Hotel Bar & Room


Hotel Bar & RoomHotel Bar & Room ( full story)Gill had recently told me about her 10 year liaison with Larry. And a few more that she had met with. To say I was shocked, surprised and a little jealous was an understatement. We had planned a night away at a hotel, Gill mentioned that it was near her Physio, a guy called Gus who she fancied, he was a stocky rugby type, good looking with a beard and nice eyes and teeth. I said wouldn’t it be strange if he was in the bar having a drink when you walked in. Gill said Oooh yes it would. I said maybe you could invite him back to the room and maybe I could watch you have some fun with him. Now that would be horny she smiled especially if he had some mates with him… The day arrived and we set off, on the way Gill mentioned that she had seen Larry recently, I found this to be quite a turn on and told me how she had gotten dressed in her PVC dress, stockings and heels to tease him. Laying on the bed kissing, teasing his big cock, then he licked her pussy and fingered her clit, then how he moved around the bed telling her to suck his cock, and she could just about get her mouth over it. Then being fucked on the end of the bed with her legs up in the air over his shoulders until he filled her pussy with his cum. I was shocked and jealous but got very turned on by it too. We arrived at the hotel and checked in. The room was big and spacious, king size bed a small chaise longe and stool. Armchair in the corner by the desk and a walk in wardrobe. The en-suite was large too with a double shower. A bit like the room we had on the island in Croatia.We got showered and changed. I was sitting on the balcony when Gill appeared dressed in her leather, skirt top and sparkly heels. Wow I said you look gorgeous. Will I do then she smiled. Oh yes I grinned back at her. Gill came over to me, I ran my hand up her leg. Feeling her stockings up to her suspenders then higher to her pussy, I touched the material of her thong it felt like the little delicate one I got her recently. Oooooh I could feel her naked pussy lips too. Gill said, Come on let’s go for a drink in the bar before dinner,. Picking up and putting on her bikers jacket, We walked to the bar, I said with a wink, go up to the bar on your own and see if anyone chats to you. I let Gill walk on in front and enter the bar alone. Walking up to the bar she ordered a large Zinfandel Rose then sat on a bar stool. Hitching her skirt up to get seated properly Gill gave a little flash of her stocking tops, then smoothed her skirt back down. I stood at the bar a little way away facing Gill who looked at me then looked around the bar. I did the same. The bar was not full but there were a few couples dotted about and three guys seated just behind and opposite me. I glanced over to see them looking at Gill and one nudged another whispering something in his ear. He then nudged the others and the all looked at Gill. One Guy looked then looked again. He stood up and walked over, its Gill isn’t it. Gill looked at him, Well Hello Gus She said what are you doing here. Oh I’m here with a few mates from the rugby club, we sometimes come here for a beer and eye up the talent he said with a jokey grin. Hahahahahah. Would I be included in that statement Gill said, judging by the attention your mates gave me a second ago. Well you do look good Gill and very attractive I must say. So What are you doing here then Gavin asked, Well I’m supposed to be meeting a friend here but he’s not shown up yet. Oh ok Gus said, well we’re over there if you fancy a chat, pointing to the guys, who were both looking and smiling.I waited until he’d gone and moved along the bar close to Gill. I whispered how D’you fancy having some fun with him tonight. Who Gus Gill replied, he was my physio. Well he knows your body then, Yes but that was a few years ago before I started at the gym and got toned up. Well you’ll surprise him with this awesome body you’ve got now. I’ll go back to the end of the bar, text me I said moving away. Gill text me, I’m going to have a chat and some fun with them. I watched as Gill slid off the chair, her skirt rode up giving them a good flash of her stockings and suspenders. I glanced at the guys they were all nudging each other and laughing Reaching the table Guys this is Gillian, Gus introduced her, Gill this is Roger and this is Steve Hello Gill said nice to meet you all. So Gill how do you know Gus then asked Roger. Gus was my Physio a few years back, Ooh he used to give you massages then he said, they all