Hmmm… A Writer’s Education

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We had arranged to meet in the bar. I had arrived at the hotel first, booked in, checked the room leaving the bottles of wine to chill – her choice, white this time, although she normally drunk red. I went downstairs to wait for her arrival.

We selected the hotel together, an easy choice as it was the same one in which we had first met – that fumbling, clumsy time together as we got to know each other. This time there was no doubt that both of us were staying. All arrangements had been made – room service for dinner (she would choose) and, of course, breakfast. Why waste any of our precious time together leaving our room?

I ordered a drink, this time not to steady my nerves or give me confidence, but purely for pleasure. I chose a seat up at the bar, as agreed, more confident that we wouldn’t arouse any suspicion.

She arrived shortly after. She looked stunning. Higher heels than normal, making her taller than me I noted but not really caring, a figure hugging black dress (and boy did it hug!) low cut, displaying her gorgeous breasts pushed up high by whatever she was wearing underneath, and a winter coat casually slung over her shoulder. Her hair up but in a casual, not formal way.

“Wow.” I thought as she walked confidently over turning more than a few heads towards her.

The familiar warm feeling began to form in my lower belly, the slight firmness which was difficult to suppress. She carried a very small bag, ‘odd’, I thought, ‘no overnight things’, I hoped she hadn’t changed her mind or couldn’t get away.

I hopped off the stool to welcome her, no longer just a quick nervous peck on the cheek, but straight to her lips, gently so I didn’t ruin her makeup; nicely done as usual, not tarty but, well, alluring was the word that sprung to mind.

Indeed, she was taller than me as we stood together, however the way her heels pushed her bottom up high, extending her legs, oozing sex, I really couldn’t care and that was evident from the grin across my face and thinking of everyone who would be looking at me saying ‘What a lucky bastard’!

“You look amazing,” I said as an opening.

“As always, I hope you are going to add?” she replied.

Hmmm, she really is in a playful mood I thought.

“As always, my dear.”

We sat up on the stools, she gestured for drinks.

“Tequilas please,” she ordered confidently.

“Tequilas?” I asked

“Why not? We don’t want to spend too long down here do we?”

She shifted herself on the stool, crossing her legs, revealing a long slit in her dress to the top of her thigh. Stockings. My heart leapt, the firmness returning. I leant in towards her.

“You can keep them on this time”.

“We’ll see”, she replied with a cool look directly into my eyes.

“Have you not brought an overnight bag?” I asked looking at her small bag she was still holding. “No change of clothes?”

“Why would I? I do not intend to wear any clothes, do you?” she replied mischievously.

The drinks arrived.

One…two…three, down. A shaking of heads, pursed lips; a learned response from American movies.

“Two more,” she signalled, “and then we’ll go up.”

I nodded, try and hold me back!

She leant in and whispered closely.

“Do you want to see what I’ve brought?” she raised her bag opening it.

“Shh, it’s a secret!”

I looked down and saw that she had brought her rabbit toy with her, and I don’t mean a cuddly one.

“Ali, I know you say and do things to shock but really it doesn’t work!”

“Aww”, she replied, “It normally does!”

Inwardly I was thinking ‘what a girl!’

I leant forward in turn to her ear.

“And guess what I brought?” I whispered. “My wife’s one!”

Ha, that got her! She shrieked putting her hand to her mouth.

“What are we waiting down here for? Let’s go!” she jumped off her stool, slamming her drink and grabbing my hand.

I raised a bottle from the ice bucket.

“Fizz first?”


She stood at the bedroom window looking out into the darkness, the twinkling lights of North Edinburgh below and out over Fife. I put the room ligghts on low to help our view and joined her handing a glass. ‘Cheers’ we chinked smiling. We were back.

“Remember the last time?”

“Of course.”

“We stuck to our agreement. God knows how we managed that” I giggled.

“I know. When I woke in the morning I lay looking at you. My body was screaming ‘fuck him, now!’, but I couldn’t wake you. You looked so content. I had to go, for my own sake.”

“Ah, yes. It was a disappointment to hear you leave, but hey, we’ve moved on and now we’re back!”


We looked out for a minute, I moved close in to her. I placed my hand on her back, she responded with a twist of her shoulders. A contented response, one that said carry on. I twisted her around, passionately kissing her, my hand on her neck, pulling her in. She kissed back, pushing her hips forward against me, feeling my firmness developing. Her hands were over my back, she felt me twitch.

