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I’m Rob. A while back, my best friend Chuck told you the story of the time he and my wife Stacy went on a date to a concert that his wife Amy and I set up for them. It ended up being a crazy night all the way around – you can read Chuck and Stacy’s story in The Love You Make. I thought you might also enjoy hearing about what Amy and I were doing while our spouses were at the concert. . .


It all started when Chuck’s co-worker Jim offered him two tickets to the upcoming Paul McCartney concert. Chuck has been a huge Beatles/McCartney fan his whole life. Of course, his first thought was to take his wife, but when he told Amy about it, she said that she would go with him if he wanted her to, but she really wasn’t all that excited about it. She suggested that he offer the tickets to me.

When Chuck came to me, I told him that I’d gladly go with him and even have a good time, but that Stacey was a much bigger fan than I was – she’d actually gone to see the Beatles when she was a kid – and she’d be ecstatic to have the chance to see Sir Paul again.

Chuck wasn’t so sure about taking his buddy’s wife on a date, so he said he needed to check it with Amy. But Amy was even more enthusiastic about the idea than I was, so it was a date. When Chuck and Amy came to our house to offer a ticket to Stacy, she shrieked for joy and jumped into Chuck’s arms, wrapping her legs around his waist, and her arms around his neck. Chuck had no choice but to hold her up with his hands on her ass, while Amy and I looked at each other, stifling giggles.


Now, Stacy is a very spontaneous, very uninhibited, very passionate woman, and she has a special gift for drawing me out of my more reserved ways. Best of all, she’s VERY sexual. She LOVES sex, and everything about it, and I have spent our entire married life reaping the benefits of that. She loves my erect penis, any way she can get it – in her hands, in her mouth, between her tits, in her vagina. And she especially loves the feeling of the warm rush of my semen inside her when I come.

Stacy’s breasts are magnificent. They’re big – REALLY big. I suppose most guys hope that they’ll marry a woman with big tits, but when Stacy and I fell in love with each other, I felt like the luckiest man in the world. I could spend hours with my face lost in Stacy’s tits, licking and sucking and squeezing and fondling them to my heart’s delight.


The closer it got to the day of the concert, the more excited Stacy got. She was practically bouncing off the walls as she walked around the house. “I can’t believe it,” she would say over and over, “it’s really going to happen.”

Stacy’s libido increased with her excitement. Suddenly, she wanted more sex, more often, with more orgasms than she had since we were newlyweds. She’d ‘accidentally’ brush her hand against my crotch, or even grab my package, when we passed each other in the kitchen, or the hallway. Not that I was complaining, mind you.

About a week before the concert, Stacy and Amy came to talk to me, with serious looks on their faces.

“What’s up, ladies?” I asked, smiling, keeping the mood light.

Stacy looked at Amy, who gave her an encouraging look, nodding in my direction.

“OK,” Stacy exhaled. “The concert is next week, right?”

“Yeah. . .”

“Well. . . you know how horny I’ve been lately?”

I grinned. “Yeah, I’ve noticed.”

“Well, I’m worried.”

“Worried? About what?”

I’m worried that I might get too excited at the concert, and. . .” Her voice trailed off.

“And what, Sweetheart?”

“Oh, Ron. . . What if I end up having sex with Chuck? I mean, I’m already way amped up, and it’s still a week until the concert.”

I paused. I knew Stacy well enough to know that her concern wasn’t just overwrought. She very well might lose herself in the moment and want to fuck Chuck. And I knew that if she did, it would be nigh unto impossible for Chuck to resist her.

“Well, Sweetheart,” I began, casting a glance toward Amy, “let’s think this through. Are you worried that you and I might split up if you have sex with Chuck?”


“That’s not going to happen,” I assured her. “You and Chuck are my two favorite people in the world. I would expect that sharing an experience like this will bring the two of you closer together. So what if that becomes sexual? If you were ever going to fuck another guy, Chuck is the only one I’d trust you with.”

“Right,” Amy chimed in. “And if Chuck were ever going to screw another woman, you’re the only one I’d want him to do it with.”

Stacy looked at Amy, then back at me. “Do you guys really mean that?” she asked.

“Mmm-hmm,” Amy and I agreed. “We do.”

“Look,” Amy said, “just go to the concert and have fun, and don’t worry.”

“Right,” I agreed. “Whatever happens will be OK with us.”

“You guys are the best!” She wrapped both Amy and me in a tight three-way hug, then stepped back, looking at us.