laughed. Rubbing oil all over you. No Gill said it was Physio for a problem on my back, but I wouldn’t have minded an oily massage though Gus, Gill beamed. Oooooh they all cheered. Hey up Gav you’re in there my son said Steve.Gus shifted on his seat. So Gill what you doing here then. Well I’ve booked in for the night and was supposed to meet up with someone, but as yet he’s not appeared. Unlucky for him Roger piped up, what you were meant to meet up for the night. Well sort of a date really Gill said.I booked a room to save driving home as I’d be drinking. Oooh a Wicked Liasion Steve chipped in, a bit of slap and tickle planned then eh. Wheyyy heyyy they all cheered. I see your dressed for the occasion said Gus.What do you mean Gill said looking at him quizzical. You’ve got stockings and suspenders on said Roger, we all got a flash of them as you got on and off the stool. So what you gonna do if he don’t show.I don’t know Gill said. Well if he don’t show you can have some fun with us instead Steve said. Well could all have some fun with you and your lovely body, maybe even get your oily massage from Me Gus said. Em I’m not that sort of woman Gill retorted. Well you must have had some fun in mind to wear stockings and suspenders Roger grinned or do you wear them all the time. That’s for me to know and you to guess Gill smiled back. Ooooooh the guys went. Would you like another drink Gill Gus said. Yes please, can I have a Vodka and Tonic please. Sure Gus said Same again guys, they both nodded. Gus went to the bar, I heard him order two G & Ts, a Brandy & Coke and a double Vodka & Tonic. Hmmmmm I thought, this might get interesting. Cheers Gill they all said chinking glasses, Gill sipped her drink, Mmmm that’s nice. Is it me or is it hot in here Gill asked. She thrust her voluptuous breasts forward as she shed her jacket. The guy eyes popped at the sight of them straining under the material, Gill sipped her drink and the guys downed theirs, Come on Gill keep up they said, Mmm ok she said and drained the last bit. Another round down and then another. Gill was enjoying herself. Laughing, joking and getting really flirty with the guys. I noticed that Roger had moved closer to Gill and at one point rested his hand on her thigh, she did not push canlı casino it away. I had a good clear view of Gills legs under the table from where I was standing and could see the way she was sitting, legs slightly apart. Rogers hand was stroking her leg. Steve was on the other side of her and he had moved closer too. Gill was chatting to all three but facing Gus I couldn’t hear all the conversation but caught a few words like. Stockings & suspenders, PVC wear and pleasure. Steve’s hand was on her other thigh and Gill responded by pushing her leg wider to meet his hand. Rogers hand had eased up the hem of her skirt and was stroking her bare flesh above her stocking top. I could see his hand disappearing higher, possibly touching her pussy. After about 10 minutes, Gill got up and I heard her say, I’m just popping the the ladies. Don’t go anywhere. They all smiled and chorused We’re not going anywhere Gill. I made my way to the foyer to meet her. Looks like your having fun I grinned. Are you going to invite them back to the room. Ooooh now that would be too naughty Gill smiled, do you think I should. Well it looked like you’ve been having your pussy teased already and you’ve always wanted to have fun with bearded rugby guys and who knows they might have big cocks too. You could always go back to the room tell them to follow you in 20 mins, while you get changed into your PVC Dress, stockings and high boots then let them in. I could peer through the window and watch you have fun. I grinnedWhat you want to watch me have fun with the three of them, Gill looked at me wide eyed. I’d love to watch you, and I’m sure you’ll have fun and perform like you’ve always fantasied about. Three guys, three cocks, sucking and fucking. Mmmmmm you’d get so wet and turned on playing with them. Maybe get them to cum all over you too. Mmmm yeahhhh maybe I will Gill grinned a cheeky smile. And toddled off back to the bar. I went to our room. First thing I did was check the wardrobe to see how much room was in there.I could fit in with ease and because of the louvres had large slats I had a good view of the bedroom. Gill came back about 20mins later, I was already in the wardrobe. She popped into the bathroom and for a quick shower, then got dressed in black holdup stockings, a crotchless thong, her red shiny thigh high boots and her black PVC