Her Toy


Her Toy
Couple of things first. 1 – English is not my primary language. 2 – the story is almost entirely true with changed names. 3 – it’s about very young teenagers.
This story took place when I was 14. I was a very shy white boy, a little chubby, wore glasses and was quite a nerd. And I was horny all the time.
Quite early on I found out that I was bi. I liked girls more but I wouldn’t have said no to some guys. When I jerked off thinking about them I fingered myself. I loved it. But due to shyness I never tried anything. Like most guys at the time I remained a very horny virgin.
There was a girl I fancied. She was a goth, a little on the heavy side and 3 years older. Her name was Caroline. She had nice big C-cups and they were gorgeous. Anytime I could I tried to catch a glimpse of her.
One day I found a piece of paper at my desk. A cell number and the words “Text me. Caroline”.
My throat dried at once. I was awestruck. Why would she write me? How does she know I exist?
It has to be a prank I thought. But oh well, here goes nothing – I texted.
“Hey C, it’s Axel. Found your note”
My balls tried to crawl upwards and my throat was dry like a desert. Is she gonna reply…?

Peep peep!
I almost dropped my phone, my hands were shaking. A message! Just 2 minutes after I sent mine.
It was her. “We need to talk. Football field, tomorrow, 9 am”.
I knew noone would be there. I had classes too but fuck it, I was incredibly intrigued. I wrote a simple “Okay” back.
I could not sleep that night. I jerked off at least 5 times thinking about C. I was excited beyond belief.
9 am, football field. There she was. She wore a leather skirt, a jeans jacket with spikes and a black top. Her bra pushed her tits nicely together and her cleavage gave me a boner right away. I wore heavy jeans so it wasn’t that obvious.
I went over to her, she made a gesture to follow her. We went to a little shed nearby. Surprisingly the door was open.
“I saw you watching me” she said. I blushed so hard my cheeks burned. She could not hold back the laughter. “It’s ok, silly. I don’t mind. I watched you too. You don’t talk much, hm?” I nodded “And you don’t have many friends if any huh?” She was right again “And I bet you wear Star Trek boxers right now am I right?” It was Star Wars. Doesn’t matter. I nodded.
“That’s perfect” she smiled with a strange smirk in her eyes “I want to make a deal with you”
“Yeah…?” I said quietly (my throat became drier and drier).
She leaned against the wall “Listen, I don’t want to have a boyfriend. I am more into chicks than guys” My heart skipped a beat. She was bi like me. “But I am quite lonely. My dad is never home and I don’t have many friends either. I also have… needs” She blushed bahis firmaları just a little but I noticed it “I’d like someone discreet and inexperienced like you to…” She paused and bit her lower lip. “Yeah?” My voice seemed almost too quiet to hear it myself “I want you to be my toy. You will come to my home, I’ll play with you and you will leave” She sounded almost like me. Insecure, quiet. “OK” I said immediately. She smiled again “You won’t tell anyone. You won’t say no to anything I suggest. Otherwise it’s off the table. Understood?” I did.
She gave me her address.
Later same day I rang at her door. It was a huge apartment she and her dad lived in. He was a lawyer or something like that and he was working up until midnight.
Caroline led me to her room. She had a huge bed. Lots of pillows. I saw a little black bear with “sweet 16” on its belly among them. There was a big desk with a Mac upon it and lots of band posters. She had a little changing room. I also saw that she had a private bathroom. She later told me that her father insisted on her having one because “girls need too much time in the morning and I have to get to work. Time is money”.
“Sit” She pointed to the bed. I sat down.
She looked at me like an architect looking at the site of a new project. She even tilted her head slightly.
“I never had a toyboy before, you know” She grinned “Alright. Shower, now. Leave your clothes in my bathroom. When you come back, sit back down. Wait here until I tell you otherwise. And don’t you dare to touch yourself.” She sounded strict but was grinning all the time.
I did as she told me.
My body was not completely developed yet. Almost no hair. Just a tiny little bit on my pubic region. My dick was not fully grown either but it was rock hard since I entered her home. I wanted to touch it badly but I somehow resisted.
When I came back – completely nude – and sat down my jaw dropped. Caroline was sitting at her desk naked and watching girl on girl porn. She was briefly touching herself.
I think I almost came then and there. It was almost too much for my little horny self.
The clip ended and she stood up and left to her changing room. She came back with a blonde wig, a little bottle and something that seemed to me like a belt.
There was precum oozing from the tip of my prick. I watched her nice bouncy tits when she came towards me. She saw down and grinned. “Oh my” She shook her head “Not yet”.
She gave me the wig. “Put it on. You know, I really like Gina. You know Gina?” Oh I knew. She was my first crush and in the same class as Caroline. She was a little, chubby blonde…
“Get on all fours, please” Her politeness surprised me. I did as I was told and I began to realize kaçak iddaa what she wanted. I was a Gina doll. I just didn’t know what came next. “You don’t talk much, do you? That’s great” Caroline giggled. And yeah I didn’t utter a word since I became her toy.