“Ah, bursa escort I remember that, I’ll go easy.” she said.

My hands explored her, kissing continuing, over her shoulders, a brush past her breasts, down to her hips and around to her bottom, firmed by the upward push of her heels. She relaxed down, stepping backwards. She reached high round her shoulders and undid her hair, still holding it in place. She turned around signalling ‘unzip my dress’.

There is nothing more sensual than a woman, standing tall, baring her neck. I slipped her zipper down, she gave a slight wiggle and her figure hugging black dress fell to the floor, expertly done without hands, a move that she had obviously perfected through practise. What a tease! She turned around.

“Well, what do you think?” I stood, eyes taking everything in, her hands still holding her hair up playfully. Her boobs were pushed up high, cleavage pressed in, accentuated. Her legs, lengthened by her heels, smooth as silk in her stockings. The white flesh of her thighs drawing my eye. Her lacy knickers, faintly see-through so you could just see her neatly trimmed pubic hair beneath. The suspender belt around her waist, expertly framing her hips.

“I’m…, well I’m speechless. You look incredible. Look, I’m trembling!”

I held up my hand. She laughed, and shook her hair down turning towards the window.

I went to refill our glasses.

She was standing with her elbows leaning on the high window cill, bottom pushed back, obviously and knowingly teasing me. I wanted her there and then. Standing, at the window, from behind, in her stockings and heels. My cock now hard in my trousers.

I moved towards her placing our glasses down and passing my hands around her hips. She pushed back against me, pressing against my cock, a few wiggles.

“Well, Mr Smith, I know what you want. However, I have something else in mind!”

She calmly lifted her glass and walked over to the bed placing it down on the bedside table. She pulled the top cover off, folding it neatly.

“Don’t need that, too fancy,” then pulled the other covers off throwing them on the floor.

“Don’t need them either, too soft.”

I stood watching her as she prepared for whatever she had planned. Watching a women organising a room whilst in very sexy underwear and in high heels takes no effort from me at all. I remained by the window watching her performance; and it was a performance. She knew that she was putting on a show for me but, somehow, I felt for herself too.

She pulled her toy out of her bag.

“Well, where is it then?” referring to the one I had brought. I nodded to my overnight bag which she unzipped.

“Well we won’t need these!” she said holding up my pyjamas. “What were you thinking about, Mr Smith?” raising an eyebrow and causing a slight redness in my face.

She rummaged around.

“Ah”, continuing her performance, “here it is!!” holding up my wife’s toy. “Nice ribs, has it been used much?” inspecting it closely, lifting it up to her face.

I spluttered, okay I conceded that sometimes she can shock me.

“Alison!! What? Don’t worry, it came with a pack of

‘Buzz-wipes’,” I replied trying to keep cool, “and no, not much. It does have new batteries though,” I smiled.

She laid them on the bed.

“Did you bring the small one?”

“No, I thought I’d leave at least something for me to do!”

She carried a chair from the table across to the foot of the bed. One of these typically low backed but upright hotel chairs with solid rounded arms that no-one ever sits on and which are only ever used as a clothes hanger. She beckoned me to “Sit!” – I duly complied. She fetched some paper and a pencil from the desk and handed them to me.

“Now this is purely for your research, you understand. I will gain no pleasure from this for myself. Purely for your own education,” she giggled.

‘Ah’, I cottoned on to her plan; I believe that we had mentioned this before!

She sat down on the end of the bed directly in front of me. She reached around with her arms and unhooked her bra, shaking herself loose.

“I don’t need that”. She threw it to the side.

Her boobs looked amazing. But, then, I have always been so fascinated by them I didn’t ever consider I could ever react differently to seeing them. ‘That’s better’, I could tell she was thinking. She bumped herself backwards into the bed. I was enchanted! Watching a really sexy woman in front of me, anticipating what she was intending to do, I was thinking ‘wow!, how exactly did I get here?’

She looked up at me.

“You are actually paying attention, aren’t you?” I nodded. She moved herself up to rest her head on the pillows.

