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Hello journal! Our parents all teach us basic lessons as we grow up. They all try to give us the rules and guidelines for the world so that we can go out into society and be a good member of it. I am not sure this story is exactly what mom and dad meant when teaching me but I am going to go that route. The lesson I am speaking of is sharing. I remember being the older sister and having my stuff and watching my younger sister get into it. My mom and dad would come in shaking that finger and tell us both to knock it off and share or neither of us was going to have it. I am sure this was common for anyone having a sibling.

Fast forward past arguing with my sister over toys and I am in college living in a two-bedroom apartment with my cousin. We have grown up together, get along well and we both like to party so it was a good match.

At least once a week both of us made our way out to a place called Mike’s. It was a large house out of town on private land. Mike’s was not an original name by any means but if you told someone you were going to Mike’s they knew what you were talking about. Mike’s was great because you could go out there and be as loud as you wanted and no one was around to hear. You could get stupid drunk and just wander upstairs to the bedroom to sleep it off. You might have to share a bed depending on how many people had made that choice. If you did not fancy that then you could go out, sleep in your vehicle, and not be bothered.

Mike’s had simple rules to follow. You did not show up empty handed if you planned to drink. You brought a bottle or a six-pack and you were golden. You did not destroy the house. You could get silly but no holes in the walls. If you wanted to fight, take it outside. No firearms allowed. Drunk people and guns do not mix and make for good results. Stay off the planes. Mike had a small collection of single engine planes for some reason but you did not mess with them. Other than that, you used some common sense and you were golden.

Both my cousin and I had met Mike through her brother. They had worked together and started to party together so we had some O.G. status. Mike and his fiancé had bought the house in hopes of starting their future together. Sadly, they fought a ton when together but ataşehir escort bayan they did love to party together so the house had become a huge party spot going on almost every night. I am sure there was a huge unhealthy mental element to Mike and his fiancé but at the time, we were all about the party.

One Friday night we are out at Mike’s having a good time and this cowboy looking guy comes up and introduces himself to us. He is funny and great to talk to and clearly, he has an interest in my cousin. As the night goes on, their hands wander and eventually they disappear from the party. The next morning I would find out that, they had gone up to a bedroom and had sex. I told my cousin she had done well and did not think much more about it. It was common for both of us to have sex.

The next few times out at Mike’s I saw that cowboy was there and my cousin would go to him when she saw him. Most of the time they ended their night in one of the bedrooms. My cousin did not speak much about him outside of that other than the sex was amazing. There was nothing unusual there as she was living life one dick at a time and not looking for romance, as she liked to put it.

The following week my cousin was out of town but cowboy was going to stop by to pick up an envelope she had left for him. I was throwing a party at our place because I could and it happened to be in full swing when cowboy stopped by. I gave him the envelope and we started talking. I was surprised that the next few hours flew by and we just kept talking and having drinks. The real shock happened when the party was winding down and cowboy was leaving that he leaned in and kissed me. I could blame the alcohol or something else but I kissed him back as well and we began making out.

Our kissing session then made its way to my bedroom where our lips parted and our tongues began to dance. We spun in a circle removing articles of clothing as best as we could without breaking apart our mouths. Once completely naked I pushed him down on my bed and climbed on top of him. Foreplay could wait until another time because I wanted him now. I guided him into me and began to move my hips enjoying him. He grabbed on my hips and guided them in their motion. Both escort kadıköy of us had were worked up as it did not take long to feel my orgasm building and his hands grabbed down tighter as his did as well. He pushed up as hard as he could against me as he came. After we both had relaxed, I rolled off him onto the bed next to him. We both laughed a little and then fell asleep.

The next morning I began dreaming I was at the college and was starting to have an orgasm in middle of class for no reason. I was trying to hide it from the rest of the class. I awoke to cowboy fingering away at me and my dream made sense. There were far worse ways to wake up so I opened my legs and let him continue. He went on for a few minutes working me well on my way to an orgasm before grabbing my legs and pushing them up. I guided him back into me and he began thrusting away against my body. My orgasm came on quickly as I grabbed the sheets of my bed in each hand and pushed my head back. Cowboy did not slow as he kept on thrusting without stop until he once again was firmly against me cumming.

We got dressed and went out to the living room. I offered breakfast but he declined saying he had better be going. I was glad for this, as I was not even sure what food we had in the house. He left and I went through, made sure no one had spent the night or taken anything, and began cleaning up.

I went out to Mike’s that night and cowboy showed up as well. I did not go over and say anything to him because in the end he was somewhat with my cousin. We had fun but I should probably respect what they had somewhat. I wish I could say I kept a level head through the night but the alcohol flowed really well and I was doing shots and chasing them with other drinks. Sometime early in the morning, or late in the night, I was feeling the full effects of my partying and went upstairs to use the bathroom in case I was going to be sick. The bathroom was in use so I found an empty bedroom and went out on the deck leaning against the railing. The outside air felt great compared to the warmth of the house.

Shortly after, I heard someone coming into the room and recognized the voice of the cowboy. He came out onto the deck and slapped my butt, saying hello. Now maltepe escort I meant to tell him that we had had some fun but we really should behave ourselves. When I opened my mouth all that came out was the word harder. Now would be the time to explain that for some reason when I am drunk I do enjoy playful spanking. Cowboy did hear my request and a firm slap to my butt was his reply. My level headedness left and was replaced by the tingling sensation traveling through my butt cheeks. I asked for more and he was quick to answer taking turns between my two cheeks.

Cowboy had finally had enough; he grabbed the waist of my pants and underwear and pulled them down. I heard him behind me messing with his belt. I felt his hand on my back and then him placing himself at my vagina and pushing into me quickly and deeply. I inhaled deeply as he did this. Once his body was against mine, his hands moved to my hips and he began to thrust. Thank God for the railing otherwise, I would have fallen over with how quickly he was slamming against me. They say that alcohol dulls the senses but there was nothing dull about what I was feeling now.

I pushed back against him wanting that fire to rush through my body. His hands tightened on my body and his rhythm picked up. Both of us were breathing heavily. I could feel my orgasm nearing and with one final thrust, he slammed his body against me and it pushed me over as I arched back my muscles tightening. His hands pushed hard into my hips.

My drunken night was complete now. I kicked off my shoes and the clothing around my ankles onto the deck and walked into the room. I crawled onto the bed, closed my eyes without saying another word, and fell asleep. I had a dream that night that a wonderful man came into my room, we made love without saying a word, and it was amazing. The next morning when I woke up my stomach was upset and my body ached. Dried cum was on my legs and vagina as well. I was not sure if cowboy had helped himself to me again and it had been the reason for my dream or if this was from our fun on the deck. I dressed and went home.

I did not see cowboy for the next few days and by that time, my cousin was back in town. They picked up their flirting as usual and I even came home to hearing them enjoying themselves in her bedroom. I knew there was nothing between cowboy and I like love. We had just been having fun together doing something we both enjoyed and did well together. As for my cousin and I we were just being good and sharing like we were supposed to.

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