His Sexpot S i s Chapter 11


His Sexpot S i s Chapter 11The curtains in the bedroom were drawn and the room was in semidarkness butthere was enough light to see Shawn standing close to the bed with his legs wideapart. His prick stood out like a battering ram, long and hard and curved. In front ofShawn knelt his mother, wearing only a skimpy pair of panties through which thecurve of her buttocks showed. She was about to take her son’s prick into her wideopenmouth as they all burst in. Her head whirled around and a look of panic frozeher small face.”Jill, I’ve brought the two girls with me,” said John, pushing them into the room. “I’vepunished them. They’ve both been soundly thrashed,” he said like he didn’t seeShawn about to plunge his prick into her mouth.Jill came to her feet and turned around and her tits were upward like sky rockets. Herdark nipples were little cocks in the middle of her smooth hard orbs. She nodded ather husband and smiled gently at Kyla with her hand up against her mouth stifling acry.”Didn’t I say my dear brother Shawn was probably giving it to mummy?” said Jodismugly as she stalked into the room.”I’ve already punished Shawn,” cried Jodi. “She gave Jodi a savage look. “He toldme all the awful things you did to him.””Me, did to him?” Jodi exploded.”You shaved him bare, look. Don’t deny it. You’re a bad girl. Didn’t you shave him?””Yes, but-“”You needn’t say any more,” snapped Jill. “I hope your father whipped you soundly.””I did,” he roared. “She won’t be able to sit down for a week. What are you standingat the door for, Kyla. Get in here,” he ranted at her.”Well, John!” Jill stood close to him. “Now that they’ve all been punished, I think weshould take the opportunity to teach them properly all about sex, don’t you?””My own thoughts entirely,” he smiled down at her. “I think they’ve all got a lot tolearn.” He looked over at Kyla with her back against the closed door. She lookedlovely with her uncombed hair straggling over her shoulders and the a****l look offear in her lush green eyes.”I had to tell mummy,” Shawn said to Jodi, going over to her. “She understands.Everything is all right.” He put his arms around her neck and kissed her.”You’re such a b**st, Shawn. You didn’t have to tell.” She rested her head againsthis chest. “And Kyla told daddy what we did and I wet myself and-“”Ssshhh!” he hushed her. “This is a new beginning and we don’t have to hide thingsanymore. Look at mummy. Hasn’t she a divine body? She’s going to let me fuck her,Jodi. She said I could.””And me?” she asked in a small voice.”Don’t worry. Mummy said daddy would take care of you. She said he’s been waitingfor you to grow up and now you are ready for him,” he chuckled.John started to pull off his shirt, his eyes still glued to Kyla, and then he fumbled withhis trousers and let them drop and stepped out of them. For a second he stood onlyin his undershirt and his underpants, looking the girl over, and then he pulled hisundershirt over his head and went over to her.”Jodi was telling the truth,” whispered Kyla.”It isn’t too late, you can go home,” he grinned and touched her golden hair,wrapping it around his hand and tugging it.”Shawn, come over to the bed,” intoned Jill and without any fuss she slipped herpanties down and stepped out of them. She stood poised on the tip of her toes andthen sauntered over to the bed and threw herself onto it and waited for him.”I can’t go home at this hour,” gulped Kyla. “My parents would want to know what’swrong. I’d get into big trouble.”He dropped his hand to her shoulder and smiled into her eyes.”You want to take me, don’t you?” she said.”Yes, Kyla, I do.””It doesn’t seem right. I mean, with Shawn, he’s about the same age as me. You’remuch older.””That doesn’t matter.” He dropped both hands to her breasts and cupped them andthey were aydın escort big and full.”But your daughter, Jodi,” she said feebly.”I’ll take care of her afterward,” he promised, and he took hold of her hand and ledher over to the double bed where Shawn was spread eagled over Jill and about to gointo her.”But your wife,” protested Kyla holding back.”She’ll enjoy seeing me take you, Kyla.”Jodi watched her father pull Kyla onto the bed and push her down on her back. Shesaw him ease her legs open and admire her slit and she wished it was she who wasthere about to be screwed as he eased down his underpants.”Holy cow,” gasped Kyla. “I could never take that. You’re a freak. That’s what youare, a freak.” She backed away from him and found herself jammed up against Jilland Shawn.”You’ll take it,” said Jill knowingly. “You have no choice. It’s a beautiful tool, Kyla.”Jodi went over and stared at her father’s weapon, thinking it was the biggest she hadever seen. It was long and uncircumcised and it curled around in a corkscrew like apig’s cock with the middle of it much fatter than the rest. His hand went to it and drewback the foreskin, showing the shining bulbous prick head. It glided out and swelledup deep purple in color and ready to impale the young girl.All eyes were fixed on the monstrous prick. Surely Jill couldn’t take it