Hotel Encounter

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I checked into the hotel in anticipation of our encounter. Tossing my bag onto the floor of the room, I left to get to the bar so that I would not be late and as I sat there nursing a drink, in walked a vision. Your sexy hips were swaying under a long loose skirt, and your full breasts were packed perfectly inside a very clingy top.

Your full lips parted to call my name as I rose and walked to you. We hugged and I kissed your soft lips and my tongue brushed against them as gently as possible. We sat at a table and you ordered a drink and we spoke about mundane topics, all the while my eyes drifting down to your cleavage every time you gave me the chance. I asked if you would like to go to my room and you nearly jumped at the chance.

We walked hand in hand to the elevator, barely containing the looks in our eyes and as soon as the doors closed, my hands pulled your face to me. Our lips hungrily met and we passionately kissed for what seemed to be an eternity. You pressed your body into mine and your breasts were pushing your hard nipples through the sheer top you wore. My hands found their way to your ass and I pulled you close to me.

My cock was nearly exploding as we kissed. Your tongue was dancing with mine then you pulled back and smiled. Lowering to your knees, I felt your fingers pry my cock from the pants that imprisoned it. Your tongue went to work immediately licking the shaft of my manhood. Your hands stroked my balls and you took me in your mouth. I leaned back against the wall of the elevator and moaned with the pleasure bursa escort you were giving me.

The doors dinged and you rose quickly, standing in front of me, stroking my hard cock. A couple got on the elevator and you stood there making small talk, stroking my cock as you did. When we reached our floor, we walked off the elevator and you were pulling my cock behind you. I unlocked the door and we rushed into the room. Kissing each other, hands moving through clothes, I found that you had no panties on, and immediately raised your skirt, slipping a finger inside your wet pussy.

You began arching your back and pushing your hips down on my hand. As you stroked my cock, I moved you into the bathroom and raised you up onto the counter. You spread your legs apart and wanted me inside you. I obliged quickly, shoving my hard cock into you and fucking you very deep and hard. I took off your clothes and mine while I thrusted inside your soaked pussy and when I unleashed your magnificent breasts, I slowed.

Taking each one in my hands and sucking the rock hard nipples. I pulled my cock out and knelt before your sopping pussy to begin eating you. I began licking your clit with my tongue and taking your juices in my mouth. I began sliding a finger into you while I ate your love box. Your hands began pressing my head deeper into your pussy and you positioned your legs over my shoulders. It did not take very long before you orgasm on my face.

You came all over me as I licked and sucked your sweet pussy. I rose and sucked each nipple bursa escort bayan as I moved up. I took you down from the bathroom counter and led you to the bedroom. Laying back on the bed, I took a good look at your amazing breasts, the smile on your face, and the look in your eyes as you found my cock still hard and ready. You knelt down and took my balls into your hands. You were massaging them and licking my cock with that amazing tongue of yours. You were teasing the head as you move closer and closer.

Finally, I raised my hips up and thrust towards your hot mouth. You devoured my cock, sucking me and stroking the shaft as you flicked the head of my cock with your tongue. You were wanting me to cum just as quickly as you did and I could feel my orgasm building quickly. I rose up and took my cock from your mouth. I laid it between your ample breasts. I started to fuck your tits and you held your mouth open for my cum as I pumped faster and faster. I stood up over you and started stroking my cock.

Aiming at your mouth and your breasts, I exploded dripping hot cum onto your waiting lips, in your mouth, and all over your huge heaving breasts. I stroked my cock until there was no more. You look up at me and smiled. I took your hand and put it on my still hard cock. I wanted to fuck you more and wanted to make you cum again and again. I pulled you up and bent you over the bed. I took my hard cock in my hand and began rubbing it all over your ass and your pussy.

I slid my shaft inside you and pulled it out. You positioned escort bursa your knees on the bed and spread your legs for me. I rammed my cock home, deep into your drenched pussy. Grabbing onto your hips, I started fucking you hard and deep. I could feel your wet pussy grip me as you got closer and closer. As I continued to fuck you hard and deep, you began to moan low and fast. As you get closer, you start to cry out and you cum for me again, soaking my cock and my balls as they slam into you.

My hands grip your hips as I drive further and further into your wet pussy as you continue to explode. I push you onto the bed, roll you over and spread your legs to taste your cum again. I slide my mouth all over your pussy. Then, climbing up between your legs, your hand guides my hard cock inside you again. As I move slowly inside of you, every inch of my cock disappears into your warm vacuum.

I continue to rock back and forth as I suck your nipples, pinching them while I slow-fuck you. Riding you agonizingly slow until you can’t stand it. You lay me back on the bed., straddle my cock and stuff it inside your pussy. You toss your head as you ride me. My hands find their way to your breasts and I squeeze and pinch your hard nipples while you fuck me. As you grind your pussy on my hard cock, I can feel my balls rub against your ass every time you push.

My hands lift you up as I try to fuck you faster and faster. My cock penetrates deep into your pussy and as I start to feel my orgasm begin to explode. You rose up and lower your hot mouth onto me, sucking my cock as I unload my hot cum into your mouth and throat. You suck me dry and taste both of our juices on my cock. As you lay back, I kiss you deeply. You lay your head on my chest and relax knowing we will be at it again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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