Her Mystery Lover

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It wasn’t all that cold but she didn’t care. She would use any excuse to build a fire. She already had the logs lain across the andirons with kindling nestled beneath. A twist of paper underneath the kindling caught fire quickly from the woman’s match.

The woman threw the still lit match into the fire before setting the fire screen in place, then settling back against the couch to enjoy the flames. She knew that her lover would be there soon. The rising smoke from the chimney was their signal to meet, and he had not missed a signal yet. She knew how long that it would take him to reach her house and she knew that she had quite a few things to do before he got there. Not the least of which was changing.

As the heat from the fire began to fill the living room, the woman began to remove her clothing. First she removed the bulky pullover cap from her hair, allowing her brown-blond hair to fall to her shoulders. She took a minute to run her fingers through her hair to try to tame it a little. She knew that she probably had hat hair but her mind wasn’t really on that. She was already anticipating her lover’s arrival.

She pulled the bulky sweater overhead as she headed for her bedroom, revealing her 38DDD breasts, supported in a sensible cotton bra. When she reached her bedroom, she opened a drawer in her dresser and removed a bright red demi-bra. It had been hell finding one in her size, or even remotely close to her size, but her lover liked the way it looked so she wore it, with most of her breasts hanging out and her nipples almost showing above the cups. She threw the bra onto her queen sized, canopied bed then, standing and holding onto one of the canopy posts for balance, she removed her old sneakers, using her toes to push them off without untying the laces. She had had the shoes for so long that they had become formed to fit her fit perfectly.

She then sat on the end of her bed and removed the thick, serviceable socks one at a time, massaging each foot as she did. She enjoyed the sensation of her hands as they eased the tension of the day. He did this for her sometimes, telling her that she had such small feet, teasingly telling her that the size of a woman’s feet indicated the size, and tightness of her pussy. He said that it must be true because his dick wasn’t huge, only about eight inches long and about three inches around when it was hard, and she seemed to get tighter ever time that he fucked her and he always seemed to fill her pussy with as much as she could stand.

With her footwear gone, she stood up and shucked herself out of her almost-too-tight jeans. The jeans were faded until they were almost white, the only color showing on them stains from working. When she worked, she worked hard, but it was almost time for play and she played as hard as she worked.

She tossed her clothes into the dirty clothes hamper then, reaching into the same drawer where she had gotten the bra, she removed a pair of silk, thong panties. Normally she didn’t prefer thong underwear, but her lover had bought them to match the bra. He said that he liked the way they left her butt totally uncovered, which was just the way that he liked it. She tossed the panties onto the bed with the bra and, naked, entered her adjoining bathroom.

She turned to faucets on, reaching under the flow of the water, adjusted the temperature until it was warm enough to suit her. She liked her showers hot, like her man. She turned the knob that would redirect the water to the shower head and closed the shower door. Taking a towel from the rack by the bathroom door, and her robe from the hook behind the door, she laid them both on the closed toilet seat lid.

With steam rising from the shower stall, she reopened the door and walked into the steaming water. She closed the door behind her and, closing her eyes, decided to enjoy this quick shower.

She got her bottle of shampoo from the recessed shelf inside the shower, squirted some onto her hand and began to rub it into her already wet hair. With her eyes closed she could imagine that it was him, standing behind her, rubbing his fingers gently against her scalp, then holding her head under the water, being careful not to let the soap from the shampoo run onto her face or into her eyes.

When her hair was rinsed, she replaced the shampoo and removed her scrubber from the same recessed area. Reaching back in with her other hand, she removed her liquid soap, squirting a few drops onto the soft scrubber, and then replacing the liquid soap back into the area. She took the scrubber between her hands, rubbing gently until a good lather had formed.

When the lather was thick enough on the scrubber, she closed her eyes again and began to wash herself. First she lathered her arms, and then she moved to her breasts, slowly spreading the lather around the base. She could almost feel his arms reaching around her as she spread the lather to her nipples. She lathered the right nipple using her right hand then, moving to the other nipple with the scrubber, she reached bahis firmaları up with her left hand and began to tweak, and squeeze the nipple until it became hard, standing out at least a half an inch away from her breast.