“But listen,” Stacy continued, “if you’re OK with bursa escort Chuck and me fucking, then the two of you should be free to fuck each other, if the situation is right.”

I looked at Amy. I’d be lying if I said I’d never thought of having sex with her, but it honestly hadn’t occurred to me in the present conversation until Stacy raised the possibility. But it was a possibility I found very intriguing, now that she’d mentioned it.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about Amy and me,” I replied. “We’re not the ones going to an amazing concert together.”

“I’m not worried,” Stacy answered. “At least, not anymore. . .”


At last the day of the concert came. Stacy and I walked down to Chuck and Amy’s house, so Amy and I and our seven teenaged kids (their four and our three) could see them off on their great adventure.

“Have fun!” I told Stacy as I kissed her through the minivan window, playfully slipping my tongue between her lips.

“I expect we will,” she grinned. “Thanks for letting me go.”

“My pleasure,” I answered.

“We’ll see about that,” she snickered.

Chuck backed out of the driveway, while we all waved and bid them enjoy themselves. They turned and drove up the street; when they turned onto the main road, we couldn’t see them any longer, and they were ‘officially’ on their way.

Amy had steaks on the grill, and she and the kids and I had a sumptuous feast in the back yard. When we were all filled to satiety, the leftovers stored and the dishes carried into the kitchen, the kids dispersed to various friends’ houses, leaving Amy and me alone together.

Amy carried one last load of dishes into the house. When she returned, she was carrying two bottles of wine, and a pair of wine glasses.

“You don’t want to spend the evening alone at home while your wife is on a hot date with your best friend, do you?” she chuckled. “Why don’t you and I relax over some wine?”

I smiled. “That sounds like a wonderful idea,” I replied.

Amy poured the wine, and the two of us sat facing each other across the picnic table, sipping and savoring the rich flavor of the wine.

Amy looked into her glass and smiled. “This is just the craziest thing,” she said, shaking her head. “My husband and your wife going on a date together.”

“And not just any date,” I responded, “but I’m pretty sure that as far as they’re concerned, this is pretty close to the Date of All Dates. I’m not sure I’ve ever taken Stacy on a date that excited her any more than this one.”

“And the craziest part,” Amy continued, “is that we set it up for them! Are we crazy or what?” We both doubled over in uproarious laughter, until tears came from our eyes and we were gasping for breath.

Once we had recovered our breath, we were quiet for several seconds, both of us thinking the same thing. Amy spoke first. “Do you think they’ll end up fucking each other?” she asked. Far from anything like anxiety, her tone of voice expressed simple curiosity more than anything else. Our conversation a week previously had clearly given them whatever ‘permission’ they might have needed.

I smiled wryly. “Oh yeah,” I said. “They’ll end up fucking each other. Stacy is way too geeked for them not to. For the past two weeks, she’s been hornier than I’ve ever seen her. You wouldn’t believe how much sex we’ve had!”

“Poor boy,” Amy giggled. “It must have been hard.”

“It was incredibly hard,” I said, with a leer. “Big, too.”

Amy swatted my hand for my randy little joke.

“Anyway, if that’s how Stacy treated me, just in anticipation of the concert, imagine how she’ll be with the music fresh in her ears. And her soul. And if Stacy is that horny, I doubt very much that Chuck will be inclined to resist her.”

Amy giggled. “Not if he thinks he can get his hands on Stacy’s big boobs. God, he fantasizes about her and her tits!”

“Really?” I asked, cocking my head to one side. “I guess I can’t blame him. If she wasn’t my wife, I’d be fantasizing about them, too!”

My first glass of wine was empty, so Amy poured me another one. Within minutes, she was pouring herself a second glass.

From there, the conversation flowed, mellow and relaxed, reminiscing about shared experiences over the course of our long friendship.

“You know when we go to the cabin?” I asked.

Amy nodded.

“When we took the kids on ‘nature walks’ so you and Chuck could make love, sometimes we’d cut the walk short to try to ‘catch you in the act’.”

Again, Amy swatted my hand. “You perverts!” she yelled, in mock indignation. Then she leaned forward attentively. “So – did you ever catch us?”

I smiled. “I’m actually not sure; maybe once or twice. Damn birds and crickets make more noise than you’d think.”

Amy sat back with a look of smug satisfaction. “Serves you right,” she said. I rolled my eyes in response.

“Of course you know,” she said, blushing, “we did the same thing to you and Stacy.”

“Uh-huh,” I said, nodding my head at having busted her bursa escort bayan pretended hypocrisy.

“And? . . .”

