holidayWe have a holiday home, we go on holiday. It is a beautiful place, by the sea and mountain views. Pool on the terresen.It is a great place to relax.After Christmas my boyfriend has had a new girl to fuck one day a week. Normally he comes home after having sex, but lately he has more often stayed. After becoming a father, his dick has become harder, leaking more sperm during the act and making it horny. He invites this girl on holiday this summer. It’s a sweet, kind, Spanish girl, pretty much what he likes. She doesn’t have much family and friends in town. And it was nice not to travel alone.When we arrive, my boyfriend we out and go with the girl. He shifts to shots and shirtless, so it’s so hot. Once they’ve gone, illegal bahis I see he’s taken off the underwear as well. They are gone for an hour. When they return, my boyfrien saggers his shots so the pubic hairs seemed. He has sperm in the hair’s hair, and the dick is still hard. So not hard to understand they have fuckedThe first night, I and the boyfriend sleep together. I wake up in the morning and he still sleeps. I get up and go out to the pool in just the boxer. The girl everything is up and swimming. We have seen the weather naked sometimes, when I have seen her and my boyfriedn have sex, but I go into the living room where I can look out to the pool. my boyfriend has been waking up and coming out of the shorts, illegal bahis siteleri going towards the pool. When he comes nests away he peeks around and pulls down his shots, so he is completely naked. He sits down on the sunbed by the pool and begins to jerk. The girl comes up and goes to him to help. Sit down and take his dick and start sucking, while my boyfriend pulls down her bathing suit. She lays on top, front to front and they start kissing. It doesn’t take long before he puts his dick into her and starts joking. He turns her round, sure he is on top, and continues harder. They moan and scream so everyone can hear what they are doingAfter a little while they come in and eat breakfast.They have no more sex canlı bahis siteleri before the last night. As we enter the bedroom, my boyfriend gets into the bed with the girl. The beds are old and it is not isolated. Hearing them is quite wild and horny. We haven’t had sex in a week, not my boyfriend since the pool either. So don’t spend long time getting your clothes off before they groan. Can hear them joker hard and fast. After a while, the girl says that they might be a little assured. She does not have contraception and he does not condom. My boyfriend replied that was the intention. Then I realized that the whole holiday was only for my boyfriend to make her pregnant. They continue for a while, until she gets an orgasm and my boyfriend says ohhh yes, as he says when he cum. He doesn’t come into bed, but lies with her. In the morning I hear his dick gets sucked clean and empty.A picture of my boyfriend’s dick. Seems it has become harder after he became a father

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