How I Became a Cocksucker


How I Became a CocksuckerStory by: sterculius”How I Became a Cocksucker”Premise: My best friend made me his slut.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I’m a married straight cocksucker. I say straight because I love sex with women and I don’t have any other interest in guys aside from wanting to suck their cock. I’ve been an avid and enthusiastic cocksucker ever since the first time I blew my best friend Larry .Larry and I were best friends since grade school and when we were both around 16, we decided to try masturbating together. I had never seen his cock before and the first time he took it out I was amazed by it’s size! I was surprised to see that it was much bigger than mine was. As I watched it getting thicker and harder I thought it was very beautiful and I was just dying to hold it! At some point, I suggested that we each jerk off the other. He agreed and I volunteered to do him first. I reached out took it into my hand and as I wrapped my fingers around it, I became aware of it’s massive girth, so much thicker and heavier than my own! I began to stroke it and I could tell that he was very close to cumming. He blew his load quickly and so did I when it came to be my turn, but it felt so good to be stroked by a hand belonging to someone else. Once we started exchanging handjobs,it was only a matter of time before I brought up the idea of exchanging blowjobs and again, as before, I offered to suck his cock first. As it started out, we agreed to do it to each other in order to have it done to ourselves, but I quickly realized that I loved the erotically submissive sensation of being down on my knees, with his big cock sliding between my lips and filling my mouth. In the beginning we agreed to let the one giving the blowjob know just before we were about to cum so that he could finish with a handjob, but on one occasion, while I was deliriously absorbed in the enjoyment of sucking on his cock, I felt his already big cock growing even bigger and harder in my mouth until suddenly, without warning, he grunted and proceeded to fill my kurtköy escort mouth with what seemed to be a continuous, pulsating stream of warm, thick semen!! Since his cock was at the back of my mouth at the time, I had no choice but to either swallow it or choke, so I swallowed it all. Afterward, he said that he was sorry, but that what I was doing to his cock with my mouth felt so good that he got carried away and that once he began cumming, he couldn’t stop. He said it was the most that he had ever cum and that he could not believe that I had swallowed it all. He asked me if I liked the way it tasted. I pretended to be angry, but the truth was that I was DELIGHTED that he had cum in my mouth!!! Up until that point, we were just two friends fooling around, but at that defining moment when I first felt his warm semen flowing freely and continuously onto my tongue and I experienced the erotic ecstasy of having caused Larry to reach his orgasm in my mouth, I realized that I had crossed over the line!I had officially become a “Cocksucker”!! Not only did I like both the taste and the thick, lumpy texture of his cum, not only did I like the sensation of his cock filling my mouth, but I realized that I was happy and excited to have become a cocksucker. To have become “his” cocksucker! Up until then, we would do it once or twice a week but after that first time that he came in my mouth, I wanted to do it EVERY single day.As my enthusiasm for sucking his cock increased and my skills as a cocksucker improved, he would more often get “carried away” and cum in my mouth until I admitted that I liked it and that in fact, I WANTED him to cum in my mouth. He said that he had begun to suspect that I enjoyed it and so after that, he would obligingly cum in my mouth and I would obediently swallow. We alternated days giving each other blowjobs because after cumming, we would lose the desire to blow the other, but as he began to realize how much I loved sucking on his cock and eating his cum, he gradually became less and less interested in blowing me when it came to be his turn, suggesting that I blow him instead since I obviously ataşehir escort loved doing it so much and that he would do me the next time. I would instantly agree as I eagerly welcomed every opportunity to get his cock back into my insatiable mouth. Eventually he stopped blowing me altogether and I willingly became his own personal cocksucker. I really didn’t mind since by that time I had a girlfriend who loved sucking my cock almost as much as I loved to suck on Larry’s cock. Between the two of us, I became the better cocksucker because to him it was only a means to an end, whereas I couldn’t get enough of it.Even though he had a very big cock, I learned how to suppress my gag reflex and take it all the way into my throat until his balls were resting on my chin. The first time that it happened, he was fucking my mouth and pressing the head of his cock against the constriction at the back of my mouth leading into my throat .He still had about three inches of his cock still outside my mouth and as I became more comfortable with the feeling he started to push even harder. Each time, he was able to go in a little further than before. I felt the entrance to my throat gradually being stretched open in order to accommodate him and to allow the passage of the massive head of his cock. He continued pushing, forcing it deeper and deeper until all at once, I felt something in my throat suddenly give way as the head of his cock popped past the constriction and continued sliding easily all the way into my throat until my nose was buried in his pubic hairs!! We were both amazed at what had just happened!! I was delighted with the way that it felt with his cock buried deep in my throat. After a few moments, he withdrew his cock until just the head remained in my mouth only to roughly force it back down into my throat. The more he did it, the more saliva I produced, lubricating my throat and making it easier for him until finally, he was able to slide his cock from just inside my mouth to all the way down into my throat in one smooth and continuous stroke. From that day on, it became our favorite technique. I loved the bostancı escort sensation of his thick cock expanding and filling my throat and I wanted to keep it there for as long as I could. Although I was unable to breathe with his cock all the way down, I would learn to use my throat muscles to massage his cock until he came.Over time we developed a routine. Each day we would meet at his house or mine, usually his where. I would get down on my knees with him standing in front of me and I would suck on his cock as he held my head and fucked my mouth. Sometimes he would cum with his cock on my tongue so I could taste it before I swallowed it but usually, after vigorously fucking my throat with his cock, he would cum with his cock buried deep in my throat. I couldn’t taste it but I could feel his cock pulsating in my throat as he ejaculated directly into my esophagus.Once, we were almost caught by his older sister when she came home unexpectedly just as he was cumming in my mouth. He was able to quickly put away his cock and zip his pants just as she walked into the living room where I had been blowing him, but I was still on my knees trying to swallow his cum. He made up a lame excuse about me looking for something that I had dropped on the carpet but since my face was very red and we both must have looked guilty, I’m sure that she knew what we had been doing. After that day, she always gave me a little knowing smile whenever she looked at me. Since she was also my sisters best friend, I always wondered if she ever told my sister about her suspicions..Often, after dinner, we would go up to the roof of the apartment house where he lived and I would give him another blowjob on the roof behind the stairwell enclosure. The pa****t came up to his waist so although he could be seen from the street or the adjoining buildings, I couldn’t be seen down on my knees sucking on his cock. I kept a board there to protect my knees from the roof gravel. If the weather was bad, I would blow him just inside the door of the roof landing. We continued with our daily ritual for over two years until he moved away. I still love giving blowjobs, but I loved sucking my best friend’s big cock the most of all. I recently confessed to my wife about having sucked my friends cock and about how much I loved doing it. I didn’t tell her that I’m still a cocksucker.THE END

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