Her Golden Jeans


Her Golden JeansI bought my first PC way back in 2000. I used to spend time looking thru chat lines,this was a real turn on for me talking to women,not knowing who they were,one was a big girl from England,she sent me about 6 pictures of her usually nude. I always thought this could’ve been a guy just sending me pix of a nude woman,but I actually asked her on 2 different occasions to go to a certain area to strip and once she held a London newspaper by her,so she was very believable. I still have 2 or 3 pix she sent me. This other girl used to write me twice a day for about a month and told me about her fetish,which was peeing on her self. This was her story,she weight 117 5 ft 5 inches,so she sounded like she was in good shape,she would go to a mall,or a d**g store or a department store,somewhere public with lots of people,she wanted people to see her and loved their reaction. She would always wear these tight jeans and stand by one of the full glass windows at the mall and look thru at the clothes or the other shoppers,Then her fetish started,she would just pee inside her jeans and they would get wet and darker as she would just stand there looking at other pretty women walking around it the store until it was coming down her legs and onto the floor,she illegal bahis would tell me that the other women would just stand there and stare at her,no one said a word to her,they probably thought she had some sort of illness,she would write me 2-3 hours later and tell me all about her encounter at the mall,so all of this is what she told me,not that I am making any of this up,She said this would make her so hot that she would leave the store or mall and go back to her car,unzip her jeans and finger herself until she had multiple orgasm’s and then leave the parking lot go back home,get on her computer and tell me what had happened,she was so excited to urinate inside her jeans,she loved how her pants would get so wet and come out of her pants leg onto the floor,then walk around the mall with one or both legs drenched in pee.This was from my 2001 computer and because I didn’t have the right virus protection I lost all the pix she sent me,bummer,wish I had those now. She wanted me to do the same thing and had me convinced to go to the mall and pee inside my jeans and take pictures and send them to her,so after about 3 weeks of talking me into this wild fetish,I agreed to go to the mall with my blue jeans on,I drank a lot of water so it wasn’t illegal bahis siteleri going to be too tough to just stand there and let myself go,I got as far as my driveway and decided this was not for me,I could see myself getting arrested or at least talked to by security or someone in charge,so when I got to my car in my driveway I turned around and went back in my house waited an hour and wrote to her and told her I just couldn’t do it,she said she wasn’t surprised. She said she went back to the mall the next day and was sitting on a bench across from a store she was at a few days before that where she just let herself go all over her jeans and just sat there looking at different women going in and out of the store when she said the cashier must have recognized her and pointed at her as she just stared at the window and didn’t move The woman behind the counter again pointed at her and waved her into the store,she just continued to stare at the woman and then the woman from the store walked out of the store and said to her Are you OK,she said Yes why.and the woman said I saw you had an accident the other day and wanted to help you,my online friend said to the woman I wanted to come into your store and try on some clothes and then realized canlı bahis siteleri She had to go and it was too late,The woman from the store asked her to come into the store as she wanted to call security as she thought she needed some help,the woman declined and said nothing is wrong and walked away until she got to another store window and stood there until several women started to point at her as she was just standing there looking into the store as her pee was rolling again out of her pants leg and her jeans were a ll wet,she then just turned away and walked out to her car,she told me that the smell of her urine was so arousing that her panty was more wet than usual and wet as she had an orgasm while peeing in the mall,not sure if this is possible,but that’s what she told me,She said she was nervous so she left the parking lot opened her jeans zipper to masturbate as she drove home,I thought she was leading me on until she sent me a picture of her with her wet jeans on (pics lost form my old computer). I was really hoping that someday we could meet,I was even thinking about driving to meet her as she lived 5 states away,but this never happened and she may have been stringing several guys into her world of Pee Fetish. After the last or 4 week’s of her telling me about her Pee Fetish,she was gone and I never heard from her again. I bet she is still into her Fetish or she’s committed somewhere. Anyway this was all true from what she and had talked about thru this chat line 17 years ago.

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