and certainlyKyla couldn’t. They felt sorry for her.”Isn’t it enormous,” cried Jill unkindly and pushed Kyla toward it.”No, don’t. I’d rather face my parents and confess than have to take that,” shewailed.”It’s magnificent,” breathed Jodi and she felt her cum come down to fill her cunt. Shecould take it. It would feel great filling her fuck hole, but he wanted first to take Kylaand she would have to wait.”Haven’t you seen a grown man before?” bellowed John as he pulled Kyla into themiddle of the bed and reared up over her.All she could see was his looming prick and she was terrified. There was no gettingaway from him. Nothing would stop him fucking her. He wanted her badly. He wasclimbing on top of her. She let out a squeal as his legs forced hers open and hebrutally attacked her slit. He pulled them wide open and spread them back to theirpink inner lips and poised ready.”Shawn is only a boy. You’re going to get a man’s prick now,” he grunted andstabbed at her open cunt with his cock head.She felt the mushroom head drive into her and she caught her breath, knowing itwas only the beginning. There was fully twelve inches of thick cock yet to drive intoher and just thinking about it nearly made her pass out.He dropped his head to her olive breasts and bit her nipple hard as he thrust his hipsforward and drove hard into her.”Aaaaaagggggghhhhhh!” she wailed and the whole of her body arched frantically.”Easy, girl, I haven’t even started yet.” He winked at Jill with her legs wrappedaround Shawn getting his prick deep inside of her. The boy showed promise. He wasriding her well.”Hurry up so I can have it,” smarted Jodi sitting on the end of the bed, the cumpouring out of her love gash.”Wait your turn, c***d. I’ll fix you up soon enough,” he promised her as he sunk hisprick up to the thick part of his length into Kyla. She was tight. He could feel her cuntwalls squeezing all round his tool and now she was about to get the hard part. It hadtaken Jill years to get used to it and even now she moaned when she took it.Kyla’s eyes begged him to stop. Her mouth was half-open ready to cry out, knowinghe was about to ram all the way into her. He was a b**st. He knew he had her at hismercy.He balanced his weight on his knees and drew back, pulling his prick nearly out ofher so her cunt lips would lubricate it. She was only a c***d; a baby, but that didn’tmatter. And he surged forward, splaying her legs wide open, cannoning his prickright escort aydın up to her ovaries.”Yeeeeeeoooooowwwwww.” Her scream came from deep down in her stomach,driven up and out by his cock to gurgle in a long howl from her wide-open mouth.Her fingers dived down to his stem in a vain attempt to stop the remaining inches ofhis cock boring into her. But it was all too late.The final two inches of his leathery prick drilled through her cunt lips and his wholecock started to corkscrew around inside Kyla, worming as deep as it was possible toget.Her hands clutched at him with her fingers arched as her mouth opened and closednot releasing a sound. Her eyes bulged as she felt the heavy fleshy length writhinglike a python along her love tunnel.His pole greased with her cunt juice started to ride her backward and forward tosiphon up his spunk from his ball bag.The others sat close watching Kyla’s agonized face and wondering how her tighthole could take so much punishment. They could see the thick cock driving in andout like a piston as her head tossed from side to side.”You beautiful little bitch,” he gasped through clenched teeth and put his big handsunder her buttocks and spread her ass cheeks open so he drive his finger deep intoher shit hole.Kyla’s lips trembled and she started to cry and her tears spilled down her cheeks.Being fucked was one thing but the indignity of being watched by the man’s wife andc***dren was too much for her.”Careful, daddy. She’s not on the pill,” Jodi warned.”John,” Jill cried out. “Don’t blow in her, you’ll make the c***d pregnant and we don’twant that.”He grunted and whipped his fuck pole out of her and sat back on his haunchesstaring at her gaping red hole.”Why not suck her?” hissed Jill as she saw him looking at Kyla’s quim. “It’s a lovelyhole, John. It’s young and tender and I’d like to see your tongue go into it. Go on.”He nodded and wriggled backward and dropped on his belly with his face inchesfrom her throbbing slit. It was a lovely hole and her little bottom was flushed wherehis belt had thrashed it. His tongue shot out and touched the tip of her clit and he felther come alive. His mouth closed around her cunt lips, drawing them into his mouthas his tongue went along her tunnel.”Make her come, John,” urged Jill, watching Kyla’s face. “She will if you keep at it.”He nuzzled his nose into the golden fuzz of hair around her cunt and smelt thenectar of her womanhood as his tongue washed her inner lips, his teeth gripping herclit and closing tight around it.”Nooooooo-you’re hurting me,” she cried as a thousand nerve endings respondedsending electric shocks all the way through her. She gasped and experienced a newfeeling, her very first