“Well,” Amy said, trying to stifle a giggle, “once or twice Stacy was, um, quite vocal in her climax.”

I smiled, nodding in recognition.

“The hard part,” she continued, “was explaining to the kids that Aunt Stacy was just very happy, and nothing was wrong with her.”

“Oh god,” I groaned, palming my face. “I’m so sorry.”

She laughed, waving off my comment. “I seriously doubt that any of the kids even remember it.”

In due time, the first bottle of wine was emptied, and the conversation flowed easily and happily into the second bottle, until it, too, was virtually empty. By that time, the sun was setting, and the outdoor light was getting dim. Amy gathered up the empty bottles. “Let’s go inside,” she said. “I can open another bottle, and we can watch a movie.”

“Sounds fun,” I agreed.

She beckoned me onto the couch in the family room, in front of the TV. Moments later, she returned with a DVD in her hand.

“This is one of Chuck’s and my favorites,” she declared.

I recognized the film. It was a romantic comedy, but it had a reputation for having a sexy edge. Stacy and I had seen it many years previously, and I could remember it sparking some really fun sex. But honestly, strange as it may seem, at that moment, sex with Amy hadn’t even occurred to me.

Amy popped in the DVD, then flopped onto the couch next to me, nestling close against my side. My arm was trailing along the back of the couch, but it wasn’t long before I slid it down around Amy’s shoulder. The warmth of her small, feminine body next to mine was just incredibly comfortable.

Within the first half-hour of the movie, the leading lady was bare-breasted on the screen. I felt my cock beginning to stiffen.

Suddenly, Amy reached up and grabbed my hand, dragging it down onto her breast. Momentarily surprised, I looked down at her. She looked up at me with a warm smile and a wink, then turned her attention back to the movie.

“My boobs aren’t as big as Stacy’s,” she declared, almost apologetically.

“They’re yours,” I countered. “And they’re lovely.” I gave her breast a gentle, appreciative squeeze, which elicited a happy purr from her.

Soon after that, Amy ‘casually’ rested her free hand on the growing bulge in my shorts, slowly running her fingers along my length, gently squeezing my hard-on, almost as if measuring it for size and thickness. I said nothing, but began to gently rock my hips against the movements of Amy’s fingers on my cock.

For a long time, we gently caressed each other through our clothes, while we continued to watch the movie. At one point, Amy nestled closer to me. “This is really nice,” she murmured.

“Yes,” I agreed, “it is.”

It’s funny, but our mutual erotic caresses didn’t seem lustful at all; more like comfortable. Amy and I were expressing the warm, intimate friendship that had been growing between us for years. Chuck was my best friend, and Stacy was my wife, but Amy and I had developed a close, affectionate connection with each other that we were just beginning to recognize.

After a while, Amy turned to me, lifting her face. “Kiss me, Ron,” she said.

We turned toward each other. I lowered my face to hers and tenderly kissed her lovely lips. As I did, Amy wrapped her arm around my head and ran her tongue along my lips. Eagerly, I accepted her tongue into my mouth, and quickly, we were passionately engaged, our tongues writhing together, tasting and enjoying each other.

I slid my hand under the hem of Amy’s top and began caressing the bare skin of her back and sides and belly, running my hand up onto the cups of her lacy bra, tenderly fondling her breasts, one layer closer to her soft skin.

Amy returned her hand to my crotch, slipping it inside the waistband of my shorts, until she found my erection. Wrapping her feminine fingers around my thickness, she began slowly stroking up and down along the length of it, purring happily as she caused my penis to grow even longer and harder. I could feel pre-cum oozing from my tip, lubricating the movements of her hand on my shaft.

I reached my hand around her back, finding the clasp of her bra and unfastening it, then returning my hand to her breast, now freed from its lacy confinement. Amy groaned as I gently squeezed her soft, firm tits, and played with her stiffening nipples.

Suddenly, Amy sat up, breaking our kiss. I wondered if we had crossed some internal line.

“Oh heck,” she said, “why don’t we just get naked?”

I grinned as she reached for my shirt, tugging it off over my head. “Oooh,” she purred admiringly, “your chest is hairy.” She ran her hands over my chest, running her fingers sensually through my body-hair.

I returned the favor to her, tugging her top off, leaving her unfastened bra dangling from her shoulders. With a shrug, she was naked from the waist up.

I reveled in my first look at Amy’s bare escort bursa breasts. They weren’t as big as Stacy’s, but they certainly weren’t small. Round and full and firm, they stood out proudly from her chest. Her areolae were sensually large, and dark red. Her nipples stood excitedly erect. I bent down to kiss one breast, then the other.

