His Little Brown Box


Linice’s boss wants more from her than her nine to five work output. Help comes from the past; the far, distant past. If you can hold on, the sexy part is not far ahead. Part I. His Little Brown Box Jed Maroni at 20 years old wasn’t like the other young men that grew up with him in Saintly Hallows. Whereas his neighbor friends had smart phones, iPods and video games, girlfriends and big plans for their future, Jed was happy with less. He was 18 when his parents died in a plane crash. Jed moved in with Linice, an old friend of the family, and her daughter. Jed had done odd jobs for Linice over the years and her cabin continued to need more work. At her suggestion they shared upkeep and he would look after her daughter, Shailly, 18, while her mother was gone. He brought in food for the table with his hunting, trapping, fishing and vegetable gardening, and she paid the mortgage Linice was the only breadwinner in the family. Unbeknownst to Jed, her job was in jeopardy. Her boss, Rowdie, had intimated that she may be let go soon; unless she gave in to his advances. That day he told her, his eyes openly strayed over her bountiful breasts, lifted by her bra; and her sweet legs, mostly exposed as she sat in his office in her customary miniskirt. “There’re some things I need done, after hours, Linice,” he told her. “If you could find the time, it could help me decide whether to keep you on.” For that last, his eyes turned hard. “If you know what I mean,” he callously added. She tried to put him off, but he blew up at her. “Listen! Do you think you’re the only one around here who can keep receipts, type and answer a telephone? Why, I can walk down the street and pick out a dozen other women who could do just as well for a lot less than I’m paying you!” That wasn’t true, Rowdie realized. She had become his business.People trusted her more than Rowdie. Without any former training in jewelry, she had become at least as good a jeweler as he, and in some areas, even better. But he tried to hide all that from her. He wanted to have her, on his terms. He had felt that way ever since her long legs walked into his store those years ago. Linice felt she had no choice. Both he and she knew there were no other job openings in this small town; and her family needed her income for school, the mortgage, etc., etc. Yet she wasn’t so naïve as to think there was any “work” that Rowdie had in mind. He wasn’t the only one who had shown an interest in her; and the others were just like him. Amongst them, there was no one she could see sharing her life with and that of the rest of her family. But with Rowdie; Ach! she thought. Still, to her surprise . . . and humiliation, she found herself warming to this disgusting ordeal. Rowdie had a potbelly and graying, dyed-red hair; with a toupe’. Along with his being a jeweler, he was a pawn broker and this was the best of times for his business. The fired and laid-off customers had to sell. He couldn’t care less. To him, others’ tragedies were his lucky day. And gold, for one, was sky-high in value. Linice was beautiful. Even as she had raised a daughter, her body was luscious enough to drool over. And drool he did. From behind the blinds in his private office, he could see her bend over at the cabinets, her spectacular ass stretching her skirt with her, curvy, round buttocks. He would send her to get things on the upper shelves, claiming his legs weren’t up to it. Then he’d stand under her, taking a video up her dress with his tiny camera. Later, in his bedroom, he would perv over her while playing the video back. Again and again he had tried various schemes to have her. No, he thought to himself, he had waited long enough. Now, with the whole town hurting and nowhere else for her to find work, he was making his move. Making it sound like a grand gesture on his part, he told her, “Go home early. Slip into something . . .” hesitating, he finished with, “more comfortable.” His brow broke out in a sweat as he added that. He directed, “And come on back around nine!” When she balked, he yelled, “FUCKIN’ A, NO BACK TALK!” Linice’s shoulders dropped and her head bent forward as she obediently headed for the door. “C’mon!” said Rowdie, relighting an old stogie, “it’s not like it’s the end of the world for chrissakes! It’s just overtime!” Then he couldn’t hold back a laugh of victory. As she opened the door, he firmly stated, “Don’t forget,” he reminded, “something . . . comfortable – and hot!” With that he made certain she knew what he meant. ^^^ The sun was still up in the forest where Jed was crouching down, one ray of it shining down on his