appointment and thanked her, saying how it all looked amazing.Next, I had a manicure and pedicure, both in bright red. When I walked out of the beautician, I felt amazing. My toes looked fab through the three-inch peep-toe heels I wore. And the cool air on my freshly waxed pussy was just amazing.Sitting back in my car, I sent Mark a quick text, “Just finished at the beautician. Love the results. See you tomorrow x.”Before I’d left the car park, I got a, “Tell me.”I replied a simple, “No, you’ll have to wait. Bye xx.”Saturday was mostly spent prepping dinner; Dave went for it. He had made a pate for the starter, fillet steaks for the main while I made a white choc and raspberry cheesecake for dessert.I texted Mark, “Get Helen on the wine so she is nice and relaxed.”He replied, “Just opened a bottle. She has been getting ready for hours. Wink, wink.”Dave came into the kitchen saying they would arrive in an hour and a half: “Shall we start getting ready?”I laughed saying, “Ok Mr impatient, go and get in the shower.” I followed him up a few minutes later and took out my outfit and placed it on the bed, followed by the sheer and the fishnets. I had not yet told David that I’d had my pussy waxed again so I made sure that I had my towel around me when he came out.Before I showered, I asked David to choose which stockings and to pick out a pair of heels for me, he eagerly agreed.By the time I had finished in the shower, he was ready. Chinos, a nice shirt and shoes. I had to admit that even after so many years together, I still fancied the pants off him. On the bed, I saw the fishnets there and next to the bed was a pair of heels I’d forgotten I had. Five-inch strappy white stilettos that I’d bought a few years before for a cruise we went on.David was a little miffed when I sent him downstairs saying that I’d be down when was ready. He wanted to watch me dress, but I wanted it to be a surprise.I applied my makeup with loads of dark eye make-up; Dave loves them that way. I then slipped on the fishnets and straightaway I loved them. My toes looked fab. I slipped on the heels and walked around the bedroom, surprised at how comfortable they were still. Looking in the mirror, I felt so sexy and horny.I couldn’t resist it and looked at the clock. I still had half an hour. I sat on the edge and plunged my fingers into my pussy. It felt so good and I came so quickly. I lay there for a few minutes as the feeling washed over me. I stood and wiped myself and slipped on the smallest white G-string I had before slipping the dress on realising how hard my nipples had become. I applied a lipstick to match my fingers and toes and with one final look, I walked downstairs.Dave’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when I walked into the kitchen, “Can I call and cancel?” he laughed.“No, I’ve not gone to all this for nothing, plus, it was your idea darling.” I gave him a twirl.He gave a low groan as I did, before walking up to me, kissing me and saying, “Have fun. I mean it. Do whatever you like.”“Ok, if you insist,” I lifted my dress in front of him and asked if he approved, you could clearly see my bald pussy through the sheer G-string.His eyes lit up as he walked over to me, looked me in the eyes and said, “Sluts don’t wear knickers,” and so saying, he pulled the tie on the side and eased them from me. Before he had a chance to say anything, the doorbell went. He put them into his pocket saying that he had better answer the door. As I walked to the door, my pussy was on fire. I was soaked.I opened the door and let them in. Helen looked stunning in a very tight-fitting trouser suit with red heels. I had never seen her dress so sexily before. We kissed and she headed straight into the kitchen to Dave. Mark just stood there looking open-mouthed as I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the hall laughing. He just said, “I’m going to have a hard-on all night.”I kissed his cheek saying, “I hope so; let’s get them pissed,” before leading him into the kitchen. When we got there, Helen looked at me saying, “Wow, you’re one lucky guy Dave. She is seriously hot.”I blushed and Dave replied, “I know I am,” as he poured some drinks. When he passed them to Mark and Helen, I could see how strong hers was just from the colour. It’s a good job vodka doesn’t have much taste I thought.

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