dress. Topped off with a thick bulky blue necklace and black scarf d****d around her shoulders The front zip undone slightly. Wow Gill looked fucking horny in that gear. Gill poured herself a vodka n coke looked at herself in the mirror, pouted and said Oooooh You look hot and horny in this Gillikins. I heard a knock on the door. Just a minute Gill answered.getting up and having another look in the mirror Gill went to the door. I heard her say hello Gus come in. Holy fuck he said obviously taking in her attire. So where’s your mates then Gill said. Oh they’ll come along in a bit. I just wanted to see You alone for a bit. Come over here Gill said and sat in the chair facing the bed and wardrobe. Gus sat on the bed. Wow you look amazing He said. Thank you Gill said I hoped you’d like me in this.He got up walked over to Gill, bending down he tentatively kissed he on the lips, Gill stood up and he caressed her kissing her deep on the mouth. Her eyes closed as their tongues searched each other’s mouths. Gentle murmurs as they kissed. His hands roamed up and down feeling the contours of her toned body. Stopping at her breasts he kneaded and squeezed them then pulled the zip down a little. Exposing her hard nipples. Bending his head he took a nipple in his mouth, sucking gently and squeezing. Gill moaned quietly as he bit her nipple. Oooooh that feels good she said. Moving back up her kissed her again. Biting her lip and savouring her mouth. Gills hand moved to his crotch, feeling for his manhood. It was bulging out beneath his jeans. Mmmmmm that’s a big one you have Gus Gill cooed. They carried on kissing and feeling each other, his hand squeezed her tit then rolled the nipple between his finger and thumb. Pinching it and tugging it. Mmmmmmmm Gill squirmed. Undoing his buttons Gill eased his hard cock from inside, this thick long hard b**st protruded from the fly. Oh my Gill gasped that’s a big one, her hand began to stroke along the whole length of his shaft, slowly wanking him she was milking his pre cum up until it formed a massive blob at the tip. Gill looked down at it, her finger wiped the blob off and she licked it off while seductively looking him in the eye. then knelt down. Her face close to this thick cock, she wanked him slowly milking more pre cum up. Poking her tongue out Gill tasted another blob of pre cum, moving her head back so as the strand of cum stretched from his cock to her mouth. Mmmmmm nice Gill said. Cupping her breasts she wrapped them around his thick cock, rubbing them up and dawn giving him a tit wank. Licking the tip of his helmet as it slid between her voluptuous breasts. Just then there was a knock at the door. Gus ,Gus you in there, a voice called. Hold on a minute he answered. Pulling back from Gill and walking to the door. The two others entered the room, spotted Gill standing in front of the window, hands on hips, dressed in a PVC dress with her tits out, thigh high red shiny stiletto boots and stockings and scarf. Fucking hell they both gasped. Like what you see then Gil beamed and gave them a twirl. Wiggling her bum at them as she turned. Oooh fucking yes they greeted her, we can have a lot of fun with you. Well that’s what I’m hoping for Gill grinned. Gill strutted towards them. As they sidled up to her, Roger kissed her on the lips. Steve stood behind and cupped her enormous breasts as Gus laid on the bed with his cock still hanging out of his jeans. Gill savoured Rogers kiss and allowed him to kiss her neck. Steve kissed her shoulders and held her hips. Grinding his bulge against her rear. Gill thrusts back and wiggles again. Glancing over to Gus, who was stroking his cock. Gill smiled, I’ve always wondered whether you teased any of your clients Gus she said. Oh I’ve fancied loads but never touched anyone, I was always totally professional. But this is different, you’re not my client anymore and you look so fucking horny dressed like that. Oh yes so fucking horny, agreed Roger and Steve. Gills hand slid down to feel Rogers hardness, Mmmmm someone is getting horny she said. Take it out Roger gasped it’s bent in half. Gill unzipped his jeans and released his throbbing cock, closing her hand around the shaft, she massaged the thick veiny cock. Gripping it, pulling the foreskin back to show the bulbous purple head Gill milked Rogers pre cum up to a blob too, tasting that sweet silky slippery clear fluid. Mmmmmmm. You taste good too. Then with her other hand güvenilir casino put it behind and groped for Steve’s cock. He had already undone his jeans and his