back, through the overhang of the tall trees above him. Below him, partially covered with fall leaves, was a little brown, wooden box. Jed looked at the spoor around the box and decided it had only been here a couple of days. It appeared to be quite old. Any remaining varnish was peeling. Whoever had left it here had returned the way they came; in the opposite direction of Jed’s home town. Then, all of a sudden, the box ticked and the upper side lifted just a little. In total surprise, Jed jumped back, falling over as he did. My God, that scared me, he said to himself. He slowly exhaled and stood up; brushing off the back of his pants Was it automatic, the box opening like that? he wondered. Is there a timer on it, making it open right then? was his next question. While that and lots of other questions flowed through his mind, Jed moved back to the box. “Go ahead, you can open it,” a voice from the box, with an Irish lilt to it, told him. Jed ran; slowing only as his curiosity took over. From behind a tree, he looked back towards the spot. He waited there for quite a while, telling himself that things like this occur all the time: Ankara escort if you’ve been drinking, if you’re dead tired, if you’re under unimaginable stress. You hear things; you see things. That’s all this is. But Jed also knew he hadn’t been stressed, tired or drunk when it happened. Then a gust of wind came up and removed all the leaves from around that box . . . leaving all the other leaves in the forest undisturbed. Jed was not easily alarmed out here in the forest, especially since he had never seen a predator close enough and large enough to threaten him. But he was right then fighting the natural inclination of leaving for good. This was frightening beyond anything he could describe. “Jed!” there was that Irish brogue again, calling out to him. “It won’t harm you,” the voice reassured quite calmly. “It might get you laid,” the voice’s tone turned humorous, “but it won’t hurt you.” Fearful, Jed nevertheless approached the box again. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up as he realized that the sounds of the forest had stopped. No crickets, no chirping of the familiar chickadees and starlings, no hooting of the owls or hammering from the woodpeckers could be heard. Spooky! he thought. As he reached the spot once more, it took everything he had to reach down and pick up that little brown box. He was amazed at its ordinariness. It had closed again and was quite light. He turned the box over looking for that opening that he was sure he had seen. He turned it over again, checking all the sides. Now he wasn’t sure which side had been the upside. They all looked the same! The box opened again! He wanted to throw it and run, but rigidly forced himself to stay; his hands and the box shaking mightily. He set the box down and sat a distance away. The sounds in the forest had come back during all this. That made him feel better. He knelt down by the box, picked it up and opened it further by pulling on the open side. It screeched as if it had not been opened for a long time. Needs oil, Jed thought. There were items within it; in a row. Flat things, it looked like, each separately wrapped inside a fitted cloth of some sort. Are the flat things cards? Jed wondered. Jed’s hands started to shake again as he contemplated pulling one of those cloth-encased, flat items out. He took a deep breath, wondering why he didn’t just leave; just put it down and leave! As his trembling fingers grasped a card, he could plainly hear a different voice, speaking very softly from the box. Jed’s teeth clenched, his knees buckled a bit, and his own voice uttered a whimper of fear. He stood rock still and pulled a cloth-covered card out. With an unsteady, outstretched arm, he set down the box, while still holding the cloth-covered card. Even as the container itself seemed decaying with age, the cloth around the item was like new, springy, and stretching easily, feeling like an expensive silk. Without further thought, Jed pulled the silk from the card. “Hola!” bellowed a deep baritone voice behind him. Jed jumped and turned in a defensive crouch. There appeared an oddly outfitted man stepping around the nearby tree. “And how are you today?” roared the man in a Spanish accented voice. A sword suddenly appeared in his mailed fist. He used it to knock back his armored helmet, with its grey feathered adornment. Jed’s heart was pounding in his chest and the whites of his eyes were huge. The figure in front of him, standing there in chain mail and armor, reminded him of his history class and the conquistadors in the Elizabethan