Helpful clerk (and I didn’t even buy anything


Helpful clerk (and I didn’t even buy anythingI was shopping early one morning, taking in a glorious Spring afternoon at an outdoors outlet center.There were few people about, despite the warm weather and blue skies. I’d arrived early on a Tuesday, not many people out and about as I was, as it was one of my regular days off and my work-week had concluded the day before. Lucky me.Very lucky, as it turned out. I slipped into a store to look for some new briefs, and new socks. It was just after 10:00 A.M. and walking inside, I didn’t see anyone right away. Surely someone was there, the front door being unlocked.Oh, well. I sauntered past some shelves and looked for what I was after. Suddenly, I heard a friendly female voice. “Can I help you?” Who’d said that, I hadn’t seen anyone. I did a classic double-take, looked around. Then I backed up, and saw the voice’s owner. A very nice African-American girl. Short hair, w/ blonde highlights on top. Sweet little face, and nice curves from what I could see, as she was knelt down and putting merchandise on the lowest shelf. She looked small, perhaps 5′ 2″ or so. But nicely put together, and in her black top and hot-pink jeans looking mighty, mighty fine.I composed myself quickly and smiled for her benefit. She was really cute, perhaps about 21. Didn’t want to make her nervous, as we were quite alone in the shop. I told her I’d been here before and knew what I was searching for, but could she tell me where to find colored, no-pocket t-shirts (which I was lying about, I just wanted to ask her something to keep conversation going.)She turned to point and told me where to look. She went back to what she was doing, then surprised me with her next words.”Now is there anything else I can do for you, while I’m down here?” She didn’t look or bat her eyelashes at me as she said those words, in a coy and teasing manner. I’m honest enough to admit there was a time in my bashful younger days she’d have left me tongue tied and a little embarrassed at myself for thinking naughty thoughts at her “innocent” little query.Not today, no sir. Her hot little self had revved my engines at first glance. Being emboldened by the privacy of this moment, I hesitated for no more than two seconds before replying I’d love a blowjob if she were offering. “Since you’re already down there,” I smirked.At this, she exhaled a surprised sound and made a sexy “O” with her mouth, as if chiding me for my boldness. She giggled, brushed her hands on her knees and quickly jumped up. “You’re the first to ever say anything like that!” Oh, so it was some kind of set-up, and I’d passed her little test. “You’re funny, I think I’ll reward you.” My eyes were dinner plates by now, I imagined. Wonder how often she’d tried this on previous customers; twice, ten times, fifty? I cared not at the time; this little chick had instantly made batman escort me as horny as I’d ever felt. Was this really going to escalate into broad-daylight, sort-of public sexual activity?She brushed past me, rubbing her honeydew tits across my chest and arm as she passed, giving me a quick look and heading to the front door. Uh, oh was I in trouble, despite her amused attitude? She opened the door, looked both ways, and then hung a “Back in 15 minutes” sign on the inside, locking the glass entrance. Then she skipped back to me. “Come on,” she gushed as she took my hand and started leading me to the back. I lagged a half-step behind to check her ass out, which was nicely firm and round in those pink jeans of hers. Sequined roses on the pockets.Too much for me! I asked her politely to stop for a moment, stood behind her to gently take hold of her waist. Then I began rotating and rubbing my tent-pole on that curvy behind of hers. She smiled and gasped, holding her hands out in front of her.”Mmm, mmm hot ass!” She met my short thrusts with backwards nudges of her own, indulging me for a few moments. “My co-worker will be here any minute, boo” she laughed. “We don’t have much time, do you want to continue or shall we…””Oh, hell yeah, let’s go!” We continued towards the back, and she led me to a dressing room off to the side of the register counter. Unlocking the door, she went in and sat down on the cushioned, corner seat. Because of her small stature, her button-cute face was below my belt level as she looked up at me in anticipation. I stepped up close to her, and raised her chin so as to look into her soulful, rich brown eyes. Wow, she was making me quake inside she was so uncommonly pretty. And those light, beet-purple lips made my dick jump in expectation of feeling them on my member. “You are SO cute” I chuckled to her, as if to offer some form of thank you.My genuine compliment made her face light up even more. She dipped her eyes and nodded her head, thanked me and offered a brilliant white smile, which featured a charming, small gap between her upper two teeth. That did it. I undid my belt, dropped my trousers and shorts to my thighs. My dick flew out, throbbing hard and glistening with pre-cum on the tip, already. Cradling the back of her head with one hand, I held my cock in the other, way down by the base and guided her face to it. “Suck this dick, baby!” Ooh, that mouth of her slipped nicely over my engorged penis, her lips pulling more of me inside her before releasing me enough to back off and then start sucking me back in.At this point, I noticed her name-tag: “Michelle” it read, first I’d even thought about names as this magical encounter had happened so quick and unexpectedly. Michelle began moaning and with her eyes closed, using her sucking, smacking lips as a guide. Her lips released me briefly, escort batman as she took a gasping breath. My hips gyrated forward, wanting to keep this