Hot Red Panties


Hot Red PantiesA beautiful lady sat across the room from me. Her hair was dark, with light blonde streaks. Her aqua-green eyes glistened in the glow from the fireplace. Something about her was mysterious, and attracted my attention. Who was this woman? What was her name? I had to know.I took a seat beside her on the couch, where she was engrossed in a serious texting conversation. The click-click of her fingers on the phone seemed to have a unique rhythm. Like she was playing music with the words. She had a beautiful black onyx ring on her right ring finger. And a silver ring on her left ring finger. Was she married? Even if she was, I thought to myself, it never hurts to try.“They are having a karoke contest in the next room,” I said casually. “Some of them would be better off sticking to shower singing.”The lady barely smiled, and nodded, never pausing in her rapid typing.Okay, I got her attention for a second…now where to? I decided to wait for her to make the next move.I leaned forward to set my drink on the coffee table in front of us. The movement caught her eye. She glanced up, and said, “Oh hey Jo.”“Hey Angie,” I replied back. I knew she wasn’t one for snuggling so I held back, pulling out my own cell phone. I began to surf up facebook, pretending to be busy. I know she knows my ways, and can read me like a book, but I was wanting to try a few moves on her. “Naomi and I were playing Rock Band last nite. She has gotten really good. She is learning some new techniques with her singing. And she has gotten really good at playing the guitar on medium.”“Aww that’s good.”Uh-oh the one-liner answers. I knew my luck wasn’t going very well. I decided to step up my game a bit. She wasn’t going to give me attention until I worked for it. So I did a quick clean-up of the house, giving her the space she needed. I didn’t want to smother her, because I know that always turns her way off.Yes, I did it! I managed to clean the whole house without breaking anything. I sat on the other couch, but at the far end corner, and turned on the news. Angie looked up and smiled that smile…the one where I know that she’s noticing. I cheered quietly inside, and just kinda smiled back, like yea okay. The cold act was working! Angie was shutting her phone off. She said Jo would you mind getting me some water. I brought the glass to her, and set it on the table beside her, bending over with my butt in the air.Smack! I felt the sting of her hand on my ass. And it felt good. But I didn’t let it show on my face how much I liked it. She looked at me and smiled that innocently evil smile of hers. I just grinned back and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. Her mouth met mine. I just brushed her lips, not giving in to the temptation.Instead of sitting at the end of the couch I sat in Sam’s spot this time, knowing he wasn’t going to be home for a few hours. She was wearing that Pink Floyd shirt and those red underwear. Gawd that woman knew how to make a woman (and man) hot. Sometimes I want to just love on her and protect her, but sometimes I just want to fuck her, like I can’t stop until we are both spent. Today I was in that fuck mood. But I knew that I had to be careful. Because if I didn’t play my cards right, I would come off too strong and turn Angie away. She likes the rough stuff but not right away. Gotta work her into that stuff.Her phone rang, and it was kayseri escort Sam. I made myself scarce by going into the laundry room. But I could still hear their conversation, as Angie wasn’t making herself quiet on the phone. I could tell that she was playing with Sam over the phone, by the sound of her voice. Oh hell yea she was in the mood. I went to her bedroom and made sure the chest was unlocked. I got the harness out and made sure the pink dildo was washed up. Gawd, I was getting hot just thinking about mounting her, and rocking her hard into the bed. I had to slow myself down, because I didn’t want to come across over eager. I was wanting to play it cool and suave today.I hopped in the shower, figuring a quick wash-up could be easily explained. I let the shower head stay low for a bit, letting the pressure from the hose work me up a bit more. I leaned back against the shower wall, imagining her fingers trailing down my belly, and around my back, teasing me. I could almost feel her teeth nipping at the base of my neck as her breasts pressed against mine. Mmm…I was beginning to really enjoy myself, when I heard Fluffy coming into the bathroom. Stupid cat, always knows how to ruin