Honey I’m Home

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“Honey, I’m home!” I called out as I walked in the front door. I had been feeling frisky and horny most of the day, a mood brought on mainly by the leggy displays of my hot new secretary.

“I’m in the kitchen, Sweetie,” my wife answered in her sultry welcome home voice. The sight that revealed itself to me as I entered the kitchen made me forget all about my leggy secretary. Val, my wife of more years than I care to think about, stood in front of the kitchen sink, slightly bent over as she was working on something. Her long legs started with trim ankles and tapered upward past very nice knees and continued their mouth-watering journey up underneath the hem of the light blue miniskirt that started about four inches above her knees. Since she was slightly bent over, her World Wonder ass was enticingly hinted at under that wonderfully tight, form fitting miniskirt. The tee shirt she had on did little to hide the succulent braless breasts contained within. Though not overly large, I knew from past experience how wonderful they felt in my hands, how wonderful her nipples tasted.

A slight, but undeniable stirring started in my groin as I drank in this wonderful sight. The passing years have added to her beauty by fine tuning and enhancing her hourglass figure, which has aided in keeping my libido in top-notch shape. She looked delicious. The slight sway of her hips acted as a magnet to pull me close in behind her. Val moaned deep in her throat as I pressed my growing erection against her while wrapping my arms around her waist. She turned her head toward me for a kiss as my right hand started its journey toward her right breast. Our lips came together and our tongues met in a duel that never failed to stir the passion between us. Our breathing became more labored as the kiss deepened and my hand reached its goal at the pinnacle of her braless breast and began teasing her hard nipple. Val shuddered at the attention her breast was receiving and thrust her tongue even deeper into my mouth.

Now, that’s not all that was going on. Val’s ass had begun a rotating motion against my rock hard manhood. Simultaneously, my left hand had found its way down the front of the outside of her skirt to the juncture of her legs where my fingers moved in time with the mind blowing action her rear was delivering to my cock.

Finally, we broke our kiss to be able to breathe. Our breathing was becoming more and more labored as Val moaned, “Is that a cucumber you have in your pocket or are you happy to see me?” I whispered into her ear, “I’m very happy to see you, Darling, and getting happier all the time. Where pendik escort would you like for me to put your present?”

“Umm, I think you can find a nice warm, safe place for it where it will get all the attention it certainly deserves.” By this time, both of my hands had moved underneath her shirt where they were happily teasing her hard nipples to the point that my very turned on wife began a quick journey toward her first climax of the evening. Val’s nipples apparently have a direct connection to her pussy, because she can cum easily by having her breasts stimulated. Her whole body stiffened, her breathing stopped and time stood still. Then, she let out a mild scream while her body started a slight shaking that grew almost into a convulsion as her body collapsed against mine. Being a part of this experience almost caused me to cum as well, so I stiffened my body and held my breath also, but for the opposite reason of holding back my climax instead of letting go as she had.

Both of us began to settle down, she from her cum and me from my almost cum. “Oh WOW, is all I can think of to say right now, Babe,” said Val as some of our blood began to circulate in our brains again. My hands had moved down to the hem of her short skirt and were slowly pulling it north. Val wasn’t being idle either as she snaked a hand around to the swollen bulge filling up the front of my pants. Her hand covered my

hardness. “I better let him out before he gets bored.” With that, she started to lower my zipper. No problem with boredom from my end!

As my zipper went down, her skirt went up. “Oh Honey,” I exclaimed as I discovered her bare derriere, “No panties! Hot Damn! Oh God, how I love you!

“I love you too,” she whispered as her fingers teased my length while my own closed in on her gorgeous mound. She was soaking my fingers with her oozing sweet cream, a natural lubrication for what was to come shortly.

“Come on out and play, Mr. Happy,” hissed Val as her fingers wrapped around my throbbing cock and pulled him out of his hiding place. Her soft hand started a constant movement up and down and around my shaft, spreading my pre cum in such a way that it was almost as good as being in a pussy. After several of these heavenly strokes, she removed her hand and placed it on the counter with her other hand to support her as she moved her now naked ass against my very slippery and throbbing cock and resumed her famous grind, setting every nerve on fire, ready to explode.

“Oh yeah! Damn, that feels so good! I’ll give you a half hour to stop that,” I croaked.