cock was freed from them. Gill stroked and slowly wanked them both. Mmmmmm two nice big cocks in my hands and one to look at.Gill Said, let me get on the bed and you can all cuddle and tease me, Gus moved over and Gill got on the bed. Gill lay between Gus and Roger kissing each in turn, Steve knelt at the end of the bed stroking Gills legs Gus and Roger fondled Gills tits by unzipping the dress, both her nipples were rock hard and Gill squirmed at their touch, Steve stood up and d****d Gills scarf around her head as a makeshift blindfold. Ooooooh Gill cooed, this is different. Just lay back and enjoy Gus said. And closed his mouth over her pert nipple. Roger continues gently kissing her, delving his tongue deep into her mouth, Gill responded with a soft moan. Steve was still licking her clit. He lifted his head saying her cunt is so juicy she is dripping wet. . Standing up His cock was by far the thickest and longest. Fuck I thought Gill will never take that cock in her pussy, let alone in her mouth. Lifting her legs up Steve guided his monster to her pussy lips, rubbing it up and down the whole slit of her cunt. Getting his cock covered in her juices. Gently he eased the purple tip in. Mmmmmmmm Gill moaned as it stretched her wet cunt wide. Slowly slowly he fed his cock in, pushing it in, then withdrawing, then pushing in a bit deeper. Allowing her cunt muscles to get used to this b**st of a cock. Roger was balls deep in her mouth now, his cock was buried deep. Gill gurgled and glugged as it slid down her throat. Pulling him out, his cock was covered in her throat spit, she wanked him with it while she sucked on Gus’s Cock again.Gill was in her element, having three cock teasing her. I wondered how far Gill would go with them. Steve was now slowly building up his speed and his cock was plunging into Gills tight cunt. He’d spent a lot of time on foreplay getting her pussy well lubricated with his tongue, now his cock was sliding in easily.Steve banged his cock in with long deep strokes filling her up stretching her cunt wide, Mmmmm Yes Gill gasped as he plunged into her again.Gill was wanking and sucking two cocks while being fucked at the same time.Fuck this was a horny scene I was watching.Gill suggested that someone lays on the bed so she can straddle them and suck two cock while she rides him. Gus said I’m game, and laid on the bed guiding Gill over him. Aiming his thick cock at her wet gaping cunt.Steve monster cock had left it wide open and Gus’s cock slid in.Roger and Steve stood up next to Gill, and began to wank and suck their cocks. Steve’s was so big Gill couldn’t get her mouth open wide enough to suck it properly. But used her tongue to savour her pussy juices off of it.She rode Gus’s cock, grinding her clit down on him.She leaned forward so he could squeeze her tits and her nipples. Steve knelt down to allow her to play with his massive cock and balls. Roger moved behind her and began to massage her arse cheeks. He spotted a bottle of lube on the side and poured it over her cheeks watching it run down her arse crack. Ooooh Gill squirmed and thrust down on Gus’s cock grinding hard. While Gavin Fucked Gill, she teased and wanked Steve’s cock. Roger began to tease her pussy with his fingers, smearing the lube all over her clit, pussy lips and arse. He slid a finger in her pussy and his thumb rubbed her clit. Stretching her wide as he did so. He bent down and started rimming her arse with his tongue,,, Mmmmmmm that feels good Gill murmured between licking Steves cock. Gus was still tweaking her nipples Rogers tongue was poking into Gills arse, She wiggled as he licked it His chin almost resting on Gus’s Cock, Oooohhh she squirmed again.This time he pushed a finger into her arse Gill wiggled again and sank hard, grinding her clit against his hard cock. As Roger fingered her arse Gus was fucking her pussy and Steve was having his cock wanked and licked. Then I saw Roger slide another finger in, he now had two fingers in Gills arse. Gill moaned aloud as his fingers stretched her ring. Roger stood up holding his cock, taking out his fingers he aimed the shiny purple head at Gills arse. Rubbing it up and down getting it smothered in lube. Whoa, I thought he going to fuck Gills arse, she’s never done that before. Holy shit I thought, I held my hand over my mouth I case I made a noise.Roger gently prodded her arse Gill arched her back more to present him a better angle. Slowly he fed his cock into her arse. Jeez I stifled a gasp as Gill allowed her arse to be penetrated, This is a first I