His Naughty Girl

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All the characters who appear in this story are over 18. Enjoy! -Ariel Racine


The first time Sami told Zara her nipple was showing she blushed right down to her toes. But then he pulled her close for a deep kiss and whispered, “I love it when you’re naughty.”

That changed everything. Zara starting wearing looser tops, with thinner fabrics. One day she showed up at his house wearing a transparent camisole under her jacket. When she took the jacket off, he carried her to his bed and took her three times in little more than hour.

As they relaxed in the afterglow Sami smiled and told her naughty girls always wore bursa escort dresses and never wore panties. Zara had a nice collection of designer jeans and linen pants, but Sami never saw them again. When he picked her up for a night out he usually asked her to show him how naughty she was and she always did. Sometimes they made it to the movie or restaurant and sometimes they went straight to his house.

Sami invited her to picnic at the park and didn’t ask her how naughty she was until they got to a secluded area by the lake. When she showed him, he pulled off his clothes and rolled on top of her.

“Naughty girls don’t use condoms bursa escort bayan and they let their boyfriend have them whenever they want. Naughty girls know they’re going to get pregnant some day and have to marry their boyfriend.”

When Zara heard those words she flushed with arousal. Her nipples and clit hardened and her lips gushed. She reached down and guided him in. Rocked her hips against him until his cock kissed her womb. Sami went wild pounding her. When she knew he was close she locked her ankles behind him and held tight as he spewed.

From then on Zara never waited for him to ask, she showed him how naughty escort bursa she was as soon as she could. She always let him watch as she teased her clit and opened her lips. The first time she told him, “Naughty girls are always ready for their boyfriend,” and she always was.

Today when they walked out to his patio Zara sat down, spread her legs wide, and smiled up at him. “I’m feeling so naughty.” She didn’t tell him she’d been monitoring her ovulation cycle and today was the day, but she didn’t need to. Sami took her on the patio and then in his bed. The third time he put her on hands and knees and held her hips tight when he came.

Later, he licked and nibbled her clit until she was thrashing on the bed. That orgasm pulled his seed even deeper towards her waiting egg. As they cuddled she whispered, “I think you just got me pregnant.”

She was right.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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