I was sitting there, with a pencil and paper on my knees, watching this incredible woman in front of me, semi-naked. ‘In the interests of my research’ as if?’ She had planned this, turning the tables on my usual meticulous planning! I had expected almost a continuation of the last time, but no, she obviously had this bursa escort bayan planned out. And you know what? I was very happy to go along with this, obviously in the interest of research!

She lay back on the bed, positioning herself carefully in front of me. She knew exactly what she was doing! Unexpectedly, she reached down and unclipped her suspender belt, removing her knickers, and sliding them off, rolling down her stockings.

“Well they do get in the way,” she explained, “well they get in the way of what what I’ve got in mind! I really do promise I will leave them on next time!” somewhat turning my own words against me, hopefully playfully, I thought!

So, here I am. Sitting upright in an uncomfortable chair, a naked women in front of me. A situation that does not happen often, or actually, ‘never!!’, I thought.

“Mr Smith? Too many clothes! What are you thinking about? Come on!”

Who was I not to follow orders? I stood , slowly undoing my shirt buttons.

“For fuck’s sake!! Get on with it! Do you think I’m going to lie here watching you getting your kit off when I’m ready to fu…”

I got the message! I stripped off quickly and sat down.


I grabbed my pencil. My place in this theatrical performance somewhat confirmed.

She brushed the pillows out of the way and lay back.

“Now I normally start with my breasts”, passing her hands over them

***Breasts*** I wrote.

She touched them gently rubbing her fingers around her nipples. She cupped her hands under and pressed her boobs together, using her forearm to hold them close. She stroked across with her other her hand, I could see her nipples tighten.

“My breasts are beginning to warm, becoming more sensitive to touch.”

***Warm…sensitive…touch*** my notes.

“Now I would then move one hand down to my pussy, just for a moment, just to waken the feelings down there. It sends a spark back to my breasts, making them tingle.”


She stroked her hands across her breasts again, her back arched slightly pushing them up, still clasped together with her arm. She began to play with her nipples using her fingers, pinching gently.


She placed a finger to her mouth, covering it with some saliva, transferring it to her nipples one by one.

“That takes away any roughness”, she told me, “I don’t like pain, and it increases the feelings.”

She continued with her breasts for a minute or so, now and then dropping her hand to her pussy and back up. I could see her breasts enlarge, blood flowing. She moved her arm away and her boobs sat in place, engorged, stiffer and slightly pinkish. She looked down at them, raising her head up.

“Ah, that’s a good start, I feel the warmth, a sensitivity and an excitement, a connection from my boobs down to my lower belly.”


She lay back down., relaxing out her pelvis and parting her legs a bit.

“It’s now that I would decide, fingers or toy? Well, normally both. Fingers to get me going, toy when I am excited enough to let it in easily.”

I gulped. No-one had talked to me before so frankly about what they did in private. My hands were shaking, my notes almost indecipherable. My cock was so hard, I had a slight tremor in my legs, my heart pounding. ‘What a woman!’

She moved a hand down to her pussy, rubbing gently up and down, she parted her lips, drawing a finger upwards from the bottom to the top.

“Nice lubrication.”

She parted her legs more, inserting a finger deeper, letting her hand linger whilst she moved it around inside. Her other hand stroked her boobs.

“I feel relaxed at the moment but an increasing excitement, my body is responding to my touch. I would probably normally continue touching my thighs, my clitoris, running my fingers through my pussy but you will be interested to see how I use my toy so I’ll move on for you.”

So matter of fact, the tease that she is!

She reached across picking up her rabbit, switching it on.

“It makes a bit more noise than it used to, the motor may be going,” she spoke with fake concern.

She placed her toy up to her nipples, an instantaneous response as her back arched upwards suddenly. ‘Oops, a bit too sensitive’, she ran the toy slowly down over her belly, hovering it just above her pubes. She took a few sharp breaths as the vibrations hit her nerve endings.

“The first touch is always amazing. My nerves tingle, sending signals through my body. Down my legs to my toes, across my breasts, across my middle. My mind wanders if I let it sit there.”

She moved her toy down further so it was sitting nicely down her pussy.

***Tingle…nerves…signals…wander*** I noted.

She rested back, slowly pushing her toy up and down, a tightening within her stomach.

“Tightening deep inside” she croaked, an indication that her arousal was heightening.

She took her toy to turn the tip into her pussy, gently and slowly pushing escort bursa it in, a little at first, withdrawing a bit, then further in, repeating. She raised herself up to lean on one arm, blowing a short breath of air out through her pursed lips.