thought. Three cocks and in all three holes. Gus in her cunt Steve in her mouth and Roger in her arse. Wow Gill you are one horny woman. All three began pumping their cock in all holes. Fuck this was a real turn on for me to see Gill being Fucked by three cocks. My cock was throbbing at the sight before me. And Gill was loving it. She was so turned on by it all. She rode both cocks bucking and pushing against Gavin and Rogers cocks deep inside her. Steves cock was being licked sucked stroked and wanked.Ngggggh I’m gonna cum said Steve Gill wanked him harder and faster she felt his cock twitch and she aimed it at her neck and tits, Whoosh he spurted and big stream of spunk gushed from his monster cock. Whoosh another then another it was running down her neck, over her pendulous tits, dripping off her nipples there was so much cum. She was covered.Steve milked his cock draining the last spurts out and rubbing it over her nipples. Gus began to shudder his cock was about to explode too, Gill felt her own climax building. Yes yes, Oh fuck, oh fuck Oh Fuck Gill screamed as she Orgasmed over his cock. Arghhhhh she screamed Arghhhh Fuck. Gus spurted his cum deep into her wet rampant cunt, Arghhhhhh he shuddered. Roger pumped away at her arse and then shook Agh Oooooh as he filled her arse with his seed too. Wow three cock spurting cum in and over Gills heaving and sweating body. That was a first for Gill to be fucked by three guys at the same time. It’s always been a fantasy of hers to have three guys at once. And now she has. Wow what a horny show, better than any video I’ve seen. My eyes were popping at the sight of Gill fucking these three guys and all coming together. Everyone collapsed on the bed to get their breaths back. Then Steve got off the bed to get tissues, Roger took some from him and wiped his receding cock, Gill rolled off of Gavin and laid there legs apart. Cum glistening on her tits and oozing from her holes. Wow that was awesome Gill purred. Better than I’d ever imagined three cocks would be she continued. You are a very very horny woman said internet casino Roger. You’ve got great tits and are a great fuck said Steve Yes I’ve got to agree with them Gill, you are definitely a great fuck said Gus. I hoped they leave soon as my cock was throbbing after this sexy action I had just witnessed. The guys got cleaned up and dressed they all kissed Gill deeply on the mouth and squeezed her tits as they said their goodbyes. Saying can we do this again sometime because you are fucking amazing .You were simply the best. Oh thank you Gill said, with a big grin on her face. Ive had a fantastic evening and and Maybe I might do it again she said smiling at them squeezing her plump tits. The guys left and Gill got up to go to the bathroom. I heard the shower start. Getting out the wardrobe. I took my time stripping off and then lay on the bed, waiting to see Gills face when she sees me laying here stroking my cock. Gill came back with just a towel around her carrying her attire she was wearing earlier. Ooooh Mike, What ! How ! I was in the wardrobe all the time, I saw everything I said grinning at her. I thought you was going to look through the window Gill said. I had a better view from there I said pointing to the wardrobe about 6ft away. You certainly enjoyed yourself. Oooooh it was Amazing Gill cooed. Did it turn you on then watching me. Fuck yeah I said, I so wanted to come out and join them, but would have been a bit weird for them, me appearing from the wardrobe I laughed. Hahahahahahaha I suppose it would Gill giggled back. Gill put her clothes on the chair, dropped her towel and climbed on the bed with me naked. This is what I love doing after sex, cuddling up. Gill whispered. We cuddled and then I kissed her tenderly on the lips. She responded back. I leaned over and looked down at her. Did you have a good time tonight. You looked so horny dressed in your PVC dress, Stockings suspenders and those red shiny thigh high Fuck me boots. They thought you did too. They were all over you. Did you like being touched by three different men at the same time. Mmmmmmmm yes Gill purred it was so different, not knowing who was going to do what and with what. I loved my nipples being teased, but being bitten and sucked while I was being kissed. You know how much I love kissing. Gill said. To have that happen at the same time was mind blowing. Got my pussy really wet. I know I heard that Steve bloke say so. And Jeez he had a monster cock I said Yes it was so big I couldn’t get it in my tiny mouth Gill