Homemade Pie

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Writer’s Note: This is a story for adults over eighteen years of age about adults over eighteen years of age. While the story line is true, the dialog has been compressed for the sake of time and space. Safe sex was not an issue in the early seventies but should be a concern for everyone today.


When I was young, I used to think that my ability to meet women was just pure, dumb luck. I wasn’t a lady’s man, I sure wasn’t a Romeo, and I certainly wasn’t rich, handsome, or suave. However, I was able to meet some extraordinary women who were more than happy to teach a young man about the facts of life. Most were older women; some were married, some divorced, and some were widowed. Most of them were attractive, shapely, and fit; a few may not have been award winners, but they were all shapely, fit, and had all original equipment.

Why older women? Well, I lost my cherry to my best friend’s step-mother, a former nurse, who was twice my age. After that I was completely hooked on older women even though I didn’t hesitate to spread my pollen among the willing young co-eds in my high school class; they seemed to like the skills I had learned from older, more experienced women

There are many other reasons I choose older women over the younger ones. Older women weren’t interested in going steady, getting married, or having children; I had things to do in my life and I did not want to get married or have kids. Older women are past their fertile years so you don’t have to worry about using birth control or “that time of the month.” About the only drama, you have to deal with older women is occasionally you may have to listen to a married woman tell you about how her husband had done her wrong to justify why she is going to screw your eyes out. When an older woman invites a younger man to her home, you can bet she wants to get laid.

Of course, my luck with women could have just been a sign of the times. The sixties and seventies were times of change. Flower children, burning bras, free love were all the rage and older women who had spent their younger lives as housewives and mothers wanted to break loose and try some of those really fun things they were reading in women’s magazines. In Cosmopolitan magazine, Helen Gurley Brown was telling modern women it was okay to give blowjobs, have orgasms, and experiment with their bi-side. I remember taking my date, a fifty-six-year-old widow, to the movie at a nice theater in Tampa. The theater was packed with ordinary couples and singles eating popcorn while watching Linda Lovelace deep throat a large cock.

Whatever the reason for my luck with women, I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth. I accepted my fate and had a ready smile and a very southern, “Howdy, Ma’am, I hope you are having a wonderful day,” ready for every attractive, older woman who passed my way. Cora was one of those women. She was a widow and a retired teacher, but she was much more than that. She was an energetic, bubbly, attractive woman in her late fifties who could light up a room with her smile; she also had a glint in her eyes that suggested she might be open to an adventure with the right man.

I first met Cora at the high school where I was about to begin my teaching career; I was just twenty-four. I was heading to the cafeteria for a special luncheon to welcome teachers back to school and to recognize recently retired teachers. Going up the steps ahead of me was a tall, slender woman in a fitted, navy, blue dress that hugged her curves like a glove and slit in the back to allow for a longer gait; the slit also gave me the opportunity to see more of her shapely, stocking encased legs. I was immediately mesmerized by the sway of her hips and the undulations of the round cheeks of her beautiful, girdle encased bottom. I judged her to be about five-feet-seven, a hundred and fifteen pounds; probably a size six.

When we reached the top, she turned to see who was behind her. She smiled when she saw me divert my eyes from her behind to her pretty smile.

“Good morning. I haven’t seen you before; you must be one of the new teachers.”

I extended my hand, “Yes Ma’am, I’m Will; this is my first year teaching.”

“My goodness, teachers are either getting younger or I’m getting older,” she said.

I quickly replied, “It has to be that we are getting younger because you cannot be getting older as pretty as you are.”

She smiled, patted my back, and thanked me; we began looking for a place to sit in the already crowded cafeteria.

“Looks like we got here a bit late,” I said as I looked around for some open seats. “There’s a table if you would care to join me.”

“I would love to have lunch with a handsome young man that tells such outrageous lies,” she stated with a coy smile.

As we were served by the cafeteria workers several teachers stopped by to chat with Cora. She and I talked about a myriad of topics; we found out that I would be teaching the same History courses that she had taught and in the same room pendik escort where she had taught. Two other interesting pieces of information came out: one, I was single and unattached and two, Cora was widowed and unattached. Given the probably thirty years difference in our ages, we both seemed to delight in knowing that information.

