Hotel Hookup Pt. 01

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It was time for the two of us to meet up again. I had seen you just last month but to my body that seemed like decades ago. Our past few times we had met up at my cabin but this time I wanted to try something a little different. To that end I booked us a hotel room. Nothing fancy, just your run of the mill basic lower end hotel room. We didn’t need anything fancy for what we were doing. Plus it had everything we needed. A nice big bed of course. Curtains to darken the room and there was even a small hotel bar to grab a bit to eat and a drink in between our romps.

I arrived early and was lucky enough to get checked in at 10am. Perfect for a rest before you got there. I texted you the details and room number. You must have been already on your way because it wasn’t more than 15 minutes when I heard a knock on my door.

Trying not to appear so excited I hurried over to the door but then slowly opened it and let you side.

“Good to see you.” I said and gave you a tight hug. “You too!” you replied.

“So what do you think of the place? Not too shabby for a Days Inn, right?” I ask making small talk.

“Yeah, it will do.” You said, giving me a wink.

My eyes were drawn to your body like they always are. Your slender legs and tight jeans leading to a nice top and your beautiful face and hair. I’m a lucky man I thought to myself.

I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. The TV was still going and you sat down beside me. We were both pretty horrible at adulting and we knew it. Neither of us could ever understand how people could just go out at night and meet someone randomly and hook up with them. The small talk helped though, it normalized things. We weren’t there just for sex, but at the same time neither of us could wait to start taking the other ones clothes off and had already begun to do so in our minds.

“How about we just skip the rest of the small talk and I go pull those blinds shut and we see what happens?” I asked. You just nervously nodded your head.

I got up off the bed and clicked off the TV. Then I walked to the window and pull the blinds closed as tightly as I could. The room was actually pretty dark after that. Not so dark that we would be fumbling around but dark enough that both of us would feel a bit less self conscious than we had in the brightness of the sun the last time we met. By the time I got back to the bed you had already kicked your shoes off and I began to do the same.

“What some help with those jeans?” I asked. “Gladly” you answered.

With that you popped the button at the waist and I began to tug down on them from around your feet. There was a bit of a struggle but I managed to pull them off. The result was me being in the very enviable position of being between bursa escort your naked legs. Only some very sexy panties separating me from your treasure.

I prop myself up on my knees and bring myself closer to kiss your lips. Grabbing you behind your head I pull you closer to me until our lips meet. This moment feels like it took ages to get to. Last time we met up seems like a distant memory. When our lips part I push you back so you’re laying flat on the bed.

I lift your shirt up slightly and kiss your tummy. Then I start working my way downward. Down to your hips with some more light kisses. My beard gently scratching your skin. Then to your right thigh. I start from your knee and work my way towards your pussy. Stopping every few inches or so to delicately put my lips on your soft skin. When I reach your panties I place my mouth on them so you can feel my warm breath against your clit. My mouth yearns to taste you so badly but I persist with this tease for as long as I can. My lips meander down your left thigh till I reach your knee.

I recenter myself between your legs and reach up under your shirt to your breasts. They are still covered by your bra but I run my hands over them and then to the middle of your body and down to your hips. My fingers curl inside the elastic of your panties and give them a slight tug. Instinctively you raise your ass a bit to make their removal easier and with one swift motion I have them around your thighs. I keep working and before long they are around your knees and then to your ankles and then off.

As if to tease me your legs are now firmly pressed together but I’m not going to put up with that. I reach out and grab your knees and apply enough pressure to let you know that you should be spread before me. My only regret now is the darkness of the room. Once again, I work my way from your knee and down your thigh with my mouth. I can hear your breathing picking up pace a bit with the anticipation. Finally my lips meet your lips. I slowly run my tongue from the bottom of your slit to the top. My warm rough tongue gliding over your most delicate of parts.

I take my time and enjoy teasing you with my tongue. This is the first time I’ve gotten to really taste you. With each pass I force my tongue deeper and deeper between your soft wet lips. My arms wrapped around your hips and I caress your body while also making sure you can’t escape.

My warm wet tongue once again passes over your vagina. In the darkness the tip of my tongue searches for your clit and soon finds it. I delicately flick back and forth, just barely in contact with it. Slowly, I apply more and more pressure to my tonguing. I run circles around your clit and can start to feel your hips shifting with each lap. While it’s a bit cliche bursa escort bayan I decide to resort to the old stand by of tracing out the alphabet with my tongue. By the time I get to ‘Z’ you are thoroughly soaked. Your hips are bucking with pleasure.

