Her baby sitting gigs


Her baby sitting gigsI remember what my grandmother would tell me when I was young. She often said: – It is so hard for the mind to understand the age of the body. Your mind still feels young while your body can’t perform as when you were young.Now when I am in my fifties, I understand what she was talking about. I am a very active guy and the last couple of years my recovery takes much longer. I still run and bike long distances, but I really feel it afterwards.One night I was home alone and my daughter’s friend, Jeni stopped by. I told her that I didn’t know when my daughter would return home, I did not even know where she was. My wife was not home either and I didn’t know where was was. Jeni said that she had no plans for the evening so maybe she could wait in our house to see when my daugther would come home.I had been watching TV with a glass of red wine, so I offered Jeni a glass as well. She was 22 years old at this time, so she could drink legally. We sat down in front of the TV and watch some kind of comedy sitcom. It was mindless dravel, but entertaining. Then the show started in our sex and some taboo issues. Jeni laughed and said it was all silly.People on the show stated that old guys could not get hard any longer and that all women wanted hot young studs. Jeni said that she did not believe that kind of stereo typing. I asked how she could possibly know that a older guy would not be like that?Jeni, blushed and confessed that in her experience, old guys had no problem getting super hard!I asked what she meant with older guys, what age is that?Jeni: – Guys in their 40s or early 50s.I looked at her blushing face and asked if she had slept with guys that much older than her?She had trouble looking me in my eyes, but admitted that she had slept with two guys in their late 40s.I sat up and asked if she minded to share these experiences with me? She smiled and said it was not much to it. In both cases she had been baby sitting these guys k**s and ended up fucking them after the guys come home in the evening. She made sure to tell me that they had been single fathers. I did not say anything, so Jeni continued to tell me that the first guy had come home earlier than expected and found her masturbating to a porno on her computer. She had been laying on the couch with her pants around her feet while fingering herself and watching a porno. When the dad came home and entered via the garage she did not hear him and he watched her cum on the couch, then he walked into the room. Jeni said she tried to cover up, but he was very polite and made her feel like what she did was perfectly fine. Then he managed to get atakum escort her to spread her legs open and he started to lick her pussy. She had cum so strong in her second orgasm of the evening, that when he stood up between her legs and opened up his zipper and pulled out his hard cock, she wanted it more than anything. He had fucked her so good for hours and cum in her several times. She said that she was luck that she had not got pregnant that night. She admitted that she fucked him many times after that night. Ever time she baby sat, she knew that he would come home early and they would have sex!The second guy was pretty much the same, expect how it started. He had come home drunk one night, very late. He stumbled into the house and crashed on the couch. His pants had been filthy so she had taken them off him when he was out of it on the couch. She pulled his underwear off with the pants. She had never seen a cock so big in that soft state, so she decided to see if she could get him hard to see how big he was fully erected!She put his pants to the side and sat down next to him. He was snoring and sleeping deep in his drunk state. Jeni grabbed his soft cock and started to play with it. First nothing happened, then she felt it grow and get harder. She thought she would stop when he got hard, but as it kept getting bigger and bigger, she started to get turned on. She told me that he was so big that if she put both hands on his cock it still could not be covered. Jeni, had this glossy look in her eyes as she told her story.She loved the feeling of this huge hard cock in her hands. She was not super experienced, but had fucked at least 5 guys at this point in her life. She then wondered how big he would cum since he was so fucking big. She started to stroke him with long strokes and she felt him getting even harder. After several minutes she still had not managed to get him to cum, so she lowered her face and started to lick his cock and suck on his head. She heard him moan as she sucked him. Still he would not cum.She told me that she was so fucking turned on by then, that while she sucked him, she was also rubbing her pussy. She felt her panties getting soaked, so she let go of his cock and stood up to remove her panties. She got them off and was going to suck him again, but then she decided to feel his huge cock in her pussy. She climbed on top of him and straddled his huge cock. She lowered herself onto his cock. Sitting on the couch next to me, she moaned a little as she told the story. She admitted that it was a little bit scary to try to get that huge cock in her little tight pussy. She had never escort atakum tried to put something that big inside of herself.She told me that she was so turned on that