Hot and Heavy

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The flirtation has been hot and heavy and the anticipation of a possible encounter almost too much to bear! Each one wondering what that first time would be like, would they be in sync as they suspected they would be? Would they ever be able to find out? The tantalizing draw of forbidden fruit so deliciously tempting…

The bus comes to a stop and the driver turns off the engine, his break is about to begin so he unloads his passengers and prepares to close up the bus for his relief driver. There is one passenger left on the bus and their eyes meet, an electricity can be felt by them both, there is and has always been and undeniable attraction yet neither has ever spoken of it out loud.

The passenger stands up and walks to the front of the bus to exit, the driver says something funny and she laughs, blushing slightly and leaves the bus.

The driver heads out of the terminal to have his lunch and he sees the passenger he admires secretly walking up ahead of him. He can’t help but speed up a little so that the distance between them is not so great. She is wearing a white skirt and high white sandals and he can faintly see the outline of her thong as her admires her ass as she walks in front of him.

She feels him watching her and her face gets hot again, the heat spreading to her lower body so that she is kind of squirming as she walks knowing he is watching. She stops suddenly to adjust the strap on her sandal and he practically bumps into her. She straightens up and turns around, their eyes meet again and they know its time!

He makes a joke about bumping into her and silently thinks pendik escort to himself how much he would love to take her hand and drag her into the alley they just passed but he knows it isn’t right…FUCK IT! He takes her hand and asks her not to say anything, he pulls her into the alley and turns around facing her.

They are both breathing heavy now as the moment they have both wanted has finally come. He pushes her against the wall and leans forward and kisses her softly, slowly putting his hands into her hair, she sighs and brings her hands up to his chest, he thinks at first that she might be going to push him away but she snakes her hands up around his neck and pulls him closer deepening the kiss. He flattens his body against her pushing her into the wall and she whimpers.

He pulls back with great effort and looks deep into her eyes searching for the answer he is aching for, she smiles and gives him the answer and he leans into her again, this time the kissing is feverish, his hands drop from her hair to her breasts and he begins to knead them with his palms, her nipples tighten in his hands and he groans into her mouth, his erection is now pressing into her thigh and he begins to grind his hips into her.

She reaches down and undoes her blouse, she pulls it open to reveal a delicate lace bra, and he wonders how it is possible that the little amount of fabric could hold the amazingly ample breasts in his hands! He rolls her nipples in his fingers and she arches her back pushing her breasts deeper into his palms. He begins to kiss her neck working his way down to her amazing breasts, he takes escort pendik each nipple into his mouth slowly sucking them through the fabric at first and then he tugs the fabric down off of them so each breast pops out of the top of the bra, the sight is exquisite and her chest if flush with wanting him.

She reaches down and unzips his fly and slips her hand inside, his cock is hard and warm and she begins to stroke it through the fabric, he moans and pushes himself into her hand. She kneels down and pulls his cock from it constraints and takes him slowly into her mouth, one of his hands is in her hair guiding her mouth where he wants it to be and the other is against the wall holding him up as he feels like his knees might buckle.

He has wanted to know what her mouth would feel like wrapped around his cock and this beats any image he may have had. She alternates stroking and sucking in such a way that he is brought to the brink of orgasm over and over, he cannot stand it any longer and he drags her to her feet and turns her around so her back is to him. He crouches down behind her and slowly runs his hands up her thighs dragging the skirt up over her ass as he does.

The pristine white thong is staring him in the face and all he can think about is does she taste as good as she smells? He leans in and inhales her musky scent aching to taste her, he spreads her legs open wider and moves the thong to the side so her glistening pink pussy is exposed, she takes a sharp breath in as the cool air hits her sensitive skin, she gets goose bumps and she pushes her ass out a bit more so her pussy is now inches pendik escort bayan from his face.

He leans in and licks her pussy slowly, he reaches around and starts to rub her clit, she moans and gyrates her hips in sync with his tongue, he spreads her lips open and slowly slips his tongue inside, making her gasp at the invasion.

The moment has come, he can’t stop himself he stands up quickly, drops his pants and turns her around to face him. He leans in to kiss her again, their juices mingling as they do and he lifts her leg up around his hip, slides the thong to the side again and slides his throbbing cock deep inside her, their tongues are tangled together as he begins to thrust inside her, she pushes her hips to meet each thrust as her mercilessly fucks her harder and harder.

Their moans must be audible from those around them but neither of them cares at this moment they are alone and are totally in sync! He pulls out and thrusts hard so that her back slams against the wall, she cries out and for a second he is worried he may have gone too far but when he looks in her eyes he sees that she wants it like this, she is with him 100% and she wants more, she reaches down and starts to rub her clit while he continues to slam his cock into her pussy, she cums and a loud groan escapes her lips as she leans her head against him, he takes this as his cue and slams once more filling her with his hot cum.

Totally satiated their breathing slows and he begins to kiss her again, she wraps her arms around his neck and pulls away to lean in and whisper in his ear that it was all she had hoped it would be and this would be their little secret. She straightens her skirt and does up her blouse and walks back out of the alley leaving him there with his pants around his ankles wanting more of her…would there be a next time?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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