“Yea, right, stud,” she gasped escort pendik as the fingers of my right hand continued to lightly stroke the swollen folds of her treasure. “I’m just getting started.” Soaked with her warm nectar, my thumb moved to her clitoris, causing her to catch her breath. Her clit now accepted its invitation to come out join the fun. It grew and hardened in response to my thumb circling around it while my fingers were sliding slowly up and down her slit, moving deeper and applying varying amounts of pressure with each pass. It wasn’t long before one, then two of my fingers slipped into her hot clasping pussy.

“Oh yes! Just like that! Don’t ever stop!” The combination of the action in pleasureland along with the attention her breasts were getting and the pressure of my very hot and hard cock against her ass triggered another orgasm.

“I don’t believe this! Here it comes again! Oh…My…GGOOOODDDDDD!!”

“That’s it, Darling! Let it go! Let me feel the release of your sweet cream! Here it comes! It’s so hot!” Again, I had to hold back to keep from cumming, and it wasn’t easy!

I have no idea why the two of us didn’t collapse to the floor in a tangle of arms and legs, but somehow we stayed together, still standing and supporting one another out of some sheer will to savor the moment, one of those once in a lifetime moments to become a permanent memory. Although I had not yet climaxed, I felt a surprising sense of well being. I had been able to bring exquisite pleasure to the most important person in my life and that, in itself, was something to be treasured.

As noble (or chauvinist, according to the opinion of the reader) as all this may sound, the reality was that I was still left with a raging hardon begging for release. Although still happy, my cock was starting to feel a bit bewildered by the current state of affairs. As Val’s and my breathing once again approached normal, my ever observant wife came to the rescue by noticing that something still needed to be taken care of, and quick.

“Jay, he earned a special treat.” With that, she whipped around, dropped to her knees and engulfed my cock into the hot confines of her mouth while her tongue triggered wondrous sensations that blasted throughout my entire being. Just as the top of my head was about to blow off, she released my now saliva covered cock. As she looked at me with smoldering eyes, she slowly stood and turned around while pulling her skirt back up over her cheeks to her waist and, again, leaned over in front of the sink, jutting out her exposed mouth watering ass to my fevered gaze. Somehow, pendik escort bayan the sudden rush of cool air to my suddenly released cock brought some small sense of reality back into the situation for a split second until her hot ass made contact with my very wet, hot, crazed and trembling instrument of pleasure.

“Oh my God, Val, this is just too much,” I almost coherently got out as she rose up on tiptoes so that my erection could seek out her opening. As soon as the head of my cock slipped inside, she began an excruciating slow descent and engulfed my throbbing hardness.

“Oh yes, Jay! This is what we have been waiting for.” I took a couple of slow thrusts to enhance the pleasure. “Fill me up, Darling! Give me all your love! Come in me, Jay! It’s your turn now!” My head was thrown back and my thrusts became harder and faster. “Let me feel your load of white cream as it explodes up inside me!” The sweat was pouring off both of us now as I pounded in and out of her, almost drawing all the way out on each stroke before ramming back in, faster and faster. “Shoot it so hard that I can taste it in my throat! Do it, my darling!” she screamed as she met me thrust for thrust. That’s all it took. I’ll never forget it. As I buried and held my cock in the silken grasping depths of her womanhood for the grand finale, my climax started deep inside of me somewhere and everywhere all at the same time. Before I knew what was happening, it converged in my groin, traveled through my balls and started its journey through my cock.

“Here it comes, Val!” I cried through gritted teeth as my body stiffened and my cock swelled with the new pressure that was rushing through it.

“Jay, I can feel it swell! The first spurt jetted out and splattered against her cervix. My toes curled and tingled as the second blast erupted even harder. “Oh yes! Give it all to me! Coat me with it! Ummm! I can feel it splash in me!” Meanwhile, her hips were going all over the place, working with her clasping pussy to milk every drop of my seed from deep within me as I erupted into her depths again and again.

Finally I was sated and this time we did fall to the floor. Bathed in sweat and trying to catch our breath, we spent several minutes caressing each other and cooing sweet nothings and everythings to each other.

For the third time that night, we held each other as we caught our breath and settled back to some semblance of normalcy. Val said, “You want to know something, Hot Shot? You distracted me from making dinner.” Figuring something was up, I looked into her laughing eyes and was delighted at what she said and did next. Leaning against the sink cabinets and spreading her legs to my admiring gaze, she licked her lips and said, ” Since it’s going to a late dinner now, how about a little appetizer?”

Dinner was very, very late.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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