One of the assistant principals stopped by to greet Cora; as he left, he looked at me and said with a big smile, “If you are ever invited to try one of Cora’s pies, jump at the opportunity.”

Cora seemed aggravated by the comment and shot him one of those dagger looks then said to me, “I have been baking pies for the county fair and the school bake sale for years; I’m well known for my pies.”

“Then I’ll have to make sure I get one the next time you bake; I love pie.”

“Apples are in season now, how about if I bake an apple pie and you stop by tomorrow morning for a slice of pie and a cup of coffee with me?”

I’m certain I must have grinned from to ear at her invitation, “Cora, your pretty smile is more than enough to tempt me to stop by and have coffee with you, but a slice of your homemade apple pie would certainly be an added treat.”

“My goodness, an old woman doesn’t get many compliments like that from young men. I appreciate it more than you know, but be careful, they could get you into trouble.”

“You are far from being an old woman; so don’t let me hear that again,” I scolded.

Cora patted my hand and thanked me again for the compliment. I have always loved older women; a mature, fully ripened woman at the peak of her beauty is a sight to behold. Her full, rounded form adds a new dimension to the term, beautiful.

I left school about four o’clock to rush over to the Madison’s house to mow their lawn; hopefully, I could get the job done before Mr. Madison got home. Kate, Mrs. Madison, loved a to playing around when Mr. Madison wasn’t home and I was in a playful mood thinking about having “pie” with foxy Cora the next morning. As luck would have it, I didn’t get finished in time. I was loading up my mower and other tools Mr. Madison walked around checking out my work and drinking a beer.

When I went in the backdoor to collect, Kate was bent over a small table writing me a check. She was looking good in a loose fitting tank top showed the sides of her more than ample breasts and a hip hugging mini skirt showing her tan, shapely legs; it was hard to believe she was in her late forties. As she finished writing the check I ran my hand over her firm round bottom.

She quietly smacked my hand, “Don’t do that, Bill is in the den watching the news.”

I moved behind her, put my hands on her hips, and pulled her sweet ass against my crotch. She wiggled her ass against my quickly swelling cock. She looked over her shoulder and gave me a scolding look, but she did not pull away nor did she stop wiggling her ass against me. My right hand moved under the hem of her skirt and cupped her pubic mound. She whispered my name as my fingers slid beneath the already slick crotch of her panties; my fingers sunk deep into her hot, wet folds. I made my hand vibrate against the soft, puffy mounds of flesh which covered her clit.

Her body began to shake as if she was going into convulsions; she gasped for breath and bucked against my hand. Just as she came down and regained her breath, the telephone rang. I slipped my hand out of her panties; my fingers were slick with her juices.

“Honey, can you get that!” came a voice from the den.

As she reached for the phone, she whispered, “Come back tonight; I’ll take my bath at ten o’clock.”

“Hello,” I heard her say as I picked up my check and slipped out the back door.

I held my hand to my face and inhaled the delicious aroma covering my fingers before licking them clean. I had moved to town two months before school started; I needed money to live on until I started teaching and got my paycheck, so I mowed lawns and did odd jobs to get by. Kate had nailed me the first time I time I mowed her lawn and went to the back door to collect; we had been going at it ever since.

A little before ten, I slipped through the shrubs into her backyard and made my way to her bathroom window. A few minutes later the bathroom light came on then a minute after that the window opened. It was low enough for me to just jump a few feet and throw my leg over the sill. Kate flushed the toilet to cover any sounds. We had done it several times; I suspected that I wasn’t the only man to climb through her bathroom window either.

Once inside, I looked to see that the door was locked then I pulled her bra down to expose her beautiful, grapefruit-sized breasts, and taunt nipples. We watched in the mirror as I filled my hands with her soft mounds of flesh; my fingers pinched her nipples as she ground her sweet ass against my crotch. I dropped my hands to the waistband of her half-slip and panties and pushed them to the floor. Kate unfastened her bra as I leaned forward to escort pendik cover her sweet ass with kisses. She opened her legs wider and leaned over the counter, supporting herself on her forearms. She was hot; she was ready. I sunk my turgid cock into her slick wet cunt and grabbed her hips.

