His Girl(s) Ch. 3

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Cum In

Mark had been in his graphics class for a couple weeks, he sat at a table with girls, all his friends none he would ever try and bed.

One day a transfer student came in, she was short, shoulder length blonde hair maybe a bit longer, she was wearing the classic “school girl” outfit. Long-sleeve button up white shirt, plaid skirt about knee length and thigh high white tights. She introduced herself as Katie and sat at their table. Mark couldn’t keep his eyes off her she was so gorgeous.

Later the graphics class was delving into photography and they were learning about black room’s and film and such. The school had a black room, which is the red lighted room that pictures are developed. And it also had a BLACK room where the film is taken out of its cartridge and put in a wash/formula container. All this must be done in the dark, complete darkness.

Well the instructor’s rule was nobody can go in there alone, and that its two small for 3 people, so pairs of two from each group only. Mark’s group had split up the chores of developing the pictures on the groups one roll of film. The other two girls decided they would do the container formula stuff when bursa escort Mark and Katie get out of the BLACK room.

Today Katie was wearing a grayish tank top with a print of “Mischievous” across the front. She also wore a short black skirt.

There were stools outside the BLACK room and Mark and Katie sat waiting for another group to get done.

Mark peeked down her medium low cut shirt and saw a nice line of cleavage and breast shape inside a black silk bra. He tried to keep eye contact as they were chatting but he couldn’t.

Finally it was their turn in the room. They got in, put the roll in front of them, put the tools they needed in front of them and then turned out the lights, put the occupied sign (also the lock) on and took apart the film.

Complete darkness made Mark’s other sense’s stand out. He smelled her, a sweet perfume, he heard her fumbling with the film. She dropped a piece on the ground.

“Oops” she coyly said.

She bent over to pick it up and her ass got placed right at marks pelvis.

She pushed back a little and says “where is it?” She bent over completely Mark assumes because he hears her hands combing bursa escort bayan the ground for the piece that fell. Her ass was still rubbing his crotch and he couldn’t take it.

He gently puts a hand on each of her hip and says “So how mischievous are you?”

Mark runs his right hand down the edge of her skirt and touches skin.

He slowly lifts a little on her skirt and she stands back up, her ass still right in front of Mark.

He bends her over the edge of the work table a little and lifts the skirt up to her waist. In this room his eyes will not adjust and that makes him mad, he would love to see this sight right now.

She grabs his hand suddenly and brings it down to her silk panties and she pulls his hand down to her mound. Mark has never really touched a female there, he’s just gotten lucky a couple times, but her really enjoys this.

His fingers rub up and down and her pussy lips seem to part when he does this, she starts shaking and moans quietly, a small orgasm.

He pushes her panties down her legs and she steps out of them.

She reaches behind her and rubs his hard on a bit and then she unzips his pants and escort bursa pulls them down.

“I love it from behind” she whispers to him.

He takes her hips in his hands and she reaches between her legs and guides him home.

He slowly slides into her until her ass cheeks are pushing against his pelvis. He slowly makes a couple strokes.

“We don’t have time for that, just Fuck Me!” she whispers in his ear.

Reality hits him and it doesn’t take this long to load film,

He thrusts hard into her, pulls out and does it again.

“Faster…please faster” she hoarsely whispers.

He pushes harder and deeper inside of her.

Quiet gasps come from her mouth on each thrust. He still slides in and out of her hard and fast. She is pressed against the work table and his hands graze up her sides as he thrusts.

He feels her breasts bounce inside her shirt with every thrust.

He grabs one in each hand roughly and thrusts.

She breaths heavily and shakes violently, some juices flow onto Mark’s dick and this sets him off, he keeps thrusting hard as his seed spews inside of her. His hands still on her breasts that bounce less and less with his decreasing thrusts…

They step out of the room after getting themselves in order, he looks at her and her face is flushed…he smiles and thinks to himself “ooh she liked it..”

…to be continued…

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