History Rules, End of Story

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Val responded to the bleep on her mobile. It was the last thing she wanted to disturb her quality time with Joe. Just as they were greeting really frenzied up like they were hungry for each other

“Leave it, baby, it can wait ’till we have finished.”

Val was reluctant to come away from the delightful oral she was enjoying of Joe but she knew she could not have relaxed, wondering who it was at this time of the afternoon. She left her service of Joe to swap his erection for the mobile phone.

It was Rick sounding frantic. But lately that was nothing new. She just wanted him out of her hair.

“Are you calling from the library, Rick? Thought you couldn’t make personal calls from work!”

“This is urgent, Val. Alright if I pop around tonight? Something I must say.”

“Say it now, Rick. I’ve got a hot date on tonight.”

“I can’t tell you on the mobile. I have to tell you face to face.”

“Okay, Rick but make it quick. Look must hang up – I am changing Laura’s nappy,” she lied. “What’s that? – yes come at seven that’s fine.”

“What the fuck does he want?” grunted Joe keeping his erection neat.

“I have no idea, but he said it is urgent – so I shall give him short thrift tonight.”

“Okay but what I have is urgent so finish what you bloody well started Huh?”

Val loved Joe and no way was he going to miss out because of her ex – and she would make sure of that. It was her time of the month so she couldn’t let him do it, and he knew that – but she said she would do something else.

“That is nice, give it a good pull, nice bursa escort and slow at first and something underneath.”

“Like this?” she asked attending his balls with her right cupped hand whilst the other did the business.

“I tell you what though, it’ll be good when one of these days I get around to fucking you!”.

“There is nothing like putting it into straight words Joe” she smiled enjoying the feel of his stiff cock harden.

“I promise, when I have finished my period we will. We shall spend a whole weekend together, just you and I Joe, that will be nice huh?”

“Now you are talking, Val. Now give it some oral huh, and wank me at the same time.”

“You are so greedy Joe Green” she said but immediately went down to him, sucking his cock through the gap in his unzipped jeans and managing his balls by pulling them out from behind his boxer shorts.

It was always a pleasure to feel him in her throat, that gorgeous red end tasting so lovely as she teased his pre-cum with the tip of her tongue as it spurted out of his p-hole like a jewel. She spent time sucking and balling him. For her at this time of the month it was very relaxing and sensuous. When with Rick she’d sometimes have sex when she was in periods but it was a bit messy and she wanted the first time with Joe to be perfect.

But for now she would give him her all and suck him as he wanted. She loved the scent of cock and the pungent taste of it, and then the salty taste e of his spunk as he came strong.

She held her breath as he spurted over her flushed face and by placing a finger bursa escort bayan to her lips she was able to manipulate his hot cream around her lips and her tongue, gradually sucking it all in and swallowing

“That was great, Baby. I do love you, not just for this, I want you to know that?”

“Just as long as you get your oat’s huh Joe. I know your game” she teased.


On the dot of seven Rick was at Val’s place. She’s made her mind up, there would be no hanging around: “Look, Rick I’ve got to go, Barbara is looking after the little lady. Wish she would stop crying.”

“Look, Val,” Rick was persistent: “will you please just sit. Give me just five minutes that’s all”

She looked up at that strong square jaw and his eyes told her he wanted her. Momentarily her mind-set was in the not so distant past, they’d fell out big time yes but she would always remembered his fuck She’d finished her make up and felt really good. No way was Rick going to spoil her evening.

“There’s something you must know, Val. Something very urgent. Something serious that effects you and Joe.”

All that was in Val’s mind was that Rick would never give up. She’s had it up to here. She was about to be blatantly rude – if that was to be the only way – but she’d give him the time he wanted, just this once.

“Rick, you will never change my mind. I know we were an item once and Laura materialised. But with Joe; what can I say, he’s a great find. Next to Laura he is my life now.”

“You are making it harder for me, Val. But I’ll be around to pick escort bursa up the pieces if that what you want.”

Val was getting more tense by the second. “He must think he owns me. What a …”

Her thoughts were disturbed by Rick’s raised voice: “Have you slept with him?”

If looks could kill Val’s were lethal. “Don’t look at me like that.” he yelled, “it’s important, I must know. If I’m no longer your lover I’m still your friend, even just for Laura’s sake. I will always be her dad you can’t change that, ever. I still want you to be happy and Joe just has to be a wimp.”

“What’s it with you, Rick asking me that. I love him don’t you understand? We are meant for each other, simply that. End of story.”

“You and Joe can never be right for each other like that. I”m researching family histories and by chance clicked into yours. It’s all on the net, Val. Joe is your brother, your full brother by blood see!”

Val’s face dropped

. Now she was really angry. She was crying too: “You really will try anything, wont you, Rick? You just never give up do you? Just piss off. Get out of my life.”

“Okay, Val. But remember my offer. I shall always be there for you.”

In the next day’s post Val received a printout of her family history with just the words: “Sorry, Val” scribbled on top.

She knew that her dad died with T.B. at twenty one but she didn’t know about Joe.

Two years after dad’s passing her mother remarried and had another son. But Val and Joe must have been too young to know.

Ob further enquiries Val discovered her mother and stepfather couldn’t afford to keep the three kids so poor Joe had to go. He was adopted at the early age of two.

In the end Val has to be philosophical. After all she’d gained a brother. But as for Rick?- end of story.

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