the mood.I opened my eyes, and felt my stomach drop. I was caught. Angie had opened the shower curtain and caught me pleasuring myself. The look on her face caused me to relax rather quickly. I knew that she wasn’t upset. Hey, get naked and get in here with me. I demanded. Angie did as I said, slowly stripping her clothes off. Gawd she was so fucking hot. My blood began to race, as I felt my clit get hard. My breathing became more shallow. If I didn’t slow myself down I would come quickly. I was too easy when it came to loving her.She climbed into the warm shower with me. The cramped space caused our bodies to be crushed tight against each other. I lifted my hands and cupped her face, capturing her lips in a soft, sensual kiss. I pulled away a little bit and nipped around her rosy lips. My hands began to rub at her neck and down her shoulders. I could feel her hands gripping my ass tight. I continued to kiss her, letting my tongue slip in to battle with hers. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and played with it, a silent promise of what I was going to do to her beautiful clit very soon. Angie liked it. She pulled her mouth away from mine, and began to nip along my chin, leaving little bites along my neck, and down my shoulders. I pulled her head back up and locked her in a tight kiss, turning her so that her back was against the wall. I pulled her arms up over her head, and held them in place with one of my hands. The other hand trailed down her front, finding her engorged nipple. I gripped it between my fingers and pulled it tight, twisting it just a little bit. The water was making it easy for our skin to rub together. It felt so good, to have the warm water hitting our backs. Continuing to hold her hands above her head, I let my mouth trail down to follow the path of my other hand. I caught her nipple in my mouth, and sucked it in. I pulled her breast out and sucked the nipple, like it was a cock. I twisted my tongue around the tip, and let the nipple slide gently out of my mouth. I grazed it with my teeth, and circled the nipple with my tongue. Gawd, she had the most amazing breasts. I could suck on them all day. I moved to her escort kayseri other breast, my free hand working the first one. I sucked in the other nipple and worked it up. I could feel Angie’s breathing changing, and I knew she was getting into this. “Jo, baby,” she sighed, her voice heavy. I could feel her body moving against me, urging me to continue. I could feel it pull deep inside of me. Gawd, how I loved this woman. Tonite she was going to FEEL it. I lifted my head to capture her in one more tight kiss. I pulled away to find the bath sponge and the soap. Once the sponge was lathered up, I made Angie turn around, and began to wash her back. Rubbing her shoulders gently, the water washed away the suds as quickly as they hit her skin. I followed the trail of water with my lips, continuing to wash her lower back. When I moved to her ass, I could feel her muscles tighten up and then relax. Mmm, I knew what she was wanting. I could feel her slightly move her ass. I gave it a gentle slap. “O!” she exclaimed. I followed it up with a sharper slap this time, then rubbed her butt with the sponge. I continued to slap her round ass, until it began to redden, as I finished washing her legs. I turned her around.Angie’s mouth was slightly open, her breathing was shallow. Her eyes were half-closed. The water trickled down her face. She was so beautiful. I took her mouth into mine. I let my hands wander, washing her arms and down her front. I pulled away, taking the hose down in my hands. I aimed the water to rinse away any lingering suds. I guided her into the corner, so that she could sit on the ledge. I spread her legs apart, trailing my tongue down her thighs. I rested my eyes on her beautiful pussy. It was moving with her breathing. Her clit was hard, standing out as much as it could. I rubbed her with the sponge, gently at first. I followed up with the water, dropping the sponge on the floor. The water pressure pounded against her clit. Angie bit her lip, gasping slightly as my fingers joined the spray of water. I began to rub her clit with my thumb, moving it in a circular motion. I could hear her catching her breath, as I increased my rhythm. I slipped my finger into her pussy, massaging her on the inside, as my thumb continued to rub her clit. I could feel her tensing up, so I pulled away. I wasn’t ready to let her come.I leaned in closer, spreading her lips apart. She was slick and wet. My tongue picked