I decide I want you to cum. Right on my face, right then and there. My right hand recedes from your hip and I slide my middle finger inside you. The tip of the finger probes for your G spot at the top of your canal. I double my effort with my tongue and my left hand reaches up and forces your bra off your breast. I pinch your nipple with ever increasing force. This symphony lasts for several minutes until I can feel your climax approaching. I give you everything I have and you reach down and press the back of my head into your sweet pussy. A soft moan drifts from your lips as your body spasms and and you begin to cum.

I grab your thighs with both my arms and hold on for the ride. The pace of my tongue slows and I don’t use nearly as much pressure but my tongue still swirl around and plays softly with your womanhood. Cumming on my face has thoroughly soaked my beard with your juices and I’m enjoying every last moment. The way you taste, the way you smell, the way you feel.

Reluctantly I let go my grasp of your thighs and your breathing begins to return to normal. Still between your legs I begin to kiss your inner thigh and work my way up your body. Gently kissing your tummy and working my way up. My entire body wants you so badly. Before my mouth reaches your breasts I quickly remove what was left of my clothing and you took the opportunity to finally get rid of your bra. My rock hard cock sprang free from its confines and I tossed everything into a pile off to the side. Finally, I was free to resume my ravaging of your body. My hands found your hips while my mouth went in search of your breasts in the darkness of the room. Your nipples fit perfectly into my mouth. Biting them ever so gently and sucking on them till I heard you softly moan. My cock is now resting between your legs which are still dangling from the bed.

I want to be inside you so badly. I raise myself up and grab you by the hip and guide you to roll over. You do so very willingly and with your body half off the bed I move in. My cock slides down your pussy until the tip brushes up against your clit. You’re still soaking wet. I raise my dick up just a bit and find what I’ve been looking for. Slowly I push inside you. Deep inside you. I bury my cock as deep as you will take it. Then slowly remove it until just your lips are holding it in place. Then gradually I slip deep back inside. Your warmth envelopes me. I grab your hips and slowly increase my pace. Eventually I start to thrust with more and more force. Your escort bursa entire body moves forward with each push of my cock.

You are taking your pounding so dutifully. I grab your right arm and place it on the small of your back. Then I place your left arm back there and with my large hands I bundle them together. Now with each thrust I have a bit of leverage to pull you back onto my cock with each thrust. Time and time again I plow into you. My balls slap against your wet clit as if to spank it. All I can think of is cumming inside you but I hold off.

I release your hands and with a firm swat, I slap your ass and grab it for one last deep push. I withdraw my cock and finally climb up onto the bed. You move up as well and we are in the spooning position, albeit you have a very hard member pushing against your back. I lift your hair and gently kiss the back of your neck. My eyes dart downwards taking in your curves.

Once again, I run my hands up over your hips. Up the side of your stomach and to your breasts. I give your nipples a light squeeze as I cup your breasts in my hands. Then I reach down and take my cock and place it between your legs. You lift your legs ever so slightly and it presses against your warm, wet pussy. I begin to slide it back and forth. Before long I reach down again and press my cock a little bit more and I’m able to slide inside you.

Now that I’m right where I wanted to be I turn my attention back to your shoulders. I kneed my thumb into your neck muscles and try to work out some of your tension. Every once in a while though I withdraw my cock and slowly slide it back in. Just so you know I’m still there.

After a bit of that though you seem pretty well relaxed between your oral earlier and your mini massage. I place my hand on your hips and begin to pick up the pace of our spooning sex. Faster and deeper. My hand firmly holds on your ass as I plunge inside you. I slip my other hand under your head and down to your breast as I start to fuck you with even more purpose and vigor. I move my hand from your hip all the way across your stomach and down between your body and the sheets. I’ve got you pretty well wrapped up. You’re not going anywhere, not that you want too.

My mouth is next to your ear and I whisper to you “I’m going to cum… in you”. You don’t respond but rather you press your ass even harder against me. I can feel my orgasm swell and I grab your entire body and shove my dick as deep inside you as possible. A warm spurt of cum comes flying out of the end of my penis and into you vagina. Followed by another and another. I love the thought of you taking my load. The white creamy fluid filling you up inside.

I don’t ever want to leave this position so I decide I wont. I let go of your breast and stretch my arm out under your head and I return my other hand to your hip but I leave my cock inside you. It seals you up so none of my juices can escape. I pull you close and we drift off for a little nap before our next round.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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