orgasm building up like a bomb about to explode. It swept overher in waves of hot and cold flashes and she felt she was sinking down into a verydark pit. Then she felt like she was being flung upward on a cloud and she lostcontrol of herself as a stream of cum and golden pee spurted from her cunt all overhim.”She came,” Jill cheered as she saw the spreading wet pool around Kyla’s bottomand John withdrew his head from her crotch. Her sticky cum was all over his smilingface and Jill giggled and leaned over and kissed him. “The little girl came,” shewhispered. “And I’m glad. But now it’s Jodi’s turn. The poor girl has been waiting sopatiently. Take your daughter now, John.”Jodi climbed onto the bed, her shaven pussy arched and ready. She was glad hehadn’t spunked into Kyla because now she would get his full load. She lay back nextto Kyla and opened her legs and waited for him to climb on top of her.”No,” said John. “Not that way. Turn over, Jodi.”She did as she was told and rolled over onto her stomach and she felt his stronghands draw her buttocks open.”This way,” aydın escort bayan he snarled. “Like you wanted Kyla to get it.” And before she could doanything about it the bulbous head of his prick stabbed into her asshole.”No, daddy, oh no,” she bawled and tried to turn back over.”Don’t move,” he thundered. His fingers eased her shit hole open as the head glidedin, and he smiled at Kyla now propped up on her elbows watching his every move.”Gosh, look,” exclaimed Shawn, bending to see his father’s prick surging up hissisters asshole. “He’s going to give her all of it.”Jodi beat her fists on the bed, and, against her will, she spread her legs, thinking tomake it easier for herself, but instead she only loosened her hole and enabled him todrive in much faster.He gave her the whole thing in one untiring drive, humping the last little bit till hisballs were resting in the mouth of her cunt, and then he started riding her. He wentup and down, seesawing over her ass cheeks his long prick, opening up her shithole, making it ready for him to shoot his load.”Not in her ass, John,” Jill whispered. “Finish it off in her mouth,” she begged him.Kyla couldn’t believe her ears. That a mother would want her daughter defiled insuch a way seemed inhuman. They were depraved monsters. She watched Johnpulling out of Jodi’s shit hole and tossing himself on his back with his brown prickstanding up like a flagpole.”Jodi,” he roared.”Yes, daddy.” She turned over.”Go down between my legs and suck me off,” he gasped.No one said a word as they watched Jodi obediently kneel and move around so herhead was between her father’s legs. She grasped his thick prick in her hand andbent her head and opened her mouth.Kyla looked away, not wanting to watch, but curiosity got the better of her and shelooked back and shuddered.”Open your mouth as wide as you can, Jodi,” coached Jill. “Hold daddy’s balls inyour hand, now take it in your mouth.”Jodi’s mouth closed around the foreskin of his prick and her lips rolled it back so hiscock head swelled inside her mouth. She felt him jerk and lift to drive it forward andslowly his enormous cock disappeared into her mouth and down her throat.”Suck it,” hissed Jill. “Suck it hard,” and she leaned over and shoved Jodi’s headdown making her take almost half of her husband’s prick in one gulp.”I’ve never seen anything like it before,” groaned Shawn, and without thinking heclimbed up on Kyla and started to stuff his prick into her slippery cunt hole.”Suck harder,” roared John. “I’ll teach you how to suck, you bitch,” and he caughthold of her head and held it and started to fuck her mouth like a cunt, in and out, inand out.Jodi gurgled and spluttered, not able to catch her breath as his prick filled the wholeof her mouth and inched down the back of her throat.”Look at your daughter, Jill, sucking me off,” he bragged. “Doesn’t she look goodwith a prick stuck in her mouth?””Yes, John, she looks fantastic,” breathed Jill, watching Shawn holding Kyla down,protesting and trying to stop him from fucking her.”Suck harder, you slut. I’m going to shoot a whole bucket load of spunk into yourmouth, you whore,” he bellowed and started to come. It began as a trickle thatbecame a rush as a torrent of thick spunk spurted from his fuck eye, filling hermouth.”Uuuggghhh!” she gagged.”Swallow it, you bitch,” he roared and pushed his prick right up to his balls into hermouth and let his load unleash down her throat.”Suck it from his prick, every drop,” urged Jill with her fingers rubbing hard inside hercunt. She sat with her knees up, facing Shawn so he could watch her as he screwedKyla.”Aaaaaagggggghhhhh!” exploded John and his legs closed around Jodi’s neck as hemade her take the last drop before he dragged his shrinking prick from out of hermouth.Jodi felt the spunk dribbling down her chin as his prick slopped from between herlips. She had had a feast of spunk and still it wasn’t enough. She lay her headagainst her father’s thigh wondering how long it would take him to come back upagain.

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