Honeymoon With Grand father-In- law – Part 2


Honeymoon With Grand father-In- law – Part 2deletedYou must have read my earlier story “Honeymoon With Grand father-In- law” where my grand father in law bandumama fucked me just after my honeymoon and monthly periods. This is next part of it.After two hot sessions with bandumama, I was sexually satisfied. But he may not be. All the next day he was trying to touch my belly, boobs through saree. While serving lunch to him, he raised my saree such a way that he can see my panty inside saree and petticoat. As mami turned her back, he dropped the saree. She also must have noticed this but she didnt talk anything. After afetrnoon rest she went outside to attain one telephone and then she came telling that she has to go to her mother’s home and she is ill. So she asked me to take care of bandumama and within one hour she left the house. I didnt know who was going to take care of whom !Now it was me and he only there. It was 7 pm by now. He asked me to make cup of tea for both. Once we finished the tea, he pulled me near him. He was looking at me and then he put his lips on mine. We were kissing freely just like husband wife. Nobody was there and we were alone. He kissed my lips, then shifted to my neck and cheeks. His wet saliva was on my face while his tounge was moving. Slowly he removed my saree palloo from shoulder and grabbed my firm breasts from front. I remembered how he had peeped inside my saree in the afternoon while mami was around and then suddenly I felt mix of shame and excitement in my body flowing. He was busy in opening my blouse hooks and after few efforts he was successful in opening it completely. I was shameless by now and helping him opening last hook pressed against my boob weight. He put his both hands on both birds on chest. He slowly started pressing, fondling and finally crushing my boobs. My boobs were tender, small but very firm just like rubber balls. He was pressing them with pressure and they were rebounding to original shape in flash. Meantime he managed to open my bra also. My bare breasts were treat for him and he put lips on my breasts without delay. He chewed, licked my pink nipples and I was feeling electric waves in my body. My chest was totally wet by now by his licking for almost half an hour. I was also feeling strong currents inside body and my panty feeling wetter. Perhaps I was feeling orgasm which I came to know later.I was on his laps, he kissing me and fondling boobs. Then he put hands in my saree from top side. He was trying to do something. I thought he wanted to remove saree, but perhaps he wanted to remove petticoat knot. He tried some time and then whispered in my ears “Pl lay down. We will have some fun” I had already some fun. I lied on bed on back and he slid himself near me sideways. He caught my waist by his right hand and pulled me to his side. He put lips on me and then bahis firmaları he started raising my saree upwards. He pulled saree upto knees and then upto thighs level. Then he caressed my inner thighs and lingered his fingers near pubic area. I liked it and caught his hand and helped him caress the thighs. Then he caught petticoat knot and gave gentle jhatka and then the knot was released. Instead of pulling it down he pulled saree and petticoat upwards further and then he pulled my panty down. I adjusted my legs to facilitate and he removed my panty. Meantime he also removed pyjama. I removed hi underwear and he was also nude by now. I was seminude as only panty was removed till now from my body. All my cloths were released from normal position but not removed completely. Perhaps I was looking sexier by doing so instead of being total nude.Then he climbed on me and slowly he put his erect rod in my pussy. I was able to sense his cock which was 6¨ long and 1.5¨ thick. First time we were making sex in lights on. He was also excited to see me in lights and was still licking my boobs in between. He inserted his cock inside pussy and started moving it inside deeper and deeper. After few strokes it filled my tiny pussy. He started moving faster and faster. He also caught my boobs and started pressing them. After 5-10 minutes he asked me to raise legs and make him some more room. Then he again started fucking me deeply. He bent down and gave me deep kiss. My hands were caressing his back in exctasy. He fucked me for about ten minutes or so and then came inside me. He fired his hot semen inside me. We were making love without any condoms. But we were not thinking about it at all. He still lied on me for few minutes and then climbed down from me. I looked in clock it was over 9 pm. I wanted to manage the show now and came out of bed. I adjusted cloths hurriedly. He also put on his pyjama.We took dinner and he went outside home till I finished kitchen work. I adjusted the bed and then got fresh before going to bed. He returned with chewing Pan. He had halfway finished pan and then suddenly he called me closer. He took my face closer and all of sudden he put lips on mine. We kissed for few seconds and I realized pressure on my lips to open. I opened slightly and then he was waiting same. He transfered some part of chewed pan to me and then we again started kissing. Afetr few minutes we separated. He was still holding me by my waist. we both finished pan. He was smiling wickedly as I chewed his “Jhootha” pan without hesitation. We watched TV for some time and then he lit up small night lamp and all lamps stopped.He took me in his arms and then we again started kissing. We were kissing intimately. He put lips on mine lower lip and started biting gently. He also put hand on my left boob. His palm was cupping my breast. Slowly kaçak iddaa he started caressing gently my boobs over blouse. His hands were pressing