feeling going. “Lick the head, sexy. I want to feel your tongue.” Michelle dutifully complied, rubbing my cock-head over her salmon-pink, pointy tongue like a nasty little girl. She massaged her lips and teeth with my dick, then gave the underside several playful licks. “Suck my balls, you naughty girl. Suck them.” I wanted every part of my crown jewels to be orally explored by this little queen. Lifting my erection, I gave her access to my nuts, which she proceeding to bury her nose and mouth into. Michelle bathed my aching balls with her saliva, popping both of my testicles in and out of her mouth. Damn, this girl was a man-pleaser. Her eyes opened to look up at me past my dick, which bounced off her forehead a few times. When she let my balls go, I stroked her cheeks, forehead, ears, and hair with my boner. Michelle swayed and sighed, eyes closed and getting into this as much as she’d had me going. To think if I’d had a regular 9 to 5 Monday-Friday job, what I’d be missing at that moment. This was exciting as hell, but I was leery of what she’d said about her co-worker possibly making an appearance. A thought came into my head: what if her co-worker was a hot-looking honey, too? I’d enjoyed a double-blowjob once in the past, could a second time be in the cards? Thinking about this made me stiffen even more, and Michelle felt it as she’d slipped my hard-on back into her mouth, sucking the last several inches in a steady rhythm.Things were about to come to a boil. Not being sure if she would want me to spunk her tonsils (despite all evidence to the contrary) I alerted Michelle I was about to shoot. She popped my dick from her lips after one last hard suck and suddenly I was creaming those same lips, before she could speak. She squealed and giggled as hot bolts of jizz spurted from me, plopping heavily on her lips and nose. Several gobs landed between her legs, on her thighs, on the floor space between us. I held her shoulder for balance and squeezed my last drops onto that sweet bitching-ass face of hers. Wiping her mouth and face with my still nearly-hard penis, I fed Michelle dabs of semen, which she nipped off my head with her lips. Damn, was I spent. I patted her gently on the head; “Good blowjob, you sexy-ass girl, you.” She chuckled and stood up, arranging herself and wiping at her slick mouth and cheeks. The moment was passing, but I wasn’t quite ready to let it go. Michelle hitched her jeans up a little, and as she moved to the stall door, I cupped her breasts with my hands from behind, grinding myself on her foxy little behind, to enjoy the feeling one more time. “Love these hot fifties of yours, too!” Michelle sighed and leaned back into me for a few moments. batman escort bayan Then she patted me on my hands, and led me back out. I felt ready to nap for a week, she’d drained me so satisfyingly. With no effort on my part, either. It was no 10:30, all that had happened had lasted for no more than a quarter-hour. But there was one more small twist to this day: her co-worker had shown up at some point while we were “at it.” How long had she been there? Had she heard, and how much? She was a nice looking white girl; mid-20’s with flaming red-hair and pretty, tanned legs showing under her silky, grey dress outfit. When she saw the two of us, she greeted Michelle and showed no sign that she’d suspected us of anything unusual (unless sex in a dressing room wasn’t so unusual for these ladies.) “Everything cool?” she asked, giving a pleasant smile.Michelle kindly held me by the waist and said we’d been having fun. “Oh?” said her amused co-worker. I added “Yeah, LOTS of fun.” I emphasized this point by fondling Michelle’s ass in full view of her friend. She laughed and didn’t pull away, which was making it harder for me to want to exit gracefully, though I knew it was time I should.”You go, girl!” said the red-head to Michelle, almost enviously. Feeling emboldened one last time, I reached out and pulled her gently towards me by her waistline. “Yeah, Michelle gave me an unforgettable blowjob, and I’d take one from either of you, anytime.” At this I pawed Michelle’s and the red-head’s asses with gusto. One small, curvy girl, one medium-height girl with a slim waist.Two shapely behinds in my palms, one denim covered and one d****d in silky-smooth fabric. Bliss, bliss, bliss. The red-head gave a mock surprised look, but smiled doing so. “Ahh, I see how you are.” Michelle slapped me on my back, acting out the jealous type.I was dying to wave my pecker at this new red-head potential plaything, but it really was time to bolt: customers started to trickle in just as I’d reluctantly released my grip on these honey’s hot behinds. I asked Michelle for a kiss, and we shared a nice, lingering smooch before I said my goodbye to the both of them. I left, and totally forgot I was there to actually purchase things.The rest of the day passed uneventfully, and I was glad to get back home to relive the moments over and over. Perhaps knowing that such an encounter wasn’t going to repeat itself, it was several months before I went back to that same outlet shopping center, and dared walk into the store, gingerly so. Neither girl was there, much to my relief. But it was also a bit sad; for a short time afterward, I started making the trip to that area just to go to that store and hopefully see either of them again.No such luck, so I put thoughts of it out of my head. Just had to enjoy the memories of that morning. Now I can’t go anywhere and see an attractive woman kneeling down, without thinking of that encounter. Being a man and not a mouse at just the right time made for a thrilling experience. Willing women like Michelle makes being a man worth being a man, let me tell you.

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