“A bit of effort to get it in comfortably at first, but then I stretch out and it is more comfortable. I feel full up inside. I feeling that I want to push down.”

***Push down…breaths…effort***

She swivelled her toy around, the rabbit ears now facing towards her clitoris.

“Now the fun really begins.”

She lay back, her toy vibrating away inside of her, her clitoris being flicked by the ear. She held it in tight, adjusting the position as she wanted, getting maximum sensations. She closed her eyes.

“What I feel now is like electricity flowing out. The sensations in my pussy spreading outwards, gradually, growing.”

Her breath was quickening, she was touching her breasts again.

“Each time I touch my boobs, the feeling extends out further. It’s as if my pussy has grown, not physically obviously, but inwardly as a feeling. Its presence taking over.”

***Breath quickening…spreading outwards…electricity***

Still very matter of factly, but I could sense her concentration beginning to go as the turned her head from side to side, minor changes of expression as she repositioned her toy or moved her legs. She sat up, removing her toy.

“I want to try yours now” she said, a bit short of breath, her faced reddened.

She reached over and lifted the toy I had brought. She didn’t switch it on but inserted it into her, gently and slowly at first, lubricating it then pushing it in harder. She twisted the base to switch it on.

“WOW!!” she screamed, “this is powerful.”

Her body twisted around.

“It’s the ribbing. Ooh, I wasn’t expecting this.”

I sat there feeling a little concerned, unsure whether she was enjoying it or not. I couldn’t quite tell as her face contorted.

“Ali, are you alright?”

“Y..yes,” she whimpered, “give me a moment.”

She relaxed back, opening her legs, straightening them out. The toy vibrated inside her, she daren’t move the rabbit ear around like before, this was extreme. She tensed her toes. Inside she could feel herself tightening. The pulses beginning to build in her core, waiting to be released.

She had straightened her body out flat, stiff, letting the toy work. I could see she was experiencing a lot of really intensive feeling, although I wasn’t sure where it was leading. There didn’t appear to be feelings of pleasure, it looked more like she was being tortured. Suddenly, she sat up pulling out the toy.

“Jesus, that’s intense. No more!”

She threw it to the side, lying back.

“I can’t talk any more… My mind is going…you’ll just have to watch and take notes,” rather breathlessly.

She looked across at me.

“And stop touching yourself, it’s not time for that.”

I hadn’t been aware as I was so engrossed in her that I had sub-consciously started rubbing my cock!

She placed her hand down to her pussy and started a rhythm. I had a great urge to get off the chair and join in, I was so excited and aroused. But for the sake of research, I sat still and continued to watch.

She used her fingers and her hands, touching up and down, around, well practised in what she needed to do. No longer needing the toys; she had used them to get her close but now needed the intimacy of her own touch. The direct connections to the spots that would take her to the next level.

I won’t describe any more the physical nature of what she was doing. I watched and formed a connection with her body and mind, observing the changes and responses evident in her body, extrapolating these signs into what I imagined was happening within:

***The inner feeling had already been established by the toys. A warm, tingling centred at her pussy and clitoris. The feeling expands, growing within, spreading out through her belly. Her skin across her body becoming more sensitive. The sensations build up through her loins, her thighs, spreading as far as her toes. Her breasts swell more as her heartbeat increases.***

***A pressure starts to rise within her, contracting muscles within, strengthening, gripping and releasing. Her breathing becomes heavier. Her mind emptying of thoughts as the process becomes unstoppable. All her concentration is on her muscles, helping the pressure build. The contracting and relaxing, the waves of pressure. A desire of wanting to push out, whist at the same time holding in. The sensations become stronger, a tension rises across her body. The feelings become higher and higher anticipating a crash, approaching fast. Her nerve endings tingling, centred deep within her, spreading out.***

***A sudden stop, a pause on the precipice and then a rush of fire enveloping her, moving upwards and downwards at the same time. Another wave of fire, wave after wave. Her legs tightening against her hand, thighs pressing inwards, immobile. Her buttocks compressing in, twisting her body around. Her head us spinning, the shortage of breath in the moments that her orgasm first hit causing flashes of light. The tingling not diminishing but rushing all over, leaving her trembling.***

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