His first time.


His first time.He sat in front of the mirror, as he slowly put on the makeup and applied lipstick to his mouth, making it seemed more luscious and full. He then got out of his chair, and went to his cupboard to look for his attire for the night. He was debating in his mind if he should put on the OL attire, or if he should go for the Japanese schoolgirl look. It was then he remembered the client specifying that he likes girls in their schoolgirl uniform as they look pure and wholesome. He also remembered the client mentioning about having hard-on when he sees schoolgirls in their colored, lacy bras through the white translucent top, and having a skirt so short that he could see their panty and the butt-cheeks.He proceeded to put on the lingerie, a black lacy bra and a black panty. He took care to put his balls and dick inside the panty, and not to expose them. The testicles rest smugly inside the panty as he wore his skirt and put on his top. Next, he put on the lacy black pantyhose which the client requested. Apparently, it gets him on, or so the client claimed. He was almost ready for the night. Now all he need is to put on the wig, and his transformation will be completed. He looked at himself in the mirror, and was surprised by what he saw. He looked like a real woman, a woman that most men will take a second look on the street. He sat on the bed and waited for the arrival of his client.A million thoughts ran through his mind. What if the client is a pervert? What if the client is a serial killer? What if the client request for S&M? What if the client has STDs? Too many wild thoughts ran through his head. It was his first time after all. He needed the money for his sex-change operation, and a fellow sister-in-transition had recommended him this client, who is renowned for being generous with his money, if he has a good time.Just then, the doorbell rang. Nervous, he slowly walked out of the room to open the door. “Albee?” the man asked. He nodded and proceed to open the door to let the man in. The client is about 35 years old, with his hair combed back and in a business suit, looking every bit the businessman he had told him about in their messages prior to this meeting. The client sat in the living room, and he went to sit next to her. “Want any drinks?” he asked. The client shook his head and motioned for he to sit next to him.The client looked at him from head to toe and gulped down his saliva. “You’re beautiful. You looked like a real woman. I know this is your first time, but don’t worry, I will be gentle.” the client said to him. The client moved closer to his illegal bahis face, and their lips met. He froze for a second, not knowing how to react. Before he knows it, he felt a tongue in his mouth, meeting his tongue. Soon his mouth was wet from the kissing. The client’s left hand slide under the top while the right hand cupped his breasts. He could feel the client’s heavy breathing, which smelt of cigarettes. He had never been kissed before by a man, much less touched by one. He closed his eyes, and let out a soft moan. Now, the client moved his hand into the bra and going straight for the nipple. Before long, he felt his nipple harden as the client’s fingers keep circling around it and the tip of his finger rubbing against it. The client slowly removed the top, leaving the bra on. The client took a look at his body and smiled. “You’re getting hard my dear”. He said nothing but just smiled shyly, all the while not daring to look at the client.“Remove my Jacket and shirt, my dear.” The client requested. He nodded and proceeded to take off the blue jacket and white business shirt. He looked at the torso and rock-hard abs of the Client’s body and suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of urge to touch the body. “Lick my nipples” the client said. He got on to his knees on the ground, unsure what to do. Sensing his hesitation, the client pulled his head towards his nipples, and got him to open his mouth, with the tongue sticking out. His tongue began to circle the nips of the client as the client lied on the sofa, seemingly in ecstasy. “Oh Yes, that’s the way.” The client said. “Show me how flexible your tongue is, lick my nips faster”. He did as he was told, all the way noticing the satisfied look of the Client. A sense of happiness came over him. He felt happy that someone seemed to be enjoying the things he is doing for them.Suddenly he felt the client grabbed his left hand and moved it towards the crotch of the pants. He felt a bulge at the client’s pants and was shocked. It felt…big. “ The client’s hand guided his left hand around the crotch area and started to move it in an upward and downward movement. He could feel the bulge becoming bigger, and what felt like the client’s balls as well. He felt his own dick slowly growing bigger, trying to push itself out of the panty.