After a good fucking, we got into the large sunken spa tub to play, listen to music, and drink wine; since she could only justify having one glass in the bathroom, I had to drink out of the bottle. Kate turned on the pulsing water spouts around the tub to cover up the fucking sounds we made. After about an hour, we had one more playful, quickie fuck and I slipped out the window to cross the back lawn and go home. A neighbor lady standing on her patio looked my way as I dropped to the ground.

Karma was working against me that night, or so I thought. Mr. Madison turned on the back porch light and stepped outside onto the patio. I almost panicked; a police car was in the back alley shining a spotlight where I had entered the backyard. I quickly slipped through the neighbor’s shrubs hoping she would not scream.

The neighbor held her fingers to her lips, shushed me, and motioned for me to join her, “Come stand by me and no one will know what you are up too,” she giggled then added, “Except Mrs. Madison.”

We stood quietly while her dog finished his business and the policeman stopped shining his spotlight; Mr. Madison stepped back inside and turned off the light. The tall, older woman beside me was dressed in a long silk nightgown with a lace top which displayed a good portion of her very ample chest; she took my arm and led me inside her house and turned off her porch light.

“Young man, don’t you think you should find a woman without a husband before you get shot. I’ve been watching you, and a few other men, sneak into her bathroom for some time.”

She removed the leash from her dog then looked at me for a moment then asked, “Do you drink bourbon?”

“Yes, neat please.”

“Well, tell me. Is she that good in bed that you would chance being shot over?”

I replied, “Actually, we have never made it to a bed; we have made it to the kitchen, we have made it to the master bathroom, and once we only made it inside the back door, but never a bed.”

I didn’t tell her that Kate’s house wasn’t the only place we met. I had stopped at a service station once to use the bathroom. While I was standing there taking a leak, the door popped open and Kate asked, “Don’t you ever lock the door?” She locked the door and we had a quick fuck against the wall, among all the rubber machines.

I asked, “Have you never done anything really daring?”

She smiled, “I have to confess, I slipped a few boys into my house when I was a teenager. But you certainly have many other options right here in the same neighborhood.”

Then I said to the woman, who had still not introduced herself, “I know what you mean. Actually, she’s a lot like you; she’s tall, long legged, a sweet bottom, and a nice pair of jugs. I have a weakness for women like that.”

She was momentary shaken by my comparison before replying, “She is at least ten years younger than me and I certainly don’t have men crawling in my bathroom window. Do you really think I have a sweet bottom and nice jugs?”

“Absolutely I do and they are very kissable; I would love to slip in your window some night.”

It was time to fish or cut bait. I stood up and straddled her lap and bent over and kissed her mouth; she quickly responded. I felt her fingers opening my shorts then tugging at my swelling cock. When our kiss ended she looked admiringly at the prize in her hand.

“I can smell her aroma on your cock; she should have, at least, cleaned it for you.”

I replied as she continued to admire it, “Actually she did clean it several times, but it got dirty again.” I chuckled then added, “She tasted delicious.”

She looked up at me as she took the entire length of my cock in her mouth. I felt her tongue swirl around my shaft removing all remnants of her neighbor’s juices from the cock in her mouth; several soft moans were heard as she completed the cleaning task. She held my cock between her breasts and we kissed again.

I had learned years before; make a woman feel beautiful and desirable and she will go to great lengths to please you. When the kiss was over, she led me to her bedroom. She quickly undressed me and pushed me back on the bed with my feet on the floor then she knelt between my knees and began to kiss my body. Soon my cock was swollen to the point I thought it might split; its head looked like a large, shiny, purple plum, ripe for the picking.

The tall woman stood up and straddled my midsection with her back toward me. She took my engorged cock into her hand and guided it between her legs; I felt her hot, wet cunt envelop my ripened plum for a few seconds then she impaled herself on my cock. She leaned forward and placed her hands on my knees. I could see her tight rear orifice wink pendik escort bayan as she worked her hips back and forth. The bottom of my shaft was covered with her slick, glistening cream. I ran my hand over her hips and lower back as she picked up the pace. She began to moan and groan; Kate had already drained my nuts so I just let the woman riding my cock and enjoy herself. After several minutes of wailing, writhing, and yelling, she was exhausted.

