HENRY’S SECRET LIFE. PART 2HENRY’S SECRET LIFE – PART 2Henry continued to ram his hard rod into Roger’s ass. Roger came first spraying the wet blanket they had chosen as a carpet. Then Henry shot a full load into Roger a few seconds before they both fell on top of each other, exhausted and satisfied. That’s when they realized the candle was out. “Must have been a gust of wind”, suggested Henry“I don’t think so Henry, but I think you might recognize who blew it out”, chuckled RogerSuddenly the candle was lit again and Henry could see two figures wearing rather heavy coats which were a size too big for them. They took off the coats and they were dressed in trousers with suspenders, rough linen shirts and a large cap. Roger was in on this so he just got up and pulled up his trousers while Henry was still sitting half-naked with his mouth open.“Mrs. Galloway”, he whispered“Don’t call me that outside the rooming house”, scolded Mrs. Galloway, “Call me Rachel”. The other woman was June, Roger’s wife. Both women were in their 50s and had dressed in men’s clothing not to attract attention in this neighbourhood. Rachel even wore a stick-on mustache. The women’s hair was bunched up under their large caps and, in the dark, no one could tell they were females. Rachel was a little plump with large breasts and a good size ass, but still very attractive. Her face was bony and was that of someone who had had a hard life. June was from a higher social class, as was Roger, and her skin, her speech, her figure, even her face showed the difference in background. “Now that you men have had your pleasure, maybe you won’t mind if we have ours”, said June in a sweet voice.“Not at all”, said Roger and Henry together.The ladies began to undress, piling their heavy clothes on the table, while the men found another candle and lit it so they could see more. Henry made sure the d****s were drawn. Both men then sat on a large rolled up carpet and, once again, pulled down their trousers ready to enjoy what they knew would be a good show. Totally naked, the two women, one quite slender and white-skin, the other pudgier and dark-skin, began to kiss and grab each other’s tits before slowly sliding onto the same blanket the two men had used for their fuck. Rachel buried her head between June’s legs and began to lick her fair-haired hairy triangle. The two men grabbed each other’s rod which was beginning to grow hard again. Rachel was wearing a strapon which she had taped on her belly and had passed unnoticed in her large trousers. She moved her hips over June’s head and had her lover suck on her rubber cock. Both men knew one of the women very well and that made it very exciting for them. Both had seen back alley dykes giving a show for a few pounds but that was different. It was much more personal. June opened her thighs to let Rachel slide her cock inside the slender high-class woman’s open cunt. She pushed it all the way in and then took it out slowly just as Henry had done with Roger. For a moment, the two men thought about getting into another fuck but they wanted to give the women their turn and simply watched and stroked each other. “June also takes it in the ass”, whispered Roger to Henry, “Even from a man”.“Put tits on her back and I’ll do her”, laughed HenryThe two middle-age lesbians began to moan and groan as Rachel fucked her slowly but firmly, sucking her slender tits and kissing her doll. “My June loves to be the bitch to such a sweet butch nevşehir escort as Rachel” commented Roger to his friendHenry was still in shock at finding out that his female rooming-house owner for 25 years was a raging butch lesbian. He was sure nobody suspected it in the house. His thoughts were interrupted by Roger’s rod exploding all over Henry’s hand. The women had finished their fuck and both seemed pleased.The two women dressed and sat with the men who had also dressed. It was getting quite late and Rachel and Henry had to cross the entire city. They called it a night.———————————————————————————————————–The warehouse area, Henry found out from Rachel, was a mixed area catering to homos and to lesbians. Henry had rarely roamed the area, having his contacts near the rooming house and his cheap hotels in town. On the long way back from their frolics, Rachel had given Henry a lot of information about the lesbian crowd and their desire to join forces with the men to make this area safer, cleaner and much more enjoyable to all. She told him that, especially during the summer, the women did not dress as men and that the sex was much more open. Henry had contacted the skinny man who was also a reverend during the day. Henry had been attracted to him and the man, being a bottom, was a perfect match. Reverend Allen was also married and his wife was a member of the active lesbian circle in which June and Rachel operated. They were ripe for a little party, but the reverend and his wife had to go to the Continent for two weeks so everything was postponed.Rachel and Henry were horny that Saturday night and for the first time were planning to go out on the prowl together, disguised as man and wife. They went to the warehouse area though, so they wouldn’t be recognized.It was already quite dark but the streets lights made it easy to walk around amongst the large and shabby brick warehouses, each with their secret doorways, wooden sheds, alleys with twists and turns. The weather was milder, and Rachel wore a cotton work dress with a cotton belt, buttons on the front which she had partially undone at the top to show her braless cleavage, and underneath wore a minuscule silk triangle to cover her large hairy triangle. Henry was dressed as usual and didn’t wear underpants. They both were ready for action. Single men and couples could already be seen coming in and out of basements or known rooms, others walking hugging the walls or standing with their back against the walls of dark alleys. At times one could see shadows moving as one then separating or hear noises implying that two people were engaged in sex. As Henry and Rachel walked arm in arm along one busier street, they passed one man who looked indifferent, then another probably following the first man, finally a man and a woman, dressed in work clothes as they were, came out of an alley. “Maybe they just finished”, warned Henry“Maybe…but it’s worth a try”, said RachelThe other couple had certainly seen Rachel and Henry. They walked away from them but they were walking slowly. Henry and Rachel walked more quickly and easily caught up with them.They were a bit younger than our rooming house couple and quite attractive. The man was about Henry’s height and had a small mustache. The woman was tall and skinny with long black hair to her shoulders. She wore a tight skirt which pressed together a pair of escort nevşehir attractive buttocks Rachel was not indifferent to. Her coloured blouse showed small but hard tits, ready to be picked. The contact had been made and the