“Bring me to your room, let’s continue there”. The client requested. He nodded and brough him to the room. The client walked behind him, noticing the butt-cheeks hanging out of the short skirt. As the client walked, he started to remove the belt off his pants and started to pull down the zip, letting illegal bahis siteleri it fall to his ankle’s level by the time they walk into the room. Not realizing that, he turned around and let out a gasp when he saw that the client has taken off his own pants already. He looked at the client’s dick and suddenly felt a gash of hot air on his cheeks. He had never seen another’s man dick before, and the dick in front of him is big. Really big. The client caught the expression and let out a laugh. “Big isn’t it? Don’t you want it?” He blushed and nodded.The client now lied in the middle of the bed, and asked him to come over. He moved to the middle of the bed as well, and used his hand to hold the massive manhood of the client. He started using both hands and stroking it in an upwards motion. “Play with my balls my love.” The client requested. He cupped the client’s ball with the right hand, while his left hand continue to stroke the dick. He started to feel some juice coming out of the dick onto his hands. “Lick it my dear.” He obliged and liked the taste of it, licking every of his fingers clean.The client then told him to turn around. “Now I am going to have some fun with you.” After turning around, the client grabbed him by the ankle and pull him towards him. The client pulled up the skirt and started to fondle the buttocks through the pantyhose. “Nice pantyhose, nice panty. “ the client complimented. Suddenly without warning, the client removed the skirt forcefully and ripped open the pantyhose. Before he could say anything, he felt something in his anus, and moving in an inward and outward direction. He let out a cry of pain, as his hand continued to hold on to the client’s dick.“Suck me, whore.” The client’s tone turned nasty. Not knowing what to do, he froze as he felt the client’s fingers going in and out of his anus. He felt a sense of fear overwhelming him but dared not say anything. As the client’s fingers start to gain speed and going in and out of the body, he felt even more pain.“Did you hear what I said? I said suck me!” The client now shouted. Frustrated, his fingers stopped what they were doing and went to grab him by his hair, turning him around. He now force his fingers into his mouth to open them. After it is opened to the width of his satisfaction, the client stood on top of the bed and continued to grab his hair, moving his face towards his long hairy cock. The client rubbed his dick and balls onto his face, with an evil laughter let out. The client next forced his long dick into his mouth and continue to thrust it inside. He could feel canlı bahis siteleri a long object in his throat and gagged on it. He felt a little breathless as his airways is blocked by the dick. The client continued to thrust it in and out of the mouth all the while letting out “ah ah” sounds. When the client finally put his dick out of the mouth, his whole mouth was full of the client’s pre-cum while he coughed and gasped for air. A few seconds later however, the client continued his actions, this time asking him to lick his balls while the client hit his face with his dick. From the corner of his eye, the client saw his dick poking out of the black panty, which makes the client even more excited. “You like it don’t you? You are getting hard.” He sneered. The client now pushed him onto the bed and ripped off the front of the pantyhose, this time allowing him a clear view of the black panty, with his dickhead sticking out. This seemed to excite the Client, who started to lick his tip of the dick. He lied on the bed and let out a soft moan. The client does it again and slowly removed the panty, while the tongue moved all the way down to the balls. “What a nice tiny dick you have.” The client said.The client now took his legs and put them against his shoulders. He then started to insert his dick into the arse. This time, he cried out loudly. The thrusting motion continued for a few minutes when the Client suddenly stopped. He could feel the Client is about to come and in fact, prayed that the Client will quickly come so that he can end it. However, the client put out his dick, and asked him to sit with his back facing him. The client then put his dick again into the anus and grabbed his buttchecks. His body swayed gracefully with the rhythm of the motion of the dick going up and down while the Client obviously enjoyed it as his eyes rolled back in delight.This went on for a few minutes before suddenly he felt something warm and hot inside of his ass, that was slowly flowing out. He no longer felt anything thrusting him, and suddenly in front of him, he felt the same warm and hot feeling on his face as well. The client squeal in delight as he emptied his load on his face before getting him to lick his dick dry of semen. He then collapsed on the bed in exhausation.“You did well my slut.” The client tapped him on his face. He then went to his pants and took out his wallet. He threw 5 $100 dollar bill onto the bed, next to where he is lying. The client quickly wore back his attire and mentioned that he has to go for a meeting now. “I will be sure to visit you again, and this time, your small tiny dick will be pleasured.” The client laughed before walking out of the room and out of the house. He said nothing, just lying on the bed still.He had just earned his first transaction. It will be the first of many to come.

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