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I had just stepped out of the shower that morning at roughly 7 30 ready to begin another day at the office. All I needed to do was towel off quickly then take a few minutes to blow dry my short, black hair.

For the past ten years since graduating from fine arts college, I had been in business for myself making catalogs for local merchants. One is for a sporting goods store that sells clothing including team jerseys. Another client sells everything from bicycles and backpacks to wind breakers.

I spend a good deal of time, usually about 20 minutes every day, keeping my cone shape body type fit. In one corner of my bedroom are Harbinger Resistance Bands that tone my legs. Next to it is my stair master that I set for high tension.

Working from home gives me the privacy I crave to dress as I please. Five years ago, on a lark, I decided to go nude around my apartment. The idea came to me while visiting a web cam chat room but that’s another story. Anyway it felt comfortable wearing absolutely nothing for the rest of the night.

In my closet only a few favorite outfits remain, one top for each day, a couple of pairs of slacks, and a couple of dresses. If I don’t wear them there’s no need to do laundry. Besides that, I hate doing laundry which is another advantage to going naked.

A couple of miles from me Jason, a 19 year old who lives in his parent’s home, does some work for me. While I do the image editing and photo arranging, he helps me with captions. He’s a nice young man and that’s part of the reason I hired him.

In my office the bursa escort desk is designed to hold my computer, an Apple I-Mac equipped with Adobe Photo shop. I sit in a comfortable leather office chair with a cup of coffee beside the computer.

Naked and walking with my coffee into my home office I was ready for work. I switched on the machine and loaded the files. My clock read 8 00.

Time passed quickly as I worked. I had completed the editing of a couple of photos and was into a third when I heard my door bell.

No point searching for anything to wear I thought. I’ll just answer the door as I am.

I opened the door to a solicitor whose jaws dropped to the floor. The lady’s eyes seemed to pop out of her face.

“Oh my God!” she remarked, turned quickly and walked away.

I guessed that she was a Jehovah witness. In any case I didn’t feel like dealing with the situation so hanging my buxom boobs out worked to my advantage. I could return to work.

About mid day my phone rang. On the second ring I picked up.

“Hello,” I answered.

“Karen, it’s Jason. I have a disk for you.”

This would be an important part of my completed work. Several hundred photos, with captions provided, had saved me hundreds of hours of effort. Jason was worth every penny I could pay him.

He had never actually been to my home. Our business dealings, which were part social occasion, generally took place over lunch at a local restaurant. Today would be different.

By now we were friendly enough that I could invite him to my apartment. bursa escort bayan Besides that having him come to me was easier than going to him.

“Thanks Jason,” I replied. “I’ll be here.”

That said, I gave him my street address and apartment number. All I could do now was wait.

Some 15 minutes later I watched a cyclist coming through the building’s parking lot. That must be him I told myself.

Seconds later I opened my door as soon as it buzzed. The tall, lean, young man with ash brown hair stood blushing. His gray eyes seem to pop out.

“You’re naked!”

I giggled. He averted his eyes.

“It’s ok,” I said, “come on inside.”

He walked inside.

“I’m sorry I guess I should have told you about me.”

“I would have waited longer.”

” I don’t wear clothes in my apartment. I’m a nudist.”

I could sense that he was growing accustomed to viewing a girl’s private parts. He was no longer blushing or looking away.

“I guess I should take off my own clothes.”

“Be my guest.”

He pulled off his T shirt, then pulled off his denim shorts and stepped out of them. His raging hardon strained against his briefs. Extending my left arm I took his lovely warm man meat in my hand and stroked it gently pulling the foreskin. My grip tightened.

“Jason have you ever been with a girl before?”

I felt as though I already knew the answer but he was honest with me.

“No,” he replied.

Pulling him against me, I pressed my lips to his then pushed my tongue at his mouth. escort bursa His jaw opened allowing the wet kiss that I craved.

My hand closed tightly around his hand guiding it toward my swollen clitoris. The soft touch of his slowly moving fingers drove me mad with desire. I wanted those fingers inside me.

We walked to my bed where he eased me onto my back on the mattress. His semi soft but stiff member pushed slowly and tentatively inside my warm, moist vagina.

He pulled back nervously. Sensing this I opened my dresser and pulled out a Trojan condom kept there for just such an occasion as this.

“Put this on hon. It will protect me.”

I watched while he pulled the bag over his sex then I lay back and spread my legs. Less nervous, he lowered his lean but fit looking runner’s body down onto me again. I could feel the slow sliding motion of his thick man meat against the sensitive wall of my moist vagina. My soft moans gradually grew louder. Muscular tension from repeated contractions that swept across my entire body sapped my energy but at the same time brought me to sheer screaming ecstasy. I thrashed about.

The sex lasted only a few minutes but left me exhausted. As I lay staring at the ceiling slowly regaining strength Jason fingered my erect nipples and my belly button.

He needed assurance. “How was it for you?”

“It was great!”

A few moments were spent just cuddling.

“Hon, I have a check for you for your work.”

That said, I wrote a check payable to Jason Thomas for $600 for typing cations to 300 pictures. I could now proceed to pull everything together and complete the catalog for the outdoors/ sporting goods store.

“Thank you,” he answered.

“Would you like coffee or something?”

“I guess so, ” he answered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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