The tall, exhausted woman stretched out beside me on her side in a typical sixty-nine position. She lifted her top leg and offered me a close-up view of her red swollen cunt; her pubic hair was matted and her inner thighs were covered with her juices. Her wrecked cunt reeked with the aroma of a fresh fuck and begged to be kissed; I obliged. I batted her glistening, pink labia with my tongue then flick it around her clitoris

I soon wallowed my face between her thighs trying to clean up the mess by lapping up the delicious juices that had spilled over. I felt my hard cock deep in her mouth with her fingers toying with my nuts. When I began letting my fingers play in and around her tight ass, she quickly did the same to me. While I enjoyed playing with a nice tight ass, I had never been one to enjoy it myself. However, I trusted her and let her continue; it was quite pleasant and she was very gentle.

Our sexual antics continued passed midnight with lots of fucking and sucking. My unknown partner seemed to be making up for lost time and I didn’t try to reign her in. At some point, I fell asleep. I began waking up when the morning sun began peeking in the window. I felt the warm body of a tall woman snuggled against my back and her arms around me; it took a moment for me to remember where I was and who the woman was snuggling against me. It had been a wonderful night; I moved my arm behind me and ran my hand over the sweet ass I had kissed and admired the night before.

“Is it time to get up?” she asked sleepily.

“Yes, regrettably, I have an appointment this morning.”

She lowered her hand and felt my erection and gave it a squeeze, “I’d like to be your appointment.”

“Well that will disappear as soon as I take a piss, and I do have to piss.”

I made a beeline to the bathroom, but quickly gave up on trying to get my erect cock pointed downward enough to piss in the toilet; I stepped into the shower and pissed on the wall and let the water wash it down the drain. My evening fuck buddy sat on the toilet and watched until I had relieved my bladder enough that my erection deflated.

She chuckled when I quipped, “Do I have to sneak out the bathroom window when I leave?”

She laughed and pulled on a pair of panties and headed for the kitchen, “Get dressed and I’ll fix us breakfast.”

As she walked me to the door to say goodbye, she kissed my cheek and handed me a slip of paper, “By the way, my name is Edith; here’s my phone number.”

It was ten o’clock when I rang Cora’s doorbell, having sex again was the last thing on my mind, but Cora answered the door wearing a khaki, mini-skirt that showed off her long, shapely legs and her firm, round bottom that was no longer encased in a girdle; her loose fitting blouse showed the imprint of her nipples beneath the thin fabric. She greeted me with a quick kiss on the cheek and I followed her through the house. I could smell the aroma of the apple pie cooling in the kitchen and Cora’s White Shoulders perfume as she led me to the patio. A trellis filled with blooming Hibiscus hid one end of the patio to give some privacy from her neighbors.

“The pie needs to cool a little more. Would you like some brandy with me while we wait?” Cora asked.

We sat around a small wrought iron, glass topped, patio-table, sipped brandy, and talked about our previous day’s meeting at school. The conversation turned to my background; when I mentioned my active duty time in West Germany, we discovered that we had both traveled throughout Western Europe in the same timeframe. We sipped brandy and talked about our travels.

When Cora cut the pie, she only served me. I asked, “Aren’t you going to have pie with me?”

“Goodness no; it would go straight to my hips and bottom,” she said as she turned slightly to give me a look.

I couldn’t let that pass, “Well, if you don’t mind my saying so, you have a lovely bottom and perfect hips.”

“Thank you, Will,” she said with a coy smile and an affectionate rub across my shoulder.

As I finished my slice pie, Cora poured more brandy then did something totally unexpected; she unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off. She gave me a sultry smile as she displayed a beautiful pair of “B” cup sized breasts with half-dollar sized, pink areola with lots of small bumps that are known for giving great pleasure when licked; her nipples were long and rock hard.

“I wanted to share another treat with you, I hope you don’t mind,” she said, casually sitting there, topless with her legs crossed.

I sat cool, calm, and collected; although I wanted to grab her and devour her firm breasts and bury my face between her legs, “Of course I don’t mind, I’m honored you wanted to share them with me. They are beautiful and very kissable.”

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