Hot Love With My Uncle


Hot Love With My UncleHi I am Honey (30 yrs) and I am first time here. I would like to share my sexual adventures and cherished fantasies with you in the days to come. Since c***dhood, I have always been a little fleshy, having weight on all the right places. I have heavy boobs with puffy nipples, a deep navel and a well-rounded ass that sways when I walk. Guys compliment me on my wide, sexy eyes and infectious smile. I had my first awesome adventure during my graduation days. I was staying at my uncle’s place then as the college was kind of far from my hometown. There were just my uncle, aunty and me at home. My uncle was in his forties and quite handsome. He used to crack jokes with me and used to like talking to me but I never felt anything wrong.One night I was studying in the hall and uncle came and stood behind me, and started pressing my shoulders gently. I did not know how to react at once. I was shocked and also felt disgusted but couldn’t speak out. Apparently his wife was fast asleep. I was afraid to scream because I dint want to break up a family. I got up to go but he pulled me closer to him and started fondling my hair and face but didn’t utter a word. I somehow found my voice at last and said ‘u r my uncle’, but he never seemed to care. Then he held me tight crushing my boobs bahis siteleri canlı against his chest and I felt even more bewildered. I was wearing a skin-tight black top and a long violet skirt. He told me that I looked like a princess in that attire and I was flattered a bit and blushed. His face came closer and he kissed me on my lips.He had supple pink lips and his kiss was hot and wet. I relaxed a bit now. He bit my lower lip and chewed my upper lip and slowly let in his hungry tongue. I could feel my whole body shivering but I found myself responding to his magical kiss. Keeping me in lip lock, he fondled my big round boobs and rubbed my nipples which were already erect and his other hand fondled my well-rounded ass and he pinched my ass cheeks aah I couldn’t help it anymore and I somehow came off from him and ran into my bedroom and locked the door. But I was restless. I felt disgusted at what had happened, but I loved it too. I began fondling my big round boobs and could feel my erected nipples. I realized my pussy was wet and it made me feel great. I fingered and consoled my weeping girl.The next night again I was in the hall with my books and he came and pressed my shoulders and arms. my book fell from my hand and eyes closed as he made me rise from my chair and casino siteleri kiss my hair and neck while squeezing my boobs from behind. he felt happy as my boobs swell and my nipples erect in his hand. His hard tool started knocking at my ass crack. Then he turned me around, kissed my closed eyes and lips. He was simply hot and I couldn’t resist his invading tongue. He unbuttoned my shirt as he smooched me and started kneading my soft but heavy boobs like dough. He removed my shirt gently and hugged me tightly crushing my boobs against his bare chest. He caressed my back and unhooked my bra. Oh my. I could feel all boundaries of innocence blur at that moment.As his fingers tickled my bare back, I felt so turned on and began responding to his kiss more excitedly. He cupped my bare boobs in his hands and got mad at my hard and round nipples and bit and sucked them hard. I loved the pain and the pleasure. While still sucking my tits, he slipped his hand into my skirt and into my panty and inserted his finger into my pussy. He was excited as my hole was moist and he licked his finger. How I loved him fingering me, rubbing my pussy lips and inserting his fingers into my wet core! He caressed my thighs and pinched my big ass. And then he started undressing me fully and licking me canlı casino over. I felt like I would go out of my senses. He licked every inch of my body and then after making my lie on the table, he approached my pussy with his hungry tongue. I felt it ultimate when he licked my wet pussy lips, brushing it gently and twirling it around inside. I moaned with ecstasy. Then he inserted his huge hard cock into my juicy pussy. I was afraid initially but slowly I let him fuck me hard. I experienced heaven as his rocky tool pushed into my love hole and made me a woman.Thereafter every night I was in the hall with my books and he came and fondled me. As days went by, our intimacy level increased. Every night we waited for his wife to fall asleep and then we get to play. I used to leave my bedroom door open and wear only my inner wears, then after some days, I used to lie naked under my bed sheet and he would come and make hot love to me. When his wife snores away, we used to have orgasms next room, in the hall, in the kitchen, in the bathroom. Some nights uncle will have sex with aunty. That time, I would hear little jerking sounds and I used to get aroused. I’ll undress myself on the other side of the wall and finger my hole thinking about him. After his wife falls asleep, again he’ll come to my bedroom to have his second round. Some days when aunty is not at home, we used to go home in the afternoons and make love. We used to fuck like crazy, having fun unlimited. Even now when I recollect those times, my pussy gets soaked and my nipples harden.

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