As she ran the scrubber across her stomach and between her legs, she used her left hand to twist and pinch her left nipple until it stood at attention to match the right one. She bit back a moan as she dropped the scrubber and used her hand to rub her pussy, giving occasional attention to her clit. She knew that he would want her to be ready for him when he arrived and the wetness seeping from her pussy told her that that would not be a problem.

Knowing that if she didn’t quit playing with her tits and her pussy, she would come soon, she quickly turned under the water, rinsing all of the soap from her body.

Then she turned off the water and taking a deep breath, opened the shower door. She reached for the towel and began to dry herself before stepping outside. She gently toweled her hair, then her arms. When she reached her breasts, she gasped as the rough cotton rubbed her already stimulated nipples. Not giving into the temptation to linger, she dried her back and her legs. Last, she dried her pussy hair. The touch of the rough cotton against her clit was more than she could stand.

Dropping the towel, she put one leg up onto the closed toilet seat, reached between her legs with her right hand, and began to stroke her still wet pussy, spreading the juices over her clit. Her clit was quickly slick and she began to pinch and rub it with using her other hand to hold her up by clinging to the shower door. Her hand between her legs began to move with more urgency, first one finger, then two sinking into her pussy, until her legs began to shake and she released a small shriek as she came.

She had to rest for a few seconds before she could lower her leg from the seat and completely exit the shower stall. She reached into a cabinet and removed a bottle of body lotion scented like violets. She quickly spread it all over her body, being careful to avoid the areas of earlier temptation.

When she was through with the lotion, she grabbed the robe and went into her bedroom. Once there, she pulled the thong panties over her legs, settling them over her hips, and easing the thong until it sat just so across her ass. The bra was the next addition to her wardrobe. She put it on and used her hands to adjust her breasts in the cups. She knew that he wouldn’t like the way that it looked so she reached over and touched her toes, watching as her breasts almost fell out of the cups of the bra on the way down. When she stood up, she looked in the full-length mirror on her bedroom wall seeing exactly what he would see.

She was only 5’5″ and she knew that she was slightly overweight but, according to him, she was just right. Her full hips held the strings of the thong bikini underwear in place while her large breasts with their dark brown nipples seemed to be barely contained by the red lace and silk of the bra. Her hair wasn’t as long as it had been when their affair had started but, like she said, hair grew back. What there was had been a dirty brown before she had had it streaked with dark blond. Now her hair shown with vitality and seemed to hold a hundred different colors of brown and blond as the light bounced off of it. It was shoulder length and curled just a little at the ends.

She glanced at the clock on her bedside table. She knew that she only had about ten minutes before he would be there and she still had a lot to gather before he arrived. She grabbed the terry-cloth robe where she had left if on her bed, wrapped it around her and loosely belted it. She went to her closet and removed an extra thick sleeping bag.

She returned to the living room where the spread the sleeping back in front of the fireplace on top of the thick rug. While the rug was thick, she didn’t want rug burns on her knees and elbows like the last time.

She returned to the bedroom and reached into the bedside table removing one of the “toys” which he had left for her after one of their first encounters, and a black gauzy handkerchief. These she carried into the living room and placed onto a table behind the couch.

She raced into the kitchen and removed a bottle of whipped cream from the refrigerator. She shook it up on her way into the living room where she placed it on the floor next to the couch.

She looked around searching for what she might have forgotten. She closed her eyes and heard his voice, the last time he was there, whispering in her ear, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we tried some ice on your nipples next time?”

She quickly returned to the kitchen, filled a cup of ice and returned to the living room where she placed the cup next to the whipped cream. Going to the liquor cabinet she took out a bottle of premixed margarita, and poured her some into a crystal glass, which she had removed from the liquor cabinet with the bottle.

She took a sip and went kaçak iddaa back into her bedroom. She sat the glass on the bedside table and opened a drawer there. Looking inside, she used her finger to sort through the cellophane wrapped packages loose inside. Such a variety of choices of condoms, glow-in-the-dark, ribbed, studded. The condoms weren’t used for protection as much as they were for heightened sexual pleasure. She finally decided on a couple of the studded ones. She palmed them, picked up her glass and returned to the living room. The condoms, she placed on the table alongside the handkerchief and the “toy”.