my hips also simultaneously. He was not looking hurried and slowly making romance. He opened my blouse hooks and my bare breasts were open for him again. I hadnt worn any undergarment and only wearing saree, blouse and petticoat. He readily pushed head in my cleavage and started feeling my body heat. He was looking bit tired and hence not making much advancement. I also started feeling sleppy and closed eyes. He was still caressing boobs, stomach, waist slowly and gently. After few minutes i slept irrespective of his movements. He also might have slept soon.In the late midnight my sleep broken. We had taken good rest. I felt his hand again moving on my chest. I looked at him. He was also had rest and we were fresh for next game. Seeing me awake, he took me closer in his arms again and we again started kissing. His tounge started darting with mine. we were french kissing now. After enough kissing, his hand started roaming on my stomach. he took me sideways and caressed my bare back. My blouse was open from front, but still on body. While caressing back, he lowered himself and took my boob in his mouth. He gently encircled tounge on my pink nipples and I started feeling hotter. His mouth started taking my mango deep inside throat. He licked and sucked the boob completely and made it wet completely. When he released mango, I fed him other boob just like baby feeding. He happily sucked the other also. He sucked both boobs alternatively and I was moaning due to pleasure.Meantime he had raised my saree to thigh level. My petticoat was loosely tied to waist. He was caressing my legs in circular fashion. I was enjoying it. I again put lips on his and we kissed some more time. We were relaxed and fresh and also nobody to see us. He was pressing my bare hips also as i hadnt worn panty also. I opened his pyjama now and then put hand on his chaddi. I started feeling bulge in his undies. It was really started hardening by now. He started caressing my pussy area slowly and took my boob in his mouth again. I started caressing his legs, thighs making ateempt to excite him further but still slowly so that we can enjoy maximum. He asked me to caress his undies and penis. i followed him and slowly opened his underwear by pulling its string. I realized that his lund had stiffened and up like tower.I started feeling its length and size. first time I was feeling his rod in hand as We had only fucked till that time. I shaked it few times, caressed it lengthwise. His rod hardened further. We kiseed few seconds and then separated. What next? I had question in eyes looking at him. We slept sideways and his rod touched my ass crack few times. He was caressing my pussy and hips one by one. His left hand was kaçak bahis pressing my left boob under my body and he was kissing me again. I started feeling his hard on. i wanted him now again fuck me. I was also feeling wet pussy by romance / foreplay so far.He asked me to sit on bed and then slowly he started pushing me on stomach. I was unsure what he wanted to do. After few adjustments he made me sit on hands and knees. I was actually sitting doggy style which i had heard about but never tried. I was glancing at him by eagerneess and excitement. He raised bunch of my saree and petticoat up and put them behind hips. He pressed hips for some time and then placed his rod against my ass crack. Slowly I felt his lund near my wet pussy. He took position and then inserted his lund inside pussy. He was making slow but firm strokes so as to enter pussy fully. Time came when his lund filled up my entire pussy. He started to and fro movements. After few minutes he stopped and asked me to stand on floor and bend over the bed edge. I understood as he might be feeling tired due to pressure on his knees. We took new position and resumed fucking. He was fucking me now harder and faster. He caught my waist firmly to get momentum. After few minutes he bent on my body and resumed. He kissed my back few times. He also caught my hanging and swinging boobs and gave me hard press. I caught his hands and put again on boobs and signalled to press more. He was pressing my well maintained tight boobs harder and harder. His lund was still inside pussy. I was moaning now loudly without caring any outsider to hear the voice. After few minutes he again started fucking me. He pumped me for more than ten minutes after getting some rest during intercourse while pressing boobs. I again requested him to stop and then turned back. His lund came out. i took it in one hand, caressed it, other hand I pulled him and started kissing him. I was very excited. He might be disturbed while fucking but he also responded while kissing. I told him in low voice ” Please fuck me. My dear. You are really good and gentle. I feel very secure with you. Please consider this as our honeymoon. Fuck me and make me happiest woman. ” He was surprised by this and said “You are also very beautiful and sexy girl. fucking you is just like fucking a girl in Saree which i like most. ” He was still excited. Without wasting much time, he turned me back and positioned his lund in pussy from back. His pushes started increasing. After ten minutes or so he came in me. He fired jets after jets in my pussy. His hot cum was drenching and came out of pussy. It also spread on my saree, petticoat and bedsheet. He was also moaning and me was moaning loudly due to pleasure. We collapsed on bed and rested for some time. Then i came out of bed, went toilet and freshed. he also then came there and peed.We both lied in each other’s arms and rested whole night. We had session of atleast of two hours or more. We didnt adjusted clothes at all. Next part of the story what happened next?If you like teh story, pl reply

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