up where my thumb had stopped. I sucked in her clit, teasing it between my teeth. My middle finger continued to gently move in and out of her pussy. Angie was clenching around my finger. Her hips started to rock as she began to ride my face. I continued to suck her clit, flicking it with my tongue. She moved her hands to my head and grabbed my hair, gyrating her pussy into my face. Her smooth pussy lips closed around my mouth, my tongue still working on her clit. “O gawd, baby fuck yeah,” she exclaimed. “Your tongue feels so good. Baby, o gawd, that feels so good!!!” She threw her head back, and moaned when I began massaging her with my fingers again. I could feel her beginning to clench up, and then loosen. I took her lips in mine, and sucked her tongue as she came hard. I could feel her body rocking against mine, as she exploded under my hands. Her fingers tightened on my back, and she sucked on the finger from kayseri escort bayan her pussy. It was hot to see her sucking herself off my fingers. She looked so beautiful, coming. Her mouth was half open, and she couldn’t stop shouting. I almost came just watching her.She collapsed against me, as the water continued to fall around us. I laid her head between my breasts, as I stroked her hair. I kissed the top of her head gently, and lifted her chin. Planting a soft kiss on her lips, I sighed. Baby I love you, I whispered against her mouth. She smiled softly, and said I love you too baby girl.We went into the bedroom, after drying each other off. I laid back on the bed, as she trailed the whip up my calf. She smacked me occasionally, a sharp sting that was followed by the trailing of the whip tails. She traveled up my belly, purposefully ignoring my wet pussy, that was aching for her touch. Gawd, she’s such a fucking teaser, I thought to myself. She knows how to make me beg to come. She leaned her head into mine, kissing me gently. Her tongue slid out over my lips, meeting mine. She pulled back and laid a soft kiss on my mouth, whispering, my sweet baby girl. My breath was catching in my throat as she continued to lavish my body with the whip tails, giving me occasional relief with a sharp slap. My body was on fire for her touch. She laid herself beside me, cradling my head with her arm. With her free hand, she took hold of my breast and began to lavish my nipple. She sucked the tip in, grazing it slightly with her teeth. I took her head in my hand and gripped her hair, arching my back as she sucked my tit into her mouth. She massaged the other breast as she continued her assault. She pulled up and looked at me with a gentle grin. My mouth met hers in a deep kiss. Her lips were soft and swollen. Her taste was addicting. She moved to lay on me, taking the other breast in her mouth. Gawd, her mouth is amazing. The tug and pull on my breast feels so good. She moved her mouth down my belly, giving me gentle kisses, circling her tongue, and nipping at my skin. I had red marks up and down my belly. Her free hands were trailing down my hips, pulling them up. When her mouth reached my pussy, she teased me. Keeping the lips closed, she laid gentle kisses around my folds. Her hands massaged my inner thighs, as she let her tongue slip in and found my clit. O ya baby, o gawd you feel so good on me Angie baby, I half-whispered. I placed my hand on her head, gently holding her. She began to suck on my clit as she had been on my breast. She sucked it in and played with it, teasing it with her tongue. It was so hard it hurt. Every stroke of her tongue brought me closer. She pulled her mouth away, and replaced it with her hand. The vibrations of her fingers brought me close to the edge, but she wouldn’t let me come. She slipped another finger into my pussy, and began to fuck me. My breathing got shallow, and my voice was catching as I urged her on. She leaned down and laid sweet kisses on my inner thighs. She increased her movements on my clit, and I could feel it coming. O gawd yes fuck yea! I cried, as the vibrations hit me. I clenched my hands into fists, and arched my back. Omigawd Angie fuck yea. It felt so good. Angie smiled and lay back down beside me. I kissed her gently on the head, and held her close. I want to fuck you so bad love. She laughed and said, not enough for you yet? You little sex demon. I laughed and said pleaseee. Well, its pretty late, we will have to wait for another time for that. Sam will be home soon.The pink dildo was put up for the day, but it’s time was soon to come.

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