She glanced at the clock and knew that she only had a couple of minutes until he arrived. Carrying her drink, she quickly crossed the living room to the entertainment center where she turned on the radio and tuned it to a station playing slow, romantic music.

From there she recrossed the living room to where the sleeping bag was spread. Lowering herself, she loosened the tie on the bathrobe and lay onto her stomach, stretching her legs behind her, with her still wet head towards the fire and awaited his arrival.

As the time seemed to slowly pass, she began to drift towards sleep. Barely half awake, she heard the distinct sound of a key scraping in the lock as he let himself into her home.

Next came the sound of him removing his shoes before he entered the living room. She heard a soft thunk as his jeans hit the floor and she knew that he had already removed his shirt and that his shorts would soon join his pants on the floor.

In the soft haze of near sleep, she heard the whisper of his feet as he crossed the floor to the table behind the couch. She enjoyed his muted laughter when he noticed which condoms she had chosen for this encounter.

She lazily took a drink from her glass, causing the ice to tinkle against the side of the glass.

“Good,” he whispered from between her feet, “you are awake. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to wake you up.”

She felt something light and wispy glide over the soles of her feet then slide slowly up her calf muscles. She felt the slight wetness of his lips then his tongue and he followed the wisp of material up her legs, across the backs of her knees. He knew how sensitive the backs of her knees were and took full advantage as he used his hands to slowly spread her legs, as he licked and nipped his way up her legs. He used his hands to slowly push the robe up until it rested just below her butt cheeks.

Then he used his hands to encourage her to spread her legs further apart until he could lave the inside of her thighs with his tongue, never going any further than the bottom of the robe, never giving her the satisfaction of touching her where she wanted it, on her hot, dripping wet pussy. She pushed her butt in the air, trying to give him more room. Taking advantage of her new position, he pushed the robe higher, revealing the red thong bikini.

“Oh, baby. You don’t know how sexy you look, with that thin strip of red riding up the crack of you ass. You don’t know how hard it makes me.” He whispered. She gasped at the sting as he gave her a healthy swat on her left ass cheek. She moaned and lifted her ass higher in the air wanting, and dreading, more.

She felt the heat from his mouth as he used his tongue to bath where his hand had just turned her ass pink. He opened his mouth over the area and gently sucked then he bit.

She groaned as she felt his teeth sink into her ass. The bite wasn’t hard, just hard enough to make her come fully awake.

She took another drink nonchalantly swirling the liquid in the glass. “Is that all that you have for me?” she asked, both anticipating and dreading what might come next.

“Oh god baby. Have I got something for you.” He moaned. She heard nothing but felt the absence of his mouth just before she felt the sting of another blow on her left ass cheek this time. Another swat landed on her right ass cheek. A pause, and then he was running his fingers, and something else, under the thong, between her ass cheeks. The wispy had been inserted under the thong and drawn across both ass cheeks. She flinched as he drew the wispy first up to the waistband of the panties, then down, across the red, glowing area of her ass, into the wetness of her pussy. When he felt her flinch, he slapped both ass cheeks at once, then keeping the wispy material between his hands and her ass as he gently rubbed her burning ass.

“Take off the robe,” he told her as he pulled the material out from under the thong, “and sit up.”

She drank the last of her margarita and did as he asked. She sat up and he eased the robed from her shoulders, revealing the straps of the bra. He caught the robe in his hands, massaging her shoulders, then her back through the robe.

“You know just how to turn me on.” He whispered just before he leaned forward and gently took the flesh of her shoulder in his mouth and nipped. “I am going to mark you as mine tonight.”

He finished kaçak bahis removing the robe from her then reached around her head and traced the lines of her face. She could feel the slightly damp material, which he had woven between his fingers as he whispered in her ear, “lean back. I want you. NOW!”

She leaned back into his chest resting for just a few seconds as she felt his lips caress her chin, her cheek, then her ear. “Lean up. I have to put on the blindfold now.”