era of old. With no recollection of doing it, but likely reacting to his dumbfounded condition, Jed pushed the card down into its silken sleeve. The conquistador’s face showed great torment and disappointment as he disappeared. Jed didn’t sit down as much as fall down, onto his ass. That caused him to bite his tongue. The resultant sharp pain brought one benefit: he couldn’t be dreaming! What was happening was real, though he fought to find a better word than “real.” How could this be real? Then, in the same spot as the conquistador had stood, there was another entity. A woman, he was sure; but the apparition was almost transparent. It was like a gossamer image on a window screen. Tearing his eyes away from the phantom, Jed noticed that the little brown box had overturned in his scrambling around. Looking closer, he found that one card was mostly out of its silken sheath, with all the remaining cards generally still in the box. None of the rest of the cards was outside their covers. Jed looked at the card, then up at the lifelike image in front of him. An insight struck him. Moving back to the upturned box, he reached down to push the exposed card back into its sheath. Trying to look both at the card and the apparition, Jed lost his balance and fell. His hand, in reaching for the Earth to catch himself, accidentally pushed the card all the way out of its cover. Helping him back up was the most sensuous, by god the hottest woman he had ever seen. Clinging to her was a long, flowing, silk tunic with a beautiful, lacy border; the material of which was suffused with gold fibers throughout. There were ornate gold pieces holding the garment together at the shoulders. Her face was beautiful to behold, with lines of nobility and a deep sensuality running together. “Hey, how, who, who are you,” the overcome Jed asked the young beautiful woman. As he looked at her, he could see her pulling down on the midsection of her tunic, emphasizing her breasts, with their nipples thrusting out. They were beyond impressive, too. Large, full, with the slight hang of a young woman, her breasts didn’t flatten out as she pulled. The action served only to display, quite clearly, Ankara escort bayan the aroused nips atop those lovely tits. Without conscious thought, Jed’s dick filled with blood and plainly exposed its shape and length along his pant leg. His eyes were too busy with her female pulchritude to notice her righting the small wooden box. She then closed it, leaving her card lying outside its silken sheath. “Why, I am the Empress Theodora; the wife and along with my husband, Emperor Justinian; co-ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire, in Constantinople.” What she didn’t tell this new owner of the little brown box was that Theodora has been called one of the five whores who changed history. Indeed, she became one of the greatest women’s rights reformers in history. However, it’s also in the history books that she was once known to take 10 virile young men at a time; later their 30 slaves. But she wasn’t thinking about that as she looked at this tall, heavily muscled, masculine young man in front of her. An alarm went off when she caught Jed’s eyes moving away from her body. That was not good. When she saw his eyes alight on her exposed card, she decided to take action. Feigning a collapse, she caught his body and using surprising strength, physically pulled and pushed him down under her. He had reawakened her lust. As he tried to help her, her hands were busy. Jed was aroused more than his nonexistent sex life had ever provided. Although he was quick and strong; for each of his moves, she had a counter with her uncovered, rounded breast or naked, hot, moist, inner thigh. She used the gentle, but knowing, stroking of his shaft through his pants and the soul-sapping touch of her magnificent body to incapacitate him. She had had centuries to dwell on the many ways to arouse a man to the edge of madness. And she practiced them today, with Jed. She could be lightning fast, but the zipping device of his trousers slowed her down. It was new to her. A sharp blow to his abdomen from her elbow distracted him from her work long enough for her to accomplish her goal. Meanwhile her other hand happily found a long stiff organ inside that zipper. And, as her expert eye had already deduced, it was thick and uncircumcised. “Nice!” she moaned loudly as she cradled it in her hands. Invoking Venus, the Roman goddess of love as she stroked him, Theodora begged for assistance. She knew if her card was covered again, she would go back to that horrible in-between world in which she had been