I heard her fumbling with something. “Have you ever fantasized about boys?”, she asked. I nodded. “Which one do you like most?” I felt something cold drip on my ass and between my cheeks. It was strange but kinda exciting. I closed my eyes and tried to think of a boy I jerked off most to. There was that skinny cuban boy in my class…
“Mark” I whispered. “From now on until I am done” Caroline slapped my cheek and I winced a little “I am Mark and you are Gina. Understood?” “Yes… Mark” Somehow that was so incredibly hot. “Good girl” she lowered her voice a little. Not too much for it to become cringey. Just a little bit, so she sounded rougher. “Are you a virgin, Gina?” Her hand began rubbing between my cheeks. Her fingers were grazing my hole slightly. No one has ever touched me like that. It dawned on me what came next and I swallowed hard. It is gonna be heaven. “I am baby” I tried to sound higher to serve her fantasy. Wasn’t hard to do, my voice was at the brink at the time. “But you must’ve thought about me a lot, haven’t you?” The tip of her middle finger circled on the rim of my hole sending shivers across my whole body. I knew Caroline was horny too. Her Mark voice became a Mark whisper. I nodded so hard the blonde (it was a human hair wig. Quite expensive) hair flew up and down. “Oh yeah, you did… Doing what?” the middle finger slid in, I gasped. It went in so easy. I didn’t know what lube is. “Oh god…” left my lips. “That is not the answer, Gina” the fingertip massaged my insides and “Mark” continued “What did you fantasize about? Be honest” I tried to collect my thoughts “Thought of you naked…” “Go on…” I felt the ring finger slide in overwhelming me with pleasure and excitement “Mark… I am gonna…” “No!” Both fingers slid out as Mark (I completely embraced the roleplay now) slapped my ass with the other hand. “Not yet.” My precum dripped on the silky red sheets “Turn around, Gina”. I did. That was when I saw my first strapon. It was a triple one – the outer dildo was connected to another one resting in Caroline’s vag and a little plug going up her ass. The outside dildo pointed towards me. It was not really big but still bigger than my rock hard pencil. 6,5 maybe 7 inches and quite slim (I later found out it was not the only one she had). “Be a good girl and suck my cock. Just so you can calm down a little” I licked my lips and wrapped them around the dildo. I surprisingly tasted… strawberry. kaçak bahis I looked up with the question in my eyes and noticed her filming it with her phone “Just for me I promise. I also don’t want you ever blabbing about us. Go on, lick away, it’s jam” ‘Mark’ grinned, grabbed the back of my head and pushed me slightly towards him.
My head slid up and down on the fake cock as I closed my eyes and felt the aftershocks of the fingers inside me. Mark is going to fuck me, I thought. Mark and Caroline. I won’t be a virgin anymore. That thought kinda made me feel proud.
“Stop and lie down on your back” the voice whispered. The strapon was completely jamfree when I did. Caroline/Mark stood up, reached into the nightstand, grabbed something and sat down beside me. “I won’t let you cum until I am done, darling” with these words Caroline slid a scrunchie around my cock and balls. I opened my mouth in surprise but no sound came out as a second scrunchie followed the first. “Back on all fours” As I knew what was gonna happen I whispered in my Gina voice “Be gentle baby. Please” and got back up in position.
“That is so fucking hot” I heard Caroline whisper to herself in her feminine voice. She craved the power I gave her. To dominate me fully as she fantasized about me being the girl she was hot for. I got it.
“Are you ready for me, Gina?” I felt the tip on my ring, still wet from my mouth “I am” I tried to relax as much as I could.
It slid in. I moaned out in a kinda girly voice but it was mostly fake as I was focused on how it felt.
Most guys say it hurts. Was not so for me. It was a feeling of fullness and stretching. My little asshole felt like it was a gift wrap, wrapped tightly around the member of the strapon.
Mark went slowly in and stopped midways. “Not a virgin anymore, darling.”
I wanted more. I don’t know why. It felt right. We both served as the others fantasy.
I pushed myself against Mark. “Go on please” My girly voice began to turn myself on.
And he did. What I felt then changed me a little.
A young boy in his early teens does not know what a prostate is. But he surely feels what it is like when a strapon dildo hits it. It is like cumming but without cumming. Like a little explosion of pleasure.
My moans were not fake any more as Mark pumped my ass slowly. Between my own moans I heards Caroline’s soft gasps as the pressure of the thrust worked her plug and dildo. I just imagined that she was watching me and Mark.
The pace got faster and faster. I thought I was going to pass out and Caroline was getting louder. “Oh baby” Mark’s voice was gone. I felt her fumbling the hair ties off my junk. “I am gonna cum, baby” “Me too” I moaned. She thrusted deep inside me and I felt her legs trembling. At the same time several gushes of almost transparent (it became white later that year) cum shot out of my dick.

To be continued
(Please some feedback. And please excuse my mistakes, not a native speaker)

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