four people were obviously looking around for a suitable place to copulate. They walked into the next alley which was crisscrossed by small dead end passageways. They walked into one passageway in a single file with the man leading the way. When he arrived at the end, he turned around and faced Henry. The two men unbuttoned the front of their trousers and their hard cock sprang out. They got into a bear hug and began kissing, their caps falling to the ground, their hands grabbing each other’s rod. Behind them the women walked slowly towards each other and licked faces, unbuttoning the few buttons which kept their tits from being available to the other. Rachel lifted her skirt and the woman slipped her hand in the silk triangle and into the hairy pubic area of the other lesbian. The man was on his knees sucking Henry’s cock and both had slipped out of their trousers. The woman lifted her skirt and let Rachel finger her cunt while they kissed and sucked nipples when they could. The women were glancing at their man since they were behind them.“Does your man put it in ?”, gushed the woman in Rachel’s face“Yes he will”, answered Rachel in the woman’s ear“Let him do ya Ralph !”, cried the tall woman to her manThis was not fancy sex between wealthy people doing it on silk sheets. This was alley sex.Ralph got up and put his hands against the wall, with his legs apart. Rachel noticed his ass was as smooth as a baby’s. Henry took his engine and found Ralph’s pussy hole. He slid his rod into him slowly. The two women were watching, both heads touching and looking in the direction of their men. Their hands were busy, one hand was rubbing the other’s clit while the other had one finger or two up the other ass. The women were very excited and their eyes were practically out of their orbits as both experienced lesbian tried to reach the utmost sexual pleasure. The mutual masturbation lasted a few minutes before they both yelled out their climax. The men continued for a few minutes more but Henry filled Ralph whose cock exploded, spraying the brick wall. The noise had attracted a few people and the couples quickly dressed and left in separate directions.Rachel always carried a few towels in her purse. Henry stood guard while she wiped cum juices and saliva from her face and thighs. She combed her hair and was ready to go. Henry was happy with the encounter but neither talked about it. They passed two women leaning against a wall and talking while their men were taking turns gobbling each other’s cock in the alley. The male-female couples were not necessarily man and wife. One could find family connections, such as brother and sister, aunt and nephew, or simply friends or colleagues, women looking for women accompanied by men looking for men.Henry and Rachel reached the area called “the shrubs” , a wide open field with small trees and grass which had a lot of trouble growing in such bad soil. That area was a good meeting place. It was especially used by larger groups looking for orgies in the making, exhibitionists and voyeurs, people peeing and being watched, and other activities. Rachel took advantage of the area to lift her dress around her waist, then squatted and pissed. A few women broke away nevşehir escort bayan from their male escort and stood around watching, feeling their breasts and moving a hand between their legs. One squatted near Rachel and imitated her. The two women lustfully stared at each other. Henry smiled as he imagined what his rooming house colleagues would think of seeing Mrs. Galloway pissing with another woman in a deserted field. The two women had attracted the usual male and female voyeurs. They used a tissue to dry each other lightly and began making lascivious gestures at each other. The other woman was also working class but a good 15 to 20 years younger than Rachel. Her hair was in a bun and she wore a short cheap cotton dress. Someone found a mattress that was leaning against the inside of a building and threw it in the field near the two women. People gathered around the mattress to watch the show. Both women had slipped their dress over their head and were stark naked (Rachel had lost her loin cloth in the alley fuck). A short bearded younger man approached Henry. “I’m her brother”, he said, using his chin to point to the young woman“I’m her friend”, replied Henry, nodding towards RachelThe young man took out his hard dick from his trousers.“If you’re hard, you can pin me while we watch them fuck”, said the man“I’ll be glad to”, said Henry as he unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall to the ground.The other man also got butt naked from the waist down. The men were also going to fuck.Rachel and the other woman were approaching each other while making obscene gestures and undulating their hips. The young woman was also hairy and both still had droplets left on their pubic patch from their piss.The younger woman undid her bun and her greasy black hair fell on her shoulders. She probably kept it in a bun in case she got into a fight. They grappled on the old mattress, the younger woman quickly taking the lead and moving Rachel into a 69, both agreeing to bury their face in the other’s thick pubic patch, and licking the last drops of the salty liquid. The lady’s brother was busy sucking on Henry’s long dong trying not to lose any of the action, especially since his sister was on top of the fleshy pile and showing her ass to the crowd. It was unclear whether one or both climaxed from the sucking but they quickly got on top of each other, rolling about, and each trying to get the advantage. They both were looking for a cunt fuck and Rachel had lots of experience. She pinned the other woman and slid between her legs, moving her cunt up and down against her lover’s furry patch. Henry was in position for a fuck also and he slid his rod slowly up the young man’s ass as both watched the lesbian fuck with interest. Rachel’s asscheeks wiggled as she gave it to the other girl, grabbing her tits and climbing up so that they could kiss. It was a big fuck and the crowd appreciated and gave them a hand when they stopped, satisfied and exhausted. Henry had put his seed where he wanted to and the young man was already cruising the voyeurs, bragging that the young lady was her sister.Henry managed to find a clean blanket and Rachel found her dress which she put on. The blanket was mainly to cover her filthy dress as they began their fairly long journey home. Neither talked as they walked shoulder to shoulder. Sometimes Rachel shivered, a late nervous orgasm more than a reaction to the cold. An old empty truck stopped next to them and the driver motioned them to jump in the box out back. That shortened their trip tremendously. “We should do that again sometime”, said Henry a bit hesitantly“You mean, we HAVE to do that again sometime”, answered Mrs. Galloway with a broad smile.TO BE CONTINUED

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