“Your breasts are beautiful,” I said, admiringly.

Amy smiled, almost bashfully, then stood, and began stripping her shorts down over her round hips.

“Wait,” I said. She paused, looking at me questioningly. “May I?”

She smiled, and moved to stand in front of me. I slid my fingers inside the waistband, caressing around her waist, then cupping my hands on the cheeks of her ass as I stripped her shorts and panties off her, dropping them to the floor.

Amy stood before me, completely naked. My senses were filled with the rich aroma of her aroused vagina, adorned with a covering of beautiful dark-brown pubic hair. Pulling her to myself by her ass-cheeks, I leaned in to kiss her pussy, playfully burying my nose between her labia, and teasingly running my tongue along her slit.

Amy knelt in front of me, and gripped the waistband of my shorts. I lifted my hips off the couch to give her the clearance to strip them off me. When she did, I was as naked as she was. My cock stood straight up from my loins, long and thick and hard.

For a few seconds, Amy sat on her heels, looking at my erection. “Your cock is wonderful,” she breathed. She bent forward and wrapped her lovely lips around my cockhead, tenderly sucking on the spongy flesh, and running her tongue along the edge of it. I rolled my head back and groaned at the pleasurable sensations she was creating.

I didn’t want to come in her mouth, and evidently, she felt the same way. She stood up and straddled my legs, aligning her opening with my pole. For a long moment, we looked into each other’s eyes, assuring each other that this momentous next step was what we wanted to do. Then, without a word, Amy lowered herself until her moist, fragrant entrance nestled against my cockhead, and continued down my shaft.

“Oh, Amy,” I groaned in deep pleasure as she slowly slid herself onto my stiff manhood, enveloping me in her warm feminine sheath. Her own groans of pleasure harmonized with mine as she slid relentlessly onto me, my cock filling her vagina more and more with every inch of her downward progress.

For a long time, neither of us moved, both of us savoring the depth of our new connection. Neither of us had made love to anyone except our spouses in many years, and the sensations of making love to a new partner for the first time were simply intoxicating.

We reveled in the transcendent sensations of our mutual genital caress. Amy clenched her pussy-muscles on my shaft, multiplying the intensity of the feeling by a thousand. In response, I clenched my own muscles, causing my dick to swell and grow inside her, which drew a sensual groan from Amy’s throat.

She leaned forward, offering her breasts for me to suckle. Joyfully, I took one erect nipple into my mouth, and then the other, and began licking all around both her fulsome breasts, laving them with my tongue.

Slowly and deliberately, Amy began grinding her hips on my cock, cradling my head in her arms as I continued suckling her. Soon, we settled into a relaxed, unhurried rhythm, my cock sliding in and out of her warm, wet channel as she ground herself on my throbbing member.

Peacefully, warmly, we mated together. Up and down, in and out, on and on, we took joy and comfort from each other’s bodies, and the connection that we were only now acknowledging for the first time. Our universe shrank to my body and Amy’s, as we lost all awareness of the world beyond the two of us, and the love we were making. Somewhere, Stacy and Chuck were at a concert together, but that faded from our awareness in the beautiful warmth of our loving. This wasn’t about Chuck or Stacy, or the concert or anything they might be doing there. This was Amy and me expressing the deep, warm intimacy of a friendship that had been growing between us for years.

It seemed like our coupling lasted for hours. Neither of us wanted our connection to end, and neither of us was in a hurry to climax, so we just went on and on, savoring every sensation of each other’s bodies and souls. For a long time, we just gazed into each other’s eyes as her pussy and my cock ground together. It was the most incredible, deep, warm loving that I’d ever had.

Finally, Amy began to groan as she increased her tempo almost imperceptibly. “Oh, Ron,” she moaned, “Oooh, I’m going to come. Ooooh, it’s wonderful. . . Oooooohhhh. . .” She began to whimper softly as her orgasm took control of her body, squirming and writhing as she ground out an intense, but very gentle orgasm.

Amy’s climax pushed me over my own orgasmic edge. With a soft grunt, almost a sigh, I came, sending my semen surging into Amy’s vagina.

“Oh!” Amy cried, “You’re coming in me! I feel it! Yes, Ron, come in me. Fill me with your cum!”

Often, my orgasms are explosive or shattering, but this was more like a warm bubble of ecstasy bursting, washing over Amy and me, consuming us in the mutual joy of our union.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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