grinned. I got really turned on when you were sitting on Gus’s cock and playing with the other two. Licking and sucking them. That was so horny to watch. Yeah Gill said with a wicked grin I bent forward and kissed Gills lips, my tongue probed her warm mouth. We kissed tenderly, sensuously, lovingly. I felt Gills body respond to my kisses, her soft moans emanating from mouth as I kissed and bit her sensual lips. I know that kissing gets Gill going, taking my time I kissed Gills lips and neck, nibbling her ears and gently biting her, this gets her horny. As I did my hand felt for her breast. The left one has always been the most sensitive and this was no exception now. Her nipple was standing out rigid. Groping and squeezing her voluptuous boob, pinching and pulling her nipple, I twisted her nipple, Gill squirming as the pleasures of the pain she felt in her nipple shot down her body to her pussy. It was like a direct line, nipple to pussy non stop. Pinch her nipple and her pussy twitches.. Mmmmmmmm Gill moaned as I rolled and pinched her nipple. Kissing her my tongue deep in her mouth exploring each other’s. My cock throbbing as I was playing the previous encounter of Gill +3 in my head. Gently I kissed Gills body, my lips planting little kisses from her neck to her breasts, licking her nipples, gently blowing on them to perk them up, teasing out the lazy right nipple. After spending sometime kissing and teasing lips neck and nipples. I kissed Lower and lower, moving down to Gills smooth pussy, my tongue licking at her puffy pussy lips, prodding it in to locate her clit, her juices were coating my mouth. Gills hands held my head in place, gently Moaning and grinding her pussy into my face. Ooooh that’s soo good, I love your tongue, it feels so good. Ooooh Mmmmmm she moaned as my tongue lapped at her cunt and clit. Gill felt for my cock and then pushed me onto my back. Lifting her leg over she straddled my head. Parting her legs wide over my face. I want you to lick my pussy Gill asked, I want to 69 you. I love doing that with you she said. Well I wasn’t going to say no. Because it’s one of my favourite positions and I just love eating her tasty pussy. I love licking my tongue up and down her love crack. My tongue feeling every fold and crease from her clit to her arse. Savouring her juices dribbling into my mouth. Gill teases my cock with her mouth, slowly licking the whole shaft, My face was buried in her pussy, licking her clit, Gill was grinding herself onto my face Mmmmmmm she moaned softly. My cock was so hard I could feel it throbbing throughout my body. Her tongue was amazing, so soft and sensual her mouth working magic. I was not going to last long in this state. Gills pussy juices were flowing over me. I licked her clit and slid a finger into her pussy, gently working her g spot, Gills hips rocked back and forth grinding on my face as my finger found its mark. More and more pussy juice and spunk was dribbling out as she got more and more turned on. My finger just teasing the inside of her cunt lips as I lapped at her clit, oh fuck I heard her moan, Getting a dildo from under the sheet I began to tease Gills pussy with it instead of my finger. Ooooh Gill purred grinding and pushing herself on to it. She looked back to make sure there was nobody else in the room. I worked the dildo into her as I licked and sucked her clit. Then with my other hand I teased her arse, tracing my finger around her puckered star. Gill pushed back as I touched it. She was awash with pussy juices. So lubricating my finger I eased it in, Arghhhhhhh Gil squealed as my finger slid in. Bucking and bouncing, grinding and pushing, Gill rode my face, the dildo and my finger, OH FUCK, stick it in Fuck me, fuck me, OH FUCK I’m gonna cum Fuck I’m gonna Cuummmmm Gills body shook as her orgasm pulsed through her cunt, clit and up through her. She was squirting her cunt juices over me like a waterfall as I thrust my finger and dildo hard and fast into her arse and pussy. Gill wanked my throatspit covered cock. I could not last much longer and shot my load all over her. Arghhhhh my body shook and shuddered as the waves of pent up pleasure released its self through my hard cock. Fuck fuck fuck I gasped, fuck that was intense. Gill giggled, I love your little shudders when you cum. Hahahahah I love you spurting over me when you cum too. Cleaning ourselves up we got back on the bed, pulling the duvet up over us, We cuddled ourselves to sleep, fully contented and happy.

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