HOT CAR SEX,WITH WIFE`S sisterI am a very happy married man,but a few years ago,my wife and i,well our sex life became a little less exciting,oh don`t get me wrong,my wife is very loving and intentive towards my needs,and even back when it was less exciting,she would surprise me often,like i would wake up to find her sucking hard on my cock,or she would suddenly take out my cock,if we were sittin on the sofa together,and give me a really good handjob,and i too was the same towards her needs,and sex when it happened was very good,but it was not as frequent,as i would of liked it to be,and as i was 20 and my wife was only 23,i could not understand it.Anyway,one day i was at work,when my wife phoned me,and said that her younger sister was coming to stay for the weekend,and she would meet me at my work at 5-30pm,and come home with me.Now my wife`s sister Lucy,was 17 and a nympho,and always making eyes at me,but i used to just shake it off,and as we had not seen her in a few months,i thought she may of changed,she was in a relationship the last i had heard,so maybe she had calm down.5-30came,and i walked out the warehouse,and lucy was leaning against the passenger door of my car,she smiled when she saw me,hi she said,she looked hot i had to admit,it was a lovely summer`s evening,and she was wearing a short mini skirt,knee length boots,and a crop top,i tryed to forget it,but my bulge in my shorts was saying different.We were soon on our way home,making polite conversation on the 23 mile journey to my home,trying to ignore the bulge growing bigger in my jeans,then an idea got the better of me,i then turned to lucy and ordu escort said,oh no,we are going to have to pull over,the car is overheating again,been doin this alot lately,thats ok said lucy,as long as we get home eventualy,so i found a side road pull in,which was shielded by trees from the main road,pulled up and stopped,switched off the engine,and rested back in the car seat.I said to lucy how hot it was,even with the windows open,and asked if she minded if i took my shirt off,her eyes lit up at this,and said no go ahead,i then said i was abit tired from work,and asked her if she minded if i shut my eyes for abit,no she said,you can have a sleep,i will wake you up in about half an hour,thats good i said,will give the car time to cool,so i pushed my seat back,and reclined it,and pretended to go to sleep,ten minutes past,then i felt a hand touch my chest,i didnt move,lucy`s hand traveled across my chest,her fingers tweaking my nipples,then her hand moved downwards to my tummy,now i should of woken up,and stopped it there and then,but it was exciting,and i was by now really horny,lucy`s hand was rubbing across my belly,and then it found the front of my jeans and the massive bulge within,she began to squeeze it gently,and then she undone my belt,then the button,and the zip went down,her hand was inside my shorts straight away,omg it felt fantastic,as her finger grasped my hard cock,i moaned out in pleasure,she said does that feel good,yes i replied,lucy said why not take your jeans off,make thing easier,so i took them off,and your shorts too she said,so off came my shorts,i was now naked,and lucy was all over escort ordu my cock,moaning with pleasure at stroking and massaging my hard cock.Would you like to be sucked,lucy said,i told her to go ahead,and at that,she began to lick and suck the length of my hard ridgid cock,i was trying not to shoot my load,whilst lucy held the base of my cock,her hot wet mouth going up and down over the head of my cock,her other hand massaging my tight heavy balls.The excitement of what lucy was doing to me,was too much,i warned her i was very close to cumming,thats ok she said,just let it happen,dont hold back,i want to taste your hot cum in my mouth,and at that she went back to sucking my cock and massaging my balls,only alot harder now,i could not hold back,and my back arched and i let out a huge cry,as i gushed a load of hot spunk from my cock,into her mouth,she swallowed like a greedy cat.I Laid back exausted,but to my surprise i was still hard,i mentioned that i was still hard to lucy,oh well she said,looks like i have a good use for these then,i looked up to see her holding a condom,she was opening it up,lucy then rolled the condom onto my hard cock,she took her panties off and the rest of her clothes ,climbed over me,my hard penis was now touching the lips of her wet pussy,she reached down and positioned my cock,and slowly guided it inside her pussy,oh god it felt so good,as i felt my fourskin roll back,forced back by her tight pussy lips,lucy moaned out in delight,as she felt my cock enter her,she began to move up and down on me,thrusting up and down,she reached behind her to grab my balls,whilst her other hand ordu escort bayan explored my chest,her finger squeezing my nipples in turn,she began to thrust even harder,her moans of enjoyment getting louder,fuck me fuck me she kept saying,i love your hard cock inside me,make me fucking cum,lucy kept saying,she had orgasm after orgasm,and then seemed to calm down,she slid off my cock,took the condom off and then said now your turn,and turned around to face the other way,and slid back onto my cock,i protested,i told her not this way,what if she got pregnant,dont worry lucy said,i know what im doing,just enjoy it,at that she began to move about on my cock,i was looking at her sexy bare arse,she looked back at me and said,just tell me when your gonna cum,so we carried on,it was great,but was not long before i felt myself getting close,i told lucy this,she took my cock out of her wet pussy,and began to wank me off,come on she said,i want to bathe in your lovely hot creamy spunk,give it to me now,at that my cock twitched in her hand,i let out a loud moan,and a jet of thick creamy cum,shot out of my cock,and splashed onto her belly and tits,gush after gush,as if i had not emptied in years,lucy was still rubbing my cock up and down,and spreading my spunk across her body like lotion,mmmmm that was fantastic lucy said climbing off me,we both cleaned up and got on our way home,when we arrived my wife asked why we were late,bloody car again i said,thats ok my wife said,its saturday tomorrow,whilst lucy and i chat,you can look at the car,and my wife whispered in my ear,oh by the way,im horny as hell,i want to suck and fuck you later,oh god twice in one day i thought,but after all this was how it was supposed to be,what happened on saturday,well that will have to wait till next time,as my wife is now stroking my hard cock,and i cant write at the moment.

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