trapped. Meanwhile, with extreme naiveté, Jed called for her to relax and let go so he could help her up. Unabashed, she stroked the man’s thighs, smelled his arousal from the sweat on his neck, bit down on his muscular shoulder, vigorously stroked his still lengthening penis and settled her tongue deeply into his gasping-for-more-air mouth. Her gown was open at a strategic point as the rolling over and over of their bodies allowed her to athletically align them and, with another roll, take him into her pussy! Jed gave in to the flood of emotions and pleasure that surrounded and sunk him – into her. This time his physical prowess as a hunter and fighter abandoned him. Her vaginal muscles squeezed and relaxed and made his hips respond with his own thrusting. “Pound my pussy!” Theodora wept into his ear, her legs kicking his sides as if she was hurrying up a horse beneath her. It has been so long. When she noticed him floundering, at first she thought he was trying to get away. That would have been a first for her; so she wondered if this simply was his first time. “ ’Sokay,” she cooed the current jargon through her fifth century teeth. “I will show you.” “First, you must kiss, with both passion and concern,” and she led him into a world of tongue and teeth and lips. He was a fast learner, but his body was heating up fast and he wanted it all right then. “Not that hard, although I love the pain you are giving me,” she encouraged. “Since you are the man, your tongue should rule my mouth, but more carefully,” she taught him, grinding her hips against his as he did pound her pussy. He groped her beautiful breasts and the rest of her silky-smooth softness. “Yes, like that,” she breathed. Then, her mood changing, “Don’t be so rough with my tits!” Then in a more conciliatory tone, “You’ll want more later, eh?” she laughed gleefully as his cock’s thrusting was so acutely pleasuring her body. Surprising for his inexperience, he was able to slow his feverish onslaught a little and make love to her with gentle kisses and the tender way he drew his tongue and sucking lips across her breasts. She seemed to really enjoy her time with him, “Yes, suck them; but bite them too,” she trained him, while her heels dug for purchase into his back and hips to assist in her own powerful coupling thrusts. “Bite until I scream,” she told him. And immediately afterward she was screaming out in pleasure. Her ongoing laughter turned to another shriek as her hips lifted them both off the ground. He had found a tender spot near her nipples and bit down, and then immediately began lathing the spot with his tongue. She moved off his hard, long, slimy with their secretions, erection. Lying next to him, she said, “Here, put your hand here” as she moved it for him and then put his fingers on her cunt lips. She repositioned his fingers, slipping one then two of his into her vagina. She pulled his fingers out and they were coated in white. “See, I’m a woman,” her fiery lust bringing a sound like anger to her voice. Kissing him feverishly she told him, “Next time I’ll teach you how to make a woman weep with lust for you. But now,” she stopped to position her cunt near his vertical penis to cry “empty yourself in me!” He tried to mate Escort Ankara with her by thrusting upwards at her opening, missing it again and again. “No,” she said with a petulant, yet hungry sound, “let me guide you.” He was beyond listening and kept pushing, still missing again and again; he had to cum soon. “Too fast!” she said, and sharply slapped his face to see reason slip back in. She spoke with understanding to the overcome Jed, “You can be an animal in a moment.” With her help, he was finally in her, all the way. She rolled them over with him on top again. “Ah, yes, ride me; ride me like we rode the horses at Rome’s Capanelle race track!” she charged him. His muscular hips and buttocks lifted and swung, lifted and swung with an increasing pace. He was hitting her g-spot and touching her clit with each thrust and withdrawal. In all her times with men, she could recollect only a few who could bring her up so fast. “Ride me!” she begged now, her orgasm coming fast. She could feel his cock thicken in her; its pace picking up as he drove in an out. She was on the verge now, nearing the zenith that she loved, and lived for, so many years ago. “Ahhh, yes” she screamed as her head swung back and forth in the agony of overwhelming sensation. Then her orgasm hit as good as any she had ever experienced. It was like they flew out above the Coliseum in Rome, the seats filled with applauding spectators, pointing at her as she climbed and soared