she reached an orgasm before his cock was more than half way into her. When she started to cum, her legs gave out and she sat down all the way over his cock. As she was cuming, she felt his swollen cock head rub her cervix and it made her cum harder. She said that she felt spent, but he was still rock hard and had not cum. So she was on a mission now, she started to ride his cock in a long slow tempo. She rode him for a long time, when she felt herself getting close to cum again. She felt him grow even bigger and as she was hit by another orgasm, she felt his body tense and how her pussy was invaded by hot streams of cum. The guy was grunting as he opened his drunk eyes and grabbed her hips to hold her in place as the fucked her hard. She said it was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced to this day!By this time, my own cock was rock hard. After so many years of marriage and having sex with the same woman for so many years, I never felt very hard when we had sex. Now my cock was like steel. Jeni’s face was now flushed and her breathing was heavy and her voice started to become raspy and full of tension.Jeni, kept telling her story about how she sat down on this huge cock that had just deposited a big heavy load in her pussy. She did not know if he was going to get upset, but soon found out that he was still super horny. He was still drunk beyond what most people could handle. He started to thrust his cock back up into her and she realized that he had not gone soft. She started to work with him in his movements and this huge cock really massaged her deep parts of her pussy. She felt his hand on her pussy and how his finger located her clit and started to massage it. She told me that she could not believe how hard she started to cum again.My cock was so hard now that I lost my sensibility and as she kept telling me her experience, I started to rub my cock over my pants. Without stop telling her story, Jeni looked at me with glossy horny eyes and then pulled up her skirt. She was going commando and as she spread her legs open I could see how wet she was!I don’t know what took over my mind, but felt myself opening my zipper and pull out my cock. My head was so swollen that it was almost blue in color. I watched Jeni as she played with her pussy as she told me how the guy flipped her over and started to fuck her in missionary position. She moaned as she told me that the huge cock felt like it was going to rip her apart, but that atakum escort bayan it also felt so fucking good! Her hand was working hard on her clit and as she started to cum, she told me how it felt when the guy unloaded inside of her for a second time. She said that it felt so hot and warm deep in her pussy when he grunted, grabbed her tits hard, and started to cum!She lay there on our couch, closing her eyes as she started to cum. It was too much for me, I stood up, my pants fell down around my ankles, and I moved up between Jeni’s legs. Without asking for permission, I put my super hard cock at her pussy and started to push myself into my daughter’s friends pussy!She felt so tight, not like my wife’s pussy at all. I grunted and started to fuck her hard. Jeni was a very orgasmic girl so when I started to go deep and fuck her with force, her body reacted and she cum over my cock!After these stories about guy cumming in her pussy, I did not for a thousand years consider pulling out my cock when my orgasm got close. Jeni felt my cock grow bigger and opened her eyes as I erupted in her. She whined that she had no protection, but it was too late. I pumped a huge load into this young woman’s hot pussy! Jeni shook and wrapped her legs around my back as I pumped out some more cum in her. She lead up and kissed me, then she whispered in my ear that she had wanted to fuck me for a long time and she wanted me to cum in her!I started to relax on top of her, kissing her breast as she told me that those two stories were made up! She had wanted to turn me on so that I would fuck her! She told me that she was ovulating and that her goal was to get pregnant by me this evening. She told me that she knew that my daughter had gone out with her mother and would not be back until late, so she drove over with the intention to seduce me and make me cum in her!Oh well, this naughty little bitch had accomplished her goal. So if I had cum once inside of her, why not fuck her again.My cock had grown hard again after her horny little confession.I turned her over and fucked her from behind! I was so deep in her. Jeni was so wet and kept talking during the fuck. She said that wanted more cum in her and I did not disappoint her. I drove my cock all the way into her cervix and emptied my balls for a second time! It was just in time, as my last drops of cum filled her pussy, I heard my wife’s car pull into the drive way. Jeni quickly grabbed a tissue and wiped her pussy clean. Then she pulled out a pair of panties from her purse and put them on. I zipped up and sat down in my chair. When my daughter and wife came in, Jeni and I were watching some show on the TV, sitting like nothing had happened!Jeni would often come over when I was alone in the house and fuck me for hours. I loved when she started to show her pregnant belly and it drove me nuts with desire to fuck her more…..

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