He used his hands to gently ease her head from his chest then he wound the material around her head, over her eyes, snuggly tying it in the back. “Open your eyes and see if you can see anything.” He commanded.

She opened her eyes under the blindfold to be greeted by total darkness. “I can’t see anything.”

“Good.” He whispered and using his hand in the small of her back he encouraged her to lean forward. “On your knees.”

She leaned forward until only her hands and knees supported her. She felt the heat of his body leave her for a few seconds then she felt something plush and soft being inserted under her stomach. “Just so you won’t get too excited and collapsed,” he whispered as he used his knees to spread her legs apart. He began to run his hands from her knees to her pussy and back never quite touching the heat of her.

“I want you so wet for me that you will do anything I ask.” He murmured as his hands came ever closer to her pussy. “Do you want that too?”

“Yes, but I already want you.” She replied.

He laughed, reaching around her hips, and easing his body closer to hers until she could feel his hard dick rubbing against her ass. “But you don’t want me enough to give me ANYTHING. That’s what I want you go give me; anything I ask for. I want you to do anything I want, to let me do anything I want to you.”

His hands were between her legs now, feeling her seeping wetness for him as he began to rub her clit. “Reach back and grab the pillows, babe. I am going to turn you around.”

She reached under her stomach and grabbed the throw pillows by their edges and held onto them as she felt him turn her until she would have been facing the couch, if she could have seen.

“Bend your knees, rest on the pillows,” he murmured in her ear as he stretched his body over hers making sure that he rubbed his dick against her pussy at least once before he moved up to straddle her waist, “put your hands above your head and spread them as wide as you can.”

She did as he asked, spreading her arms as wide as she could, she felt something soft and malleable being tied around her wrists. She felt his hard dick brush the back of her head as he leaned over her tying her to the legs of the couch.

“Pull. See if you can get loose.”

She tugged, feeling the material around her wrists give but not enough so that she could get away.

“Good, now relax and let me make you happy.”

She relaxed into the pillows as he kissed he back, from her neck to her butt as he eased his way back down her body.

When he reached his earlier position between her legs, he put his hands beneath her hips and said, “Get on your knees, I’m can’t eat you if you don’t.”

She used the pressure from his hands to help her onto her knees.

“Umm, this is much better,” he said as he ran his hands up and down her ass cheeks. Then, SLAP! Something besides his hands landed on her left butt cheek. SLAP! The sweet sting of pain on her right ass cheek. SLAP! SLAP!! SLAP! SLAP! From cheek to cheek, the sting of each blow landed before the sting of the one before had left.

She felt something warm and wet running across her ass. “Did you remember the ice?” he asked.

“Yes. It’s by the couch.” She replied, wondering exactly what he wanted it for.

Suddenly something damp and icy cold slid across her ass, sliding down the back of her leg.

“Does it feel good?” he asked as he applied to both ass cheeks at once.

“Yes.” The cold from the ice was soothing the sting from the spanking. “Yes, I like it.”

She felt the heat of his mouth as he began to catch the residue of the ice with his tongue. His tongue followed the flow of ice across her ass cheeks and onto her inner thighs. Her pussy ached for the feel of her tongue but still he withheld it, running his tongue up and down from her pussy lips back down to mid-thigh.

“Please, please …. I need …” she gasped.

“What? What do you need?” he asked as he continued laving her thighs with his tongue.

“Please eat me. I need you to eat me.” She begged, her fingers wrapping around her bonds. “I need your tongue on me, in me. Please, won’t you ….?”

His tongue immediately dipped into her wet pussy wringing a moan from deep within her. She pulled at her bonds, wanting her hands on his hands. Her knees began to shake as he took her clit between his teeth and began to tweak it back and forth with his tongue.

“Oh god! Oh god!” she screamed as she came in his mouth. She gasped for air trying to catch her breath from her orgasm but he wouldn’t let up. She could feel another wave rippling through her body building toward another orgasm. “Baaaaabe, pleaaaase. You’re gonna KILLLLLL MEEE.” She screamed as her second orgasm thrashed through her.

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