by. Wanting his life inside her, she implored, “GIVE me your seed, child, GIVE it to me!” Thrilled, as she could feel his orgasm approaching, she beseeched him, “Make me your woman!” She couldn’t remember anyone outlasting her like this; and he just a child-man. What a mature man he will be! she realized. “Oh you are in so deep now,” she encouraged him Oh, his cockhead was getting so big, she thought, the pleasure of his push in and pull out of her tight, clinging channel was beyond her fondest expectations. It really felt divine! “Yes-yes, I feel it,” she assured him. “Give it to me, give it to me my man, my guerriero.” And Jed lifted up on his arms, his cock stretching her pussy as he rapidly filled and withdrew from her clenching sleeve. Then he was cumming. He drove his hips forward, getting that last effort to move his sperm as deep in her as he could; their pubic areas taking the blow. His cock spurted his life juices into her, the swimming, climbing, struggling sperm riding the seminal fluid he sent in there with them. Again and again, ropes of life left him and entered her, now independent of both, searching for their prey: her pregnancy, her ovum. His thrusting continued, each time adding more voluntary travelers on the mission of continuing the species. As he came back to her, he felt her take his hand, place it between them on her abdomen and heard her say “There, there you see? Your child is on the way, my lover; only months now.” Jed was speechless. Theodora could have gone on for some time, but, with all Jed had been through, he was worn-out. She cradled his sweat-ridden head between her arm and caressing hand and cooed to him as he dozed atop her. Jed didn’t know how to feel, but if this was love, it was the most rapturous, marvelous, life-enhancing gift that the ages could have given him. But, his memory called to him, he had to get home! His chores were incomplete and Linice would be there shortly. He jumped up, shaky at first. But he was young and he rebounded quickly. He looked down to Theodora and knew that with her, he was out of his depth. Here she was, a beautiful, sensual woman, out of a box for heaven’s sake! Yet he came to realize, he loved her! And he didn’t question that, which was a surprise in itself. Yes, he was young and had felt puppy love before; but he felt this was deeper than that; far, far deeper. Theodora had seen feelings like this expressed by her lovers before countless times. She had always been able to enjoy their bodies, without ever worrying about their futures – and then would send them on their way. This time, quite astonishingly, she found herself encouraging it; giving the same look of love back at him. All at the same time, his tenderness, his sweetness, the passion he showed for her while giving such unfettered consideration of her; it was all new to her. She was now out of her depth too. Theodora caught Jed’s eyes as she smoothed her lacy holdups, beautifully woven strips of satin that held up the woolen cloth that was wrapped around her legs. “You like my lacy holdups, don’t you!” she twittered at him. “I love you, lacy holdups,” his heart mistakenly started. “I mean . . . I really like those on you,” he corrected. “I’m ‘Lacy Holdups’ to you then?” she teased him as she grinned behind her hand. “Ah, no! I mean, yes. Yes, but . . . only if you like that name for you. And then he continued in his embarrassed rambling, “Theodora is new to us here, you see.” Jed turned to reach for the box, for something to do, and was about to put it under his arm to leave when he turned to see that Theodora, or “Lacy Holdups,” was about to follow him! Somehow, he didn’t expect that. He saw the card that had brought her to him still on the ground, next to its sheath. He picked them up and was about to unconsciously insert the card into the silken sheath when her warm hand stopped him. “Please don’t put it back; not yet. You will need me. I promise.” He realized at that moment that he had almost sent her back to the box – and he didn’t want to do that; no, not at all. For him, that was the most telling part. On second thought, he handed her the card. But again she stopped him. “No, I can’t hold it,” she said, her gratitude at his thoughtfulness very evident. “I would be sent back, this time never to return.” That alarmed him and he quickly moved the card away from her. He told her, “But I can’t take you with me,” a declaration that turned into a question. “Can I?” “Sure you can,” she said, then took his hand and led him faultlessly, through the miles of this thick stand of trees, to his home.

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