Holidays finish


Holidays finishOur girls will soon go to college, but they want to arrange crazy fun at the end of the holidays, before the hard work that awaits them during their studies. Of course, they had to invite the boys to this game. One day Daria and Julka met. They will study in the same city, but at two different universities. Therefore, even before the start of the new academic year, they decided to arrange another crazy sex party. This time Daria visited Julka in her apartment, which she rented to study at the station. From the beginning of this seemingly friendly meeting, it felt that it could not end in ordinary girl talks, on the contrary, sooner or later it would smell something more spicy. Daria was the last to visit Julia in a pretty defiant outfit, so that you could see her shapes in peace, or at least you could imagine how this girl might look like a naked woman. The girls suddenly began with a juicy kiss on the lips. That kiss on the lips lengthened so much that he gave both girls a decent spirit. Daria’s hand flew quickly under Julia’s blouse. She went there to quickly change direction and head towards the girl’s pussy. Through her panties, Daria got into her friend’s pussy so that she even managed to put her fingers into the vagina of her friend. Julia is clearly excited. She fainted slightly with excitement. At the same time, it gave her enough courage to take care pendik escort of Daria’s breasts. Julia withdrew from her friend a blouse so that Daria was in the bra herself. At that moment Daria overthrew her friend on the back. Instantly she withdrew her skirt and panties so that Julia was now lying with her bare pussy on the floor of the room, which the girls occupied. At that moment, Daria slipped in tightly into her friend’s pussy. Julia was writhing with pleasure when Daria was wriggling her fingers in her vagina:Oh! … Ah … but cool! … I’m fuckin ‘! … You’re divine … Julka, in fact, really provoked Daria with even more powerful thrusts in her vagina. It did not bother her that she was simply red with pleasure. She was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, and brutally tore off her shorts and panties from her friend. How crazy Julia got to Dia’s craze now. She put her whole hand into the woman’s scabbard. It seemed that Daria would sail away in this beautiful wave of orgasm, which would cause further Julia’s moves in Daria’s vagina.-Ah … oh … aua … oh … oh … yes! … Fuck me! It’s so good! … Daria screamed with delight while Julia penetrated her vagina with her whole hand. She writhed to the right and left of every forthcoming wave of orgasm, which the girl now survived from 10 in a row, each escort pendik of which was getting stronger. At that moment, Julia took a strapon (such an artificial penis), tied it to the place where men usually have it. She broke open the legs of her friend and began to brutally pierce this strapping into the scabbard of her friend. And, that these types of toys are generally much larger than a male penis, Daria felt terrible pain and at the same time a great orgasm.Ah! … Oh … Aua! How damn it hurts! Fuck me! You’re going to blow up my bitch in a moment! … Daria screamed in pain at Julia, and she was so imperturbable that she fucked her friend like a mad woman for a good half hour, until Daria lightly bloodied! However, this did not stop Julia from raging, who with each move dildo fucked her friend more and more brutally, harder until she almost lost consciousness. However, she regained her and the action changed tremendously. She rested, masturbating over her aching and battered pussy. She did not wait long and overthrew her friend. Daria now decided to convince Julia that she can also treat the girl brutally. With all her strength she pounded the friend on the floor, opened her legs. She found a dildo of artificial dildo. Without any warning, she pinned him to the place where men have cocks. As much as she can, she drove this dildo to her friend’s pussy. Julka screamed!-Kurwa, pendik escort bayan Daria! It hurts so much like hell! This time Daria was the unwavering side. She did not wait. She did not play with the “preparation” of her friend’s cunt. As much as she could, brutally as hell, she rushed into the cunt of a friend. She fucked like this for a good half hour. And her friend just screamed:Ah … aua … whore! I’m fucking! And damn me! Julia could still see Daria slowly getting off, fucking her friend like a furious, brutal, hard, good half hour.Oh fuck! It hurts! Aua! She fucks me! Fuck what a girl! Daria screamed at every brutal thrust with her dildo!-Oh fuck! I can not stand it anymore! … Julka! …. brake! Dadyszana Daria barely speaks to the raging wave of her friend’s orgasm! But she is not going to stop. She let go of the monstrous massacre of a friend’s cunt that has already succeeded. She went so far that Daria could lick Julia’s pussy passionately. In the meantime, Julia was doing a passionate massage for her friend’s bust. So Daria had a much nicer orgasm than before, without pain, but with ever faster and more rapidly coming waves of orgasm.They rested a little and swapped positions. Now Julia had massaged her tits while licking Dia’s deep pussy. It looked amazing, the girls were gently slipping away in the wave of orgasm, which at the same time rattled them every now and then, making them feel calmer, more silent with every move … that was what our teenagers needed. That was the end. The girls were now trying to calm down, calm down, control their excitement ….

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